One Mailbag, Super Sized
Friday, April 5, 2002

First things first: I just saw Ice Age, and you should too. Right now. Go out and see the movie, then come back and finish reading.

Done? Good. On the other hand, many of you could have already seen it and therefore didn't go. Plus I doubt anyone actually listened to me. Anyway, good movie. The little non-talking squirrel thing was awesome. AWESOME. One of the best and funniest animated characters I've ever seen. I could have done without screaming kids in the row in front of me, but that's life I suppose.

In other news, I (and Schala for that matter) got my E3 badge today, so now the only issue I have with E3 is having the money to pay for the hotel. Anyone wanna buy some CDs from me? Pokemon cards? Um... old video game magazines? The funny thing here, is that you probably think I'm joking...

Well, let's get to today's column, super sized for your enjoyment.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
I prefer Ho-Hos and Twinkies over Ding Dongs, personally...

Chrono, my main man! I've been readin' all the letters lately from the mailbag and I must say, you put up with some serious abuse! All these geeks (Yeah, I'm talking to you, the one reading this, ya jackass!) hunt you like a pack of wild dogs. It's as if they have nothing better to do then torment you with these pointless trivia questions which probably took them hours to figure out anyway. Needless to say, they wanna be daddy, they wanna wear the daddy shoes. But they DONT! You wear the daddy shoes oh mighty Chrono! Since this letter has nothing to do with rpgs, and since your web page does, I reckon I oughta put something about them in here. Let's see, since practically everyone just talks about Square Soft games I'll go a different route. You remember back in the day on the Turbo Duo when Ys Book 1&2 was released?
No, actually...
That game was sweet, way ahead of it's time. We'll skip forward a little and pretend Ys 3 never happened and talk about Ys 4. I read some info on it from various web pages and it really tweaks my nipples that it is only in Japan. I wanna play it! Also, I heard something about a new Ys, Ys Legends or something? Could you fill me on this? Thanks.
Yo ding dong man, ding dong, ding dong yo!


I haven't heard anything about a new Ys game. The last one I know of that was released (in Japan, naturally) was Ys Eternal I & II on PC. (ie upgraded Ys I & II, akin to the Lunar remakes)
Suikoden Stuff

By far, the most anticipated game for me is Suikoden III. I would like to know whether its backward compatible with either Suikoden I and/or II save files. Will Genkaku's son, Nanami, and Jowy make an appearance? I'd also like to know why Konami is using 3D instead of the 2D foundation the game series is based on. Will the 108 stars truly return in such a format? And where is it set at, the Grasslands, Harmonia? And will we ever get to find out more about the game world's history? Like the complete story between the Scrlet Moon Empire, Highlands, and the City State of Jowston's, many wars, including the full story of the War of Succession, and Barbarossa's meteoric rise to power. And obviously I'd like to know about what happened after Suikoden II, with the hero and the City-State. And what is with Yuber and Pesmerga?

The strangest thing about Suikoden is how short the games can be (You can beat both games in under 20 hours if you do it right. You can see Elza and Clive's storyline if you accomplish this in Suikoden II and go to the right locations. See gamefaqs for more info...), and yet how deep they really are, with so many combos and characters to use. Suikoden I is nowhere near as deep as Suikoden II in this regard, though there are a few special items and runes to find. This is more true of Suikoden II, where you can combo runes, items and weapon mods nearly endlessly. Like combine the Double-Beat, Double Strike, and Fury runes on one warrior type character with three open slots (The earliest character to do this is Sheena(LV 47-48 or so), though Killey, Sid and Chaco get this later(LV 55). Killey is the best, since he has two weapons to boot, and M range, so the Double Strike's downfall isn't as likely to hurt him as a front-row character. Increase your enemies pain with Master Garbs, Fire Emblems, and a Power Ring and the Friendship Rune on his weapon...) to create extremely powerful attackers. Just experimenting with the oddball runes and items is fun too. Or try Anita or Sheena with a Sunbeam Rune, Flowing Rune on weapon, Silver Hat, Silver Shield, and a Star Earring, regenerate a whopping 50 HP a round(Considering there HP is aroung 500 at LV 60 this is like ten percent of their health back a round). Sheena can also wear the Slyph Rune, and spread his good fortune(Gives 2/3 of his Hp to allies) to comrades, and regenerate as he walks around. Or how about Wall Rune, Counter Rune, and Firefly Rune on Sheena (Enemies attack him primarily, has high defense and counter rate, but cannot do anything but defend)and a Mangosh Shield(Counter stab is 1.5 damage!). The ability to combo items and runes made Suikoden II an extremely deep system. If Suikoden III has this kind of deep system, it is sure to be a hit, even if all gamer's questions about the Suikoden series aren't answered.

