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Friday, July 5, 2002

Today's is a different column. Not because of 4th of July, fireworks, or any of that silly jazz. You see, before I knew I'd miss Monday's update because of a reformat, I was afraid I wouldn't have enough letters for the week. So I asked a certain group of people to help contribute, and I got quite a few from them. I then got this random idea to have a column full of letters just from these people, and asked for more. And here we are.

These slightly odd and different people hail from a world... er, IRC channel called #fret. Not that all of them are odd, but a few who wrote in just happen to be. Some of them read RPGFan regularly, others read sites that don't get updated all that often anymore. Er... I didn't say that. Nevertheless, I love them all for helping me put together a decent column. I didn't know whether to name this update the Letters from Fretters or a (something) from the Fine Folks From #fret, so I called it... neither. And yes, I will have a more regular column on Monday.

After so much SSBM last night (playing as Marth and Roy), I'm having urges to play Fire Emblem...

Happy late 4th of July, folks. I hope you enjoyed your fine evening setting off fireworks in the street all night. I know I did, and topped it all off with a bunch of SSBM after. Whee, 4th of July is fun.

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Coherent? What's that?


Rather than write one coherent letter on a single topic, I have instead decided to write a letter using the ever-popular and indispensable list technique, saving both you and I the effort of me trying to be intelligent and/or witty. Why do I do this? Because I just drank Vanilla Coke and I'm feeling dangerous.

1. We have lots of varying universes getting turned into console RPGs. Dungeons and Dragons, Samurai Showdown, even Disney. So my question is, why don't we have a Monty Python RPG? It'd be the greatest game ever! Why just settle for Final Fantasy's boring old Grenades when you could have Holy Hand Grenades? Think of the possible fetch quests! You could take the Dead Parrot to the Enchanter and have him make...okay, so I don't have any good ideas. Shut up.

2. Can you do the boogaloo like I do? It's an important thing to know, if you're going to be a letters columnist. Well, can you?

3. Lastly, how much blood do you think should be spilled if the Trigun game that's in development turns out to be an Xbox exclusive? I'm think 8.3 billion liters, but I'd like to get an outside opinion.

I hope you enjoyed my letter, but just remember that you asked for it.

Bryan "DarkMoogle" Carr

I'm keeping your sites in because I feel like spamming on your behalf. Go me. Mega Man rocks, now pass that Vanilla Coke.

1) Hmm. is D&D going to be a crappy RPG a la the movie of the same name? I'm staying far away from that one just in case. It's weird that D&D is a console RPG... I always imagined it to be more a PC MMORPG, but ahwell. Sadly, the only Monty Python I've seen is the Holy Grail, which I loved... but an RPG? It had better be just as funny and odd. Maybe they can make some puzzle based on the ramblings, like the swallow one... not that I'm sure how that would work, but hey. I need to see more Monty Python. Your ideas are better than mine though...

2) I dunno, can I? You may never know.

3) Trigun game? You mean the Planet Gunsmoke MMORPG? Actually, it's a PS2 game, so don't worry about that 8.3 billion litres of blood no more. Once again, all I can offer for info is this lovely, short video from IGN. Enjoy.

Arrr, Ridley sucks as a space pirate.

A Gamecube sounds pretty nice right now. Sizzling hot (+insane) Eternal Darkness served on a fresh factory produces piece of media-playing plastic. Zesty. :D

Not to mention the Holy triad of Nintendo. Metroid (SPACE PIRATES WE BE! ARRR!), Legend of Zelda (Hopefully with less annoying fairy-types), and Mario (Wooo! Mario! :D). Plus the new "ground-breaking" FF game, that will use the GC-GBA connectivity. Does this sound like a nifty idea to anyone else? Too bad they cancelled spaceworld. I would have loved to see extra coverage of all of this stuff. Hope this helped fill your mail void.

