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Friday, May 31, 2002

Oy, gotta looooove cable connections that stay down all night, especially when I needed to do the Mailbag, and for that matter, retrieve my mail... on top of that, we were trying to work on and upload other things. So here's a 12+ hour late update for your reading pleasure. It's weird doing this during the day instead of at night...oh well.

Have any of you who have played FFX, been insane enough to think 'gee, I think I'd like to cover the whole sphere grid with each character'? Good luck. You'll log 150+ hours trying. Not that I've gotten to that point yet, but... the rate Chrono's going, he'll be there soon. Myself, I keep forgetting to capture enemies for the Monster Arena.... baka me. I haven't really done much of any sidequest: chocobo racing, butterflies, Blitzball, anything. I wonder if obsessively getting money, dropped items/weapons and checking for treasure chests makes up for any of that. :P Now the question is, do I want to play 20 hours of Blitzball for Wakka's final weapon... eventually?

Oh well. After I get a bunch of work done, I'll get to feed my FFX addiction more. Beware, dreaming about FFX = bad side effect.

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Harmony of delays. Wheee.

Are you serious about the delay of Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for GBA because i just reserved it for 6/19/02 . Did they say anything about why they delayed it at all? Could it come in anytime sooner? This sucks i want this game bad, if you can give me all the details. Thanx.

My name is Sean

I myself (and everyone I've asked) have heard no official word on Harmony of Dissonance's delay. But it's very real, and that's all I can say about it. I don't imagine there's too much to the localization of Castlevania games, as compared to one like Xenosaga or Grandia, so I can't really imagine what the holdup really is, unless it's on Konami JP's end.
Too bad Secret of Mana would do better on the GBA...


Recently perusing your release date section, I noticed a game coming out for Color Wonderswan. Seiken Densetsu 2. I would just like to know anything more. ie Is it true? What are your sources? Any screenshots?

Thank you for your time.


Well, if you've ever played Secret of Mana, you should know what the game looks like. :P But for Wonderswan-specific screens, well, they don't exist. Square mentioned this long ago, as well as a few other titles, such as FF3j, to be ported to the WSC, so we added them to the release dates page. These days though, there's been no updates on the status of those games, and with Square very possibly doing GBA ports, some of us wonder if the WSC ports will ever come to be. Oh well. I can deal with GBA ports over WSC ones, personally.
Kirby with Mr. Game & Watch's abilites = rock.

Hi folks. Saw your Kirby. Go ahead, let him inhale me, swallow me, and assimilate my abilities. That sounded dirty. May I refrain from further honest statements that may turn out to be more phallic than supposed to.

Right, Haven't had a lot to say recently, thus the sudden silence after my first Email-or-two. But after E3, I feel like I've been there, but not, and I didn't get all the freebie shtuff and didn't get play all the neat new games. I really am a pathetic one. Pass the mustard.

Zelda, Celda, Helga, Whatever you people nickname the game right now, I don't think it looks bad. Then again, I consider Stretch Panic a fun time. I think Miyamoto's trying to prove a point; It's the gameplay and not the graphics that make the game. And while he's right, it ain't gonna stop me from saying that I like the new look. Sure, it's kinda wonky-looking, but the man's from Japan, and he's been allowing his characters to go with an American cartoon-look for 20 years now. Give him a break. Take a look at Mario, then compare it to every cartoon/anime ever to come out of Japan. Pretty different-looking, no? Those who say otherwise, let 'em. A little arguing is what makes a good letters column. Jerry Springer should know.

Now, about FFX....It seems like the RPG fanbase's favorite game so far is having two little ones. How very cute. But how could one FFX bare two little FFXs? Was it secretly having an affair with FF9 (Could explain Kingdom Hearts....), or is it an immaculate perception [Ed. Note: Conception. :P] (I confess, I've been wanting to use that line for some time)? Side stories? Square was having quite a bit of fun with teasing people with that 'aftermath' sequence of theirs. Developer's don't let developers program drunk. A little lesson in life.

Now something not RPG-Related....What? Variety is the spice of life, like Onion powder.

I'm kinda surprised Space Channel 5 part 2 wasn't shown at the E3 this year. I remember hearing that it was going to be sent to Europe (Geez, Europe's getting more crap than us US-folk lately) But nothing about Micheal Jackson once again sporting his Thriller-tastic dance moves next to a pink-haired girl in a mini-skirt. This problem needs to be amended straight away.

Finally, for God's (Goddess? Other higher entity?) sake, man, Sign the Earthbound Petition!. Don't let such a good series go the way of the Virtual Boy.

Man to all gift-kind.

Mmm, sorry, but I don't like mustard much. Would you mind some ketchup instead?... Ah well, you can always buy E3 swag off eBay... for hundreds of $, that is.

