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Friday, June 21, 2002

So I was eventually able to find next to nothing about a Trigun MMORPG I was asked about in the last update. In fact, as another staffer looked it up, the game, titled "Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke" wasn't even said to be an RPG, just that it would be 'online' - THAT'S how little information there is. Anyway, it was shown at GameJam this past April, and all Smilebit (its developer, duh :P) had to show was this IGN trailer, (now that's a long URL...) accompanied by a news story which said next to nothing other than the info I already provided. Though I'm going to have to trust Feena on the online part, since that was on a Japanese site that I couldn't read... even if I KNEW Japanese, as the language text support doesn't exactly work. But hey, it's something, and I guess the game is fairly new, in development and all, so it just might turn out to be an RPG after all when more info comes out, and we'll get to cover it. So there you go.

In other news, I've gotten to play next to nothing lately, other than sampling Seiken Densetsu 3... which is, of course, VERY similar to Secret of Mana, and so much nicer looking. I'll love Square forever if they ever port AND localize this game. Other than that, looking at CDs and DVDs I can't exactly afford is rather depressing, I must say. So go read some letters, willya?

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I really should rename my column to 'Gameplay Tips Central, Especially FF'...

dear rpg fan

Ive been stuck at seymor 3 for a while now and cant find anyway to kill him. What characters do you reccomend and is there any secrets to beating him?

Also u know any good rpgs for the psx/ps2 i should play other than ffvii, lunar 1, and suikoden? Cause i need a rpg to buy and play:0

Well thx

from hiro

Ah, Seymour Omnis. It's really unfortunate that that form of Seymour had to have such an awesome battle theme....

Because I killed him in one hit.

With Yuna. Argh.

So as you see, from personal experience, all I can tell you about that battle, is to get and activate at least one character's final weapon. Which in turn, would give that character Break Damage Limit, a very useful thing, especially against some enemies. If that's too difficult to achieve, I used a similar trick for harder bosses as well as original Monster arena creatures. Build all of your characters (or as many as possible) up so they have all hit Overdrive before you fight Seymour. And/or, you can cast Haste on all your characters at the start of battle, and also use Quick Hit (I'd recommend you teach that ability to all your characters eventually) as much as possible. That way, you can get in as many turns as possible. Oh yeah, and obviously use your strongest physical characters. Seymour's HP isn't much more than a Behemoth King's HP...

You do mean Suikoden II, right? Because if not, then you should play the second one, especially if you liked the first. A list of other RPGs I, and some other people, recommend and are also in no specific order: FF Chronicles (Chrono Trigger AND FFIV! :P), Xenogears, FF Tactics, Vagrant Story, Wild Arms, Grandia, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (yes, it's less RPG-ish... but still very good), Star Ocean 2, and Valkyrie Profile. Now those are just the PSX titles.

Okay, on to PS2 stuff: Since you're already playing Final Fantasy X, I'll recommend Shadow Hearts, and I've got a recommendation from some random person to play Klonoa 2 as well. I guess I can make honorable mentions for Grandia II and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, though I personally liked Baldur's Gate II: Dark Alliance a lot... I need to play it more. Thinking over the PS2 RPGs... currently, there's few very good ones out, but with all the ones coming out in the future, thee's not much to worry about. I know of three definite PS2 RPG purchases (domestic) that I'll be making in September and October alone: Kingdom Hearts, Wild Arms 3, and .hack. Can't wait.

Yes, I really should.

Hidey Ho,

I know you completed the Sphere Grid with Yuna...I saw it somewhere on this site. Uh, anyways..even though I DID COMPLETE THE SPHERE GRID PEOPLE, and I AM ONLY 14, AND I HAVE NO LIFE...still doesn't give me any fame....what's up with that? By the way..if you have played Grandia II, I need help in that town of Mareg. I finished the little "I love you, I love you too, and you too, but I'm going to run away and act like nothing happened" scene...and I'm supposed to go to that big tornado on the map...the camera angle in that game sucks to me, maybe I missed a turn, but I AM CERTAINLY NOT HAPPY WITH ME BEING IN A STUPID FIELD FOR OVER 45 minutes, doing nada, but circling the crap. *sigh* I won't give up though, I'm going to make it! ::sniff:: Quote- "Gotta work even harder!" By the way, Liz..if I can call you Liz ( Ms. Liz.) .I'm having a hard time registering...I sent in an e-mail asking about that..but I guess that was stupid to do..I only keep getting that Registering Info...and *sigh* I madly clicked on it, but nothing happened..I wanna join, I wanna join, I wanna!