-Steven the 'Old School' Gamer

RPGFan's Suikoden III preview has more info on the game than I could give you.

Maybe if I ever get around to playing with Suikoden, this letter will come in handy...


The April 1st column was by far the greatest, longest column ever. I'm amazed you can take that much.
For Now..We Toast
Antwain Bruce Jones

PS - Would it be cool to change my name to Antwain Bruce Jones? I think not, but what the hell...

Nah, that would be silly. Why not change it to something like Antwain Bruce Jones? That has a nice ring to it.
HAHE April Fool's LOL

I think that the Koei stock buying is the false article. Also that Seiken Denstetsu Article could not be any more false. If tey were even considering makeing that game they probobly would have bought the name rights when They copyrighted Chrono Break and Saga Unlimited.

Just food for thought

You'd be surprised how many people fell for the Seiken Densetsu story actually... and how many people are upset over it. Not that I understand being upset over a joke such as this, but that's human logic (or lack thereof) for ya.

escuse me i am french i have need some help
So I'm supposed to be more inclined to help because you're French? Alrighty...
i would like to khnow if roms for ps2 existe in the net and if it's possible to download the roms
please send me an adresse if you khow one.

thank you very much

I wouldn't be thanking me just yet. I'm sure somewhere online you can download PS2 games, however illegal it may be. However, I'm not about to help you in commiting such an act, nor is anyone else at RPGFan. If you want to play a PS2 game, GO BUY IT. Support the developers. By pirating games, all you do is hurt the people making them, who have to raise prices to make up for lost revenue, which then hurts the entire gaming community. All because people like YOU are too damn cheap to go out and spend a bit of money on a game. Don't have the money? Too bad. Save up until you have it, and stop wasting my time.
An easier question than the norm...

hello there chrono,
i figured i'd better write in because you only had one letter in the mail bag today (monday). what's been bugging me lately is the who's the coolest bad guy category. right now i personally think it's sephiroth. but all that could change soon. my friend let me borrow his mint condition ff3 (6) (that took me the better part of an hour). kefka seems pretty cool. so far he's now sephiroth though.

so i impose a question on you. who is cooler in your opinion: sephiroth or kefka?

oh then for the topic mostly i'm looking forward to would have to be xenogears. that or RPG Tsukuru 5... rpg maker on my pc doesn't work (god my computer sucks) so i'm hoping for a ps2 version. that's all for now.

Xenogears? I'll assume you mean Xenosaga, and move on... As far as 'cool' factor goes, sexy Seph beats out Kefka easily. As far as pure villainy goes, I'm a little more torn. Kefka is probably easier to hate for the various things he does in the game, while Sephiroth doesn't seem quite as despicable sometimes. (aside from the obvious end of disc 1 scene) Anywho, have fun with FFVI. If you can appreciate old-school games (as you must be, otherwise you'd have not spent an hour trying to get the game), you should have a lot of fun with it. Speaking of which, I should play it again one day...
Smithers, the 'mun-chies'

Dear Chrono, the Mailbag Queen (96% certainty),

I speak of a matter of great importance and urgency. Yes, munchies and sodas of the gamer. I find that the sustenence that runs the gamer is somewhat different than what runs the late-night computer programmer. A computer programmer can run on a simple thing, a 64 ounce super-gulp of Code Red Mountain Dew. He requires no food, only that sweet, sweet caffiene.

The gamer, however, requires a subtly crafted mix of food and drink. The consumed substances are also based on the type of game that one is playing. An RPG player may expect to get away simply on a can of pringles and some water, possibly a diet sprite. One who plays action games may suck down a good deal of soda, possibly a heavy one, Jolt cola, or something similar.

The DDR gamer, however, has it the worst of all. They require a meticulously crafted diet, possibly more complex than even the diets of Hollywood. Approximately 1 litre of water per hour of play, as well as some form of simple carbohydrates to give the DDR player spurts of energy enough to last the minute and a half per song. Simply put, truffles or possibly half a bag of fruitsnacks will suffice.

And last, but not least, we include the MUDder. A 2 litre of Fresca is all they need, and they are ready to level for the night.

