Back With A Vengeance
Friday, March 29, 2002

Golly gee, I got a lot of letters since Wednesday. What the hell happened? :P People are writing in in bulk again for no apparent reason. That's fine with me, since I won't have to make 4-letter updates... well, not this time anyway. Since this update is nearly a day late, I'm going to forego a large opening here. Go read.
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It's that time of the week

Tch tch tch, I'm insulted mail person, that you would confuse me, the great Guy Incognito, with whoever that lowly worm was that gave you the obviously inferior trivia. My questions make you think, expand your boundaries, use the ole gray matter to better yourself as a person and a gamer. Those other questions were just random, useless queries that taxed not I, and hopefully not you either. Fortunately I'm here to deliver you from the agony that is pointless trivia. You did quite well with the Working Designs questions, so you have once again been deemed worthy to test your knowledge on the field of battle. Listen closely, for today's topic is a goodie, or should I say "baddie"; it's a question about RPG villains!

Kefka, Ghaleon, Dark Force, we all know the most famous of the bad guys from the classic RPGs. Perhaps that's what makes them classics in the first place. I know that I certainly enjoy being your foil, although sometimes you make it QUITE easy. Nevertheless, my question is as follows. I will name five relatively obscure villains, and you must name for me their games of origin. It's so simple even a spikey-haired simpleton like you should be able to puzzle out the answer. I'll even be so kind as to give you the system that the game is on. So here goes:

1) Hargon - NES

2) Duke Mercator - Genesis

3) Bilan - Saturn

4) Melzas - PSX

5) Carltron - SNES

If you can answer for me the games of origin for these five badguys, I may just give you more of the same next time. If not, well, I suppose I'll have to give you simpler questions. Don't make me have to lower my intellect any further. Good luck.

Guy Incognito

Actually, I didn't confuse you with the other person... pay more attention. :P Anyway, here's what I got:
1) Dragon Warrior II
2) Um... no idea.
3) Same.
4) Alundra
5) Secret of Evermore
Movies, music and uh...stuff.

Favorite gamemusic composer? Nobuo Uematsu. There aren't many people in this world that can make so many songs in so little time. He has also mastered just about every musical genre known to man. I don't know why people think his music is getting worse. He's doing an incredible job having almost 11 FFs under his belt. Actually, people who have a good undertanding of music should notice that he has increased his skills conciderably since the SNES days. Don't get me wrong, those OSTs are awesome! But too many people have an "only something old or on a Nintendo system is good" feeling with these kinds of things.
That said, my second fave is Yosinori Mitsuda. If Uematsu retires, I definetly want this guy to take his place. Other killer soundtracks are Castlevania SOTN, Suikoden 1 & 2, The Lost World and Medal of Honor games. The latter two were better than the scores for the actual movies in my opinion (Medal of Honor=Saving Private Ryan).
Did you know game soundtracks are now eligible to win grammys? Of course they never will win any 'cause gamemusic has always had a reputation of being bad. This is a shame 'cause these are really talented guys who deserve as much or more than most of todays movie composers. Haven't you seen a downwards trend in movie scores recently? The exact opposite is happening in the game world.

Off the subject-

I've always wanted to play Xenogears. I'm a Christian and my mom thought it was smart not to get the game. Does it speak a lot about God? Good or bad things about God? Is it something I should stay away from or does God "win" in the storyline? These questions also fit with Xenosaga.

Thanks for your time!


It's 'Yasunori' Mitsuda. Get it right, or Schala will have your head (so she says). Though, I do agree with your top choices, except I hold Mitsuda in higher regard than Uematsu (though he's close). I've always liked game music in general over movie scores myself, though a few still stand out (Gladiator, The Lost World, and probably some others). But still, there's far more game soundtracks in my collection than that of movies, so you have a good point.

As for Xenogears, there is a lot, no, a LOT of religious references in the game, though it's not something to worry about unless you're easily influenced. I mean, it IS just a game. A rather good one at that. Xenosaga seems to have some similar themes, though from what I've seen of the game, it's not as heavy as Xenogears. Yet.


I haven't really been playing too many videogames, but it is Spring Break, and the inner geek in me is forcing itself out. Well at first I started out playing Shadow Hearts, and that was cool and all, but then I had my friend come over and we engulfed ourselves in the magic that is Super Smash Bros: Melee (I generally HATE this game, and I have had it since Christmas, yet I have only played it no more than an hour by myself) which is quite fun on multiplayer...Well, like I said, I don't play too many videogames during the school year; I don't know if I'm too busy or too tired, I don't know, but I don't, indeedly do I don't :). Well the problem started yesterday (Tuesday) in the...about 3rd hour of my 6 hour stint at SSB:M, my eyes started feeling like they were quite dry, quite dry indeed, I can't even look at a television with that feeling getting worse, and just looking at the computer screen is hurting...I don't know why I am asking you this, I mean I have read about carpel tunnel syndrome having links to videogames, but not too much on this subject, and I know you're not an optomologist, but what should I do? I also realized I am having problems driving, I'm seeing signs WAY later than I should be, but that is even before this eye sore problem...Would having bad eyes be the cause of this problem? I wouldn't think so, doesn't sound too logical, but yeah...Oh, and on that homosexual thingy in videogames, I just realized this the day after I e-mailed you about that subject (The day I bought Shadow Hearts) there is indeed a gay dude in that game, oh my goodly God is he gay...Too bad he's not a playable character...Whatever, just pointing that out, buddy. Anywho, good day, buddy.
Antwain Bruce Jones (The BEST stereotypical homosexual name, EVER.)
This sounds like something you should be asking a (eye) doctor about, not some random moron running a silly letters column at a fantastically awesome RPG site. I mean, really. Though I think too much TV and computer screen-staring isn't something that's particularly good for your eyes, so 3-6 hours in one game... yeah, that could, just maybe, cause problems. :P
Question after question after...

