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Monday, May 13, 2002

Okay, the Drooling Metroid Fanboy has been pushed aside. Only to be replaced by... Drooling Metroid Fangirl! :P

Ahem. Anyway, yeah, I got sick over the weekend, most of it being a sore throat and constant headaches. I've mostly gotten over it now though, with the exception of a leftover headache at the moment. Didn't get to play much, except SSBM, and I still suck as Samus, and even more surprisingly, I'm doing better as Zelda/Sheik. No Metroid II for me, the Zeta Metroids have proven to be difficult, and one's in my way of getting the Screw Attack... meh. And yeah, as someone pointed out, the amount of letters seems to fluctuate in a bizarre fashion... from too many to too few, and who knows what. :P

E3 still has me excited. Maybe being around more than 3 people at once (again...) will be kinda interesting, and I may finally be able to beat someone in SSBM. :P Turns out Square is in a much smaller booth than last year, so they may only be showing off a couple of games. I was sort of hoping to hear some new announcements and some more to show, but who knows, maybe there'll still be announcements even if they can't show anything. I wonder if Namco will announce or show any of the games they recently announced for the Nintendo systems. We rented the new Resident Evil for GC, and it looks nice. A lot creepier than I remember any RE game being, and the zombies are tougher. Oy. O_o We just might have to renew our rental...

Oh right, letters. 4 letters may seem awfully short, but considering the letters themselves... there's still lots of reading to do.

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Halo, outsell FFX? ... Excuse me.

Hi, Schala. Comments & questions....

1. You really think that the Gamecube will steal the show at E3? I mean, it has a much higher chance than the Xbox, but I don't see how it could beat the PS2. Also, Nintendo seems to milk out their old franchises more than Sony. Another Mario Tennis?! COME ON! All the game magazines give Nintendo games high scores just because they're made by Nintendo. I'm sure of this because I have a PS2 and I have rented a Gamecube. EGM thought Super Smash Bro's Melee was better than FFX - now that's just wrong. I guess it's just a matter of opinion, but I do sense some bias thoughts here.

2. Have you heard about Halo being the fastest selling next-gen game in the world, reaching 1 million in eight months or so? That is what Microsoft announced a couple weeks ago. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't FFX sell over 2 million IT'S FIRST DAY in Japan? Telling lies isn't going to get them anywhere.

3. Do you think the new Resident Evil games will boost Gamecube sales as much as everyone's hoping? The graphics are awesome, but it just isn't as scary anymore. The RE name isn't what it used to be. Kinda like Tomb Raider, the series is going downhill. Even the last 2 Sony ones weren't all that great.

Now I might seem bias myself, but I'm not. If Nintendo comes out on top, I will proudly follow them.

1) Well, I know Sony will also put on a good show, but Nintendo will probably get just as much, if not almost, as much an impression, since they have, I think, more/better games to show off this year. Sure, they sometimes seem to depend more on their own games, but Zelda is Zelda, and Metroid... come on, it's been eight years since a Metroid game. Sure, there's Nintendo made games I'd never touch (such as Mario Tennis, Mario Golf...), but there's much more that I'm actually looking forward to. And they have quite a bit of third party support, with Namco, Sega, Capcom (the RE games look a lot more appealing now...), heck, even Square now, making some pretty decent games for them. I'm hardly biased, especially when it comes to system wars, partly because I have pretty much everything but an XBox, and also because I think they're silly. But you know, I was asked who would make the biggest impression. I don't quite call that a bias. I still like Sony and Sega... I don't know about Microsoft.

And... to some people, Smash Bros. Melee may be a better gme than FF depending on taste, but that's their opinion and they're entitled to it. Myself, I like both, but FFX more. SSBM is, after all, more than your average button mashing fighting game - yes it actually does take skill. I'm not big on reading mag reviews anyway, since they do score highly on hyped up games. I prefer to try a game myself...

