Aquarium Toilets
Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Yes, I've been watching too much TechTV. Or maybe I just turned to look at the wrong time - a very wrong time. Now some of you are wondering just what the heck I'm talking about - aquarium toilets, of course! Some of you have seen this bizarre invention, right? All it is, is the toilet tank is, well, an aquarium instead. You're probably wondering the same thing I was: 'Wouldn't odors or something, you know, harm the fish?' Uh well, I can't explain that part... I didn't watch the TV long enough to find out. I guess there would be tubes that do all the work and run through the aquarium without any actual contact between the toilet water and aquarium's water, or let's hope so, anyway. If not, well then, I really feel sorry for the fish.

If you think that was weird, they also showed goggles made for dogs - called 'Doggles'. (God help me.) Hey, I never said my inspiration for titles and rants came from normal sources. One day I'll spell 'toilet' right on the first try.

By the way, go play Bomberman Generations for the GameCube. Cool game (battle mode, anyway), even if I suck horribly at it. Maybe I'll be doing better after I log, say, 2000 minutes on it, like I have on Smash Bros. Melee.

But before you do even that, go read the letter and write me. Or fear my giant Kirby friend over there.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
The first day of the rest of your life.

Ms. Maas,

First off; Beyond the Beyond: Best. RPG. 3v4r. This is why i'm a previewer, and not a reviewer. Secondly, I'd like to say that never before has gradutating high school seemed better. Before, I saw it as a mindless ceremony (that I missed). Now, I see it as a mindless ceremony (that I missed) that I got a PS2 and 4 games out of. Wahoo. This rant really isn't going anywhere. So I'll put out an open call: If you can tell me more about the battle system for "Car Battler Joe"(US)/"Car Battler GO!!"(Jp title), I will give you a bunch of stuff.

-John McCarroll


[10 minutes later]

Ms. Maas,

Now, I write my second mailbag letter in the past 15 minutes. I just recently noticed something. On the March 15, 2002 mailbag, Chrono very much told me that I could not be on the staff. Exactly three months later, my first preview was submitted. Booya, Mike. Booya.


A-ha. Mike got told. By a contrib, no less. Not that he can comment anyway, since he's disappeared at the moment. But anyway, I'm sure he meant that you'd never be hired for a MUD editor. Right Mike? :P

You know, I liked my mindless high school grad ceremony. Sure, the venue was much too small, sure, the ceremony took forever, sure, it was kinda corny at times - but my last year in high school was, well, the best year in school for me, period. I graduated with some friends, and other friends who weren't in my graduating class didn't even go to my school came out to see me. I felt loved. Prom rocked, too. But let's not get started on that. I might get all nostalgic talking about stuff that happened four years ago.

By the way, have you ever tried using the site's search engine to look up info on Car Battler Joe? Can't say it'll guarantee that you'd find the battle system info, but it's worth a shot, right?

Frogger Remakes: Yet another thing we can do without.

Dear liz,

I decided to write to the mailbag because I fear that giant kirby... I was just going to ask if there was any sort of information on the new Trigun game. seeing as how its described as a "networked online multiplayer game" which sounds like a mmorpg, i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

in one of the letters it menchioned wanting to have a remake of metal gear solid with better graphics... but wouldn't it make more since to remake the first 2 metal gear games since very few people actually played them and they build all the back story? i think it would be really cool to have those remade... they deserved to be remade more then lets say frogger.

well thats all I have to say so peace out, xenogears forever, and all that jazz,
Adam Blaine

...Trigun game? Can't say I've heard of it. It does sound a bit weird to hear of an online RPG based on an anime series... Does anyone have any clue what system this game is for? I'd normally say that that type of game doesn't have much of a chance of coming here, but who knows, Trigun is pretty popular on our side of the pond so...

More than Frogger? You got that right. I'll give you this, I do like the idea of remaking or rereleasing the original Metal Gear games since I, and perhaps a majority as well, never got a chance to play them. It would be neat to see this part of the Metal Gear story in its original form, rather than in references in Metal Gear Solid. I beg one thing of Konami, however: No mention of Snake's Revenge, ever. Please?

The FF gameplay tips whore is back in the house.


I figured since you've been playing FFX or have been playing it, maybe you could help me out. After beating the game I decided to go back and do every thing possible that I can do (I have a problem with having to get every little thing in rpgs EXPECIALLY Final Fantasy!!!)and it's going along ok until I did something really stupid. See I decided to customize armor for everyone so that they have the best I can give them (kinda like the legedary weapons but with armor), but I sold all my armor before I thought of this idea. Do you know of any place or monster that drops armor w/ 4 slots that are empty? Or at least 4 slots with 1 useful ability equipped in it? If you can help, that would be great!


The bLaH!

Yeah, I'm trying to get every little thing in FFX as well. Problem is, it's time consuming. :P And in fact, I came across the exact same situation... well, sort of.

