Ness Uses PSI Goats!
Friday, April 12, 2002

If you've played EarthBound, or at least have seen it partially, you should know the ridiculous amounts of naming you do in the beginning, from naming the four characters, to your dog, favorite food, and most cryptically, 'favorite thing'. My brother started a new game tonight, and, being the freak that he is, used 'goats' as his favorite thing. So, eventually he'll learn all kinds of spells in the game bearing the Goat name. So, there's your explanation for the title. Now you can listen to Schala ramble on about something or another. I'm gonna go play some game.

Schala's Rambling of The Day: Super Mario RPG

After mentioning this game in the last update I actually participated in, I started a new game late last night and have just gotten to the pirate ship. I'm still wondering why I found that one line in Booster and Toadstool's 'wedding' so amusing. (To refresh your memory, after Toadstool starts crying, Booster says "What's this? Water coming from your eyes? Are you leaking, my dear?!")

...Anyway, enough of that. Time for some letters.

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Duh, I'm Schala, who else?

hello chrono...or schala, (though to be honest i haven't the slightest idea who you are...)

well anyway, i felt like wirting in today, a sequel i'd like to see? ya know since it does have to be an rpg, i'd love to see starcraft 2, with the eradication of the zerg i want to see what new menace takes the overmind's place. as for rpgs... i'd love to see a shadow hearts sequel...or maybe even landstalker, i never owned that game but my friend let me borrow it. that was fun. what company made it by the way (it's on genesis btw). another game would be chronotrigger/cross... i realize that's break, but i want to see what they do this time. (they have time and dimensional down... how about both!) what do you think they'll do? oh and chrono i can see your point on kefka vs sephiroth. sephiroth is cooler, but kefka is more despicable...
well then, i've said my piece.

If you have no idea who I am, you probably haven't been reading the Mailbag for long enough. Psh. j/k

Shadow Hearts looks so cool. I really need to borrow that game off someone... As for Starcraft, I've never been a big PC online gaming fan myself. And Chrono Break? Funny, seems like a lot of people have said the same you did - use both time travelling and parallel dimensions in the game. I'd kind of like to see it become a more true sequel to CT myself... hopefully Square will learn their lesson from past mistakes a la Chrono Cross. Landstalker, in answer to your question, was developed by Climax.

Kefka vs. Sephiroth huh? I must not have been around for that one. :P I kinda prefer Kefka myself... probably because of how off-his-rocker he is. And he was amusing.

More really cool games I never got to play.


To answer the topic: Four games I'd definitely like to see expansions of (be they sequels, a TV series, comics, whatever) are Thousand Arms, Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

I think Thousand Arms would do well as an anime series. The characters are comical and endearing, and I think the setting of traditional fantasy meets steampunk-without-the-punk is unique. The grand adventure the characters faced was wrapped up in the game (despite tons of holes in the plot), so an anime series chronicling their daily lives may work.

If another TA game were to be created, then of course the battle system would need a serious overhaul (I could write volumes on how to overhaul it) and the dating sim would need some new features. And the writers would have to work to avoid plot holes.

For art style alone, Grim Fandango is something I'd like to see more of. Granted, the adventures of Manny, Meche, Glottis (Glottis rocks!), etc. was wrapped up nicely, I think the game's world is fertile ground for ideas. Who's to say someone else won't cause trouble and conspiracy in the Land of the Dead? And did I mention the unique character art style? I'd definitely like to see it used in either another game or in a cartoon series.

The Longest Journey is another game I'd like to see a sequel to. April Ryan's story was amazing, and though the game did end nicely, there is still more to tell. I'm sure young April had many more adventures beyond The Longest Journey, and the worlds of Stark and Arcadia had so many cool denizens who could have grand adventures of their own.

With Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, even though the ending wrapped up most all the loose ends, I was still left with the feeling that there is more to tell. Plus, I really enjoyed these characters and want to hang with them more.

The fan disc with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment had an anime trailer featuring storyline segments of both Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and after seeing that, I feel confident that Persona could be great as an anime series. Despite the grand adventure of Maya, Ulala, Katsuya and company resolved in Eternal Punishment, the more daily life things of these characters have me interested like their relationships and stuff. Some still have strained relationships with others and I'd like to see expansions on these characters. Then again, I did hear that Persona 1 was made into a manga.

Plus, the whole concept of Persona and summoning divine avatars representative of your inner selves is really cool. I'm studying Carl Jung's theories in class, and it's used with aplomb in Persona. I'd dig returning to Sumaru City in a Persona 3 game perhaps with a mostly fresh cast with the series' past recurring characters, but then again, any MegaTen game that comes to the US will get my attention.

So there's my 2 units of currency. In general, I feel that with video game genres like RPGs and Graphic Adventures being more story oriented than any other game genre, and oftentimes telling greater stories than movies and some books, the possibilities for expansion into other forms of media is great.

Blademaster Dezo

Too bad I never heard of Grim Fandango. (Actually, the word 'fandango' reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody, but anyway... :P) I've hardly touched any of the others and keep hearing good things about Persona 2 (both EP and Innocent Sin for that matter), so I know I'd at least better get around to playing that soon. I'd like to play IS too, since I keep hearing it's just as good... but more difficult than EP. Oh well. From the echoes of all you Persona fans, a Persona 3 or even a port of Innocent Sin would be a big hit as an RPG.
Nuclear physics easier to figure out than rumors?!

Question of the day,

I had caught rumor quite a while ago that Dragon Force was to be released (again) on the PSX. Did anybody here hear anything? I contacted Working Designs and could have gotten a straighter answer from my toddler on matters of nuclear physics. I'm beginning to think that it's a Dragon Farce. Somebody who knows something about this kinda stuff help me out here.

