Post-E3 Goodness
Wednesday, May 29, 2002

You know, bizarre shows starring Andy Richter keep distracting me. Not in a good way. Shutting them out isn't too easy, either. And because I can't shut it out, it scares me more. Make it stop. Please... make... it... stop!

Anyway, I'm well aware that both Parn and I each missed a regularly scheduled update - blame it on scheduling and lack of letters. On my end, well... I couldn't even get on the computer. Although I did need that time to recover from E3, and play FFX-- err, rest. Yeah, rest. That's it. I don't really consider the Bevelle part relaxing, you know. :P

So you nosy readers want to know about the show. To sum up and generalize the story of many an E3 goer, it's loud, it's got unreleased games, and it's got some of the coolest VG related swag ever. My personal E3 stories are going to either be in one of our E3 Features, staff impressions, or down below, as a response to a letter. God help you all. Well, not really, as none of my stories involve getting drunk and having sex in a hotel bathroom a la another staffer's E3 experience last year. No, mine, for the most part on the show floor, involve me turning into Drooling Metroid/Metal Gear Fangirl Mode.

Well, not necessarily drooling, but if I had seen MGS2 Substance or played either Metroid game one more time...

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Coooool, I'm his last pope. Go me.

I dunno about you, but I heard that the Labis Cannon was in Mines 7 or something like that. I never got one though, I think I ended up getting armor - I believe it was called Lamerproof+99 or something like that. POS didn't work though. Oh well. Maybe in the next PSO, I won't even need one.

The Story Of The Booth Babes

hey crono and schala,

how was E3? did you two get any cool free stuff? and crono did you take any pictures of booth babes while schala wasn't looking? :)


Booth babes? Are you kidding? I took pics of them while HE wasn't around! :P Especially that Korean girl in Kentia Hall, I definitely needed to take a pic of her.

...Er, no. Actually, the truth is, Rudo and Commodore Wheeler (you guys remember him? Did all of two mailbags? Right? Right!) took a lot of booth babe pics, and to be honest with you, I don't quite recall either of them doing anything but that all E3. Okay, expect me to be fired after this column. :P

As for free swag, check out other responses in this column for free swag stories.

I love our E3 info too. Mmm, .hack...

First off i would like to say ive been looking at your site for a few years now and it rocks! I have some things to ask you guys.

1) will gamecube get any good rpgs?

2) will final fantasy ever come to the gba?

3) will they ever make skies of arcadia 2?

well thx and i love your e3 info!


1) RPGs? Who the hell needs RPGs when you have Metroid Prime? Oh wait, that isn't even out til November. Well, I guess Lost Kingdoms will tide you over until then, or maybe even Evolution Worlds. EW however, isn't my type of game, and the GC RPG's I'm more looking forward to are PSO Ep I&II, Zelda, Skies of Arcadia and possibly the Tales game. For a full list of confirmed GameCube RPGs however, check out our Release Dates page. You know you want to.

2) Not that we know of, but don't rule it out as a possibility in the future, outside of the Final Fantasy Tactics port/remix that's already confirmed. Other than that, what games Square is developing for Nintendo, is anyone's guess.

3) Nothing set in stone, but some of us here are hoping. I'd like to beat the first one though... now, what I would personally like to see is the GC SoA port to include some extras. Ooh..

The Story of the Infamous Metroid T-Shirts

Miiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeee and Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz-

E3 rocked, ne? Lotsa cool looking stuff. I'm somewhat dissapointed in the fact that no FFX sequel was announced, and that FFXI looks like crap. But many of the other games there looked great. Wild Arms 3 and Legend Of Legaia looked good, and I was drooling over the Xenosaga video... too bad there was no playable. Some other games interested me, RPGs and non, namely Shinobi and Devil May Cry 2. And with a new Ninja Gaiden coming out on XBox, I may have to get one. Of course, my next system is probably gonna be GameCube, they had a great showing there. I'm still not too turned on to the new Zelda, but Metroid and Eternal Darkness were SWEET. Starfox was kinda meh (I liked the flying), but salvegable. I didn't much care for Mario 64, so Sunshine didn't interest me much. Also, a whole lot coming out for GBA, including Link To The Past and 4 player Zelda. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of money on games this year.

And on an unrelated note, how about that game of real life Zelda we had? I feel kinda bad for the first guy we talked to, but hey, we scored 2 Metroid shirts and a Zelda shirt! And thanks for smuggling me into the media center, all of you RPGFan staffers are cool, and it was great meeting so many of you... I hope to see you all again next year. Of course I'll see you two sooner no doubt. Anyway, it was great fun and great games!

We'll see about the cheese next year.


