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Friday, May 03, 2002

Unfortunately, there's no Kingdom Hearts music playing to inspire my update title today. I was forced to turn it off so we could listen to the BGM music of Paper Mario... um, yay? When I can listen to it however, KH is an awesome soundtrack. Oops, did I mention that already?

It looks like constantly choosing Samus to be my Super Smash Bros. Melee character has finally prompted me to play Super Metroid. In my last update I mentioned that I was planning on getting around to playing the Metroid series, and well, it finally happened. Why I'm playing the last Metroid game first, I have no clue. But according to Chrono, I probably won't be able to play Metroid Prime, because of the camera angles and all. Awww, and just when Samus was starting to look even cooler, gold suit and all.

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Damn that 13375p34k. Damnit all to |-|311.

Dear, [and of course, I OBVIOUSLY only say "dear" out of alas, necessary courtesy,] Dear You Pathetic, Communist Fools:

This is another letter I'm writing, or rather typing, or rather, no, wait, that's it, typing, yes, another letter I'm typing because I feel like typing letters because when I type letters it gives me a high and also because I'm bored. That and I'm a nerd. But it doesn't really matter because even if I am a nerd I am a nerd who is lord of all humans!!! Hahahahahaha! You pathetic, communist fools! I rule! I rule! I rule! You're all a bunch of 1337 p40015! Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha! Ha. Dang. I need to go get my inhaler. Be right back. Okay.

Well, anyway, now that I know your all communists, I can say that I rule! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And know what else? I rule! Because, well, I am lord of...all humans! And anything else remotely resembling a human! Hey, and protoplasm too!

Dang, I just blacked out again didn't I? That sucks. Stupid doctor, what the hell kind of prescription medicine is this? I'm friggin' going through a bottle a day, what the hell good is this doing me? Oh well, doesn't matter, I'm lord of all humans, I can have him KILLED! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Know what else? I rule.

I still rule, in case you're wondering. And I rule right now.

Which brings me to my reason for writing in: There is no reason! HAHAHAHAHA! Incidentially, could you pathetic, communist fools answer the following questions? They're my test, to see how 1337 you are, if you are 1337 at all, which you aren't because ME>0WN5 J00!!!!!!!!!!

1.] (this is a tough one) Who is the final boss of final fantasy 6?!?! I know it. You don't. I BET I'M THE ONLY ONE HERE TO BEAT THAT GAME THAT PROVES HOW 1337 I AM!!

2.] What the hell is the deal with uematsu and chrono trigger?! This is friggin driving me nuts, but it doesn't matter because I AM AWESOME I CAN ORDER UEMATSU EXECUTED AND ALL COPIES OF CT BURNED! HAHAHAHA! MITSUDA RULES MITSUDA MITSUDA MITSUDA!!!!!!

3.] I like xenogears. do you? I hope to god you do...no, wait, there IS NO GOD FOR ME BECAUSE I AM GOD!!!!...because if you don't like Xenogears I will HavE YOU shoT! I cAn Do tHaT!!!!! I AM AWESOME!

4.] I don't sound lIkE I hAVE somE sort of Unhealthy addiction DO I? I SURE HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!

5.] I like to eat my game cds! They taste good very. no, very good, no, I am LORD OF ALL HUMANS, I AM ABOVE GRAMMAR!!! Which game do you think tastes better? FF Tactics or SAga frontier? They were both rather eXceLleNT. I liked FFt particularly and now ThAt Its GratesT Hit5 I can eat it EVERY DAY FOR LUNCH! I CAN DO THAT YOU KNOW! I AM LORD OF ALL HUMAN5!!!!!

6.] Is either suIkOdEn or wIlD ArMs any good? wOnDeRing if I should buy them I HAVE INFINITE MONEY I AM LORD OF ALL HUMANS BUT STILL I AM WONDeRiNg.



Sincerely [or not]
Lord of Chaos
The Nameless One
[well, technically I do have a name, that is 'Lord of Chaos', but that's more a title than a name, don't you think?]

