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Monday Monday
Monday, April 22, 2002

Can't trust that day, la la, I forget the other words. Well, my uneventful (mostly) weekend is over now, as I grudgingly get back to work. Or shall I say 'work', as I've yet to hear back about the job I'm after. But moving on... Well, I don't have much to say. Schala can finish the intro.

...Okay, I lied. She's still enamored with Final Fantasy IV, which she's amazingly never had a chance to play until now. Well, until FF Chronicles released last summer actually, though she was swamped with work, and distracted by Xenosaga for awhile, and just now is really getting back into it. [Note from Schala: You forgot to mention Chrono Trigger PSX! :P] Speaking of which, Xenosaga, which has now been totally and completely spoiled for me, having watched most of the game in Japanese, is AWESOME. No, really. The music, graphics, voice acting, and the battle system are all really cool. The Skill, Ether, Tech, and whatever other systems are in the game seem pretty fun too, though I can't make much sense of it or the menus in Japanese. And so, I wait for the English version. (come on subtitled version!)

Lately myself, my brother and Schala have been playing Secret of Mana, a game which we've owned for a few years now (after a long search), and have, for various reasons, had to start our game over about 3-4 times over the years. This time though, we're doing things right, and are nearly done. I wish we could get all our weapons up to level 9, but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen, as usual. Anyway, after playing it again, I'm reminded of how great a game it was. It sure would be cool to see it as one of Square's GBA ports, with link cable multiplayer. *cough subtle hint* Thanks to SoM, I have a renewed passion to finish Legend of Mana now. Too many games...blargh.

Alright, enough. Go read letters.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.

Okay I am man. Hear me roar. Hey Ninjasmudge, your collection of RPG's is quite impressive.....however I know I have you easily beat. I make it my hobby to collect RPG's (console only). You definitely have me beat when it comes to anything Sega. I have never been a Sega supporter and have always had the opposite system of anything Sega. Mind you, that its not animosity towards them, I just had other systems I would have rather had. My NES, SNES, N64 (kinda), PS1 and PS2 RPG collection is massive and is still growing. I would list them all but I don't want to be mistaken for compensating in an area I lack. Either way though, i'm sure there are plenty of people out there who have collections larger than both of ours put together. Its all in the fun if thats what you like to collect. I enjoy collecting all the rpgs for all the systems I own, and even more.....I like to play em all.

Oh and I envy you, you have a game I wish I could have. Terranigma. I refuse to buy imports and sadly I live in the States. Maybe one day in the futuren they will re-release the whole series over here on a portable platform or maybe a console. Who knows.

Just remember, enjoy all the games your buying....but remember to play em too.

- Roy Thomson

We have something in common... envying the fact that he has Terranigma. :P Well, I have a ROM...but... it's just not the same... and it's probably way too old for me to import. I used to be big on collecting but... I gradually ran out of space in my room, or where ever I stored stuff. That's where yard sales and eBay come in - I also had to have a light load to make down to California. :P

After reading a few letters on RPG collections, I realized how my game collection in general was, well, puny. I have an NES, SNES, and GBA, all of which I own like...three games for. :P (Okay, so the SNES really has about 7... but crappy sports games bought by other family members do not count. :P) My PSX? I own about 15 games for that. My Japanese PS2 has one game, but that collection will expand to a whole two games when DDRMAX (6th Mix) comes out next month. Why the sickeningly small collections, you (perhaps shocked readers) might ask? Simple - I borrowed, rented, and played at relatives' and friend's houses. Until FF7 came out, I couldn't really afford my own games anyway, except used ones (Zelda:LttP for $15, for example...). Now that I'm here, I have like...30 RPG's to play, not to mention ton of non-RPG's like the Megaman and Metroid series.

Mmm... nail polish.

The reason I specifically didn't comment on any of the other games, only FF Tactics, is because everyone loves that game, and I just wanted to say that I thought it was incredibly over rated, the gameplay was way too slow, all you did was read for an hour, then get into an incredibly slow battle, and repeat...Way too boring. The Detachment Kit are the best live band EVER! W00TŞ Yeah, whatever. Oh, also, when you said that most people you know don't ONLY play RPG's...*Geek Warning* I kinda do...I think I only have 1 Non RPG for SNES (Super Mario World), 5 for Gamecube (THPS3, Pikmin, Super Smash Brothers-Also incredibly over rated-, Super Monkey Ball, and Star Wars-King of Over rated games) and 1 for Game Boy Advance (Super Mario World) Fo sho, um...Thug. Oh! I also forgot to tell you that I do indeed have Persona 2 for PSX, that was your only complaint for my collection. Nail polish is pretty.