Hey Chrono, wassupp?

I am hailing from Barbados, which is located in the Caribbean.

Just have a couple of Questions and comments for you.

1) Which Final Fantasy has the best Music that went well with the game? - Mine: Final Fantasy 3.

2) Which Final Fantasy had the best played-out Storyline & Characters? - Mine: Final Fantasy 3.

3) Which Fianl fantasy was the hardest to beat? - Mine: Final Fantasy (Nes)

4) Best Final Fantasy Overall? - Mine: Final Fantasy 3.

5) When Final Fantasy went over to PS, I personally felt it lost something, what do u think?

Out of all the Final Fantasies I personally feel that FF3 would make the best Anime series

Because of the Characters, Storyline,Monsters,Bosses,Sub-quest & Comedy.

6) If Squaresoft starts to make different Final Fantasy series for the GameCube & Playstion, Based on past games, which system in your opinion would have the best series.

Deathmatch : OgreBattle 64 VS. Final Fantasy Tactics

7) Declare the Winner please.

8) If all the past Snes & Nes Companies started making games for the GameCube, would the current systems be in trouble or everything would flow as normal?

9) Is it GameCube or Gamecube?

10) When Earthbound came out for the Snes it was the most modern rpg to date (If I recall correctly). If Earthbound3(3 for Cubed) was to be released for the GC would the music be modern like Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Rock or Alternative? ( Knowing Nintendo it is a possibility)

Thanks for the time next time I email we will discuss The Mana series , wait a minute I haven't played legend of Mana on PS, I go see if your online store has it.....


We sell games? Wow, cool. Actually, our store is just for RPGFan brand merchandise.

Anyway, I took the liberty of adding numbers to your questions, to simplify my job. So here goes:

1) Either FF6 or FFX.
2) Same answer.
3) Of the ones I've played, probably FF4.
4) FF6.
5) Yeah, it lost Mode 7 maps and sprite characters. Boo hoo. :P
6) Uhh... I dunno.
7) I'd say FFT, but then, I haven't played any of the Ogre series. I guess it stems from the fact I don't see how a SRPG could be BETTER than FFT. But that's me.
8) Um... most of the companies who made games back in the day (word) are still making games now, so...
9) GameCube. Though Nintendo originally insisted on people saying 'NINTENDO GAMECUBE' (yes, in caps), I think people got tired of doing that.
10) Erm, there is no EarthBound for the GCN. Mother 3 (which would more or less be EarthBound 2) was going to be on the N64, but never got released. Though, it may possibly see life on the Cube. In any case, in answer to your question, no idea.

Why you little...

Hey nice Chrono! You did good on my trivia only you messed up the 2) Place - Tristram      The answer was Diablo or Diablo 2! DUH! ;)

And what was with that saying no to answering the Earthbound question? Funny guy eh? Just for that lets give ya a little kick in the teeth..I will declare you the master of all that is RPGs if you can answer this little question that will hurt a bit. hehe

Ok here we go...the question of the century:


This time it isn't a "Will you please" or "Can you" straight up Chrono, go for it! If you don't get it right I will send ya a mail with the right answer if you well manage to fail! As the wierd voice comes when Star Fox prepares to leave in the SNES Star Fox "Good luck!"      .....you'll need it bwhahahahaha

Dragon-Ball-Dan Master of all that is Chrono

PS. Yes I love Earthbound and I don't see why some people don't for crappy reasons like you don't see the characters in battle. LOL what a bunch of nerds right? (*-*)

Speaking of nerds... ahem. Anyway, I doubt anyone could really name every enemy in the game (or most any RPG) without any sort of help, like a strategy guide. Now, I can look through the guide and list them all, but that won't really prove anything, now will it? So why don't you just run along and do... something. Somewhere.

Hi chrono,
i was looking at the mailbag wednesday and could not help but notice the trivia question u go wrong. tristram is in diablo. (i love that game) but then again i don't think ur to much into pc titles sooo.... i'll not talk of that now.

i would buy the ffx sound track if i had money... but i don't. i actually was intending to use the stewie idea in rpg maker. there's this cool little baby graphic i can use... i think i'll respond to that one dude's topic about the video game to movie. honestly i agree about the xenogears idea, and a metal gear solid movie would be absolutely great, though i'd appreciate if they editted the story a little, as i have beaten the game more times then i can count. a couple other games would be good games, although it really depends on who's wirting the movie script, and who's directing them.

well peace for now,

No, I'm very much NOT into PC games. And no, not because I can't play them on my evil Mac, as there's plenty of games available. They just don't interest me for the most part.

RPG Maker, actually, is the one PC game that DOES interest me, since you mention it. Though I doubt I'd have the time to make a game as good as I'd like to with it, so it's kind of a moot point.

Good point about game, well, an MGS movie. I've heard some people complain about the Resident Evil movie since it's not exactly based entirely on the games, and introduces *gasp* original elements. Frankly, if I saw a movie and it followed the exaact same plot as the game it was based on, I'd be rather disappointed, since I'd known everything that was going to happen. Although, the people making the movie should also take great care in knowing what to change, to surprise fans, but also what to keep, to please said fans. It sounds easy, but I doubt in practice it's as black and white as that.

Closing Thoughts

I should apologize for this update being a day late, but I won't. I'm mean like that.


Okay okay, I'm sorry. I'm not actually mean, I'm a pansy pushover type person. Anyway, I hope everyone liked the update. Possibly enough to write in for Monday's edition.


~ Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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