Your MUD Editor,


I am NOT a communist. I may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but I am NOT a porn star!

Pringles aren't bad gaming food, though I tend to lean towards Chex Mix. Though, if we HAD any Pringles, I'd no doubt get those. A good salty (and no doubt horribly bad for one's body) snack and some form of soda (or 'pop' for our Canadian readers) is usually my gaming food of choice. Why I bothered explaining all that, I do not know.
Ask for one, get 3... not a bad deal.

Hey Chrono,
One stinking letter! That had to be an April Fools joke! Well anyhoo here's a pity letter. Heck I'm not even sure you will print but either way I'm in the mood to write so here goes.

What RPG am I most looking forward to? Well if you are talking about the traditional kind then it would have to be either Xenosaga or Star Ocean 3. Hmm, funny to be looking forward to an RPG other than Final Fantasy for once. I'll admit I'm not 100% confident in either of those games. But I'm still optimistic about the possibilities. For starters I'm excited about Star Ocean 3 because the 2nd had a bunch of great ideas that just weren't executed as well as I would have liked. So I'm interested to see what improvements are in store for the series and what kind of changes will be made to the crazy action orientated battle system. As for Xenosaga, while I'm a little worried about the possibility of hour long cut scenes from what I have heard it sounds like something different and most certainly special which I'm always open to.

On the other hand if you are talking about a non-traditional RPG then I would definitely have to say Kingdom Hearts!!! I'm not even sure it is an actual RPG but either way I'm excited about it. Just the wacky character combinations in that game and after hearing so many positive things about the gameplay I've gone from vaguely interested to feverishly excited! Sure it isn't the dramatic epic we are used to getting from Square but personally I'm a little excited about just kicking back with a little fun romp through some whacked out Disney/Squaresoft world. I mean as long as it's fun there really isn't anything more I could ask for. Besides Aeris is in it and she talks to Squall! I mean what Square fan wouldn't be at least a little interested in seeing something like that! It's just too bad it comes out in Fall... I guess there is always Virtua Fighter 4 to tide me over till then.


Virtua Fighter 4 looks really jagged. :P Anyway, either type of RPG was acceptable, so I guess you're covered. Kingdom Hearts was last on my list at first, just for it's pure bizarre-ness. Yet now, I sit anxiously awaiting the game's US release. As weird as it is, I'm really interested in playing it. It's been awhile since I had a good action RPG to sit down with, let alone one with so much potential for greatness.

Star Ocean 3 also looks really cool, and one I've waited for for awhile now, even though I never got around to finishing part 2. Xenosaga I've been subjected to watching endlessly lately, while not a bad thing, I've had a lot spoiled for me since I don't intend on playing until it's in English. Yet, spoilers or not, I still watch anyway, considering it's the most damned beautiful RPG (or any game) I've ever seen.

And uh, yeah, Monday was a joke update. Go me.

FF Remakes....again...oh, wait.

Chrono, I know your job can be aggravating. But ya know, it could be much worse. So cheer up! Especially around this Easter holiday!

And to anyone out there asking about the Final Fantasy remakes-

WRITE TO SQUARESOFT!!! With enough complaints they might actually make them or release some info about them. Don't waste your time asking someone (Chrono) who clearly doesn't know any more about the games than you do!

Oh yeah, and for this week's topic... ....I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts!! Especially since I'm not planning on gettin' FFXI. I hope nobody makes fun of me for liking KH. It may look like a kids game, but I'm pretty sure it won't play like a kids game.



Well, I commented on Kingdom Hearts above already, so read that for my KH thoughts.

Anyway, thanks for having some sense about the remakes thing... I've said time and time again (and again), nothing's been said on the remakes in a long time, so it's assumed they've been put on the back burner, if not canned entirely. At least people finally stopped asking me about them over and over...


First I would like to say Iove your site and check it daily. I love the final fantasy series also and when I heard a remake of my favorite games was going to happen I got excited. I just want to know whats up with that? Thanks.

- lax_kid

...aw f*ck.
Closing Thoughts

Yeah, 10 letters again. Hopefully everyone wasn't too used to the shorter updates, and made it through all of those. As suchm, I must say... you have far too much time on your hands. (kidding...kinda) For some reason, I've been getting a steady stream of letters again, so I guess updates will be somewhat large again for the forseeable future. So yay.

Anyway, I've about had it for today. Til next time,

~ Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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