Spiteful Friday
Friday, June 14, 2002

So it seems like the giant Kirby on the right over there has attracted me a lot of attention. And people keep assuming that the Kirby is 3 feet tall and that I am too. :P Uh, no. That Kirby was almost 5 feet tall. And yes I'm taller, now shut up. :P If you think that's scary, picture an equally huge Pikachu next to him... though I must say I like Kirby better.

I started Castlevania: Symphony of the Night last night - I blame my Harmony of Dissonance preview for inspiring me to start up this game. It's a bit hard at first and I suck. Eh... I'd mention more if the entire continent hadn't played this game already. :P Of course, work should be before play.... bad Liz. I should have remembered that the night I sat down and watched ten episodes of Cowboy Bebop in a row. Too bad I have no way of watching the next 20 episodes. Oh, woe is me.

Enough of that. Prepare for a bit of abuse. Fun fun.

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Xenosaga: The first M rated RPG?


This is certainly dumb...like all of my usual questions...which adds up to..2. *ahem* :::stretches elastic pants:: But, I was looking in the pictures section for Xenosaga, clicking on the Japanese screens. I was just wondering..when you see like, the 3rd page of pictures..I kind of see this guy..leaning in, to kiss a girl. This isn't an ordinary guy, no, no. He looks OLD, and she looks YOUNG. Is it just me, or are the girls in those pictures chibi or something? They look tiny! The case of the Xenosaga rape. Looks like he is leaning down a bunch, to kiss her. She's just looking at him..just looking. Hopefully it is a *peck on the cheek*...I know some are kids...but...are the males overly grown kids ? Hey, I know this is stupid, just making myself look stupid as usual. I don't try hard actually. Also, for FFX Sidestories....the endings aren't going to be the same are they, and Tidus--is he going to be a major part? -Julia

...you mean this? Well hey, you chose to ask the best person on staff - someone who's beaten the game! :P And believe me, there's a perfectly good explanation of that shot. You'll know I'm right after you play it yourself and see.... but anyway.

Contrary to popular(?) belief, the redhead in that pic... isn't a girl. It's Jr., who's one of your playable characters and supposedly 12, but he seems more 14-ish to me in the game. And for a kid, he's one heck of a gunslinger... but that's a little off-topic, for now. Anyway, the white-haired one is Albedo, a main villain in the game... and no, he isn't actually that old. I'd explain more, but it'd be slightly spoilerific... so I won't. Are they kissing? Is it even a peck on the cheek? No and no. As these characters are somewhat linked, they're seen here talking, or more or less arguing. Or rather, Jr.'s arguing, and Albedo is, well, taunting, pretty much. Good thing you American gamers will never have to hear his Japanese laugh. I envy you.

Your second question reminds me... to call the FFX 'Sidestories', well, just that, is kind of silly in a way. See, they could only really be sidestories to each other... as they take place after the FFX 'Another Story' epilogue, which takes place two years after FFX's ending. Also, if you've seen the Epiloogue or at least read the script, Tidus will play a part. How big, I can't say and don't know. So no, the endings can't be the same.

My list is too long to fit in here.

Ummm... I dunno if you already done this on some previous occasion, but it would really be kinda cool if all you staffguys named your absolute favorite RPG game. Taste's differ themselves from eachother and I just wanna check if your taste in RPG's are so different from mine that it's just a complete waste of time to read the reviews you've written and will (most likely) write in the future...

MY favorite is Grandia... A timeless journey...

Hmmm, previous occasion? Check the Staff section... ever heard of it? I do believe there's a 'Favorite Game' portion for each staffer, is there not? :P

...reading reviews are a waste of time in case our taste in RPGs is different? What sense does that make? No matter what the favorite RPG of any given reviewer is, it doesn't mean they're biased when they sit down and write a review for an RPG not so similar to their favorites. So why should a review be written or read with the editor's favorite RPG in mind? If he/she wanted to compare, they may do so in the review itself. But just because they like 'this type of RPG' is NOT an automatic explanation for why they gave a low score on the RPG of 'that' type. Nor does it automatically mean they dislike any other type of RPG. I like to think our reviews are much more fair than that and so should also be considered this way by our readers, that is if they actually take the time to read them.

Speaking of spellchecks...

I have a direct response to the ignorant comment of Zelda (Tentative Title) being stupid, due to the cell shaded graphics? The subject was titled: Wheeeee. And it was from RPGste.

I mean grow up a little bit buddy. It's not all about the graphics or anything of the such, but more so the gameplay and how much fun you have playing it. And if I recall when reading some of the Editors notes from this years E3, the cell shaded seems like it will stay due to the simple fact of Zeldas awesome combination of both cell shaded graphics and the gameplay elements. I suggest you check your material, stop making assumptions and do a spell check before you send in your later.

Take care,

p.s. No material that I represent was meant to offend in any way.

Well, to be fair, I do believe he was just referring to Zelda's graphics, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and stick to that. After all, how can one call the whole game stupid when they've only seen its graphics and animation? As I've said countless times, I'm sure a lot less people would be complaining if they could try out the game themselves. But hey, I can't change that, can I? And yes, the gameplay is a lot of fun... like Ocarina of Time, as I or someone has said before. Gotta love the spin attack.
Some random quickies that I'm obligated to reply to.

What is more sexual: FFX, or FFXXX?

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

It depends if you've seen the 'Final Fantasy XXX' 'cover art' or not. To the rest of you... just don't ask.
The final fantasy X side storys sounds like a great idea that squaresoft came up with. But I was wondering what ever happen to the the idea of the remakes of final fantasy VII, VIII, and IX for the PS2. Are they still going to do that or have they canceled the project. Please let me know


You know, I could be just like Chrono and point out each and every time that someone has written in about this very question. But I'm lazy and I'll just cut to the chase. We took them off release dates because Square never made mention of them ever again. Now deal with it.

Okay, that was a little harsh. But I for one am much more interested in the FFX sequels than any remake of a Playstation Final Fantasy.

[URL of our news update about FF merchandise. Clicky clicky.]

Hi, do you know of any online stores that still sell these? I tried the ones from the article but they don't have them. Thanks.

Seems like everyone loses their way when they come across this article. :P The main shops to look for FF merchandise are Himeya, Digicube, Animenation, GameMusic (though the last two sell mostly figures), and some weird Japanese sites that I looked at ages ago and can't remember URLs for. And, of course, there's always eBay. But hey, if you come across that Sephiroth resin statue for a reasonable price... let me know. :P
Are you single?
I'm not going to mention who put this in for their sake. But know this, readers. Hitting on RPGFan editors will get you nowhere. Especially ones who date very, very jealous senior editors. :P

Now how's that for an answer?

Closing Thoughts

Okay, so I've had my spiteful and cruel Mailbag fun for the day. Come back crawling to me on Monday for more, you know you want to be punished more, you sick ----- yeah, ANYWAY. In short, just come back for more abuse. Oh, and there's -finally - an actual new topic up. Go me.

~ Liz, the ever abusive one. Only on Fridays. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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