Guess what? I have no life either! Well... not much of one, at least. This is why I've completed the Grid with so many characters. And plan to, with everybody. Ah well, such is life... or a lack of one. I don't expect fame from it either, just self-gratitude. Or some stupid crap like that.

Anyway, if you ever get lost in Grandia II, just use the compass to keep track of where you are... in games such as that and Xenogears in which you can rotate the camera yourself, it's easy to get lost without a compass. :P Other than that, my Grandia II experience is minimal, so here's Parn's solution:

First there's a long bit of walking in a field area with monsters when you leave Nanan. Then after that, you're treated to a really crappy looking bitmap of a giant tornado. You then proceed to go down a mountainside, and then there's a machine-factory type dungeon to go into. (By the way, to clear up something, the town is actually Nanan, where Mareg, the character, is from. Hope that helps. :P)

Turns out I was looking at the wrong news update about the FFXI PC beta testing registration. Unless you figured it out already, the beta testing is actually taking place in Japan, and hey, if you're fluent in Japanese, you can check out the registration page and all the requirements here. Or, if Japanese isn't your forte, you can check out our news update for a shortened English version of said requirements. Either way, good luck.

It never ends.


After reading about your extensive playing of Final Fantasy X I was wondering if there is any signifigance to Yuna's eyes being two different colors. Although I've wanted to play the game for a while, I don't think I'll ever get my hands on a PS2.

By the way, what happened to Chrono and Schala?

Thanks a lot!


You know, I never noticed Yuna had two different eye colors until about 20 hours into the game. How lame is that? If I told you why she had two different eye colors, it'd be spoilerific, but as with all eye colors, it has to do with the character's background.

Now go play FFX.

I used to be Schala, but I ditched the nickname. Oh yeah, I guess I ditched Chrono for that matter as well. (Only as far as the Mailbag goes, people!) Check the Mailbag FAQ for a bit more info on this subject.

You know, I used to like, talk to some chick with a LadyHawk nickname back in 1997...

More FFX gameplay discussion. Rock.

Hi, I am a big final fantasy fan yet I have never played any of the psx versions simply because im not a big playstation fan and i prefer Nintendo, but I really want to play those FF games and it seems that the only way to play them is to buy a PSX but I don't want to waste my time and money if they might be already by coming onto the Nintendo Gamcube which I own right now.

My question is this; do you think that Final Fantasy 7-9 might be remade on either the Nintendo gamecube or the PC? The same question is also for FFX cause I really want to play that also, it looks awesome!

You know, if Square's not going to be doing those FFVII-IX remakes for the PS2, I highly doubt they'd do them for the GameCube. Let's face it, FFVIII and IX seem to be the most hated out of all the series (...Mystic Quest does NOT count), so Square probably just doesn't see something like that as being profitable. And since VII and VIII are both available for the PC now, well, I don't think that's too likely either. Here's a tip though, if you want to play those games, you can get all the originals for cheap now as they're all 'PSX Greatest Hit' titles, and the PSOne itself is $50 plus taxes. How the heck can you pass that up?

But if you'd like to see a FF game on the GameCube and all, Square seems to have one in development. Rumors have been floating that it's going to be an FF Unlimited game, but only time will tell.

FFX for PC I think would have already been at least announced at this point. True, FFX is awesome, and for that matter, might be too big of a game for the PC. But who knows? Then again, maybe you should ignore my previous advice on getting that $50 PSOne, and invest in a PS2 instead, that way you can play FFVII - X, X being the most worth it. For that matter, if you're a REALLY big Square fan, you could also buy Final Fantasy Tactics, FF Chronicles, AND FF Anthology. Now, you can't hate Sony that much, could you? I'm not their biggest fan either, but they still have lots of good titles.

Only one quickie this time. (Awww...)


Sand Castles piss me off.

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

Why, because you trip over them when you go to the beach?

...Wait, that would imply you'd go to the beach in the first place. Well, DO YOU?!

I love beaches. And I love sand castles, especially if they're really nice and well-done. Not that I could ever make one myself.

Closing Thoughts

Final Fantasy VII's music rocks. I don't know what made me suddenly decide to listen to the soundtrack tonight - I guess it's because every letter but one has something to do with an FF game. Or that I mentioned the boss battle theme on the boards a day or two ago. I guess it's because I finally stopped playing FF7 the year after it came out, (oh so long ago) but the music's a lot better and less annoying than I remember it. So hey, write me about something other than FF if you feel like!

And now I must be off into the sunset while listening to Aeris' theme. Or falling in crystal clear water, one of the two.

~ Liz, sunburnt once again. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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