Manic Monday
Monday, June 24, 2002

I have a big gripe to insert in this here intro of mine. It's not about the oversized XBox that has few games of interest to me, already released or to be released sometime this year. It's not about the bulky controllers which will not fit into my midget Asian hands, therefore if we bought an XBox (and the possibility is very real, thanks to Panzar Dragoon Orta and JSRF), I'll pretty much REQUIRE the S Controller. It's about some of its fanboys out there. Now, if you've been to a fair amount of gaming chat rooms and forums, XBox fanboys are known to be more vocal than, say, Nintendo, Sony or Sega ones. With good reason too, as not too many people are cutting the XBox much slack. Read: It's by far the most dissed gaming system out there.

The fact that they're vocal isn't my problem with them. It's not like I have a problem with XBox fanboys as a whole. However, there seems to be a select group of said fanboys who see RPGFan as biased against their beloved system. Why, you wonder? In our E3 impressions of Morrowind, it was said that the PC version was superior to the XBox version. We also recently reported that Tennerezza is being cancelled for the XBox. As far as the latter is concerned, that news came from the developer itself, and another reputable site also reported on it. On that same site's message board, people complained about OUR news, thinking we were lying or something because apparently we're biased. As far as Morrowind is concerned, I've heard even from XBox fans themselves that the PC version is by far superior and has more options.

People, a site as a whole (which has more than 20 staff), that is trying to be professional and covers multiple platforms isn't going to hold a bias. I'm sure there's a few on staff that are against the system, but that's their opinion and doesn't reflect us as a whole. Same goes for any system we cover. We report on cancellations of games. We give hands-on impressions of games and review games pretty fairly, I think. I dislike seeing some fans so overzealous that anything negative we report on XBox wise, small as it may be, suddenly makes us biased.

I think I rambled on long enough and made my point clear. On to my small selection of letters.

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No..I'm really desperate. I mean it. I wanna join THIS website, and...um....I'm too stupid enough to find it. I clicked on Register, and Registering Info came up....and, there was nothing else to go to after I read that. They said send them an e-mail with my screen name and password, but I never got anything back*sniff* I don't think the want me here. Just kidding. Anyways, thank you Parn and Liz for helping me out with the big "Grandia Ordeal" even though after spening all the SP ON FRICKIN MAREG, HE *spoiler* DIES!!!!!! Guess you can't avoid the spoiler...too big. Oh, Liz..Ms.Liz, "The Lizzer!" (I am so lame) You played Seiken Densestu 3? Does it have somewhat the same storyline---? Any princesses, or lost sprites? I remember those days I had the game......rented...never could find it, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT ONE, AND LESSENED MY CHANCE OF GETTING ONE! ^_^ Juuuust kidding. *sigh* One down.......dos mil to go.

*Julia* I have no screen name yet, or a nickname! Boo =*(

Okay, now I'm confused. Are you trying to register for PlayOnline, or for the FFXI beta testing? I don't think you have to register for PlayOnline to sign up for the beta testing, but if that's what you were going for... look at my last response. If you're just trying to register for the PlayOnline website, did you find and fill out this form? If so, then it seems I can't help you any further, since all you can do is wait. Or maybe by the time you read this, you'll have fully registered, in which case, just disregard this whole response.

..and for some reason I'm thinking you might also be trying to register for our message boards, in which case you just e-mail Parn the name and password you want and he e-mails you when he's registered you. Help me out here, what is it you're trying to register?

Oh boy. My head is spinning. :P

As far as I recall we have a pictures section...

Good lord I keep on hearing about those breath of fire V graphics but I don't see any Ive looked and looked but none please man tell me were I can find these pics...Ive heard Ryu looks kinda gay so I must see for myself please show me were I can find the screens.


I hold little opinion on these pics as far as any character looking homosexual is concerned. I warn you though, it's a big leap from how we're used to seeing the BoF games - but I think overall, it looks pretty neat.
Big serious debate ahead.

I tend to ask most mailbag people this, mainly because it's a delicate issue, and one that I would hope most people have the common sense to see through, but sadly, many fall victim to this..retardedness.

How does you feel about violence in games? I realize that this is an RPG site, and that few RPGs come under the gun for being too violent, but it is still an issue that threatens our games and the way we play them.

Do you think that violence in video games (oh what the hell..) and in movies/tv affects the minds of our people? In any way? Will little jimmy one day be playing doom, and the next day be a pistol packin preschooler?

