Back Again
Friday, May 10, 2002

Chrono's back yo. Yeah yeah.

Anyway, Schala's feeling a bit under the weather (you know, SICK) tonight. Runny nose, sore throat, cough... all that fun stuff. I keep telling her she should just lay down and play more of Final Fantasy X, since she just started it the other day. ...Finally. Kinda odd, considering she's the one that bought our copy of it. And now she's gonna play Smash Bros. again. Oh well.

So, as you should have noticed, the Mailbag has pretty much gone back entirely into her hands lately, as it was supposed to be anyway. I must say though, after months of doing it myself, I've missed doing it lately, so I'm kinda looking forward to doing tonight's small six letter update. Why is it only six? Well, we only have seven letters total, so just in case, we kept one for next time. Write in more though! We've been running low lately.

So on the off chance I won't get another update in before E3, I must now say this:

Metroid Prime will kick ass. Period.

Don't bother giving me those 'it's a first person shooter' (no, it's first and third person adventure), or the ever-classic 'Metroid will suck in 3D, 2D is better lol'... nope. Nine years of waiting for the 'Next Mission' promised at the end of Super Metroid... sure it has a lot to live up to, but the latest picture shown of Samus quelled all my fears, and I am really really hyped about getting to see and play it.

Oh, and Zelda too. I want Zelda. Let's do some letters now, before Drooling Fanboy mode kicks in.

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There can be only one...ring. Er, no... wrong movie.

I am 15, but I want to write for rpgfan. Can we make an exception? Please?
Also, I think it would great if rpgfan expanded from rpgs into other areas which are basically the same as rpgs, those areas being the Arthurian legend and The Lord of the Rings. The Once and Future King, Tolkien, The White Company... Hmmm, I think it is a good idea, and I would gladly be the head of that department. Heh. Farewell for now. Back to dreaming about SOA2, which I know will be a prequel taking place in the Old World. I just know it.

- BostonWhig2

Well, as far as I know, at least some of the LotR games coming out are RPGs or action RPGs (like the GBA one), and we do cover that/those, so...
E3, Sheryl Crow, and Klonoa.

E3 is Nice, so I'll say it twice, E3 is Nice, E3 is Nice. Wait is that twice or trice, well who gives a F**K! I need some advice, I just bought a PS1, (yeah I know), and I need 10 Rpgs for it . Suggest 10 good RPGs for it, except FF7,8 or 9. Don't like Sheryl Crow? How about Alanis Morisset? Congrats on Beating Super Metroid, that's another notch for your holster. What do you think about those New Tales rpg's coming out for Nintendo? And that Klonoa rpg? What ever that is. You made me wait two days to see a 6 letter update? I would smack the colour off you woman. Who is your favourite actor & actress? In FF6, that guy that you fight on the train, that is total crap,I think his name is Seigfried. What the hell is the purpose of him? Have you played Legend of Zelda-Link to the past, or Illusion of Gaia? Tell me if those games are Rpgs or Action games.


Schala doesn't like Alanis either. Sorry. :P

The Tales games I'm looking forward to. It's nice to see a potentially good (knowing Namco) RPG on the GameCube, and the uber-classic ToP on GBA, which will hopefully make it to the US this time.

The 6 letter update thing, as I mentioned above, is, frankly, your fault. The readers. You want more letters, more of you need to write in. Unless you want us to make up fake letters as filler, but we're not like that.

Seigfried, Zeigfried, however they spelled his name... as far as I know, was mostly just there to annoy you each time you see him. He's such a weirdo.

Zelda: A Link to the Past was an awesome game if you ask me. I always liked the dual world setup. Illusion of Gaia was cool too, though I have fonder memories of the other two games in the series (SoulBlazer and Terranigma). Anyway, both games are considered action RPGs, so there ya go.



I have a question! Will there be a remake of Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9?

Christian R. Mogensen

Oh. My. God. It figures. It figures that the one time I come back to do letters, I get this. THIS. I ask constantly, to not get asked this. Over and over, it comes up. How many times has this been an issue? Let's look:

April 5, 2002
February 13, 2002
December 22, 2001

Plus it's been asked on the boards, IRC, all over. In a GameStop article from January 22, 2001 (that was long ago), Square mentioned doing remakes of 7-9 on PS2, along with the three new ones (which would be 10-12). Considering their financial troubles from that bomb of a movie last summer, it's no wonder they haven't talked of them still being in the works. So, considering all that was revealed was that they planned to do remakes of the 3 games, and have said nothing else about them in the following 15+ months since then, don't count on them happening soon. If at all. Case closed, for real.

1337 = elite



Leet Hacker
Xenogears rocks your boxers!
A Tale of Evil Stuff

By: Lord of Chaos
The Nameless One

Leet and hacker were two idiots friends who liked to play Xenogears. And Xenogears rocks your boxers!

There's this idiot they call Fei, and there's Citan--who rocks you all!

And there's Weltall, and it's a gear! And Weltall kicks your ass--especially if you're Ramses...hehehe. And you know Elly? Elly is a hacker in Solaris. And the Gebler guys...it rocks!

Cain and the Gazel Ministry rock! They are going to kill everyone. Dues is God! Fei is a pretty big fool, trying to kill Dues--since he rocks.

