Jack In!!
Wednesday, April 10, 2002

As you may or may not have guessed by the title, I'm under a slight Megaman Battle Network influence at the moment. Why they couldn't use something like 'Connect!' or 'Log on!' is beyond me... it's not THAT bad, but it almost sounds dirty:

<Lan> Huh huh, looks like we can jack in here.

<Megaman> Tee hee, cool. Jack me in!

......anyway. Schala's probably playing some part in today's episode, though as of this exact moment I'm not sure. Just act surprised if you see her name below, okay? Okay.

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Spoilers from old games ahead (FF6, FF7, Lunar 1)

Hey Chrono it's me again "Just...B", yeah him, me. After I sent you my last letter about Ys Book 1&2 I checked the site everyday for the mailbag update in hopes you would post my letter on your site. A little while went by and still I didn't see it. I was very disappointed. Then late one night (tonight) I was snooping around the site and wala! I saw you posted my letter! I squealed in delight, I did a backflip, I ran around the house screamin' like a 12 year old girl who just got N'sync tickets! I guess the moral of this story is that I'm a dork. OR maybe it's that with a simple gesture you can make somebody's day. Oh who am I kidding, the moral is I'm a dork. Anyway, on to the Rpg business. I guess I have a question for you this week, and it is this: What do you think the most memorable moment in any rpg was? (Hey maybe that could be your next question of the week?). There are a lot of moments to choose form, and I havent played all the rpgs but from what I have played I would have to say it's either when *********ATTENTION*********** Spoiler ahead

Sephiroth kills Aeris in ff7, The Opera scene in ff3(6), or when Ghaleon betrays you and kills Quark in Lunar sssc. What do you think?


Actually, he doesn't KILL Quark... though that was a scene I'll never forget. Silver Star Story had a few scenes like that actually... just another reason I love that game so much. Other favorites of mine are the orphanage in Chrono Cross, the spaceship scene in FFVIII, and...other...stuff. FFX has some, but I don't want to spoil those who have yet to play it (especially people in Europe). Anyway, it's an interesting topic, so I'll consider it for the weekly topic thingy.
More Square GBA/GCN wishes

Dear Chrono,

First of I would just like to say that I love your site. You guys have come a long way over the years and have really made a big difference in the gaming community. Over the past couple of weeks I've seen a lot of talk about how great it is that Square and Nintendo have finally made up. I am also very exctied about this as well. I mean, when you think about the greatness they achieved working together(a.k.a. FFI - FVI, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and countless others), it's good to hear that some of the best partners in the history of gaming have made up. It also makes you think of the possibilities. For instance, with the release of Game Boy Advance last summer, and last Christmas's release of the Gamecube, there's endless possibilities as to the games they can make. (I hope they make some more RPGs though, they do a really good job in that department). Another thing that interested me, was the recent talks about remaking classic Square games on the GBA. I mean think about how great it would be if you were sitting in math class one day, listening to some boring lecture on the Pathagrean Triangle Theorem, and lo and behold, you remember that buried within your backpack, is a new copy of Chrono Trigger for the GBA. There's so many games that could be remade with this new deal, and so many games that could be made with it also. I wouldn't mind being able to play FF6 on the GBA either, as it was and still is in my opinion the best FF ever created. Anyway, in conclusion, I would just like to say that this new deal has opened new doors for gaming and I hope that through it, we get a nice dose of RPG goodness courtesy of Square on the Gamecube and GBA. Until next time, keep up the good work.


P.S. Do you know whether or not Square plans to make a new Seiken Denetsu game? I know the article about it was a joke, but that would also be a really great idea.

Square hasn't said anything about a new SD game, sadly. While a new Chrono and SaGa game are probably forthcoming, even those aren't exactly official. You're not the only one who would like to see classic FF games and CT on the GBA, as myself and Schala would like it as well. Not to mention, I've heard many many people talk of it on our boards and in the chatroom. I wouldn't doubt this will happen, considering Square has mentioned that there could be as many as 4 GBA games out by this Christmas. In that short a timeframe, the only thing that could really happen that quickly are ports. And hey, I've been looking for a reason to play FF6 again. Preferably WITHOUT the load times that plague the PSX version.
Sequels, get yer sequels!

