Screwed Up
Friday, June 28, 2002

So other than missing an update, I ended up watching a lot of Cowboy Bebop. (People are generous.) It's so different than a lot of anime I've really seen, and actually has very tolerable English voices. I'd get more into the story, but just go watch it and find out for yourself. I recommend it to, well, anyone. Yeah. Go read letters.

Just for the record, that title isn't a reference to me or my mind... though maybe it should be. I got inspired by Smash Bros. Melee oddities... as in records, and Screwed Up would be among one of the many names for records - which you get or lose points for after a battle. How the hell they fit in something titled Screwed Up, you ask? Easy. If your character holds on to the Screw Attack item in a battle for more than 30 seconds I believe, then it seems you'll get some amount of points... not that I remember how much. Anyway, every time you jump holding the Screw Attack item you... well, do a screw attack. Yes, even if you're not Samus.

Plus, it's a Samus reference. I like Samus references.

Yeah. Now go read some damn letters and make me a sandwich.

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Some can only dream.

I would like to know if there is going to a sequel to skies of arcadia(if their is), if it's coming out in America, what it is going to be called, some pictures from it, and the story.(not saying that you can do all this or find all this stuff, but if you could find/do/give me just one of the things I listed...well, it would be very nice.

p.s. is eternal arcadia the name of the sequel, another name for skies of arcadia, or the Japanese name for skies of arcadia?

A sequel to Skies of Arcadia has never actually been announced at this point, though apparently it's been talked about in the distant past - not that I can recall it. And with no announcement, I can't offer any screens or info... only hope. Anyway, I'm going to bet that even if there is a sequel planned in the future, the lack of an announcement would be because they're working on the Skies of Arcadia PS2 and GameCube ports, which will hopefully have some nice extras, and I imagine they would. And yes, for the record, Skies of Arcadia is called Eternal Arcadia in Japan... and like the Castlevania Japanese names, I like that one better as well. Now if only I'd sit down and play the game...
Summer of the Old RPGs

Don't ask why I am just beginning to play these or anything else. I just need help. I have Arc the Lad, Lunar, Lunar 2, Chrono Cross, FFV, VIII, IX, Dragon Warrior VII, Vagrant Story, Grandia II, Shenmue II, and some others I can't recall right now. Factor in Eternal Darkness (which I've been waiting for for four years), along with Mario Sunshine in August... plus money I need to garner in order to buy a PS2... plus looking for a Saturn so I can play Panzer Dragoon... plus other crap. I NEED MORE TIME! THE SUMMER IS TOO SHORT! HELP ME! HELP!!!
Hey, I'm still going through older RPGs myself. So let me get this straight, you haven't played or finished any of these games, is that correct? And you have a lot more? Or just a few more? And you're actually wanting to finish all of these titles, like, this YEAR? Good luck. Well, whatever the case, you'd have to either:

A: Forget about making money for that PS2, load up on caffeine-heavy drinks (I suggest Starbucks coffee, and/or some Jolt Cola), some toothpicks to keep your eyelids open when you get sleepy, and configure your room/house so that food and a bathroom aren't that far from the TV. As well, you should probably sleep in the same room as your TV, tell your friends and family that you're going out of town all summer so your playing doesn't get interrupted, and... uhm, do you have a job? If not, no worries. If so, then I don't know what to tell you. Oh. and don't forget to keep GameFAQS handy just so you won't get stuck in a place or at a boss for too long. I assure you you can probably beat at least 5 RPGs this way. However, you won't be able to afford a whole lot more anytime soon...

B: Get a job, save money for a PS2, keep your job, and finish your list of games over a much longer period of time, Say, two years. The plus side? You'd still have a social life AND money. This is the route I took... much as I love games, income is ALWAYS a plus. Though I do admit, the downfall is that you have money to buy more games (which you have less time to play), and in that way this advice would kind of suck in the end. But you get pretty new games, knowing ONE DAY you'll finish them all.

Of course, I'd get really worried if you took advice A.

Other random gameplay tips.

Hi, I have the game Rhapsody: A musical adventure (Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime) and I can't get passed the worm with the three hearts. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can help please let me know!

RPG fan #1

Man... I've never even considered playing Rhapsody, and probably never will. However, I stumbled upon a Rhapsody thread on our message boards and forced this question upon the poor souls there. It seems like you have to either defeat the worm on its sixth turn, or on Cornet's sixth turn... though I've heard conflicting answers, but try defeating it on Cornet's sixth turn first. Once you defeat it, after a bit of story, you realize you have to fight the worm again... and defeat it the same way AGAIN. After that, you then have to fight the heart... which is apparently easier.
So many games, so little time, so far away.


So. I've got until November until Metroid Prime. I'm getting a GBA Platinum to play Metroid 2 (and the new GBA Metroid) on. I've goten Resident Evil GC. Pikmin. Advance Wars. The GBC Zeldas (including the remake of the GB one). Pokemon Crystal. Spiderman. All in all I have lots of new games. Woo Hoo.

