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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Yeah yeah, more letters today. We is on a roll baby! Or something. Of course, some of them are rather short, but a letter (or question) is a letter (or question). As I said last time, I'm a bit short on worthy intro material. However, unlike last time, Schala will actually fill in for that this time. I think. So here she is:

So here I am, playing FF4, about to go to the Sylvan Cave when it's pointed out to me that the official guide recommends my characters should be about level 47... and I'm at level... 37. Great. I usually don't pay attention to guides anyway... but I was dying plenty. So go to the Land of Summons, get Asura and Leviathan, wander around and level up a bit, and I'm still only at level 43. Pff, I'll do the rest tomorrow. Anyway, enough of my usual RPG rant for the time being. Today's update is a full ten letters, some of them (thankfully) short.

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Hmm... a good story, or 'NE1 HAEV LABIS CAMON FRO TRD PLZ'?

Dear Chrono and/or Schala

My question regards Final Fantasy XI I would like to know if it will have any plot at all or will it just be a online game because if it is that sucks I'm tired of crappy games with no ingrossing story I think thats the most importent part.


I wouldn't know, I haven't picked up my copy of FFXI yet. Oh right... it isn't out yet. My bad. Obviously FFXI is going to be an online game, and I imagine Square might at least attempt to put in a story since well... they have some good storytellers working there. I can't say for FFXI, but I've seen online games attempt to have a story (PSO), which tends to get lost in the multiplayer mayhem. (Or maybe it was trying to talk to NPC's and the chat bubbles of your friends blocked the view... yes, I think that was it. :P)
My Shrono? (you know, like the song that...nevermind)

Shrono (nod),

First off, with the recent closing of the GIA, I'd just like to say I'm glad you all got your financial support together, for a while, at least. I like having RPGFan around...

Anyway, I reckon I have a question and a most memorable RPG question. There are a few moments that really stick out in my mind (for any who've gone through FFX, there's a scene with Auron that is just cool as heck), but the one I fear I'll just never be able to get out of my mind is the scene with Miang and Ramsus in bed. When I saw those purple underoos I almost fell out of my chair. So weird...

As for the question, I was just wondering what the hardest RPG you've ever beaten is. Mine would have to be 7th Saga...paltry, I know, but I've never had the stomach for the ridiculously hard ones.

Thanks C and S.


Optional bosses aside, I must say that FF4 Hardtype is a major pain in the arse if you don't level up like crazy. Xenosaga wasn't exactly a walk through the park either, but Xenogears boss fights (like fighting Ramsus and Miang, one after another) were REALLY ddifficult at times. As for tough optional bosses... Emerald Weapon in FF7 and two Xenosaga ones almost gave me a run for my money. :P (But then, I eventually stuck around so I could get new deathblows.)

Hardest RPG? Probably Xenogears. Watching the game lately reminds me of how tough some of the final bosses are. Although FFVIII's optional boss had me replaying the game and battle for weeks to beat him. And don't any smartasses say he was easy, or I will kill you. :P

Alright, I guess I'll share my column.

Hello Chrono/Schala,
i have some input. what i think is since it's supposed to be Schala's column, but we all like Chrono so much, that you to should share. like Schala does the column two updates and Chrono has one update (that's per week) that way Schala get's her column and and we get Chrono's responses once a week!

ok then. i'll now speak on topic. most memorable moment? i have a couple.. one is obviously ff7 aeris's death scene, next i like in FF6 the scene with the fake ending in Thamasa (Kefka was hilarious! i love his laugh, but he was too easy to beat as a final boss), and the scene in shadow hearts when you first meet Margret in the sewers (i won't describe it, play it and see).

my ramblings shall now cease,

Wait... and you guys don't like me? :P Seriously well... since we live together and all, we both end up reading all the letters as they're sent to us and both want to end up commenting on them. Plus some people address it to both - wait, he mentioned both of these already. Damn.

I don't remember a fake ending in Thamasa... I guess I'll have to play it again. Actually, the real ending is one of my favorite scenes from a game, come to think of it. And don't worry, I plan on playing Shadow Hearts. Few games impress me in a span of 10 minutes, but SH did.

The splitting up thing isn't so bad an idea, but often we get letters we both want to comment on (and sometimes people write in asking us both to answer something), so I think it works better with us both working on each one.

Who knew?

Here's a Small Tidbit...

In the hit (yet very unknown) RPG Game Wild Arms, the over world them of Filgaia (http://rpgfan.com/midis/3/wafilgaia.mid) is actually "The Ecstacy of Gold" by Enrrio Morricone. The song is from one of the greatest movies of all time... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It may not be anything big or anything anyone one would care to know but it's true.

-Reinhardt T. Schneider

Another classic move that I never saw. There seems to be too many of those... It's not the only time a song has been re-used in a game - Xenosaga had 'Greensleeves' and... well, that's all I can think of right now. I can find more examples in anime, such as Evangelion using 'Pachelbel's Canon in D' and Rurouni Kenshin using... some classical song I can't place right now. But apparently, recycling classical songs in anime is a common occurance. Did any of you know I was a fan of classical music?
Ah, I see you've played knifey-spoony before!

Please have the Austalian release dates for games if you could.

- WSJ Enterprises Pty Ltd

'If we could' is the key part of that question, Mr. Pty Ltd, if that's even your real name. I'm not sure where to go looking for Australian dates, or even if there's a big interest in it, so it was never really a concern. We'll look into it though.
Is the sky blue?

Does The Link figure look the same as the one holding up his sword?.

