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Friday, June 7, 2002

So hey, it's been a week! Don't ask what went on, really. :P Other than a lack of being able to update, I've been playing Final Fantasy X and... don't ask what else. Fine, you really want to know? Let's put it this way: I logged my 105th hour in FFX today, Yuna has covered the whole Sphere Grid (sans Auto-Life spell), and she also defeated the first boss in the final dungeon in one hit. Oh, and I'm far from done yet, there's still a couple of sidequests to go.

In other news... wait, what other news? FFX has consumed me completely. Enjoy the letters as much as you can.

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I wish I got money out of it. Well... maybe.

If you order a music soundtrack through RPGFAN, what do you get out of that and more importantly what do I get (other than the Soundtrack) The Xenogears and Xenosaga soundtracks are looking more and more appealing I also am wondering what console is Legend of The Mystical Ninja starring Goemon coming out for? Working Designs is localizing it but They have failed to mention what console it is for.

Thank you and Metroid rules

Well, first, as you probably figured out, you're buying the OST from stores such as AnimeNation, and our links are referral links to the stores, which basically means a small percentage of each sale through our referral links goes to RPGFan, and strictly server costs and directly site related things. You get a site that stays alive longer. :P

And just like Growlanser II and III, Goemon is scheduled for the Sony Playstation 2... that is, if Sony will approve of it. So far, Sony hasn't actually given WD approval, the apparent reason being that Sony doesn't think that it will even do well, especially since its reception was rather lukewarm in japan, and also considering that the quality of the game is rather low compared to PS2 games of late. Nonetheless, expect WD to fight to get the game approved.

Confusing storylines are all around us.

Hello, Schal..uh,Samus,er,Schala,er..um,Liz,

Wow, after all this time, I'm FINALLY writing to RPG Fan! Well, better late than never! First off, I'll talk about what I'd like to see at E3..heh?..come again?...really.....$#/+...(I knew I should of written this earlier). WELL! Moving along then. Next, I will talk about the new Zelda. I think the graphics are quite nice. Cell shading can look pretty cool when it's done well (ie. Herdy Gerdy). Although, it does look little childish at times but, ah well, that's Nintendo for ya'. I'm also wondering how Link all of a sudden has a sister, (and where has she been in the all the "later" games).Well, that's Zelda's confusing storyline for ya'.

Finally, Final Fantasy X,uh,part 2. It's going to interesting how two (Rikku Disk And Yuna Disk) connect to one another. I hope the graphics and gameplay aren't COMPLETLY identical to FFX's. And maybe it'll explain what a certain part of the ending was about. I don't want to spoil any thing but, there's a short seen that plays after the credits, that kind of has me puzzled.

Well, guess I'll wrap it up. Not bad for my first letter (I guess). Bye!


Of course Zelda looks childish at times. Hell, it fits a lot of the time, with Link's age, and it just makes certain times such as Link's spin attack look all the more amusing. I think we're all wondering where Link's sister came in, just as I've wondered about the series title, when Zelda herself is in maybe half the actual games.

I like FFX's graphics a lot, and I'd imagine that, at least for the most part, the gameplay engine will be the same. My one qualm about the in-game graphics though, is the only person whose hair actually moves, is Lulu's. I like the gameplay a lot, better than many FF games in the past. I especially like how you have to boost character stats yourself via the Sphere Grid, rather than being lazy by just gaining levels and the stats automatically being boosted for you. As for the ending, well, I'm about 15 minutes from beating the game from where I am right now, so I can't comment. I've heard others says similar things about the ending though, and I'm all the more curious to see it. Maybe after this update's over...

Delays and more delays. Yes, they do happen.

So Harmony of Dissonance is being delayed, huh? Do you have any ideas on what the reasons may be? And is this delay effective on just the american side or is this the japanese version that's being delayed? I know you probably know nothing more than I do, but you're probably atleast a bit more educated on what the problem might be, heheh. ^^; Do be perfectly honest, someone somehow dumped the rom and I downloaded a copy of it. ^^; But... Well, I was really excited about the game, loved SotN and liked CotM, but there are a few (major) things I'm not that happy about. ^^; Think it's possible they're making last-minute improvements on it (*coughthemusiccough*), or is 3-4 months just not enough time to do anything new, make enough copies to send htem off, and send them around the world as well? Well, thanks!


As I said in my last update, which was ...yikes, a week ago now, Harmony of Dissonance had no official reasons from Konami for the delay. Shame on you for downloading the ROM. :P As you didn't actually play it on the GBA, hopefully things will be looking better once you do. Me, I played it at E3 in... also ROM form, because it sure wasn't no GBA. It seems that the animation and attention to detail are better than the CotM, and the choice of colors being brighter than that of CotM will sure help, especially on the GBA's already dark screen. I didn't like not having an actual way of running, just the one quick-dash button... don't know if it'll stay the same in the end, but eh. White Night Concerto, the obvious Japanese name for HoD, came out in Japan yesterday I believe, and most likely with good sales. I figure that if E3 was so close to the Japanese release, much of the game will stay as how it was as I saw it at E3. And for you and anyone else who's interested in HoD, look for my preview on the game... well, sometime soon.
What's with all these people named Jeff Davis lately?

Why talk about that. I'm more interested in the new BoF game and still interested in chrono break and lunar 3 (Its still coming damn it) what about those.


I personally don't get too interested in a game when I've seen and heard next to nothing on it, even if it's next in a series I've really liked. Take FF, I wasn't interested - AT ALL - in FFX until I played it at last year's E3. Breath of Fire for the PS2 looks interesting so far in terms of looks, mostly because it's a big change for the series. Lunar 3 is in development, that is, very, VERY slow development in Japan, but if what I've heard about it so far is any indication, I wouldn't exactly be looking forward to it if I were you. And finally, this is also for everyone who's been asking about Chrono Break for the past few months. THERE'S NOTHING TO BE KNOWN ABOUT IT. There never was. Squaresoft copyrighted the name and that's all anyone knows.
I'd rather wear Yuna's necklace than Tidus' pants.

Dear Sir or Madam,

There was a picture of Yuna's neclace on your site. Could you please tell me where you got it? I am designing Yuna's costume and it would really help if you could tell me the site. Thank you.


Lauren F.

Looking at Himeya's English store, where we originally found it, I can't find it there right now, but if you can, well... :P I think there's other stores such as Digicube that sell FF products, but I'm not sure about the jewelery... oh well.
Closing Thoughts

Wow, I managed to finish this off before midnight. Usually I put this of until... well. :P For once I'm out of things to actually talk about, other than that I'll probably be changing, or at least adding to the topic. And as usual, write in about anything you want, it's not limited to just the posted topic.

~ Liz, who should just stop playing FFX one day if she knows what's good for her. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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