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Monday, June 17, 2002

I have nothing to say. Go away.

Okay, I'm kidding. Don't go away, please? I can explain! See, the only thing I have much to say about right now would be the Final Fantasy XI soundtrack, but I'm saving all that for my review. So you all will just have to wait. Oh yeah, and I guess I've been playing Symphony of the Night quite a bit, but I suck and have died plenty of times. I've also had certain individuals get extremely jealous because I got a certain weapon called the Rapier rather early in the game, not to mention from an enemy who, from what I've been told, isn't even supposed to drop it. Oh well, it doesn't keep me from doing horribly at the game. :P

But we got two WaveBird controllers this weekend, so I'm very happy. Now I can play Smash Bros. without going across the room or without worrying about anyone tripping on cords. Oh yeah, and they're cool anyway.

Yes yes, I have letters. No, I wasn't a mean, cruel, spiteful person today. Unfortunately.

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Bah, I get lists from everyone. What's another?

Dear Ms. Maas,

First off, I'd like to dispel the myth that hitting on an RPGFan editor will get you nowhere. First of all, we Contributing Editors are very malleable. We'll go into grocery stores to buy you beer, as long as you pay us, of course. Secondly, in response to that guy who wanted to know Editors' favorite RPGs: Fallout 2. That game's not even listed on my favorite games, I don't think. Thirdly, anyone who is interested in Programming Languages, their history, and their sources, should pick up the June 2002 issue of Wired. There's a nice chart in the middle of the Infoporn section linking many major programming languages. I just thought it was nifty. Fourth, about the FF7-9 PS2 remakes. What's the point? I mean, honestly, these games are less than 5 years old. Let's remake MGS for the PS2!! HAHAHEAHEA! ROBBLE ROBBLE@@@ My point really is that until we can get real! improvement on a game, aside from graphical changes, it's not worth it, even if it would sell. Fifth, aren't you glad you don't have to deal with my lists on a regular basis?

-John McCarroll AKA KeeperX,

Contributing Previews Editor.

You didn't go and hit on Sumi, did you? (Might be why she doesn't like you! :P) Then again, I guess it wouldn't surprise me all that much, since about 80% of the male RPGFan readers have probably hit on her at least once. :P As for the beer thing... I'm having deja vu. Wait, Mike isn't a contributing editor, was he? Nonetheless, he and whoever else went were all nice enough to go get some Bacardi Silver and Skyy Blue so Sumi and I could drink ourselves silly that night. ANYWAY...

Would you mind picking me up some Skyy Blue, by the way? :P I hope that favor only applies to other editors, cuz we're special... Oh, and I guess your family and good friends, too. But no, I'm not paying for them.

I'm pretty sure there's lots of aspiring programmers passing through our neck of the woods. Sadly, I'm not one of them. But hey, if that info helps out any of you programmer wannabes, then kudos to you and John.

...Robble yourself, I for one wouldn't mind seeing a Metal Gear Solid with today's graphics and MGS2's gameplay and controls. Why? Well, MGS was by far the better game of course, story-wise especially. I think you're right for the most part, but remakes of some huge titles will sell on graphics alone - look at Resident Evil. Mind you, the enemies are tougher and take more shots to the chest before falling over in a pool of blood, but you don't know this until you actually play.

Long live Sega.

I sure this is a mistake but you have Ring Age for the Dreamcast To Be Announced for a US release date. I thought the Dreamcast was dead over here. But is it quite possible that they might release it for another consle?


Bah, the Dreamcast will never die. And in fact, there are quite a few games still coming out for the system, though mostly in Japan. Want proof? Take a look at NCS' DC pre-order page here. Mind you, some of those haven't exactly been updated lately, but there's still a substantial amount there.

As for Ring Age's possible release on any other console... well, I guess that would depend on how the critics take it, and how it sells on the DC. If the critics like it but the DC sales are poor, and if the company actually wants to, then it just might make it to another console.

I know some cyberpunks. Oh, wait...


I am certainly glad all of you fine folks had a lovely time at E3. I read all the E3 related stuff on the site that I could, even if it was for games I had little or no interest in at first, because like any human, I can change my mind.

As for the subject of what game stood out the most to me from the E3 coverage- Duality for PC. Yeah, Phantagram Interactive and Trilobyte's cyberpunk game Duality had me interested the moment Jayde put up the news snippet and pictures. I've been a cyberpunk fan for a while now, and a Shadowrun fan as well. So a dark, grittty, atmospheric, cyberpunk adventure is certainly up my alley.

With such cool upcoming titles as Shining Lore Online and Duality, Phantagram is a company I'm keeping an eye on more than ever now.


Lucky you. I had no time to read our massive E3 coverage. Heck, I didn't even write an update during the show!

Though PC games, nor MMORPGs, have never exactly been right up my alley, Phantagram's games which you've mentioned (moreso Duality) did attract quite the attention at E3. Unfortunately, I never got to actually try Shining Lore Online like I said I would - I never got to play everything I wanted to either. So sorry. :P

Well, I'm glad that Phantagram seems to be getting positive exposure since E3. Let's hope they follow through on that good impression they seem to have left on some gamers.

Me, the Final Fantasy gameplay tips whore.

