The Substitute... Take Two
Friday, May 24, 2002

The mailbag duo is currently in LA dealing with all things E3 related, so you get the most annoying editor on staff for this round. Yeah I know, it's like being grounded for a month, only worse.

Before they left though, they asked me to throw up a new topic, and I'm nothing but compliant. I'm sure many of you have all sorts of questions to ask about E3, such as what the editors looked at besides the RPGs, what kind of slop they served for nourishment at the convention center this time around, or what those strange noises coming from the hotel rooms at 3 AM were. Make sure to keep the letters going to letters@rpgfan.com.

I spent this past week driving around, looking for a copy of Pikmin for my GameCube. Most of the reviews I've read have been favorable, and I was told by several friends that it was good, so I figured it was worth snatching up. Unfortunately for me, not a single retailer in town seemed to carry it. However, a few hours ago, after having given up on my search and thinking of ordering online, I went into the local Blockbuster to return the Shrek DVD I rented, only to see a copy of Pikmin on the shelf for sale. Go figure.

The point of my telling you this? I have no clue. On with the column.

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Attack of the Import RPGs

Good day to you all;

I was surfing around today and noticed that there was a Rurouni Kenshin RPG released for the PSOne www.animepalace.com/kenshin.htm and was curious as to know if your wonderful staff over there at RPGFan.com have heard anything about this game. Looks like it was only released in Japan, but being a huge Kenshin fan, I was wondering if you guys had heard anything about it being translated to make a North American debut. I would think that it won't though seeing as how anime still is relatively underground here stateside we won't see a release.

Just curious to know your perspective on this.


North American release? Really unlikely at this point, since we're both well aware of how immensely popular Kenshin is outside of Japan. That, and the game was released back in 1997, making the chances of it ever seeing US shores even slimmer. I might have suggested the possibility of Working Designs since they like to snag niche titles at times, but it has been confirmed at E3 that they're working on the Growlanser series, so that's not an option.

Bear in mind though, that games capitalizing on a series or name often times turn out to be lackluster. Of course, this is just fluff talk from my end, so you may want to consider going the import route. I did a quick check with National Console Support and they don't have it for sale, but there's an auction on Ebay at the moment for a copy, which has about a day left on it. It's an option anyways.

Great Balls of Angst

Screw Nintendo, I hate you for ruining a great series like Zelda with cartoony, childish graphics( mr Rogers' intro looks more mature to me), I wont ever buy a gamecube unless Working Designs bring Lunar 3 to it, and even then I'd think about it. Oh I'm sooooo pissed...oh my GOD! What a nice kitty in a box! I love kitties...and it's singing Lunar Boat's song?? Oh wow that kitty just made my day, I love you Shigeru Miyamoto!...not! And yes Star Wars fans are geeks, go play with your toy lightsabers somewhere else, and no playing with these figurines of Luke Skywalker isnt collecting, its playing with 3 and up toys Ah-HA!


Damn. You may want to switch to decaf there chief.

I've never played a Zelda game aside from 20 minutes of Ocarina of Time at a Toys 'R' Us N64 booth, but I've always been told how the games are extremely fun. I personally don't care for the visuals I witnessed in a movie clip, but it's probably better to witness it in person. If you're a Zelda fan, then you're probably better off playing it a few moments when it finally does release before passing final judgement. Play it at a friend's house, or rent it along with a GameCube.

As for Lunar 3, don't hold your breath. If it DOES come out, it will undoubtedly release on PlayStation 2.

BTW, what's with the random nonsense regarding Star Wars? You can call people who like Star Wars geeks all you want, but take a gander in the mirror when you go to the bathroom to take one of your biweekly showers: you play videogames. That statement alone is so profound, it slaps every ounce of whatever coolness your body may have right OUT, and proceeds to beat you to death, rendering you a large mass of teary-eyed, confidence-deprived dorkiness.

In short, here's looking at you, geek.

All this for me? Thanks!

hello all at rpgfan,
i have been viewing the site for a few months now, and
i have to say i really like the site ALOT! great news
and it great info, especially on the game soundtracks,
though i prefer some nice old fashioned punk, video
game music relaxes me sometimes.
Thanks much on behalf of the staff. Glad you like the site; positive comments like these are what keeps us motivated.
anyways, i was about to go into a ramble. i haven't
wrote in before, well i have, but it was to fan
fiction. well, i am going to quit "beating around the
bush." i am writing to ask you guys a few simple
questions (by the way, if there are any typos(?),
sorry, i'm watching the avs and red wings right now).
I'll do my best to answer them.
1. Don't you think EA Sports should have helped
Square with Blitzball and made it more like NHL
I haven't played Final Fantasy X yet, but I have noticed how RPGs are getting heavier with their minigames. The thing is though, that the minigames are supporting the RPG, and are not meant to be a complete distraction from the story and the rest of the gameplay. While EA Sports enhancing Blitzball would make it even more involving, a game within a game really, why not just get a sports game?
2. How come there are hasn't been any updates to the
fan fiction section in almost 2 months now?
Good question. To be honest, we're not sure what happened to Yin. Haven't heard from him in many weeks.
3. Isn't episode 2 (Star Wars) the best movie since
Heh, haven't seen it yet. The majority who've seen it seem pretty content, so I'd say that's a good sign for Lucas. I'll have to make sure to see it myself soon.
4. How come i've never seen any pics of you people?
You aren't looking hard enough. Besides that link, check out some of the editors' profiles on our message boards.
5. Any news on when Chrono Break might be released?
No news on Chrono Break lately. If a release date appears, it'll definitely be listed on our release dates section.
6. How much could i sell my Chrono Trigger game for
on SNES?
Judging by the latest completed auctions on Ebay, you can get anywhere from $20 to $70, dependant on the condition of the cart and packaging.
7. Where in the hell can i find a translated version
of Radical Dreamers and Bahamut Lagoon?
Look here for half an answer.
8. Where can i find an original translation of Final
Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger?
...on SNES carts? I don't quite follow you here.
9. Does Square have any releases planned other than
the obvious ones for this year (ie: Final Fantasy
XI...going to suck...unless i get me some fast
internet...and Kingdom Hearts)?
Of course, though the majority of the stuff stays overseas in Japan for a very good reason.
10. Any plans on Square re-releasing FFI-III for any
If I remember correctly, that was already done for the Wonderswan in Japan.
Well, i guess that is all of my questions for now, but
if i think of anything else, or just want to ramble,
i'll write again.


Heh, Chrono or Schala'll be around to do a better job with the question-answering next time.


Why is everyone comparing PSO to FFXI? They have nearly nothing in common, aside the fact they go online.

That's like comparing chocolate and chese, they're both food, but totally different. It leaves the same question in my mind;


WTF indeed.

Here's another thing to add to the listing of differences: I'm going to buy Phantasy Star Online, but I'm not going to buy Final Fantasy XI. The idea of paying for $100+ of hardware alongside a monthly fee, THEN extra cash for each additional character, and not being able to choose which server I want to log into to meet with friends doesn't sound so good. Maybe things will change for the US release, but as it stands now, I'll stick with Phantasy Star Online, thanks.

Closing Thoughts

Gear your questions toward the subject of E3 if possible. Or not, your choice. As for me, I look forward to doing this again sometime.

~ Parn (letters@rpgfan.com)


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