There's one ridiculously easy way of getting that armor if you're rich (and believe me, I am). The few enemies who drop that armor, are some of the rarer ones in Omega Ruins and inside Sin, such as the Master Tonberry, and even then, they don't drop them that often. So let's face it, that's the extremely hard way of going about things, especially since you never know who they will drop the armor for. If you have lots of cash to spare though, take the Airship and fly to Macalania Woods, and go to the entrance (where you first came to from the Thunder Plains). The guy by the Save point sells armor with 4 empty slots - but at a cost of 100,000 Gil each, though I'm not sure if he also sells weapons.

By the way, if you're looking to put Break HP Limit on your armor, try to fight Nemesis (the hardest/last boss in the Monster Arena) if you can. He's time consuming to fight, I know, but if you can beat him no problem, he does drop armor with Break HP Limit and some empty slots.

More FFX gameplay discussion. Rock.


Have you ever played an RPG to where, you had no money, you couldn't buy any potions; you run out of MP, then some frickin enemy wants to confuse your second to dead character (being two is already dead) they kill you, and then themselves!? ARG! That's a boat-load of bullsh*t, or maybe it is just me. Anyways, my question, is that...since you've played FFX, do you think the Magus Sisters are stronger than Yojimbo, or *Anima* :::gotta love, him/her/it-h*ll thing::: ? I was in the Monster Arena, trying to get some Speed Spheres, when the crappy wolf THAT IS PUNY BUT LIKE, AS HARD A THE FRIGGIN EMERALD WEAPON (with the time limit included) kills Anima.. of all the----- Then I bring out Yojimbo....and to find out.....I used all my money for that fight..(I sell a lot of items) *sigh* Yojimbo gets KOd, and then ...the Magus Sisters...finish it.. Yeah ^_^ So, whaddya think? Who's the best Aeon? **PS** I finished the whole Sphere Grid with Auron....***

I dunno, I've never gotten into a situation like that one as far as FFX is concerned. I hardly ever used MP so much that I ran low, because heck, Save Spheres that fill up HP and MP are a wonderful thing. Plus, my strongest Magic user is, was, and always will be Yuna, and since I've activated her final weapon, Nirvana, all her magic spells cost only one MP no matter what. Even now, everyone's MP is at 999, so it's hard to run out really... okay, I'll stop bragging now.

Do I hate it when two of my characters are confused/poisoned, kill my one character who's not confused, then kill each other/themselves and get poisoned to death at the same time? Hell yes. This, folks, is why I hate the Great Malboro, especially in the Omega Ruins when he Ambushes me a lot more often than he does in Sin. This is also why you put Confuseproof on at least two characters. My personal problems as far as the Monster Arena goes, are the Greater Sphere (the one reason you need Magic AND Magic Def at 255 on at least three characters), Shinryu (having no choice but to be forced to use Tidus, Wakka and Rikku can just suck), and the Nemesis... BECAUSE IT'S A PAIN JUST TRYING TO UNLOCK HIM.

Ah yes, Aeons, the coolest summons I have ever seen in any game. It's pretty understandable that the Magus Sisters are stronger than any other Aeon since, well... there ARE three of them. And the more you level up Yuna, the better all the Aeons get, too. (Oh yeah, and getting as well as activating the Final Weapons help the Aeons' strength as well, because once you do this for a weapon, it'll also give Break Damage Limit to a certain Aeon as well.) One thing about Yojimbo though, it doesn't really seem to matter how much you'll pay him - I mean face it, 1 Gil for 30,000 damage is one hell of a good deal. And yes, Anima is a female (mini spoiler: she's Seymour's mother) and definitely my favorite Aeon. Everything about her is just so sick, twisted, bizarre and creepy. Cool concept for a summon (and my strongest one at that), if you ask me. But then, maybe that's just the morbid side of me.

In short, if you need Speed Spheres, go to an easy area and distill some from enemies if you have to. Distillers are cheap AND handy.

By the way, I've completed the grid with Yuna and soon, four other characters. Yeah yeah, I play too much, what else is new?

More quickies! (No, no that kind.)

hey.....do you know by chance what we have to do to register for the FFXI beta test for the computer???...im really confused cuz i dunno what to dooooooo!!! =(
...Me neither, actually. Not that I was ever interested, but you can check out PlayOnline, Square's site to see if there's any information on there, and that's all I can tell you.

Is there any information for the game, "Chrono Break" such as the characters, or plot that shows or resembles its way off being a "Chrono Trigger" game?


Does no one listen to me or believe me when I say there's no information and never was on Chrono Break? Heck, if we're lucky, we'll see it at E3 2003.

*goes to add this, and the FFVII-IX remakes question to the mailbag FAQ* :P

I'm thirsty! Make us a cup of tea please!

Matt D

You better be talking to KeeperX and not me. Not only am I a full editor and above that type of thing, but he's the one who offered to go get us beer - though you'll have to ask him if that offer applies to more than just editors. :P
Closing Thoughts

You know, this sucks. I've said all I wanted to say in the opening, and I have no inspiration for the closing now. Except that I hate missing every single good concert that's happened in the past... well, year. And I'm very bitter. And that such thing as a hair club actually exists, and that just scares me, to be honest. Oh well, it looks like I'll be making some minor changes to the Mailbag FAQ... very soon. Love me or hate me. Just write me.

~ Liz, who got her arse handed to her today in Bomberman Generations, a game that's bound to either make you love or hate bombs. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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