Eh, I wouldn't say that FFXI looked like crap. It failed to impress me in any aspect, really, but it was in Japanese, and that didn't help matters at all. It's going to take a while for me to warm up to online gaming, personally. FFX's side story was confirmed in a Square press conference today, but after one busted rumor of this, I won't believe it til I see it, myself. I like the idea of a Yuna and Rikku story, and hope to God it comes out here, and works somewhat as an expansion of FFX. Then again, you'd have to use your original FFX saves, and I wouldn't be able to import the FFX side stories. Damnit.

I think that's what disappointed me the most about E3, was not being able to play Devil May Cry 2, Star Ocean 3, the new MGS2, and/or Xenosaga. All look so good, too. And it disappointed Mike not to play, or even SEE Ninja Gaiden. But I got to play most everything in the Nintendo booth (Star Fox was pretty cool I think, though Metroid Prime definitely attracted the biggest crowd), as well as all the RPGs I cared about (Dual Hearts and Legaia 2 just didn't impress me), so I'm happy. Not to mention the free swag. Yes, the free swag.

So hey, time to fill you all in about them Metroid shirts Ry mentioned. It goes somewhat like this. I'm sure some of you heard about an endless contest going on in Nintendo's booth all E3, and that grand prizes were platinum GBAs. The other prizes included t-shirts (Mario, Zelda, Starfox, Metroid, Eternal Darkness), Kirby plushies, GBA screen cover... things, chances to win a WaveBird controller, as well as GC and GBA necklaces that glow. The first day of E3, I didn't really realize what was going on til late in the day. I saw someone with a Metroid Prime shirt though, and was determined to get one. So was Mike. Well, the second day we slept late, got to the show late, I had an appointment, other stuff to do, the Nintendo line was long... basically, we never made it. By the end of the day, a ton of us editors were discussing the Nintendo contest, and decided that 10 or so of us would try to get in on it and win stuff. (You see, poor Legion has no GBA... :P) On the third day... well, all but three of us bailed. The line, even at 9 am when the show opened, was really long, and one of us was actually nuts to believe that the line would SHORTEN later that day, so we left. Well it DID shorten, only because they cut off the line, as Nintendo was running out of prizes. So we resorted to our last option, bribing some winner out of his/her Metroid t-shirt. The first guy who had one, was actually looking to trade for a StarFox shirt. So we tried to bribe one of those. A no go, they all refused to part with them. The next round of the contest had two Metroid shirts, no Starfox ones. So we both bribed both of the winners out of their shirts... hey I could part with $20 for that! :P (But actually, my bribee wanted a WaveBird controller, so I gave him $25 and told him to save it til it comes out next month.) My bribee even asked why I wanted that shirt. Simply put, 'I love Metroid'. As for the guy who wanted a Starfox shirt, I'm not sure what happened there. I hope he got it in the end, though.

So there you have it, the story behind the Metroid shirts. And oh yeah, Ry's friend, who's apparently a huge Zelda fan, actually gave up his shirt, to Mike, without a bribe. Kudos to Ry's generous friend. Let's do it again next year! :P

E3: The closest to heaven that I'll ever get.

Hello. Long time reader, first time submitter. Anyway, since it's E3 time, I was just wondering, what is it like being on the E3 floor? Is it invigorating, being in the midst of some of our communities greatest? What is it like interviewing some top names of companies that produce our favorite games? Have you ever had any awkward moments with company reps where something just went kinda goofy or whatnot?

Your descriptions of E3 are great, and so are the pictures that you post every year, but you all never really give a personal insight on how it feels to be there. So..nows your chance :p

Thanks a lot :D


Hmm, can't say I've had any awkward moments in any of the interviews. Maybe it's because I tend to approach people so casually, big company reps or not. (I wanted to meet Kojima!) I didn't do much of the talking though, especially since my, and other staff questions were all put together long before the show. And often, the exhibitors are just like us, lucky enough to get into the show, and wanting to check out all the upcoming titles that would rival their own. Of course, since they have their own booth, they don't have to stand or walk all day, and have their feet kill them...

As for being on the show floor itself, you'll quite possibly have a craving to know all you can (including what it's like to play, months before release), titles you look forward to. This includes grabbing little pamphlets at booths and even trying to acquire all the free swag you can get. Heck, and trying all sorts of vaguely interesting titles, to see what you'll be impressed by and decide to buy in the future. Some may even surprise you - .hack surprised me. Heck, even Kentia Hall beckons, even just to check out what 10% is the cool stuff, among the 90% which is crappy stuff. Mmm... no cool Virtual On figures this year. Bah.

If you want to hear more, you have to wait for my E3 staff impressions. Expect that feature to go up rather soon.

Eat cake.

Just a few questions, if yah don't mind. I'll try to keep it towards the E3 line up like you asked.