Aw, so we're ruled by a nerd? Well, as long as that nerd isn't Bill Gates, I suppose we're okay. I honestly think the doc gave you Prozac. Have you even bothered to look at the name of the drug in that little bottle? Well?... Oh well, if I'm going to be a p4001, might as well be a 1337 one. Anyway.

1) Your mom. Errr... Kefka. Sorry, but your letter was having terrible influences on me.

2) Um...Uematsu didn't do the better songs in CT, save for Belthasar's theme. So I forgive Mitsuda for letting Uematsu try to steal the spotlight if only for a few tracks.

3) I thought it was obvious I liked Xenogears. Maybe I should change my staff name to Miang or something...

4) Yeah, an addiction to writing into the mailbag, since it apparently makes you high. A little too high, if you ask me.

5) You sure have a bizarre diet, but I'd say the FFT one might taste better. Just don't ask me why.

6) They're both supposed to be really good actually, especially Suikoden II. Just don't eat the CD before you start playing it, okay?

7) The final boss in FF7 is Aeris. Prof. Hojo revived her and made her some kind of freak. Let's hope she looks normal again in Kingdom Hearts...

Ahem... there is SAND IN MY BOOTS!

I have played through Final Fantasy III (6j) on the snes three glorious, and different, times (though on the last time through I tried to beat the game with as many different parties as possible). In all of my playing I never, not once, got an alternate ending. I played through getting shadow, not getting shadow, and I beat the game useing every single possible party.

I can say (baring some unforseen and unforgivable trick) that no such alternate ending exists. The only alternate endings are based on whether or not you got shadow (makes Shadow's ending appear or dissapear respectively). If anyone can prove me wrong with a verifiable screen shot then I will personally send them a copy of ######### for the SNES that is right you will get ######### !!!! I cannot find a better deal.


Ah, FF6... *sighs dreamily* Forever my favorite FF - that is, unless FFX blows my mind away. I don't think those who wrote in about another FF6 ending meant an alternate ending, just a fake one, ie. it looks like an ending, but eventually you realize the game isn't even over. :P I preferred to save Shadow just cuz he was badass and stuff.
Don't laugh - my first Mario RPG jump record was a whole TWO.

For E3 I would like to see Earthbound, Secrets of mana, Mario Rpg, Ogre Battle & a better installment of Quest on the GameCube. Congrats on beating Secrets of Mana & FFIV! But did you find all the legendary weapons? The contest could be for the whole site, once you and Crono has a say in it from time to time. Have you played Ogre Battle: Person of Lordly Caliber for the N64? That game is one of the best strategy games I ever played. I also think it is better than the Ogre battles(or the games in the series) on the playstion. What is your record for super jumps in Mario Rpg? If you really want to get the best experience in the game try to beat the Sensi and also the hidden boss. Play paper mario & Ogre Battle on the N64, those games gived me the feeling I had when I first played FF(6). What systems do you currently own or have access to? Come on Schala give yourself more credit than that. You seemed to be a very creative person, so I don't know ! where you got the idea from that you might not be able to come up with good Contest ideas.

Sorry about the way I jump back and forth from topic to topic.

Earthbound... that game is hilarious. It'd be cool to see another one, whether it's the cancelled Mother 3 or not. And ever since the Square-Nintendo news broke, I've been talking about how cool a Secret of Mana GBA remake would be. Unfortunately no, I haven't played Ogre Battle - maybe when I'm more familiar with strategy RPGs, such as FFT, I will be. My record for jumps in Super Mario RPG was a pitiful 11. I got that record halfway through, and before going to Bowser's Keep, I checked and it was STILL only 11. Does anyone know the secret to getting - you know... more jumps? :P

Systems I have access too? Ahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lots. Or so I think. We have nine different GameBoys (and that covers basically every different one), two NES', two SNES', a bunch of Playstations (including two modded PSONes), a PS2, a Japanese PS2, an N64, GameCube, three Dreamcasts (one out of order), two Sega Saturns, Virtual Boy, and...hmm, that's it. Well, I think that's more than plenty, myself.