I hope this question is appropriate. I would appreciate comments on all aspects of this issue, or at least those you feel you can touch in your little corner of the page.

Thanks again:

I think a fair amount of violence almost always affects the mind, but exactly how much, depends on the actual person, their state of mind, age, and how reasonable of a person they really are, among perhaps a few other factors. That age factor obviously is why today's society is supposedly trying as much as possible to keep children from seeing a lot of violence. Once Gamer Joe is of an appropriate age, he/she should be able to have common sense, and even be a judge of how well they can or can't handle watching an excess amount of violence in games or TV/movies. For so many of us though, games, TV, movies and books are simply fantasy and most see these media as that and nothing more. Games are, or should be at the most an escape from reality, especially for those who might fantasize about actually being a vampire hunter, black mage, badass with a big gun, or what have you.

There's always such thing as too much of course, and I don't think parents should deny their kids a chance to play games, but instead, to know how often to let them play, especially if they're younger and it could be more influential. And as always, be aware of what their kid is playing. I think games should continue to be sold with discretion (ie not selling a mature game to someone under 17, and making customers who are parents aware of possible violent or other questionable themes in the game they're buying).

Being that they are an escape from reality, and despite the fact that games have been blamed for incidents such as Columbine, I don't think games are that much threatened by the violence issue, though I do know the threat exists. Don't forget that money talks, and there'll always be a market for said games as long as they are legal, and I, for one, don't see a way they could be made illegal. In fact, the games with generally more violence may have one of the biggest markets in the gaming industry, as action, shooters, and maaaaybe RPGs/adventures sell a lot. The big names (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) can also tell a developer to change some things in a game, and if they're smart, they won't allow a publisher to release a game that's simply much too violent. Does anyone remember when Nintendo refused to allow blood in the early Mortal Kombat games?

Those server companies must be uber-rich.

I was just pondering tonight on this hot summer evening of June 22, 2002 about server costs. Are they really that bad? Or does it vary? The reason it got to thinking about this is the two big gaming sites on the web (IMO), Gamespot and IGN. Now for me it was kind of a loss to see Gamespot go to a pay site and all (yes I am aware that it been like this for a while). But still. Also is it just the server that costs so much that a site would have to go to asking people to pay to get a better deal? What other things factor in? And ah one more thing can you recamend me to sites such as gamespot that don't have a payed subscription required to see the whole site (yours excluded cuz I already know it's the best site on the net that I'm aware of)?

Thanks a bunch,
RPG Kowboy

Once you're a big, popular site with a lot of traffic, the server costs can get ugly. But then, costs overall do vary - it depends on how much server space you use, how many hits you get, how much bandwidth gets used each month, and most importantly, how good of a deal your server host gives you. If you look at IGN and Gamespot, which ARE simply the biggest gaming sites around, they do have a lot of screenshots and movies, as well as those many, many visitors a day. Take into account that movies are usually about 2-10 megabytes, often more. If 10,000 visitors are downloading a 5 MB movie of Mario Sunshine a day at GameCube IGN, and this goes on for three days, that's 150 gigabytes of bandwidth alone, just because of that movie file. This, my friend, is why RPGFan doesn't host movies. This is also why IGN, and eventually GameSpot resorted to a pay service. Unfortunately, I don't go around and visit a lot of gaming sites these days other than Gamespot and IGN, so I'm not good at recommending this sort of thing. It depends on what kind of gaming information you're looking for; obviously for RPG's I would have recommended sticking with us. If you're a Nintendo fan like me, I'd go to PlanetGameCube.com. As for bigger sites like IGN, there's Xengamers and Gamers.com, the latter of which is a Ziff Davis site. The only thing about GameSpot's pay service is that all the archives (week-old stuff or more) is GS Complete only. If you check out their news and media when it's still new, it's all still free. That's what I do, anyway.
Only one quickie this time. (Again!)

its good you got rid of the nicks, i always thought they were a bit dumb anyway

Matt D

There you have it.
Closing Thoughts

Well, I think I've had more than my fill of writing for today. Not much to say here, except I've changed the Mailbag topic over the weekend, so go have a look. I've been juggling my play time between three games lately: SotN, FFX and Smash Bros. Melee, though my play time is going to be cut down a lot if I keep volunteering for more site work. Keep writing me and entertaining me in the meanwhile. Just don't ask about those FFVII-IX remakes.

~ Liz, who's going broke faster than you can say 'Metroid'. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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