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja
PS- Lord of RPG's, you have Ninja in your name, you aren't just a lord, my brother, you are a fuckin thing above a lord.

*sigh* Well, I suppose strategy RPGs aren't for everyone. Since you do have Persona 2, I guess I'll forgive you. As for the GameCube, there's not that many good games on it anyway - YET. 5's the most I've heard of anyone owning GC games, actually. And what I meant by 'most people I know don't play just RPGs'... well, I have yet to meet someone who hasn't played anything outside of an RPG. RPGs are the favorite genre of a lot of people I know online, but considering the site I work at... not a big surprise.

Funny that you mention nail polish, I just bought some today. It' a dark metallic teal color, but since I just put purple on today, I'll have to wait til that stuff wears or chips off first. Plus the purple matches more of my clothes and makeup. :P

By the way, most people who think Smash Bros. is overrated only play it single player, as opposed to 3-4 players, when the real fun is in multiplayer. Just saying.

The real fun in that game is kicking my ass, since I'm pretty easy to beat - oh wait, that wouldn't be much fun, would it?

Afroman, anyone?

first email. you can NEVER have a big enough afro. goodbye

- PhilLUL

...True. But afros do have their limit to how cool they can look, ie. they CAN get too big at some point. Speaking of afros, anyone going to see that movie 'Undercover Brother' (is that the title?) when it comes out next month? I know I will. Looks funny as hell to me.

Er, now that I've strayed way off topic...

Buy soundtracks and RPGFan will be around for another half-a-day.

A memorable scene from an RPG? Hmmm... Please, don't laugh at me for saying this but... I loved that scene in FF8 where Squall carries Rinoa(when she's in a coma) to the deck, near Fisherman's Horizon. The beautiful sunset and music used in that scene really enhanced the emotional impact. Things like that really move me. What's funny is that those emotional scenes wouldn't work for me if they were in a movie. I guess it's because, in a game, you spend a lot more time with the characters and you feel like you know them. That's almost impossible to do with movies.

I also have some questions...

1. I hate FFtactics and Chrono Trigger, yet I love FF8. Is there something wrong with me?

2. Other than animenation and, where can I get a non-bootleg version of the Genso Suikoden 2 (4 discs) OST?

3. Why are rpg gamers considered nerds?

4. Is it just me or is Diablo 1 & 2 a tad overrated?

Sorry for my stupid questions, but they've been bugging me for a long time.


In answer to question 1: Yes. As for 2, don't buy them anywhere else. You help RPGFan by buying them through us at those stores. So click here and BUY!!!@@@ Er, please.

1) Yeah. You better go see a doctor pronto, before it gets worse.. whatever it is.

2) What Chrono said - buy from one of them and support RPGFan! :P It'd keep us alive longer... I hope.

3) I don't know and I honestly don't care. I grew out of that label thing ages ago.

4) I kinda find most PC games overrated personally, simply because they're not my cup of tea.

Mo' favorite moments

hey there Schala/Chrono, I have a few memorable scenes from RPG's that ive played. Probably one of the more common scenes that will be named is of course the death of poor Aries..*sob* *sob*...she was my fav character..heh. Another favorite scene is in Parasite Eve 1 where the final boss is fist taking form into the huge made my little cousin throw up...that made the scene a little bit better, only because i hate the brat. My last memorable scene is from Shadow Hearts, the beginning CG is awesome, it made the game 85647835784985349 times better lol.
Well...thats about it...later!

kid who had the spikey red hair (i had to cut it so now its all short and not that red) not that you care or anything....but thats how i define myself...i guess

- Ryan h.

Bloody hell. I hated that last battle in PE. Well, I didn't hate the battle... I liked that part. But that whole part where it chases you through the ship scared the living hell out of me. That was way tense. That was such an awesome game too. Must play...again...

I'd much rather play PE1 again than play PE2 at all. Anyway... I had the same reaction as Chrono. Leaving one room, and seeing that thing creep up behind you at the start of that room was creepy. I'm surprised I didn't die those last few battles...

Yay for feminism. Or not.

Aw Chrono, dont go! I like you to, it's just you aint got no tiddies! eep! Can you say tiddies or will you guys post it as "censored"? Either way...Tiddies tiddies tiddies! I bet half the uber-geeks who read this sight have some man tiddies lol. Ok, that was mean. I need to be nicer dammit.