Hey Chrono!

Ok..what game(s) will i want as a sequel? hmmm... oh ya ok here we go:

Earthbound 3 - Whether you liked it or not..this series was unique experience and for me was great. The unfortunate part is I am prolly not going to get another one because they had one lined up for N64 DD, but that never happened.

Super Smash Brothers (Riot?) - Yes now that Nintendo has Sega this adds many more possiblilties towards characters, plus with the recent addition of Squaresoft..*drools*

Thief 3 - Yea this would be nice...you are put up against some tough artificial intelligence and some big levels..lets see another thief real soon someone plays the game in real life. ;D

RPG Maker 2 - Oh man this would be great! More options, things to create, and more basic things to add...Oh geez you know how well this would sell? AHHH NEED RPG...MAKER....2.....AHHHHH

I would have also said Ninja Gaiden, but you stoped me. hehe



I think Nintendo knows, or at least, Miyamoto should, that there IS fan demand for Mother 3 (or EarthBound '2') to actually be released. Is there hope for them to revive the game on the Cube? Only time will tell...

A new Smash Bros. game is something I'd absolutely love to get my hands on, even if it's mostly the same as Melee, but with added characters/levels/features. In fact, I'd PREFER that, since I like the game how it is. If they were to just build off of that, I'd be a happy camper. I'm not sure about Sega or Square characters, since the point of the series is Nintendo characters fighting... unless of course they either change that focus, or make something like Capcom does, along the lines of 'Nintendo VS. Sega'. That would be interesting.

There is an RPG Maker 2, as it happens. For that matter, the RPG Maker we got on PSX was actually the 4th one in Japan. RPG Maker 5, for PS2, should be out shortly in Japan, and supposedly, this summer in North America. Hopefully it'll have keyboard support...

Finally, DDR? Have you seen how many versions of that game there are? I wouldn't worry about the series living on.

Square and Nintendo...again!

Hi to everybody at RPGFan! I love your site and congratulate you for having in my opinion, the best RPG site on the net! Sorry to bother you, but I have a question regarding the Square-Nintendo deal... Has Square announced any remakes for GBA other than FF Tactics? FF5 and 6 would be great, and having a portable Chrono Trigger makes me wanna cry!

- Tony Bixler

This seems oddly familiar... anyway, as I said above, it's likely at least the first batch of Square GBA games will be ports, and since they've expressed interest in bringing FF4, 5 and 6 to the GBA in the past, I think those are more a question of 'when' rather than 'if'. CT is totally unknown, but I wouldn't doubt it.
Da fifth letter

Topic: Most anticipated sequels

I say sequels, because there are so many. I'd like Square to get off their FF mainstream game kick and give the gamers what they really want, FFT 2 and Vagrant Story 2. They left too many loose ends at the end of each game, and gamers deserve sequels to both. How about a FFT 2 where you control Olan and fight to reunite Ivalice and discover what happened to Ramza Belouve, last of the Belouves. And with Vagrant Story 2, what has become of Ashley Riot? And Merlose?

Well, I'd think twice about a VS2 and FFT2 at the moment. Considering the main man behind those two games is at work on Final Fantasy XII, the only way either of those will happen in the near future was if he wasn't a part of it. Frankly, the games wouldn't be the same without Matsuno's influence, so, at least for now, it's probably best to not have them. Did you know though, that VS was meant to be his last game? He came back to do FFXII, but who knows how long he'll stick around in the business.
I'd like Working Designs to release a new Lunar game(Lunar 3), describing a new adventuring group attempting to free the Blue Star from its icy prison, and once freed, a dark evil, the creator of Zophar is also freed. It would be cool. Besides, loyal WD fans need something else besides yet another Lunar remake, don't become 3DO (Army Men Infinity due out in Late Fall 2002), please WD!
Keep in mind Working Designs doesn't MAKE the Lunar games...or any games, actually. A release, or lack of, of Lunar 3 would be up to Game Arts. There's been rumors for years that it's in the works, as it very well may be. Considering Lunar 1's GBA port, and GA's track record, I have a feeling the next Lunar game we'll see is Lunar 2 on the GBA.
I'd like to see the other Persona games released in the states, especially Innocent Sin. Damn you Atlus!