2) I heard about Halo. Someone made a joke - or maybe it was a real rumor - that MS bought, or had people buy 400,000 copies of those. I'm not saying I believe that rumor - I actually doubt it very much, but it'd be kind of funny. As for the actual Halo sales figures... well, one million isn't that unbelievable. Microsoft may be right in their statement, that is if they don't count PS2 as a next-gen system, but that seems rather silly. Although, it doesn't surprise me that Halo would have sold a lot - it was the best game the XBox had for a while, on the market.

3) There's no way RE will sell a considerable amount of GCs by itself. I will give the first RE remake a few things though, it's more of a challenge, and once you do sit down and play it, no lights or background noise... yeah it's scarier. It might be just the more detail applied overall. I care for Tomb Raider a lot less than RE, but I think Capcom's at least putting effort into the new RE games. Not saying they're the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I personally like the new RE more than the PSX ones so far. What WILL sell Gamecubes, however, is (again), Nintendo's franchise games, and the big third-party titles, like Phantasy Star Online, Soul Calibur II, Square's possible games, and others. Not just one game or series is going to do it.

More Zelda goodness. (That is, if you like the new look.)


It seems that lately there has either been; a flood of letters, or a drought of letters. Strange...

The way I see it, the quality of a game can not be determined by the graphics it has.

Other than that, I would say that although the new Zelda game has a new look, it is still Zelda. If this is indeed the true vision Miyamoto has for the games, then maybe this could all be for the best.

(Anyways, I think that by now, people should have come to the conclusion that he knows what he is doing.)

RpgFan Fan

Yeah well, I'm not sure why too many people are worried about how Zelda looks. I'm not that crazy about it either, but it could be much much worse. I'm sure if most of those complaining about it, played it only to find that it plays like all the other Zelda games they've come to know and love, they'd accept it just fine. And I agree with that last statement. Miyamoto has been doing this for many years, you know.
More 1337ness for j00!

Dear, and I say "dear" only because it's like a habit and stuff now, and isn't it a shame to brake habits? Hahahaha! Brake habits! Hahahaha! lololol omfg! i am SOFUNNY! hahahaha! geddit? geddit? i sed brake intesed of break! ahahahahahaha! i rulses! yeah! hahahaha!

Today I had some Final Fantasy Tactics. It tasted good. I used salt. It left a weird feeling in my stomach, but after I threw up a few times I felt much better.


I'm bored, too. know why? Because I rule, that's why. If I rule, I can be board. All you 1337 ph0015 can't be board...hahaha! board!!!....can't be board....hahaha!....okay, can't be...can't be bored, yeah, bored, I rule!!!!! yeah, you like, can't be bored and stuff because like i rule and stuff and that therefore indicates that I am a godly god of godliness. and I rule. And FFX sucks. You know why FFX sucks? BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!! Hahahahahahaha! I rule! I rule! I rule! I rule!

I still rule.

I'm bored, too. And my throat feels funny. Maybe it was that CD I ate a while ago? Keep coughing up big bloody chunks, hey, there goes one now!!!


Oakhad wait I got IT now. yeah. it works and stuff.

I still rule.

Know what else? I am the lord of all humans. The other day, you know, i was playing this grate [hahaha! grate!] game. It's called 'final fantasy vii', i'm sure you've heard of it and it's SO FRIGGING HARD!!! I mean, I've beet [hahaha! beet!] it because I'm da [hahaha! da!] lord of all humuns [hsahaha! humuns] but its still HARD


then again, kmost games are really, really hard. Take, for example, mario 64. It took me a while playing that one to find out that the A button let you jump so i kept getting the stuck [hahaha! the stuck!] because i didn't get the happy ness whatever taht means and besides i r0xx0rs so I'm pr0lly ab0ve play0ing the video games because I roxxors.

I still rule.

I rule now, too.
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I lost my super Mario ^% manual. Or maybe I ate it. Hang on, gotta go throw up.