In response to your answer from my last letter I would have to agree that Miang is a cool female villain. I must say though Schala, you make me sad. Male bashing is not a sport it's a double standard. I cant even go out these days without seeing stickers for sale that say "I make boys cry" or "size does matter" etc. The feminist movement is about equal rights not making guys feel insecure. Imagine if I wore a shirt saying I make girls cry, I'd get slapped. But for a girl to wear one saying that about guys, it would just be considered a joke. Not to say that goes are innocent, we may deserve the occasional joke but it's gone to far! Maybe there should be a rpg game on feminism! Or not. I reckont his debate could go on forever so on to the rpg stuff! I would like to see rpgs for a more mature audiance that is reflects the human nature in a more realistic way. Games have been getting better as time goes on but it's still not good enough. I want to see severely depressed characters, raging alcoholics and lustful intentions. What do you guys think about it?


Eh, there's some out there that portray people realistically. Despite what you think of the rest of the game, FF8 was pretty good in that regard. If you're looking for lustful intentions, look no further than Irvine. Not content to set his sights on any one girl, he spends a good deal of the game trying to get in the pants (or skirts) of all three female party members. Key word being 'trying'. Gotta love him.

Okay, I may male bash, but I'm by no means anywhere near a feminist. That kind of crap is for women who feel insecure with where they are... or something. In any case, call me one again and you'll never see your letters printed. :P Anyway, I didn't actually intend to bash all males... just ones who try to make up for a lack of certain something with cars, computers, money or what have you. And the part about male bashing being a sport was a(n obvious) joke. :P

I think some RPGs portray people realistically as well... look at Nikki in Chrono Cross, I knew all sorts of freaky guys in high school like that! I thought the characters in Xenosaga were well portrayed... I hope that stays true in the North American version as well. Elly in some parts was realistic as well, even that weird crap about taking the drugs to fight for the Gebler army... I don't see many game characters have to deal with that (they're usually under a spell instead). I'm not sure if I want to see severe alcoholics though... (but I have seen other alcoholics...)

OMG SPOILORZ (for very very old games)

Incoming spoilers on Sega CD and SNES games. Vay and FFIV. You were warned.

One of my favorite games is the difficult and excellent game Vay for Sega CD. It is by far one of the hardest and best Working Designs ports to the USA. The final castle is especially difficult (and creepy). There are a lot of moments, in the anime cut scenes, but by far the best of them involve the diminutive Pottle. He has a noble death scene to save one of the elemental orbs necessary to activate the armor of Vay. He was shot with an arrow to the throat by the main villain. The blow knocks him off the bridge they were escaping on and he holds on for dear life. He then passes the orb up to Prince Sandor letting go of the bridge, as the shocked party watches him plummet to his death off the bridge. Vay had a lot of cool characters and a good plot. Pottle was my favorite because of his sense of humor. Popful Mail has more humor though, especially with Gaw.

My second favorite would have to be Tellah from FFIV. From him screaming at the 'spoony bard' to get away from his daughter Anna after they eloped at Damascus to his eventual sacrifice in the name of vengeance for Anna, the old sage was really cool. His death scene where he throws all of his best magic spells(Fire, Ice, Bolt 3) and a kitchen sink at Golbez, before converting all his HP to MP and casting Meteo, wounded Golbez, saving both Kain and Rosa. It was a good scene, cool because he died in a battle scene instead of a cut scene or story scene. FFIV had a lot of death scenes, but way too many take backs. Tellah is the only character to not miraculously recover from his death, another reason why this way a memorable moment.

It was all the first and only time I've ever seen blood magic(Sacrificial magic) used in a game by the heroes. Villains do it all the time. Like in Shining Force where the secondary villain sacrifices himself to revive some primary ultimate evil (Like DarkSol for Dark Dragon).

-Steven the 'Old School' Gamer

Wow, a good WD port? I gotta see that. :P

Funny that you mention Tellah's scene... I saw that scene finally for the first time tonight actually. I thought it was pretty good (not to mention as much as he sucked physically he still had a lot of good magic and I didn't want him to go :P), though I've liked other scenes more... Too bad someone blurted out in front of me some while ago that Tellah would die. Bastards. :P

First you must answer me these questions three. Er, six.

Can any of you suggest an import Rpg for the Dreamcast? I mean, shit how many times can I beat Grandia 2 and see that same Ending. PSO 1 & 2 ain't saying much anymore, to damn repeatitive. I would like to buy Skies of Arcadia, but two things are stopping me (1) Its coming out for the GameCube (2) I am epileptic and I hear its heavy on the light flashy specials. Have you played it? Can you tell me if it's worth risking a seizure for?
Thought you were gonna get away from this list.
Both of you....

