Friday, April 19, 2002

Told you we'd be back in time, didn't I? After finally starting the final dungeon in Xenosaga, I noticed I clocked way too many hours (65 thus far), and still haven't figured out the Skills portion of the game. :P Well, I sorta have, but i don't feel like going back and through it all again, and after this long, I just wanna finish up the game, after such a long time. Thank God the final dungeon's music is far less annoying than that of Song of Nephelim.

So go me, this would be my first time writing the intro myself in awhile... not that it's a big accomplishment, Chrono just had nothing to say. I guess Secret of Mana was calling his name a bit loudly. :P

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
No, I don't really have blue hair.

Any possibility of gettings pictures of the rpgfan staff?

- BostonWhig2

You'd have to either go and ask each staffer (in Jayde and Legion's case, their message board avatars are real pics of themselves), look at last year's E3 pic gallery for some, or wait for this year's E3 pic gallery. Why do you want to see pics of us so badly anyway? To see how geeky looking we might be?
You didn't get Chrono Trigger?! Oh, the horrors!

hi chrono
I come from england and I would like to know why square-europe don't bring out chrono trigger, chrono cross, xenogears and ff tactics when they can release ff iv, v and vi out even though these games are older? Also I want to ask if anybody will ever release any lunar or dragon warrior games or any persona games out or rpgmaker which looks like one hell of a game.

from RPGste

I can't speak for Square Europe, but I figure since FF games are their most successful ones, they think that would sell more than any other game in Europe, and the other might not be worth it... who knows. Maybe one day they'll wake up and realize that the Chrono games, at least, would get them some revenue. I have no clue about the Dragon Warrior series; GameArts, Lunar's developer is only in Japan, and Working Designs localized Lunar in North America, again, they're North America-only, so I doubt Lunar would make it to Europe (but you'd at least be able to play Lunar Legend on the GBA); Persona... I doubt it; and I think RPGMaker has a chance... or, at least, it should.
You again!

hello chrono and/or schala,
no update then? i already spoke on the topic that strangely is still there. what up then? certainly hope that it only happens once. this is becoming part of my routine. i can't think of anything witty to say so each of you must.
bye for now,
Well again, sorry for the Monday thing, but it couldn't be helped. Even if we had used another computer, all the letters for the update were on the one being serviced, so it wouldn't have worked. Anyway, things should be back to normal now, barring any freak blizzards (inside joke) or other acts of God. Plus, next time I want RAM installed, I'll be doing it myself.

Chrono the @$$ speaketh.

Dear Chrono and/or Schala,

What heck happend to Chrono that guy who made fun of everyone and stuff some body tell him to stop playing his games so he can go back to being a$$ we all loathe and love.


My feelings, they are hurt. Oh, the pain! The PAIN! GASP. Wait, I'm not really hurt. Go choke on something.

Was that mean enough? :P Anyway, I haven't been playing games that much... I only wish! Anyway, this was supposed to be Schala's column anyway. I just took over while she was busy with work. Well, that, and her output was really sucking in general, so I had to do something. :P *goes off to hide under a desk*

Yes, his ass is going to be kicked later. He can hide all he wants. :P

Suikoden II spoilers, for those that care.

Hey wassup Chronologist and Schala?

I don't know who will respond to this letter, and I can't predict the future, so I'm addressing this letter to both Schala and Chronologist. What up? And, this is also a semi-good chance for me to say hi to you two. What's that? Hi? Yeah, hi. It's me, Van. :P

Anyways, on the topic of my favorite gaming scene ...



I have many, actually, but the scene that really (spoiler approaching) stands out in my head right now is when (Spoiler imminent) Nanami dies to save the hero and Jowy in Suikoden II (Spoiler complete). I really loved that scene.

Well, I guess I got everything I needed to do taken care of. I need to go, anyway. My friend needs to bitch to me again. Damn, some girls ... wait, scratch that one.

Till next time, Chrono and Schala!


Yeah, good scene. Wait, I haven't played Suikoden II. I'm not spoiled. Damn you! Not that I planned on playing it anyway, so I take that back. Schala does though, so I'm making sure she doesn't read this one.
Scaring me, indeed. (Xenogears spoilers ahead!)

Schala, who in tarnashun is JiJi? Your evil step sister? Chronos alter ego? WHO!? As for scaring you... heh... hoho... haha... HAHAHAH... MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ............................................................... I reckon it's time we got one thing straight, Miss thang. I'm gracing YOU with MY presence! What would all these uber-geeks do late night besides read my e-mails? I think it's become painfuly obvious that the whole world revolves around ME! Now...I dont think it was very nice of you to bash on men in your reply to me. Ya dont see me bashing on women do ya!? Ya dont see me saying that women dont go skiing because there is no mountain between the bedroom and the kitchen. Do ya!? Ack!