Best Regards
Thomas CJ

Uhhhh, sure? If you're referring to the figure on this page, we're halfway there. I'm still not certain of your question. More or less, it sounds like you're asking if the Link figure they made is actually the same as the one in the picture, or something. In which case, sure, I guess... Not that you can buy the Zelda figures anywhere anymore, that I know of.

Are you two 'spoesd to be cousins er soemtin? Can I have yer cabbage patch dollz? LOLZ So here's mmy qestions:

#1. You like RPGs, right???
#2. Yer cousin have a sister???
#3. A/S/L???

Wel that's all. Oh yeah, I realy love the fan ARt section. That Nallo fwllow rox!11 I wunna marry him.


I already gave my Cabbage Patch dolls to the kid who used to live next door. He was a strange one.

1) No, I've been living a lie. I'm so ashamed!
2) Yeah... even better, my sister has cousins. My sister also has sisters that aren't actually my sisters. Figure that one out.
3) 21/anytime/in the bushes

By the way, I didn't actually have Cabbage Patch dolls. Come on, I'm not THAT weird. Now She-Ra figures, that's a whole other story...

I left my Cabbage Patch dolls in Calgary when I moved out to the West Coast. No lie. :P I wonder if my sister still has hers...

1) RPGs? Ehhh, they're okay I guess. But they kind of lack storyline and good music. Oh, and they're too short.
2) Yeah, and she's my cousin too!! Who would hve thought?! And that cousin has sisters too! And they have cousins who have sisters! And...
3) 15/hopefully soon/the local net cafe

Well, I never lied. I really did have Cabbage Patch dolls. Books, too. Oh, and records. Don't laugh! I had She-Ra ones too...

No Schala Inside

Hello again Chrono and Schala, I just got inside Sin in FFX (yea i just bought it last week) and I realized that throughout the entire game nobody has called Tidus by his name, nor has he told anyone his name. Do you have any thoughts on this subject?

And about your topic "Greatest RPG Moments", in my opinion nothing can compare to the ending of Final Fantasy IX. It was like an emotional roller coaster. The look on Dagger's face when Zidane throws off the cape, the way she just ran to him, amazing.

And the Arc the Lad Collection is HUGE, I picked it up yesterday, and am about to start it now, let's hope its as good as the Lunar remakes.

Rick D

Well see, there's not much to think about on the Tidus issue... Considering you name him yourself, they CAN'T call him by name. I mean, sure, they COULD call him 'Tidus', but what if you named him Jimmy or something? That wouldn't work. There's the possible option of Square making some text-to-speech software for the game, so it could translate whatever you named him into speech, but since it's be software-generated, it'd sound weird in the middle of someone else talking, and basically just be stupid, no?

Anyway, Schala's forbidden from reading this letter, as she's not finished (or hardly PLAYED) FF9 or 10. Tsk tsk. I'll make sure she does though. Mwa ha ha.

Ultros Adventures VI - oh the horror

Hi guys,

My favourite scene from an RPG? Surprisingly for me, that's pretty hard. Let's see....any scene with Ultros in for FFVI. What can I say? I loved the guy. Oh, and the opera. It'll probably have to go to a bit in Suikoden II. Probably the one when Nanami dies. It wasn't too sad but it was quite moving. I have to mention FF7 in this. I like the part when I think it's Diamond Weapon and it basically kills Rufus. What can I say? I'm a sick person.

I've noticed something about myself. Out of all the Final Fantasy games I've played I have never once taken a big liking to one of the female characters. I hated Quistis and Rinoa from 8 and the same went for Aeris in 7 and Garnet in 9. I've played the demo for 10 and I don't like Yuna at the mo either. I think I'm just the jealous type. Infact, the only female character in any RPG I've played that I really like is Feena from Grandia.

Hey, one thing I want to know...why oh why oh doesn't Ultros have his own game? He's so cool and....errr....an octopus. It's just not fair. He is a member of a royal family you know.


I always thought that damn water dweller was annoying myself... but that's me. I think the Opera and Floating Continent were, well, in my opinion, the coolest scenes in FF6. Oh, plus some of the short scenes in the ending...and the coin thing. And Rachel. And...

I have the same problem... too many favorite scenes in FF6. Ultros is cool though... he should have had a minigame or something in FF6 at least. :P I like a lot of female characters... just very few FF ones. I liked Terra aand Celes though... as well as Elly from Xenogears, Shion from Xenosaga, Sniper Wolf from MGS... whoops, that's not an RPG. Ah well, who cares. She rocks and you know it. :P (Until you have to kill her, anyway.)

If only I had RPGMaker at all...

Hi schala
is rpgmaker2000 for pc as good as the playstation version or is it a lot better?

and wot are the chances of seeing suikoden 3 in england seeming we got the first two which are two of the best games ever made.


Who knows about Suiko 3... It's still not been announced for a US release, let alone Europe. Since you got the other 2 though, I'd say it's likely. Konami seems to be good about bringing games out there... at least some of the bigger titles. And I'd say Suikoden is a big one.

As for RPG Maker, the PC one seems to have a LOT more options and is generally just...better...than the PSX one. The ability to use a keyboard to input text is a plus, as is the ability to make your own art for use in the game. Now, the PSX one(s) let you do that to a point, but on the PC you'd have the advantage of being able to use any computer graphic editing program. Whoo.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, you people have kept me from my Oreos long enough. How dare you... Anyway, you know we'll be back, same time, same place. Yes, both of us, so deal with it. Until then, keep filling our Inbox with letters... and you'll get more 10-letter editions like this one. :P

~ Chronologist & Schala (letters@rpgfan.com)


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