-Nurabsal the sour watermelon

Is there such thing as a sour watermelon? Well, is there?! Maybe I'll settle for the watermelon-flavored sour candies...

Heh. Mario is Mario, even if people whine it's a touched up Mario 64... but what Mario game has not been proven to be fun? Mario Tennis doesn't count. I'm talking main Mario platformers here. As for Zelda... fairy-types? I didn't encounter many at the E3 demo, but as long as the fairies who fill up your hearts exist in the game, that's cool too. I don't think I even need to talk about Metroid any more than I already have. Don't you #fret people agree?

Even though there's no definite FF on the GameCube, I like the idea of connectivity... though I wonder how it'll work with an RPG. If Square does indeed develop a FF for the GC, I'm curious as to whether it'll be an FF Unlimited game, part of the 'orignal' series with the Roman numerals, or what. I thought I recalled that the latter is staying on the PS2 according to reports, so it'd be interesting to see. Too bad I care more about Chrono Break...

Mmm, #fret gibberish.

Dear Liz,

Well, you asked for it. An all #fret letter column. If my suspcions are correct, your column, at this point, will be overwhelmed with the mix of gibberish, perversity, and even insight that makes up #fret.

Frankly, I can't wait to read it.

That said, I'll try to start up a serious conversation here. I know you've played the Gamecube version of Resident Evil, and noted it as the only Resident Evil to have scared you yet. But, have you had a chance to play Eternal Darkness yet? I don't know if it's as scary as people say it is - Silicon Knights needs to do something ASIDE from hallucinations; once you realize all inexplicable or sometimes just 'strange' events are hallucinations, the scare factor is quickly lost - but gameplay wise, it's quite nice. And besides, it had at least one moment that made me nearly jump a foot in the air. I'll give you a hint: look around the mansion upstairs (as Alex)...one of the best events awaits you early in the game.

Also, what is your take on Metroid Prime? As someone who's clearly a big fan of the series - and has played a lot more than I have - do you think that Metroid Prime will remain faithful to the Metroid legacy, despite its change in gameplay?

I'd write more if I could think of it, really ^^;

Oh well. Good luck with the invasion of the #fretters - I wish you luck in dealing with this ^^;


Eternal Darkness has yet to grace our household. I actually hadn't heard much of it being overly creepy (or maybe I did, but was too interested in the sanity meter to care), but heck, it might be BECAUSE of the sanity meter. To my knowledge, we do plan on renting it soon, once a Hollywood Video actually has the game IN STOCK, to try it out first. I'll try out your advice, too.

Speaking of ED, just as a warning, I've heard reports that if you play it for too long, your GameCube will freeze up, or it'll cause permanent damage to your GameCube somehow. So, if you care at all for your GC... turn it off every couple of hours, especially if you're playing Eternal Darkness. Wow, that's the first hardware problem I've heard about the GC.

Ahh, Metroid. My favorite topic of all-time, for now. First, I'm going to state the obvious (to some) for people who care at all for the game but aren't too sure. See, with a 3D Metroid, Miyamoto felt that the best way to develop the game was to have it in first-person perspective. And you know, as Samus does a lot of shooting aliens and other crap, and with first-person... yeah, it's going to look like a first-person shooter. For months, I refused to call it that. Then, before E3, I started to accept it... and then, I played the E3 demo. The gameplay's only really different because it's all now from a first-person view rather than a sidescrolling platformer. When you play it, there's definitely a lot of exploration going on - in addition to the X Ray scope you get later on, Samus also has a scan visor which lets you... well, scan things, like computers, and all sorts of interesting things that might be lying around. As always you have to find your way through passages, open doors, morph into a ball to roll through tight spaces. It's still a true Metroid, which is only really different because it's in 3D and in first person. I know that might sound like a lot, but there's still so many similiarities in weapons and whatnot. I wonder if she'll get Hi-Jump and Space Jump... I also wonder what a screw attack would look like. Hrm.

Ah, yes, pre-order hell.