But all I can think about is secret of evermore! SquareSoft's bestest game ever, and it's simply getting the shaft. They should port it to the GBA, AND GameCube. The GBA should be a direct SNES port (nostalgia value), and the GameCube should be a complete, celshaded, enhanced storyline, 3D, new areas, remake. And then there should be a GameCube sequel.

Speaking of games that should get more attnetion - Zombies Ate My Neighbors deserves some GBA treatment, along with Metroids 1-3, and a GBA version of Super Smash Brothers!

PS: I love the wavebird. Anyidea where I can get the S controllers for Xbox? I want to play Halo. (Yes, I bought an Xbox just to play Halo.)

So, how is everyone there? Enjoying the liberation of your real names from the confines of your avatars and nicknames? Would a story based on Samus Aran be allowed in the RPGFan FanFic section, or should I just keep it on my iDisk and send a link to the letters?

Sure, a lot of old, classic games deserve GBA treatment. You know what else does? Upcoming promising titles. I mean, sure, nostalgia is great and I'd buy a lot of the ports you mentioned if they ever graced us with their existence. I dunno about Smash Bros. though, I much prefer that game on the big screen. Or Secret of Evermore for that matter, since (even though I never even had a desire to play it), it really lacked the popularity of, say, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, FFIV or VI. For that matter, I'd say that a GC remake or sequel of SoE would be completely out of the question, but who knows with Square?

Considering I go to a game store or section of the store each time I go to a mall, I've seen the S Controller... a lot. But then, it seems like everyone and their mother (literally) dislikes the huge original XBox controller, so it's not that surprising that the smaller version isn't too easy to find. And hopefully you find good XBox games other than Halo.

Samus fic? I only wish we covered Metroid. :P Unfortunately since we don't, you should just upload it to your own personal webspoace and put a link to it in a future letter, I'd be glad to post it. And read it, for that matter.

Those Evangelion males are so not desireable. :P

Dear Ms. Maas,

First, allow me to apologize for the lack of letters received from myself recently. I was undercover inSweden, foiling a plot for global domination of the Italian Icee market by the Florida Manatee Dealers.

So, now let's get down to the business at hand, the games. Currently, I think one of the most exciting games on the market has to be .hack. I mean, selling 120,000 copies in the first four days. Holy smokes, I can not wait till the game comes here in October. How do you feel about it?

What about the new Castlevania? It looks extremely good, in my opinion, another game on my want list. Eternal Darkness as well is another game that really looks very appetizing. Nintendo seems to be doing some good things lately, and they really need to keep up the good work.

Although I mentioned the games above as being ones that interest me, I am currently interested in building up the NES game collection I never had. Graphics! It's not graphics people, it's the gameplay! Now, I am going to go play my Metroid... damn, the Potatoes Farmers of Indiaare at it again.

Special Agent Kaworu, signing out.

Are you sure that you weren't busy in Japan, hitting on Shinji and every other EVA male? You were pretty flaming... err, anyway. Man, I need to watch EVA again... especially since Death and Rebirth comes out on DVD next month.

Yeah, anyway, now that I've gone off on my obligatory tangent in this reply, back to the subject. I suppose I never really realized just how popular .hack is, and could be, despite how much I myself have been looking forward to the game... especially since E3. But I was really impressed this morning when I heard about .hack Volume 1 selling out in only 4 days in Japan, and now, I'm just waiting to hear impressions and/or a review of the import version. Although... WooJin has the game, so I really should not be saying this here and just shut up and ask HIM how the game is.

I think Harmony of Dissonance is the kind of sequel Castlevania fans have been waiting for. While Circle of the Moon was good.. so far HoD... or at least its Japanese form, White Night Concerto (Concerto of the Midnight Sun, whatever), is being hailed as quite the improvement over Circle of the Moon. Which I've never played, though I'm currently playing Symphony of the Night, and if HoD is even almost as good as this, I'll be very, very happy.

Heh, Eternal Darkness didn't interest me until someone on the boards mentioned that the game features a 'Sanity Level' and the lower it gets, the more insane you go... even into hallucinations. Hallucinations so bad, your character's head can fall off, and when you walk over to it, pick it up and put it back on, the head starts reciting Hamlet.

I think I fell out of my seat laughing when I read that. It's at least worth a rental for that whole sanity (or lack thereof) concept.

Closing Thoughts

I think I've been sitting here a lot longer than I really should have been, but IRC and people playing SSBM sure didn't help very much. No, the topic isn't changed, but nobody wrote in on the subject so screw you all 3y3 4m l34v1ng th15 w3bs173 4-3v4r!!11 Uh... nevermind that. I'm kidding. Really. Just go write me. Please. Or I'll harm your pet. No wait... I can't do that, it's cruel. I'll steal all your orange juice or something.

~ Liz, who's easily amused by people who are trying to get the strangest records in Smash Bros. Melee... such as who can fall through floors the most in one minute. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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