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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Small update today again. Thanks to the over-mysterious Guy Incognito, today's update brings another quiz-tastic letter. Following that is a letter about game-based movies, then a rather interesting game idea, and finally a... well, odd question. And so... read on.
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Quiz me baby, one more time.

You guys at RPGFan thinks your all hotshots don'tCHA? Well tell me the names of the games these people or places are from (Only hint = All from any form of RPGs):

1) Person - Poo
2) Place - Tristram
3) Place - Daggerfall
4) Person - Edge

Easy huh? just a warmup!

5) Hey would you name me all the bosses in Earthbound(the one released in America for SNES)?

6) If you manage to get that also please tell me the character I made reference to in the first line.

7) One more thing please name the one thing Squall did after the credits in FF8 that he didn't do the whole game?

Hehe Congrats if you get it all otherwise well please step down and let me do the mail. (^_^)

Master of all that is Chrono

I wouldn't call myself a hot shot... maybe a warm shot. But then, that doesn't sound quite right, so I just don't call myself anything. Ahem. Moving on.

1) EarthBound
2) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, I think... though wasn't he called Tristam?
3) The only one I'm not 100% sure of... I think it's Elder Scrolls 2, unless there's another game with 'Daggerfall' in it.
4) Final Fantasy IV
5) No, I would not.
6) Either Korcha or Orcha from Chrono Cross.
7) Smile?

There. And technically, I can't be scored wrong for #5, since you asked if I would, as opposed to telling me to list them. Don't you love technicalities? Whoo!

Mitsuda, movies and moogles

Dear Chronologist,

First up, who is my favorite composer? Well, being a huge Xenogears fan, of course I must idolize Yasunori Mitsuda. I also really enjoyed the music from Jade Cocoon, unfortunatly I don't know his name (opens up sound track to Tamamayu Monogatari, looks down the list of names *sigh* too much kanji un mou...).

Mitsuda? Good choice. Buy this. Support Mitsuda's arguably best work to date. Do iiiiiiiit.
Now for the subject idea. I was just thinking about the rather spotty track record of video game conversion to movies and television. What games do the readers think would survive the conversion best from the console to the screen? What would you like to see transferred to movie or television series format? And, have you ever seen a movie based off a game that worked in your opinion?
Good question. Check back Friday, since I might use this. heh.
To answere my own questions, I think that games with tightly focused plots would probably survive the conversion best, especially the shorter games. I think in this case Parasite Eve might work. I know one film already exists, though I haven't seen it, I bet it was based more on the novel (which the game was based on). I would love to see Xenogears turned into an anime television series (at least 26 episodes). I think that something that long would be the only way to do justice Xenogear's story and character intensive plot. Finally, I have yet to see a movie based off of a game that really worked for me (Final Fantasy just seemed to miss the spark of fantasy and interesting nonstandard characters that the games share, plus I missed the moogles and chocobos...nyuu).

Well, I've run out of time. Sa, mata ne,

Tora Tenryuu

Beware the Cthulu emoticon __

I always thought a Parasite Eve movie based on the game would be cool. Although, the game WAS really movie-like anyway, save for the lack of voice acting (which would have helped a lot). I haven't got a chance to see the original movie either, though it seems to be pretty different. I agree on the FF movie too. It just didn't feel much like Final Fantasy, not counting the whole spirit thing lifted from Final Fantasy VII.

Xenogears might make a good anime, if it wasn't already stealing (er, borrowing) a lot of ideas from Evangelion. Not that I have anything against either... in fact, I like Xenogears' plot a whole lot more than Eva.

As for other stuff I might like... well, I'll save that for the next edition.

It's tuna fish. And nothing else.

hello there Chrono!
first for the topic at hand: composers. as i don't know anyone's name, i absolutely love the music in Final Fantasy 7! (as do so many other people). Second, i was wondering: why do they not have anyone in rpg's like stewie (from 'Family Guy")? i mean, it would be absolutely hilarious if there was some one on your team that constantly tried to kill the other members on your team. (failed constantly...and since it's a kid they dismissed it as child's play) eventually though he'd either turn good or turn evil join the enimy and you'd have to kill him. although i'd be fun while it lasted. well i suppose that i'm through now...
so farewell,
Boy, that sure would be different... Some RPGs have their comedic moments (and some try and fail horribly, ala FFX's 'laugh' scene), but that would take things to a whole new level of silliness. I doubt we'll see anything like that, unless someone goes and makes it themselves with RPG Maker, though I like the idea.

Oh, and FF7 (and the entire FF series) is composed by Nobuo Uematsu. If you liked FF7, I suggest giving the FFX soundtrack a listen as well, since it's some of his best work. And hey, if you buy it through that page, part of the sale helps keep RPGFan alive too. So yay and stuff.

Advice time

Hi there rpg lovers:

Hey, chrono i need your support here. Let's see: I had a playstation and i sold it.
Now i'm bored =).so i want to buy a console. It only can be DC or PSone...(PS2 is waaaaay outta my reach..sniff). The problem is i already finished all psx games except some of them, like persona 2 and Legend of mana......and legend of dragoon. And for DC we have SoA, Grandia 2, Silver,Time stalkers, Langrisser (Is it japanese??), Shenmue and others. Please help me make a choice. Thanks.

_Duran: The Swordmaster

While I can't for the life of me figure out why you own a bunch of PSX and DC games without owning either system, I'll help anyway. If you've already finished most of your PSOne games, I don't think getting another would do you much good, so the DC seems the better choice, if you can actually find one. Though, I'd stay away from Silver, were I you. But then, I'm not you, because if I was you, I wouldn't be me, and I'm giving you my advice here. And if I wasn't giving you advice, I..uh... anyway.

Oh, and Langrisser (Langrisser Millennium, technically) is Japanese, yeah, as the DC one never made it out here. The Japanese text on the packaging should give that away. :P

Closing Thoughts

Alright, I'm done for now. Keep on writing, and I can keep on answering.


~ Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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