As for contests... well, I mainly can't think of one because I haven't given myself enough time to. Just you wait and see.

Yay, no rant this time!

Hello, Chronofragalisticexpialidotious and Schala.

Have either of you heard the Wild Arms 3 OST yet? It's frickin' awesome! Much better then Part 1's OST. I can't wait to play it.

Have either of you played 'Ragnarok Online'? It's a great game..for an Online RPG, Even though it suffers of severe Lag, jerks who steal my items WHEN I KILL THE DAMN MONSTER, And annoying bugs. If you haven't played it, you should try, but it's 200MB download, took me several tries to download even on my father's cable modem, Gravity has a SLOW server.

And, how can you say that FFX's music was better then 8 and 9's? IX had a few good songs (You're not Alone, uhm..Yeah), VII had (Fishermen's Horizon, and Eyes on Me ACOUSTIC GUITAR version).

Have either of you played 'Shin Megami Tensei'? I played a bit, but I can only read the words 'DOG'...And someone wrote a translation/walkthrough for the game, so You guys should try playing it. It's awesome, it has DEMONS!! But as always, this damn censored pansy country known as America doesn't get any of the good games because they are too 'bad'. Hah....oy...

Also, when I said 'Rantless', I meant ( I think ) 'RantFULL'

I haven't heard the OST or seen the game yet, but since Chrono and I are buying the game when it comes out this summer, I'll obviously hear it then. Go me. And neither of us have played Ragnarok Online, since neither of us are really into online RPGs, myself mainly because of the cheating involved, and bastards such as the ones who steal your items. :P

Easy. I said 'FFX's music is better than IX or VIII' in my last response to you, didn't I? Sure, 8 and 9 have good songs, which are for the most part limited to the ones you already mentioned. After all, the soundtracks are 3 CDs long each. And just the Tokyopop version of the FFIX OST was enough to put me to sleep. FFX however, I enjoyed much more than either.

Lastly, I'm not a big importer unless it's a game I REALLY want, like Xenosaga. Or the next Chrono game. Mmm, Chrono....

I like school too, it--oh wait, I graduated four years ago, my bad.


My cat, who is a Japanese Bobtail that I got when I lived in Japan...best import ever, just bit my nose. Have you ever played an import called Emblem of Justice: FEDA? It is so totally sweet. I bought that game for 900 yen, and it was the best few bucks I have ever spent. The game is basically Shining Force for the Super Famicom. Man, I wish they would bring that mofo out over here for the GBA. Arc the Lad Collection is also totally sweet, as well, like a ninja. I'm about 25 hours into Arc II, and it is one of my fave games already. I like school, it is fun. EMO ROXORS YOUR BOXORS.

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

Unfortunately I never played it, but the name does ring a bell. It would be cool IMO if more classic RPGs were brought over to the GBA, since the RPG player community was much smaller back then and more can be exposed to some old school classics. Just my take on things.

Well, at least someone out there likes Arc, since no one else I've talked to seems to like it. Oh, and Emo still sucks for a name for a music genre.

Mega Magic POWER!!11

Hey Chrono/Schala!

Yesterday, Schala said something among the lines of "For that matter, I wouldn't mind hearing her do a major voice acting role in an RPG either. (Preferebly, someone not as soft-spoken as Rei Ayanami in EVA.) ", referring to Megumi Hayashibara. I read somewhere that she was Lemina in the Japanese version of Lunar 2, wasn't she? (hell, if she sounds anything like the american one, that's DEFINITELY not soft spoken.) Then again, I don't recall whether it was the MCD version or the updated Saturn one.

About L'arc en ciel, you should REALLY try listening to that band. They rule above all other J-Rock bands. Just "Dive to Blue" or "Ibara no Namida" have enough quality to prove that. Look for those songs somewhere on the net, they are QUITE good. You should try buying "the singles" album first, but they're all great.