-Locke Cole

Dragon Force is most likely not being re-released... but then again, it's no wonder you didn't get a straight answer from WD: a) it is, after all, WD, and b) WD only localized Dragon Force, not developed it. (Dragon Force 2 never came out here.) Either way, nothing's been said about a new or remade Dragon Force, so whatever you heard would indeed be a farce.
Good thing I won't get to play the Sega CD Lunar.

It's 4:00 a.m. in the morning right now, and the loyal Just...B guy is writing you once again. You know how Wendy's advertisizes the "eat great even late" slogan? Well, staying open until midnight is NOT late! I'm dying here man, I'm so hungry my FFX box is starting to look tasty. Anyway I guess you're right, Ghaleon doesn't kill quark, I was mixing Sssc with Lunar the silver star (sega cd version). So hmph! I just read the latest update to the mail room and saw you are running low on e-mails so here I am. I have a few questions for you tonight...

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a game that combined characters from different games? I'd love to see Mog (FF6) and Gaw (I think it's Gaw!) (Popful mail) have a conversation while enjoying a banana together. Who would you like to see in the same game?

Why do you prefer ho-hos over ding dongs?

Is that a strategy guide in your pocket or are you just sitting next to Schala? hehe


Midnight's not late for me anyways... in fact it's rather early considering I end up getting sleep at 3-4 am these days.

I didn't know the plot changed that much between the Sega CD version and PSX version of Lunar... nor that it was going to change around again for Lunar Legend. Which is now making me wonder which one's the better... or going to be better, that is if there is a better version. I don't really feel like playing each version though - I have enough to play as is. :P

I think Relm and Yuffie would be amusing... then we could see who's really brattier. I suppose Chu-Chu and Mog would be cuteness overkill... Maybe a good one would be Nikki and Flea... battle of the transsexuals! Or not...

I've never tried ho-ho's. But Oreo ice cream owns you. And lastly, strategy guides won't fit in Chrono's pocket, and he's often sitting next to me, so...

I have been 0wned with a capital P.

Chrono, I have decided you have to lurn to let go of things at one point in your life, and a site that specializes in RPG's would be a great place to ask this question. While I said I will let go of something, that time is most definetly not now. However, my question still remains, I would like you to appraise my RPG collection. Note that I have been playing since 1993, and I NEVER sell my games or systems...yeah, suck it. Ok, here we go.

* = Has instructions or box only
** = Complete and mint

Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior IV
Final Fantasy

Brain Lord**
Breath of Fire*
Breath of FIre II*
Chrono Trigger**
Lufia II**
Final Fantasy II*
Final Fantasy III**
Secret of Mana**
Super Mario RPG**
Legend of Zelda**
Secret of Evermore**
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest*
Illusion of Gaia*
Wanderes of Y's III*

Tales of Phantasia**
Chrono Trigger**
Final Fantasy VI**
Lady Stalker
Feda (Best Strat RPG EVER...Buy it if you haven't played it)
Seiken Densetsu II**
Seiken Densetsu III**

Game Boy Color
Dragon Warrior III

Game Boy Advance
Breath of Fire
Golden Sun
Zone of Enders: Fist of Mars
Mega Man Battle Network

Breath of Fire
Rockman EXE

Sega Genesis
Phantasy Star IV**
Shining Force
Shining Force II**

Sega CD
Lunar 2**
Popful Mail**
Shining Force CD**

Sega Dreamcast
Skies of Arcadia**
Grandia II**

Final Fantasy Anthology**
Final Fantasy VII**
Final Fantasy VIII**
Final Fantasy IX**
Final Fantasy Tactics** (Honestly, I think this game is shit)
Final Fantasy Chronicles**
Front Mission III**
Chrono Cross**
Xenogears**(Factory Sealed...for collection purposes)
Star Ocean 2**
Tales of Destiny**
Tales of Destiny II**
Valkyrie Profile**
Suikoden II**
Breath of Fire III**
Breath of Fire IV**
Dragon Warrior VII**
Lunar II**

Tales of Phantasia**
Tales of Destiny**
Tales of Eternia**
Lagnacure**(WORST GAME EVER)
Breath of Fire III**
Breath of Fire IV**
Legend of Dragoon**

Final Fantasy X**
Shadow Hearts**
Grandia II**
Legend of Alon Dar**
Jade Cocoon II**

So yeah, I think that is it. Just to TRY to help myself sound like less of a geek, I haven't beaten more than half of them, and I am indeed NOT on first name relations with the dudes at EB...(Shout out to Brian, Mark, and Doug) kidding...Yeah...How much do you think my collection is worth?
Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

Whether or not you beat all those games or not, you're still an uber-geek. I mean, look at all those RPG's. Maybe not EB, but I bet you're on first name relations with the guys at Gamestop/Funcoland or what have you... am I right?? I don't know any RPGer who doesn't own games of any other genre, so I'm afraid to know how much in total you have. I grew up kinda poor, see (*violins start playing*), so I rented or borrowed most of what I played.

I am disappointed, however, that I don't see Vagrant Story or a Persona on that list... Okay okay, so I haven't played Persona I or II, but... :P And no Sega Saturn? Bah.

As for how much your collection is worth? I don't exactly appraise game collections every day, but judging by the many RPG's, apparently in great condition, and some quite rare... I dunno, maybe a grand or two? Or more? Well, whatever... if you sold that entire collection for its actual value, let's say you'd have enough money to live off of alone for a month... maybe two. But I don't see you parting with at least Chrono Trigger anytime soon...

Closing Thoughts

...Oh my God. Megaman Battle Network (the game Chrono ditched tonight's Mailbag for) actually had THAT line in it. Yes, 'All Your Base are belong to us'. The world is ending now. So write in before it does... please?

~ Schala (letters@rpgfan.com)


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