Me, I'm into bizarre things. Like playing Mr. Game & Watch on SSBM. While the look of the new Zelda isn't exactly my favorite graphic style seen in a game, I still like it, especially at times when it gets quirky (Link's spin attack, anyone?). And when I played the E3 demo, it just fit, especially as Link is again a kid in this game. If it was say, a grown up Link (a la SSBM, or later on in OoT)... well, it just wouldn't work. And as you say, Miyamoto is from Japan, and the Japanese can be beyond bizarre, even if, as you pointed out, that most of his work has looked more 'American'. Have you ever seen the Japanese Zelda commercials from earlier times? Very scary stuff.

Eh, I'm going to have to wait until I see FFX's ending and epilogue (Another Story) until I know if I want the sequel. But if it stays good as it has been so far, and if FFX's twin children live up to that, well... fine by me. As long as they're released here, anyway. I heard that Kingdom Hearts was the result of an affair between FF7 and Disney, and with Tidus and Wakka thrown in to make FFX look like the guilty party. And no party was pure enough to have an immaculate conception, not even Disney. Yes, that's right.

Ah well, good or not, cliffhangers always make me really wonder. It's a gimmick to sell those FFX sequels, I guarantee you.

Speaking of bizarre, quirky things, I honestly have no clue what happened to Space Channel 5 part 2. It was a game I was actually looking forward to, freaky Jackson or not. Speaking of SC5, did any of you know Rudo's actually pretty good at that game? He almost beat the original version when he was here for E3. Yet he refuses to play DDR...

Time to go old school...

I know this is going to sound like sacraledge, but I am looking forward to games less and less this year. Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait for Star Ocean 3, Xenosaga, and Suikoden 3, but I really miss the 2d look. I am not at all moved by ffXI, most of the mmorpg's I have played have been annoying sessions of "avoid the half-wit" and finding that there is really very little Role Playing involved. I was excited to hear that Breath of Fire was coming to the PS2, but then I saw the screens, I could handle 3-d but the character designs for Nina and Ryo are so awful (in my opinion for the two or three of you out there that don't know that from the outset) that I will have to really be impressed by future updates to consider buying it. I think the 3-D thing is being rather overdone, but I have been favorably impressed by the games I have played, namely Grandia II, and FFX (as well as some fighting games).

I feel that my desires for a nicely done 2-D RPG are going to be not-so-slowly ground to dust.

Maybe I will get excited again as the games begin to hit America, but I'm (for once) not holding my breath.

What do you think?


Overdone or not, I think 3D works fine if it meshes well with the rest of the game. 2D usually gives off that classic nostalgic feel, and I can't really say if I miss it or not if it's never used again, after all, if I had such a craving, I'd go back to a classic game. But to be honest, I don't have a preference either way, as long as it's not hideously ugly. If the gameplay works, the music fits, the story is well developed, and again, if whichever style works with the overall game, that's good enough for me. Though 3D CAN do more, including enhance a story in visual aspects.
FFVII having twins too? Hmm... I think I can stick with FFX.

Hi. Just one question. It's all well and good that we're getting demi-sequels to FFX (something I never thought Square would actually do). But FFX was, in my opinion, a meager improvement over FFIX, which was in itself a meager improvement over the series' ugly duckling, FFVIII. What do you think the odds are that we'll get demi-sequels (or side-stories if you prefer) for the only good Playstation Final Fantasy, FFVII? Is it too old for Square to be interested? And do you think they might reward old school gamers who have longed for nearly a decade for a new story using the world and characters of the miraculous FFVI? I know you probably don't know anything factual about this, I'd just like your opinion. Thanks.


Meager? I've heard FFX is tons better than IX myself, but I never really touched the latter. I like FFX more than most FFs actually, but I'm still not sure if it beats out VI. As for sequels to a previous FF, I think that 1) they may be too old for Square to be interested, and 2) honestly, how many FFs are left open ended/cliffhangered such as X's? Most of the stories concluded as far as I remember, so there wouldn't really be much to expand on.

I've personally always dreamed of a 3D remake of FFVI with similar or better graphics used in the intro and ending of the PSX version. Even then, I'd only love it if it stayed true to the charm and feel of the original...

Closing Thoughts

There you have it, my only afternoon update of late. Not that it's any different than my usual evening ones, but hey. Anyway, I'm starving, I have other work to do, and FFX is calling me... or will be, later on. Pff. Maybe I'll get to see some Kenshin, too. Oh, I also put up a new topic for your viewing (and writing) pleasure. Aaaand as always, you can just write in about whatever the heck you want, if not that. Just write me before I fry and sizzle away into nothing in this hot Cali weather. Please. :P

~ Liz, who keeps dreaming about the FFX Sphere Grid. God help me.(letters@rpgfan.com)

PS. In case any of you were wondering, I did drop my staff name though only so far, in the Mailbag. Is it a rebellious staffer thing to do? Not really. I personally prefer a real name to a psuedonym, and yes, I made my coworkers aware, so don't go trying to get me fired. :P


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