I'd like to know your opinion on Tales of Destiny 2. I myself consider it one of the best games I've played lately (2D, dynamic, challenging battle system, loud bad anime voice acting, cool artwork... it's got it all!) I recommend it to all

That's pretty much it.

See ya around.
Prof. Hector Ortiz

The Lemina voice in the JP HAS to be better than the US PSX one if there's a God. Unfortunately, I won't be able to play a JP import of a Saturn game anytime soon. I'd love to get a L'arc CD next time I headed out to the import store, had I not been so broke. Does anyone recommend X Japan, by the way? I have Forever Love and Art of Life - great songs. And yes I know they've long since broken up, so no e-mails reminding me, okay?

I unfortunately only got to play ToD2 at last year's E3, and it's a lot of fun. One day I'll borrow it off someone and get to beat it. :P

More Samus rants inside.

Hiya Schala. Chrono *nods*.

[Anyway, we have both an editor and reader review of Landstalker, so go and check them out. Oh, and I don't think your X-Box wish will come true, since the new, smaller controllers are now on sale. Oh well. How happy would you be if I told you it was at least failing to impress in Asia?]

Yeah, I went and read about 90% of the reviews after I sent that last email, heh. I always found Landstalker to be a bit better than any reviews gave it credit for. Eh, I'm odd though, I like my RPGs with realy time battles and

My friend has one of those controllers. Haven't a clue how he got it. But I still don't like them. Just making it smaller didn't fix all of it's problems, and I didn't say that they were too big (though that's an issue) I said they suck. And it's failing to impress most of my friends, as well. Resident Evil on the 'lesser' system (GameCube) outshined Halo in graphics so much it got my friend to buy one that same day (yesterday). Lol... I won't even go into the rest of what I find flawed with the Xbox. But no worries, I find flaws in all gaming systems, even my beloved GameCube.

[What are you looking at? Samus is cool. :P]

I love Samus. My fave character in any game series. I even wrote a short story to explain the origins of her suit, how she found it, and why originally 'she' was always called a 'he'.

Oh, speaking of SSBM and being beaten by Samuses: Just wait 'til you play Hot Date on Brinstar... Scary.

So dudes, I love this site. It's sweet. But I still think RPGs are less specific than most people SEEM to. Besides, I love game besides RPGs: Resident Evil, Zombies Ate my Neighbors, RTS games (well, the blizzard ones) Civilization, SimCity... Games are good, as long as they can hook me.


PS: Why not review Fallout? It's so much better than Fallout 2 is. And it plays on a Mac.

You could probably submit another reader review of Landstalker, if you like. I got to see one of he smaller XBox controllers, and it still looks too big for me. But then again, I've got Asian chick hands, as I should. RE looks awesome... but we haven't gotten a chance to rent it yet. I'm not a big fan of the series at all, but I have to see it.

Ah, Samus. I haven't played anything on SSBM except for Vs. Mode Melee, so... :P But what you mentioned is kind of fun. Speaking of her suit, did -you- see the scans of that Nintendo pamphlet that shows a shot of Samus in a gold suit? She looks coooooooool. I want that purple suit in Super Metroid, though. Haven't gotten that far yet...

If you're asking me to review Fallout, well... I don't play PC...err, computer games, really. As for reviewing, I probably wouldn't have the time to play it then review it, considering the other stuff I have to do.

Anyway, care to finish that sentence for me sometime?

Closing Thoughts

Well, there goes a shorter update than usual, today. The weekend's upon us and you know what that means. Yep, Spiderman. And we're going early Friday, er, today, to see the first showing in a theatre with big, comfy seats. And we're going to love every minute of it. Or so I hope. And then we're going to come home, I shall play more Super Metroid, and I will love every single minute of it. it. Except for the really hard bosses.

Anyway, write in. Please.

~ Samus... er, Schala (letters@rpgfan.com)


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