Well, those are my beefs with the three major RPG companies(IMO). Enix is following old bad habits, and should probably be isolated to the Japanese market again only by 2003. Besides Valkyrie Profile, their record is really spotty recently. Koei, is barely and RPG company anymore. Capcom needs to go sell its BoF license to a capable RPG company. Konami is giving RPGers what they want in Suikoden III, eventually.

-Steven the 'Old School' gamer.

I've always liked the BoF series. Granted, it seems more or less like the same - or close to it - story each game (this is Capcom afterall), they've always managed to make it fun, and worth playing through. Enix I'd like to like more. There's potential, but all that's been coming out of them has been Dragon Warrior and DW spin-offs. Star Ocean 3 is forthcoming (hopefully to the US as well), though I'm not sure what else they have outside of the DW world. Some SNES ports of games like Actraiser, SoulBlazer and Terranigma would make me love them to death, but unfortunately, I don't see those coming.
RPGFan Fan speaks. Is there an echo in here?

Schala, and/or Chrono,

Good to see the flow of letters is back up to speed. Anyways, I have some questions for you.

1. When is one considered an Old School Gamer?

2. With all this talk about Kingdom Hearts, have any of you had the chance to listen to the Soundtrack?

3.Wouldn't it be great to see a fighting game with a story like an Rpg and an Rpg with a battle system like a Fighting Game?

4. In English class the other day, somehow we began talking about the forms of literature, and as it stands there are four accepted ways. Story, Poetry, Short Story, and a fourth. (Which I can't remember...) Do you think that Rpg's will ever be accepted as a form of literature? If so, do you think that it will fit into the forms already established, or will it need a new place of its own?

Topicwise, I'd want to play a sequel to Samurai Showdown. (I've always loved that game.) But it should stay in 2d, instead of 3d. Also, Snk NeoGeo would need to change the story a little after what they did in the latest installment.

Your time, I thank you for it.

RpgFan Fan

1) I'd say when you can admit a good game when you see it, even if it's 15 years old with heavily dated graphics is a good example. If you can still go back and enjoy games like the original Zelda, or Mario Bros., even in light of newer, deeper games that are arguably better looking (some of us care about graphics), that's old school yo. Recognize!

2) We've both heard all of it, and think it's pretty good, as with most of the composer's other work. With any luck, we'll have a review of it on the site soon.

3) Fighting game with a story? Try Tech Romancer on DC (so I'm told). RPG with a battle system like a fighting game... Legend of Legaia is similar, though it's still inputting buttons for moves. If you want actual control over your characters and all that jazz, try the Tales of (Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia) games, and enjoy. Oh, the Star Ocean games have a similar battle theme as well.

4) RPGs as literature? Ehhh, no. Art form? Still doubtful. I think for the moment a nice thing to see would be for games to be more widely accepted as a form of entertainment alongside movies and TV. While it's made leaps in this directon in the last few years, it's not there yet, as the general consensus is still that only geeks and weirdos wit in their rooms and play those evil and violent video games. Well, maybe one day...

So what are you gonna do now, kill yourself? Cuz that's what I'd recommend.

Sequels, eh? Well, I have to agree with your suggestion of Conker. I'd like to have a game where I find out just what the hell happens after he's King of All the Land. Actually, not really, I just think that the game was one of the best pieces of comedy ever, and want more. And a spin-off game starring Birdy would be hella sweet. I guess that's all for my 2 cents.


Ah yes, Birdy. I never got around to finishing Conker, since I left off at one point for a few months, then came back to it with no idea what I was supposed to do next. Yeah, I'll get to it, eventually. Probably. After other stuff at least. I have had Breath of Fire IV since Christmas 2000, and haven't played it once... along with Grandia I from October 1999, though I don't intend to play that one anytime soon.
Closing Thoughts

Well, as you can tell, Schala never made it to the party. She's probably off somewhere drunk and in a gutter. Damn kids. Oh wait, she's sitting right next to me making little origami-like paper stars. Well, that's how it goes. Maybe next time she'll grace us with her lovely presence. In the meantime, write more! I'm running dangerously low on letters, so if you want to see decent-sized updates, you need to help make it happen.

So like...bye and stuff.

~ Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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