Monday, March 25, 2002

So, yeah... I kinda missed last Friday's update. While I woke up Friday morning realizing this (since I do Friday's column Thursday night), I still decided to not bother with one, since I only had about 3 or 4 letters anyway. I got a few more over the weekend, so here we are.

In semi-important other news, we're having a change of address here. Instead of sending me letters to my personal RPGFan account, we've now set up a new one for the column: letters@rpgfan.com. Now, you may just click on one of the links on the page to send e-mail, so most people probably won't need to do anything new. For anyone that manually fills in the address field to send in letters, please note the new address. Arigato.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
I'm always opening mail address to Ms. Chronologist...

hello there mister/miss chronologist,
is may 31 also the release date for Final fantasy X in Holland? and is this date certain now that it's also been in the news section or will it be moved up a few months again?
Danny 'Cyan' Prinsen
(i took the 'Cyan' part from FF3, but you probably new that already... :P)
Hmm. I'd imagine it would be the same in Holland. As far as I know, that's just the 'general' European release date for the game. Most release dates are never certain, and are always subject to last-minute delays, though the May 31 date seems to be sticking for the time being.

I know Europe tends to miss out on a lot of games, or has, over the last, well, while. I think it's rather impressive though that Square is releasing the International version of FFX there. It must be nice to get something the US didn't for once. :P Although, there was Terranigma too, years ago...


Subject: Ok, while I was making out with my cat, my boyfriend came in and yelled at me.

I have a rant. Why aren't there any homosexual men in American videogames? I want to see some gay dudes makin out and doin it, but no, too much for Americans to handle because being a homosexual in American society is a bad thing. In Japan they get it, but not in America...
Antwain Bruce Jones

for a good time, call
Men, not boys, only!

You know, the games you refer to in Japan are most likely lousy games anyway, so there'd be no point in releasing them here. :P And besides, it's not like anyone is singling men out, since I don't recall any games chock full of lesbians either. (though I'm sure they'd sell)

Actually, Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2 is bisexual... I mean, you don't see any of... you know, but he is. That's close.

Dezo Dezo, he's our man, if he can't... uh... line?

Greetings Chrono,

Topic: Favorite RPG composer? Tough to say. I'll probably have to go with Uematsu since I'm familiar with more of his work than any other RPG composer, and his FF scores were what made me take video game music more seriously than I used to.

Other issues: I was thinking about the issue of graphics while in the shower today (don't even go there, I think a lot in odd locations). I think graphics are very important in visual media such as games.

And I was wrestling with the concepts of 'flash' versus 'style' in graphics. In my mind, 'flash' is something akin to mind-blowing special effects or something like that. 'Style' is more-or-less the distinctive visual nuances that make something stand out. For example, I think about Grim Fandango. That game, while having top-of-the-line graphics back in '97 did not have any flashy special effects or flashy FMVs, but it had unmistakably stylized character designs.

So, what are your ideas/definitions of 'flash' and 'style' in graphics?

- Blademaster Dezo

I think a lot while in the shower too, so you're not alone. I pretty much agree on the flash/style thing. Maybe that's how people should have mentioned their dislike of lots of cinemas, since often times they're only used for 'flashy' effects, as opposed to actually moving along the storyline, or something useful. (mostly anyway) Style, I think, is the better of the two. Visually, games like Final Fantasy X, Xenosaga, and of course games with that now-trendy cel shaded effect more often than not, are pleasing, since they offer something different, yet also top-notch quality. Mmm, Xenosaga.
Xenophiles Unite!

I'm a big Xenogears/Xenosaga fan and I was wondering if there is a site for the legions of us big Xenogears/Xenosaga fans like there is for the Suikoden fans (Suikosource).

- SageMasamune

Why, yes there is. The biggest and best I know of are The Ethos, and The Nisan Sanctuary. Thank you, come again.
The return of Keeper (not that he left)

It's been a little bit since I last ranted to you about MUDs, so i figured i might as well start again, now. Also, i'd like to add before we begin that Comedy Central's game shows rule.

First off, my favorite video game composer is Iwarade. Why? He's the only one i can name, of course!

Secondly, what do so many people have against self-controlled characters in RPGs? It's not like many are required, and those that are are only so for a few battles, at most. My favorite character in FF6 was the Yeti. (See FF Leader post on the MBs) They tend to be incredibly powerful, but i guess people just want control.

Third, in response the PR's letter, my pointless rants are written incredibly well, thank you very f*cking much!

Fourth, i'd like to promote one of the funniest damn websites i've ever seen. www.dictionaraoke.com

Your ranting MUDder,

1) Eh. He's okay. :P
2) I dunno, I kinda like to actually be able to tell my characters what to DO. That's the point I thought, of RPGs, was you get to play out different roles and control the people in it. While Umaro, for example, was pretty strong, so it wasn't too bad having him be self-controlled, I still prefer to have control over my whole party.
3) Actually, I doubt he was referring to you...
4) You think that's good? Well, these are comics, as opposed to just humor in general... but still. Penny Arcade & 8-Bit Theater are da bomb yo.

Ahh, twas a valiant effort, but at least you met my requirements. You missed two, however, Ten Plant and Nobuo's early album Phantasmagoria. But I'll let you go eaasy on this one since your gray matter's capacity isn't all that high. I'll give you an easy question AGAIN. This time it revolves around everyone's favorite company ::snicker snicker:: Working Designs! That's right, THE COMPANY. I want you, dear mail noodnick, to list for me the names of all the games WD has published stateside. As we all know they don't make the games that make the whole world sing, but they have published quite a few. So go, fetch me the answer, and do not return until you have it. Off with you now, off!

G. Incognito

Alright alright. :P

Cadash, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Exile, Exile: Wicked Phenomenon, Parasol Stars, Vasteel, Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Popful Mail, Vay, Albery Odyssey, Dragon Force, Iron Storm, Magic Knight Rayearth, Shining Wisdom, Sega Ages, Alundra, Elemental Gearbolt, RayStorm, RayCrisis, Silhouette Mirage, Thunder Force V: Perfect System, Vanguard Bandits, Gungriffon Blaze, Silpheed: The Lost Planet, and eventually, Arc the Lad Collection.

Closing Thoughts

The end of another edition. I feel so... so... queasy. But also glad it's done after missing last Friday. The topic is sticking around, simply for the fact I don't have a better one. Hopefully by this Friday I will. We shall see.


~ Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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