1) I saw Star Ocean 3 on the list of items to be displayed at E3, but haven't heard a whole lot about it. I think I saw 6 new screens at gamespot and a short article here, but that's it, no extra word on gameplay mechanics, the skill system, not much ties to the older members of the series, and no movies. I remember seeing a TINY movie that displayed a futuristic New York city that was quite astonishing, but I haven't seen much more than that. You heard anything I've missed?

2) You guys get to check out Metroid 4 for GBA (meh, not RPG related, but bite me!)? I've seen a few extra screens and heard a little news, but I didn't get to download the movie because of the evil that is "pay for everything except tiny crappy screens, GWAHA!". ;_; I'm hoping for some nice, fluid animation for Samus (Played Rockman Zero? Mmmm... So fluid...) and backgrounds as detailed and busy as Super Metroid.

3) Did you get to check out Crimson Sea (I think the name was)? It sounds and looks like a futuristic, alien slaughtering version of Dynasty Warriors 2+3, which sounds extra sugar-filled! Too bad it's for an X Box release. :(

4) I want more action RPGs. :( Gimme suggestions or I'll, uh, take pictures of you nude and sell them on the internet! HA, RIP THEM OFF AND EXPOSE YOU AT THE SAME TIME!! *Laughs like a transexual with an strange tickleish spot*

... I need cake. Oh, I had this really good dessert at Applebee's that was like a cheesecake rapped in a crispy cinnamon tortilla! Mmmmm.... So good, so very good. What doe this have to do with anything? Everything. You'll figure it out.


1) Sadly, SO3 wasn't playable, hence no info on gameplay or battles. It's really too bad, cuz I really wanted to play it. It was only in video form, and even then, it looked really good.

2) Enter Drooling Metroid Fangirl Mode... Ah yes, Metroid Fusion. The second game I played at E3. It fills me with glee, it really does. I uh... don't really remember how fluid Samus' animation/movements were, but the whole game looked good, a la Super Metroid. It also played much like so, except that at a few points, Samus can climb walls and even ceilings, and she can still shoot while on the wall as well. The demo had quite a bit, actually. Instead of using Select to switch weapons, you just hold down R for missiles. When you kill an enemy, the energy ball will stay in its spot for a few seconds, then fly all around the room - though I don't bother running after it, it often comes back right at Samus anyway. You get to fight a boss in the Demo as well, and when that's over, you get the morphing ball. Go through the next couple of rooms, and you see... another Samus. In an orange suit. (Keep in mind that your Samus is in a blue suit.) And well, the demo ends there. I saw a screen later of the two Samus' fighting. It boggles the mind, I tell you. And damnit, I gotta wait six months to find out.

3) Crimson Sea? I don't think I even heard about it, sorry. :P

4) ....oro? O_o Hmm, well, Dark Chronicle is an action RPG... let's hope it turns out better than its predecessor. Kingdom Hearts is also an action RPG, and pretty damn fun. Unfortunately, you only control the main character, Sora, and the others do their own thing. Trouble is, they only attack (or at least when I played the demo), and you should watch their HP and heal them yourself. Zelda counts as well, at least for me anyway.

I saw a commercial in TV for AppleBee's earlier tonight. Some of their stuff looks soo good...

The Game That Will Never Be

Has any news come out on the game, or any other new Lunar series? Or are we, Lunar fans, wasting our time on a game that will never see the light? WE WANT LUNAR 3!!!! ( hopefully they heard me.)

Thank you for your time,

Lunar 3, in fact, has been in production for a while, but has been going very, VERY slowly, if at all. Unfortunately, it's far from one of GameArts' higher priorities, and not even their second best team of developers is working on it. And word is, the game is far, FAR from impressive thus far. If you're looking for a new Lunar fix, import Lunar Legend for the GBA, or wait until a US company picks it up for localization. So far, this has yet to happen.
Closing Thoughts

Bah. Even after 11 hours of sleep last night, I'm still tired. I guess I'm still recovering from lack of sleep during E3, but it's safe to say that I got more sleep than anyone else on staff did. I'll be recovering from spending money in LA though, for a long time (even if WooJin Lee did spend more than I did - he's the only one!). And I doubt some of the other editors will ever recover from that crack chicken. It was that good. :P

Aaand as you may have guessed, I'm back to my regularly scheduled updates now that the fun called E3 has died down. Speaking of E3, expect a couple of related features to go up on the site very soon, including the aforementioned staff impressions. More stories from my viewpoint to be included. Oh well. Keep writing me. Until then, I'll be playing FFX in massive amounts. ...Again.

~ Liz, who strongly believes that Kirby is cuter than any Pokemon ever created. So there. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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