Okay, now that that's done....er...I'm bored right now, so I'll just copy and paste in that other weird story I wrote which unfortunately isn't in h4x0rspeak since I didn't have the time but it doesn't matter I AM LORD OF CHAOS I CAN DO WHATFR [haha! whatfr!] THE HELL I FEEL LIKE DOING BECAUSE I RULE I RULE I RULE I RULE!!

And I still rule.

Scroll down a lot, right now.

[Ed. Note: Nah, too lazy to put in all those paragraph breaks.]

okay. scroll down some more.

[Ed. Note: See above Ed. Note. :P]

here it is l0s3r:

1337 h4x0rs 0wn5 j00.
4 74|_3 0f 3v1|_, c|-|335, 4nD 0tH3r cR4p.
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111 --this is a magick square thet i have the designed f0r y0ur viewing plessure.
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FFX does not suck. :P

I'm also officially convinced that that 'medication' you're on, is illegal drugs and you just don't know it. Makes sense to me. (Well that, and eating your games and guides probably isn't helping matters much, eh?) Unfortunately I have no money to help you out. What little I have is getting me to LA for a week for E3. Your stories are getting better and better... then again, that could be my own medication, which, mind you, is completely legal. :P

Attack of the... SW fans?

Well, it begins again. Another letter from your favorite neighborhood Dan man! And I can do whatever another Dan can! Yes, I saw Spider-man, which I thought was an excellent movie.

Now, some people may think that this cel-shaded Zelda will not succeed. I am not one of those. Personally, I love the new step that Nintendo is taking by changing up the different looks and feels from their predecessors. While some people are going by the Hershey commercial stating 'Change is bad'. I welcome these new versions. It seems that Nintendo is taking a bold step forward that I feel will pay off.

But, I am not saying that I did not like the previous incarnations that Nintendo gave us. I loved Super Metroid; I thought it was one of the best games, certainly in my favorite top ten list. The SNES version of Zelda was great too. But, really, even Final Fantasy has changed after every one, keeping some of the older stuff and trying out the new. So what if there are some growing pains play the game for the game, not the series. And remember, change can be good. If it is not your cup of tea, oh well. But never refuse to try something just on a first opinion. Lots of the opportunities in life pass you up that way.

So, who's ready for Attack of the Clones? :D After the $114 million dollar weekend of Spider-man, do you think Star Wars will be able to take the top?

Dan, RPGFan Groupie #3

What I think will make or break the new Zelda, as with any game, is gameplay and fun factor. If anyone thinks that Zelda will fail, before even seeing the game in action, well, there's no hope for that person. As with everything else, games do have to change and evolve, like it or not... and if you never try anything different, the fans are just going to get bored with that series.

In retrospect, if old school diehard Zelda fans aren't willing to accept the change, there's plenty of previous Zelda games to go back to. You can't say that none of them have replay value, after all.

I really hope I can get into a Thursday showing of SW. I'm mostly curious to see if it'll break Spiderman's records. I'm pretty certain it will, especially since those who've seen preview showings are saying it's much better than Episode 1. It's to be expected, of course, and although I'm probably a bigger Spiderman fan than a SW fan... I'd be just as happy for them if and when the movie breaks records.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, that's pretty much it for today's update. Not a long one, I know, but a long update requires more letters. So write in! The topic is still Gamecube Zelda, and your thoughts on it, but well, you don't HAVE to write in about that. If you never told me what you'd like to hear or see announced at E3, or what kind of features you'd like to see RPGFan have related to E3, say so. Another idea: Tell me your thoughts on the recent court ruling that video games aren't an expression of art. I'm actually quite surprised I haven't heard on this subject in the mailbag. Or, again, you can write about any topic you choose. Let's hear you, now. But until then, I need to go back to killing Zeta Metroids.

~Schala, the bounty hunter (letters@rpgfan.com)


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