I am in dire need of your help. At 12 hours into FFVI (FFA version), I run into the floating continent where the battles are extremely hard. I have Setzer, Celes, and Strago in my party, along with Shadow, and it is too late to change them. Each battle is very hard and wastes my MP and HP. I run out of MP very quickly and I have no tinctures or ethers left. What is the best strategy for this area? Please help. Thank you.
...12 hours? That seems like an awfully short time to be able to get to the Floating Continent, if you ask me. Which could also explain why you're having such a hard time... I'll imagine you're quite underlevelled for the Floating Continent. You do know that you CAN leave the Floating Continent, right? There's a huge hole in the middle of the Continent, and you can see the airship below. If you go to the middle of the north edge of this hole, you'll have an option to jump back on the airship. I'd suggest doing that and levelling up somewhere down below. A lot. And stock up on those items, big time. But then, if you can't make it to the airship... I guess you're in trouble. :P
Case of the superiority complex.

Dear You Pathetic Fool. Or Fools? Should I refer to each individual cell that makes up the entity that is you as one 'fool' and thus refer to the giant collective mass as a bunch of 'fools'? Does it matter if I spell it p|-|00|_5 instead? Are they the same thing? Is every being on earth linked to every other being? Should I capitalize 'earth'?

Well? I'm waiting for an answer.

You might have thought that I was dead. In a sense, that is, in fact, true. It all started...I think, maybe, two weeks ago.

It started while I was murdering someone...or was it something?

I was murdering my FF7 discs. All three of them. I was playing the game with great difficulty; I could not kill that ultra hard boss. What was it called? The Guard Scorpion. It kept killing Cloud [who I renamed 'Smidge'. Don't ask.] and that other guy.

After the two hundred fifty fifth try, something inside me snapped. Maybe that was because a week before I had downloaded [and I still don't know why] an mp3 of the world map theme from final fantasy 8. And ever since, I had been blasting it at full volume. It was bound to disrupt my hearing at some point.

Damn that Uematsu!

Anyway...yes. I decided, those FF7 CDs had to go. They had to go in the most horrible possible way.

And so, to the tune of that one song from FF8 [wasn't it Blue Fields?] I took a knife and began mutilating all three discs. It was somewhat satisfying. No, I'll admit it. It was very satisfying. IT WAS SO FRIGGIN SATISFYING THAT I RULE YEAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!

I would do it again in an instant.

I mutilated each disc, until each one was a lump of whitish powder--I had scraped off all the black stuff.

But then....then I was screwed.

There was blood on my hands. And what better way to remove blood from your hands than by typing a very long and pointless e-mail? It would be an excellent way o cause some of that blood on my hands to get off onto my keyboard, which I never liked, anyway.

It's what's gonna go next.
Was the above sentence correct in terms of grammar? I didn't think so.

I can't sleep at night anymore. I keep having nightmares that my FF7 CDs, in phantom form, might leap up and kill me.

Have you ever seen a CD? Those things are pretty damn sharp.

Anyway...I should probably stop typing now. I've got a few more games I'd like to get rid of.


You never did like your belongings, did you? Well, I'll tell you something: They never liked you either! And for that, they ARE going to come back and haunt you, let me assure you. I can't wait til they do.

And all because you kept dying at the Scorpion boss. You do know that when his tail is up and you attack, he counterattacks, right? That's right. I'm just full of useful and useless FF gameplay tips today, aren't I?

Don't doubt the power of Metroid. :P


I must say that I was very relieved when I saw footage of the new Zelda. Prior to E3 I had only seen still pictures of the game. On the week of the show they played a clip of Zelda on CNN Headline News. If you doubters out there would actually go track down the clip that I saw, then I can assure you that you will doubt no more! The wait for this game is gonna kill me! As far as non-RPGs go, I have to say that all the positive comments on Metroid Prime have gotten me interested, but I'm still having some doubts. I've never been a fan of the FPS. I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

I have absolutely nothing to say on MMORPGs. I've never played one. For some reason I can't seem to find one that will work on a Pentium 133! :)

In closing...uh...that's it!


The Darkrider

Zelda made it on to CNN news, huh? Wow... it was that impressive? Neat. I must say that your letter confirmed my belief that seeing Zelda in action would change minds. You have to admit it animates very nicely. To the doubters still out there: Go download a movie or 10 of the game and let's see if you come back complaining still. If you are, I'll have to force you to play it. :P

To be honest, a lot of Metroid fans were, and still are, iffy on playing a FPS Metroid game. Again, see it in motion, maybe even play it, and your fears just might dissipate. That is, if you love Metroid passionately like some of us here on staff. *cough* And really, the only thing I was iffy about, after playing Metroid Prime's E3 demo, was even calling it an FPS. Yes, it's in first person view and yes, you shoot things and blow sh*t up. But there's still a lot of exploration involved - did you really think Nintendo would take that oh so important factor out of a Metroid game?! So now, after playing the demo, I'm calling it a FP action-adventure. Still a true Metroid.

...no wonder you don't play MMORPGs! With a processor that slow, I wouldn't dare try to run a game on that system, hell no, let alone a Tetris clone. Then again, in the days of my Athlon 800, I still never touched PC games. The only one I'd be willing to give a try right now is Baldur's Gate II: Dark Alliance... and I'd rather have the PS2 port.

Closing Thoughts

Well, I finally got around to updating the Mailbag FAQ (in the menu), read it, know it, love it. Okay, not really. But... just abide by it, or else. I'm surprised as to how many things I've done today, since this is/was Sunday and Sundays are, well, usually lazy. And I have even more to do once I'm done here - Castlevania will be sitting all by itself on the shelf for a little while, it seems. One day I'll get to play again. All work and no play makes Liz a bitter Mailbag chick.

Anyway, I think I've rambled too much and you guys don't care, at least I don't think. So shut me up by writing in. Please.

~ Liz, the last person on Earth to have played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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