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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Too much Beatles music, you ask? Well... yes and no. You see, with the way iTunes, our music program here, works, everytime you listen to a new song (which you've either downloaded or ripped off a CD), it goes to the very top of your playlist, and what follows after the song is over, naturally is the regular playlist, which, as you may have guessed, starts out with a Beatles tune. Guess which one. :P And it's happened each time so far: I keep forgetting to shut off the music before then. Not that I don't like the Beatles, but it seems kind of odd after listening to a ton of game music. Anyway, I've been downloading samples of the Final Fantasy XI OST to see if the music justifies a purchase, something I should have done before buying the FFIX Tokyopop CD. So far, if the first seven songs are any indication, it looks like it'll be purchase-worthy. The next thing I get to worry about is whether I can get my hands on the Limited Edition copy.

Oh, and I also recommend Final Fantasy Concert 20020220. Yes, indeed.

Anyway, I finally beat FFX (which by no means... means that I'm finished with the game), but... I'll talk about that later. Ahead for you is some quality, intelligent reading material.

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I like FFX, lightly buttered and toasted.

Do you like FFX?

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

I dunno, I thought it'd be kinda obvious. :P

I liked and disliked the ending... even if I knew what was going to happen. It was still sad, but well, the side stories better expand on the story rather well, or I'll be a very unhappy fan. The Epilogue is also driving me slightly crazy, especially since it's left very open-ended, but well, that's what the upcoming sequels are for.

I'm hopelessly addicted to the gameplay, and the Sphere grid, which I'm currently trying to complete with EVERY CHARACTER. This includes filling empty nodes and having all seven character activate them...

I can't believe I'm actually considering buying FFX International... and playing Blitzball. Woe is me.

I'd like to see a Lulu & Wakka version...

Hey Schala,

Hopefully by the time you get this you have finished FFX because when I first heard of the side storys to FFX I thought it was great and I can imagine how they will do with the Yuna story but I still have no idea what could have with the Rikku story because she wasn't really a major character, so what do you think.

I also want to know what you think will happen when it is time for Xenosaga 5 to be released. As we all know, episode 5 is Xenogears so do you think it will be bundled with episode 4 or 6 or will it be sold seperatly with better graphics and extras.


I thought Rikku was a pretty important character, myself. She helped a lot on Bikanel island and after, with all things related to Al Bhed and getting their help and all, but hey, when the leader's your father and he owns a big-ass airship, I bet pulling strings like that wouldn't be too hard. Having a Yuna and a Rikku version also makes a lot more sense if you've seen the Epilogue, as Yuna and Rikku (apparently) both have different ideas about how to go about on a certain quest, and the two games will separately show each's path.

I don't think Namco's going to do a direct port or remake of Xenogears. I think Xenosaga Episode 5 will coincide with a lot of Xenogears events, but definitely not have so much backstory, as said story will already have been told in the previous episodes, or so I hope. And uh, seeing as Namco hasn't bundled any of the Xenosaga episodes YET, chances are it won't happen later in the series either. I'm interested to see if Namco and Square will work out some copyright issues for names and places later in the series.

Gotta love frequently asked questions. Which reminds me...


.....I heard that Seiken Densetsu 2 is coming out on the WonderSwan.....um...what is the WonderSwan? Some wacky name for a PS2? *sigh* PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME HAVE THAT SYSTEM SOMEWHERE IN MY HOUSE! ....is the WonderSwan an SNES?

...you never heard of the Wonderswan? You poor, sheltered person. Well, not really, as Wonderswan is a handheld system made by Bandai which will never see the light of day in North America, unless you import one right out of Japan. As far as SD2 coming out for the WS is concerned, Square mentioned it well, forever ago, hence it being on release dates, but nothing has been said of it since. No screenshots, nothing. That's okay by me, because I personally would love to see a Secret of Mana port for the Game Boy Advance instead.
And here I thought that this letter was going to be about Blitzball.

A truly sad story...my heart ache, let me tell you...

Last week, shake some dust out of my Snes and start playin' with my old FF3(ff6j) cartridge, everything's fine, for now...

In the world of ruin, you get control of Celes, find Sabin who is holding a house (whatta guy!) and bang , the game freeze, i start restarting the game and it freeze at the same spot...

To make it short, my ff3 cartridge is all messed up... and sadness overwhelm me...

My question : i heard somewhere that square plan to rerererelease some old ff games on the GBA... is that true???

It's the end of the world as we know it!



ps: anybody know the email of sabin, i need to send him a bill of 70$ for my ff3 cartridge... thanxs to his blitz!

Uh... I have no clue who this Sabin is that you're talking about. I've seen at least 30 people with Sabin handles on the Internet, so...

I had a cart like that, except it froze at the end of battles. It was only on certain saves though, like really late in the game. Yet I'd erase the save, start my own game and it'd be fine. Odd.

Square porting FF games to the GBA is for now, only a rumor. Except FFT of course, which was the very first Square game confirmed for any Nintendo system, after Square and Nintendo mended things. I'd like to see some ports, myself, but... Square can re-release games only so many times.


hi schala or should i call you liz i dunno

seemings you got to play loadsa games at E3 what was the most impressive non-nintendo game there?what do you think of those stupid zelda graphics.i recon they bring the childish label on themselves doing things like that.Why was the suikoden 3 battle system so bad?and wot the hell is metal gear 2 substance all abt, i know it aint an rpg but still.Do you think that square is taking rpgs in a new direction with this bold idea to release two side stories for ffx?


(why havnt i wrote in for a few months?)

I don't know, why haven't you written for a few months? I thought it was more like... a month or so, myself, though. Anyway, Zelda's graphics are... oh man, I feel a deja vu coming on. They suit the game and Link's age, and really, when you see and play the game in action... it just might not feel that stupid THEN. Nobody said Suikoden 3's battle system is bad, but it's really slow at times, and well... I'm used to fast. Take Metal Gear Solid 2, add newly-revamped VR Missions and some other side games, and throw Snake into the Plant mission, and voila, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance.

I don't see how doing a sequel to an RPG is revolutionary, but okay. It's a whole new concept in the Final Fantasy series as well as bold, yes, but the FF series != (does not equal) all RPGs. :P

Closing Thoughts

La la la, I forgot to change the Topic last week, go me. Well, this afternoon should see a new topic up, if I can think of one. If whatever I choose doesn't interest you, help me decide which game to play next.

Or maybe I'll just start up a game of Symphony of the Night. That is, after I do all my chores and other site work. And watch the first two sessions of Cowboy Bebop. Suddenly being by myself during the day isn't so bad anymore.

~ Liz, the ever-indecisive one. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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