With a name like Schala I should have guessed you would pick Frog to win, but personally I say General Leo would womp him! Ok so here is my interesting question for you. We've all had the age old debate of who the coolest villian is in a rpg, but heres a little twist for you. Who do you think the coolest female villian is? Now when I say villian it doesn't have to be the ultimate villian of the game. It can be any female character who goes against the good guys. I think Xnobia (sp?) [Xenobia ~ Ed.] is a good canidate, as well as Lufia (the sinistral version of her) ot even the Sorceress from ff8. But I would like a womans perspective on it :-) so what do ya think?


I'd say Miang from Xenogears was a good...oh, a female perspective. I guess you don't need me then. Fine!

All these uber-geeks would be up late, reading my responses to all your and everyone else's e-mails, that's what they would be doing. After all, the world.. or this column anyway, evolves around me. Or Chrono, if he would stick around long enough. Or RPG's... gee, what a concept. And male bashing is a women's sport that will never die, so ha. JiJi... let's not talk about him. Let's just move on.

Chrono read my mind when he said Miang... or maybe great minds think alike. Whatever the case, I think Miang's story and what she is/was to humanity and pretty much its entire existence, was interesting. Not to mention the purple hair, Elly turning into her, and the fact that she was anything but a typical villain in general. But the somewhat naked sprites of her and Ramsus were just not cool.

Our gaming lives in a nutshell.

Questions to both of you.

1) What game(s) are you playing right now?
2) What game(s) have you beatened(is this a word) on the Snes?
3) Have you played Shining Force 3?
4) If yes, what do you think of it, If No why not?
5) Are you a Mario Rpg Whore too?
6) Do you think Paper Mario was as good as Mario Rpg?
7) Would you like to see a Mario Rpg on Gamecube looking like Paper Mario or Mario Rpg?
8) How old are you?

- Kevin Greaves

1) More than I should... Megaman Battle Network, Breath of Fire II mainly. Also, I'd LIKE to get back to finishing Grandia II, if Schala permits. :P
2) Too many. Chrono Trigger, FF4 & 6, Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Uniracers, Mega Man X-X3, MM7, Mario World, Mario All-Stars, and more, but I'm tired of listing them.
3) Nope. Played the first one though, and liked it.
4) Well... :P
5) I wouldn't go that far... I'm more a Zelda, Mega Man, Final Fantasy (mostly) and Metroid whore. Though Mario RPG was awesome.
6) Sadly, I've not had a chance to play Paper Mario yet.
7) Paper Mario was a neat experiment in graphic style, but I'd rather see something with some jaw-dropping 3D-ish style like the first.
8) Read the staff page! (21)

1) Xenosaga and uh... trying to hold off from playing anything else.
2) The word is beaten. :P And I've beaten CT, FF6, FFMQ, Super Mario World, almost Mario RPG, and some other stuff. I can't remember right now.
3) Nope.
4) Cuz I never owned a Sega system before the DC. :P
5) Not really. I just want to beat it.
6) No comment. I ned to play it first.
7) Probably an improved Mario RPG... it was cool for an SNES game.
8) 21, of course. 4 days older than Chrono!

Aw, and I wanted to recommend Xenogear. Maybe in a couple of years.

hi. ive got some questions:
1)how3 many of the Ys games came out in english?
2)whats your fave rpg quote?
3)whats your all time worst rpg?
4)i live in england. what are the chances of Arc the Lad getting released here?
5)now to the crunch (by the way, im not the ninjasmudge who posted his rpg list. that was my saddo brother. its all lies anyway!!) im 10 and i love rpgs, but naturally most are too hard for me. in fact ive only finished Soleil, Lunar 2 and Suikoden 2 (just), and there well easy. anyway, what rpgs would you reccomend for a 10 year old female rpg-er? ( the kind that experts like you finish in about 5 minutes, probably!)

if u wouldnt mind, could you recomend about 4 or 5 ?
thanks a lot. byeeeeeeee!!!

- NinjaSmudge

1) All three, actually, but they came out for the Turbo Grafx 16.
2) I have too many...
3) I hated Legend of Legaia, but I'm sure there's much worse I haven't played.
4) Arc The Lad Collection - probably zilch. Working Designs only does ports for North America. Sony's new Arc the Lad games have more of a chance I'm sure.
5) You mean you don't have all those games? It's not possible to finish an RPG in 5 minutes... some of us just have a lot of time on our hands. I'd recommend Super Mario RPG... maybe Secret of Mana, but it's more fun if you have 3 people to play. FF Mystic Quest, and probably the FF games 7 and later I'd also recommend... did you play Lunar 1? I would have played that before the second one... oh, and I have to recommend Chrono Trigger to anyone, just because it's my God given right.
Closing Thoughts

That last letter reminds me... maybe I should drop by the mall sometime just to see exactly how big that Arc The Lad Collection box is. (And to find out how many haven't sold. :P) Not that I'd buy it myself, no no - I'd much rather drop the $70 on importing DDRMAX than on a big box of average RPG's with useless, random crap like standees and thumb buttons. Okay, ranting done now... I'd better finish up since I have to go to bed early *sniff, sniff* - hey, seeing Scorpion King at 11:45 AM on a Friday wasn't MY idea. So write us. :P

~ Chronologist & Schala (letters@rpgfan.com)


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