1. What was the first rpg you played? 2. If you are a Rpg Whore can I drop the Rpg and just call you a Whore? 3. Crono Trigger or Crono Cross? 4. When playing a rpg game is Fun factor more important to you than graphics? 5. Would you like to make/work on a rpg magazine? 6. How was the Scorpion King?

I live in a small country called Barbados, which is located in the Caribbean. And I was wondering if you guys would like a free vacation here. Do some research on the island and tell me what you think. One catch, you'll have to leave Schala behind when you live Barbados.

- Kevin Greaves

Oh, I'd say SoA is worth a seizure. Booya. Er, but seriously, if you are epileptic, you might wanna be careful. On the other hand, I've yet to see why SoA is apparently so dangerous with its flashing lights. It doesn't seem to do it any more than your average RPG... but maybe I haven't seen it yet. Anyway...
1) I think it was Dragon Warrior, since we got it for free with our Nintendo Power subscription one year. Although, I didn't much know what I was doing, being so young. The one I really got into, and got me interested in RPGs bigtime, was the almighty Final Fantasy IV (II US), which I bought myself for $70... which was a LOT of money for me at the time.
2) I mean, a slut sure. But not whore.
3) Chrono Trigger.
4) Of course. Though purdy graphics don't hurt.
5) Hmm, let me think about---I'd love it. I wouldn't mind working on just a game magazine for that matter.
6) Surprisingly good. I despise wrestling and am not too fond of The Rock, but he played his part as a warrior well. Oh, and the dual flaming swords one of the bad guys wielded were badassed.
Um, a free vacation sounds nice, but Schala would be coming back with me. Sorry pal. :P

Are you into dating sims? You could give any Sakura Taisen game a whirl. I was never an importer as far as my DC was concerned, but if you're epileptic, wouldn't you be concerned about playing, well, most games? *wonders what in SoA could be so flashy... that Power Rangers-like attack, maybe?* 1) Super Mario RPG... I think. But Chrono Trigger actually got me into RPG's in general...
2) Depends if I'm a whore I guess. *looks at Chrono* :P
3) Trigger. :P
4) I dunno, one without would still hurt the game, but what are some really nice graphics worth if the gameplay, well, blows?
5) I'd love to work for a gaming mag - do I get to write guides and make tons of cash?
6) I liked it. :P I hate wrestling, but he more trailers I saw, the better the movie looked. Plus The Rock, thankfully, fought with swords and a bow, not wrestling tactics - well, for the most part, anyway.

Chronophantastique....or something.

Afternoon people! (what? I don't want to type Chrono and Shala over and over! hehe)

The most memorable scene in an RPG for me is in Chrono Cross, all during the battle against Miguel, and the speech scenes before and after it. Not really sure why, but that's my all time fave portion of any RPG, and definitely the most memorable.

Speaking of Chrono Cross, I have heard, repeatedly, that there is a way to have Magus join your team. Is this true? Of course, to fit into the Chrono Cross storyline, he'd loose all of his really cool neatness from Chrono Trigger.

Hey, do you two thing Trigger was better than Cross? I sure did. Felt like I was playing a less-cool version of Suikoden... Oh well, maybe Square is losing it's touch...


Magus in CC? Er...heh, no. No no no. Apparently the team who made it planned on having Magus (or 'Janus') in the game, but decided not to in the end. So no, he's not in it. And no, Guile is not Magus. And yeah, I think CT was better of the two games as well, as most people agree with. I still liked CC plenty, it just wasn't as good I felt. Well, maybe not. Still good, just...different. I dunno, something like that.

The 45 characters sure as hell didn't help Chrono Cross. You know, one of the reasons I want to play Suikoden in the first place, is to see exactly how they pull off having 108 playable characters. :P Supposedly Suiko was able to pull it off better than CC did, but I want to see that for myself.

I wonder if I'm the only one who liked the scenes where Serge saved Kid from the burning orphanage, and the letter from Lucca... though I did like the Miguel one a lot. The music didn't hurt, either.

Closing Thoughts

Holy crap, it's over already? Well, okay. Looks like I'll have to go and play FFIV until the next update... wonder if I'll finish it by then. Since Xenosaga is finally out of the way, beating FFIV soon is very possible. So keep writing in about your favorite scenes... or whatever you feel like ramblimg about. So... ciao.

~ Chronologist & Schala (


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