I rock all your boxers because I am Lord of all humans! Hammer is a big Loser. He is evil just like Krellian. But Fei kicks his ass and gets the trader card! Fei rocks your boxers! Don't have trader card? Give Fenrir the Holy Pendant and level infinity rocks Hammer's boxers!

Anyway, Leet and Hacker were walking to school and were talking about Xenogears, and how it rocks--and why Chrono Cross sucks even though Mitsuda did the music...and Mitsuda rocks Uematsu's boxers!

Then, suddenly, Final Fantasy X came in and killed them! The moral? Don't buy Final Fantasy X. It cucks because it has the voice acting, Yuna is ugly, and Tidus is an elite guy. Get Xenosaga when it comes out, because I played it in Japanese at my friend's house and it rocks--mostly because KOS-MOS is hot, and Shion is an elite hacker!

And another thing... I rock at Xenogears, but how do you get Ramsus to join the party? I tried to revive Aeris but when I opened the disc cover and popped in FF VII, the game froze. Not to mention, I wanted to get Cloud and Fei in the same party!

But it doesn't matter, because Xenogears rocks anyway. I am Lord of all humans! I am more elite than you!

The End
(That was great, wasn't it)

......alright. Thanks go out to RPGFan staffer Jayde for translating last update's 1337speak story letter thing.

By the way, the statement 'FFX sucks because is has voice acting' is so pathetic, I'm not even going to waste my time commenting on it.

Dink Smallwood... sounds like a personal problem.

You're RPG lovers huh? Have you heard of Dink Smallwood? It's a great RPG y'know, not much of strategy but you'll like it's humor :) The thing there is full of thinking..it's more of mind-teasing puzzles and it's great! At least you don't get bored. Stuffs like chopping off heads of ducks and goblins that you have to--no WAIT! You'll lose the thrill! hehe ^_^;. If you're curious to play it, just download it in rtsoft, it's FREE!! About other RPGs, I'm obssessed with art and I appreciated the art of FFT and Vagrant Story( THE BEST EVER!!!!) why don't you fill the pages of artworks? it's great and if you like one I'll send you one... Plus the character designer of FFt, Vagrant Story? She also desiged Ogre Battle. I didn't know it's a classic! Well....dunno what to say now...seeya!

- Gimme Ono

Dink Smallwood... heard of it, sure. Do I have any idea what it is? Nope. I didn't know the character artist from FFT and VS did OB too... though I don't think I've ever bothered looking at OB art, not counting the SD rendered stuff from OB 64.
Harvest Moon: The Milking - coming to theaters summer 2004

Hey Schala/Samus,

Hmm, some of the announcements I'd love to hear from E3 are that Natsume and Victor Interactive not only have a new, improved(with real dating, marriage, kids, and a choice of farming, herb gardening, jobs, etc.) PS2 Harvest Moon game coming in time for this summer, but that they are also porting HM64 to the GBA. I also would like more detail on the new BoF5 and news that would see games such as Atelier Marie(Elie, Lilie, Judie....) and some of their dating sims making it to North America and last but not least, I want to hear that the new LoTRs game will be multi-console(as all rpgs should be!!)!

Think you can manage all that, for me?:)

Don't ask me, I don't run the companies. I wouldn't even count on seeing dating sims or the Atelier games here, or at E3. Ever. Breath of Fire V is something I think will happen eventually, when Capcom is finished porting the older games to GBA. Considering there's to be a version of BoFIII on the Korean handheld Game Park, something tells me it's very possible to squeeze part 3 onto the GBA as well. Even though 3 wasn't the best in the series, it'd be neat to see a PSX game on the GBA, preferably intact.

Knowing Victor and Natsume, I'm sure we'll always get more Harvest Moon games. I'd like to see what they can do with a GameCube and GBA version (they could link them too.... cough cough), considering how cool the PS2 one ended up being. Actually, looking at the sheer amount of HM games since the series began, I think Capcom might have a contender in the 'most milked series' category. On the other hand, Capcom successfully manages to milk multiple series: Megaman, Resident Evil, Street Fighter... Onimusha is already getting a sequel, as is Devil May Cry (drool). One thing I'll give to them though, is the games are always fun, so it's nothing I mind. Sure, come June, Megaman will have been in 40 games, with #41 showing up in September (in the form of Megaman Zero... more drool), but it's been worth playing them all. Here comes that fanboy mode again...

Closing Thoughts

Yay n stuff. Today's update is done, and done. I had two things I planned on saying here, but over the last half hour, I've forgotten one of them. The other one was to urge you to click on those pretty new banners we have at the top of the site. Not just because they're nice (they are though), or because I made them (though I did), but because by clicking that banner and buying stuff gives RPGFan a small part of the sale, which all goes into the site, we make no profit, etc etc. But hey, if you want to buy the CDs anyway, why not help us out too? If you're curious about how the music is, head on over to the Soundtracks section and read up. Then buy. Your children will thank you.

Oh, and we will too. In the meantime, keep on writing, and don't let my smart ass sarcastic self keep you from doing so.

Oh. Right. And check out the new topic about Zelda. It's a debate that never ends. Can Zelda be cel-shaded and still be a good game? Ask me that seriously, and I will smack you upside the head and shout yes into your little ears. But anyway, I want to hear what people think about the new direction of the series. Though technically, all the games up til the N64 games WERE cartoony, just sprite-based. Think about that.


~Chronologist (letters@rpgfan.com)


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