Been a while since I RANDOMLY BOTHERED YOU! So, I see your Samus obsession has reached new heights. Anyway, Warcraft 3 came out today, talk about a mob scene. Shows the value of preordering. Seems a lot more people are preordering games nowadays, but many still don't think it's neccesary for an RPG. Then, angry fanboys come in at like 4pm on launch day and get all pissy because we sold out of a game we specifically said they should preorder. What people don't get is preordering guarantees them a copy. Where I work, at least, we base the number of copies we order of a game on the number of presales. So, a lot of presales, a lot of copies of that game. So, if you want a game bad, preorder, it'll even help the people who don't! So yeah. Just rambling like a fool, I'm sure you're familiar with my tendency to do that. So, I'll see you at that fair thingy in august, ne?


I like being randomly bothered. It keeps my life interesting. Not that I have much of one anymore, but oh well.

I kept getting confused about Warcraft III's release date... I'd see people on IRC weeks ago playing WC3... I guess they were reviewables. What boggled me more is that the Mac version actually came out AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WINDOWS VERSION. I think that deserves an appearance from everyone's favorite emoticon... :O

I can imagine though, what the stores are like on big release days... heck, even when the Everquest expansion came out, the EB I used to work near was swamped. You'd think that some fanboys would be... well, fanboyish enough to know whether a game they're looking for would be in big demand, or not. I always pre-order my games.. the rest of you should take this guy's advice and do so too. Not that I've ever worked at a game store myself, but I've gone to them and known people who work at them more than long enough to know. Sometimes stores will order copies of games based on presales, even if there aren't that many presales. Take DDR USA, for example. When that one hit North America, my EB got TWO copies, both for reservations... and I was able to snag one of those two because someone didn't want theirs. Yay. Now, you have been warned.

Being annoying = my job.

Heya Liz. Well, you finally annoyed me through your LJ enough that I decided to send you a letter. Don't you feel special!

Anyways, I want to know; was there, is there, or will be an RPG based off of Angelic Layer? I just got done reading some of the manga, and it's pretty badassed... if done properly it would probably be a good Pokémon type (get more monsters! level up! more abilities! ... wait, that's pretty much every RPG... well, you get the idea). Do you know if such a thing is or will be in existance?

I also heard tell of a Cowboy Bebop game, Japan-only, for either the PSX or PS2; know anything about that one?

Well, thanks for reading (and hopefully responding to) this!

~~ DragoonRaven, otaku in training

Even though I'd never even heard of the Angelic Layer manga, let alone an RPG, I did a quick search on GameFAQS and turned up an RPG that was released on the GameBoy Advance last December. Only in Japan, of course. All there is though, is a few screen shots, a review, and a very, very small FAQ. Mind you, the FAQ was started last month, so it can't be complete already. Anyway, to have a look for yourself, here's the Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer section on GameFAQS. Can't say I see any Pokemon-esque elements, but there's too few screen shots to tell. Though there does seem to be a fighting-game style component to the game...

Alright, now for the Cowboy Bebop game. This would be, apparently, a pretty bad PSX shooter from Bandai. Good God almighty, it came out way back in 1998. Screens are a bit harder to find though, but a review here gives the game a 6/10. Who knew that the message board would have more posts about the anime than the game? I've actually seen this game turn up on eBay every so often, but most likely the starting prices are too high for anyone to even be interested to bid. Oh well, seems like you'd be better off watching the anime series over again.

I love Ed.

This column wouldn't be anything without the obligatory random weirdness.

I am fond of two things: Liz and cheesecake. Mostly cheesecake, though, for which I'm very sorry, but I am a weak-willed Typhus.



Best. Emoticon. EVAR. I'm sorry, I got carried away.

What Typhus (his actual nickname, I'm the one who calls him taifooz) didn't tell you is that he is fond of Metroid. Very, very fond of Metroid. Which brings me to the Picture of the Week: Metroid, Machall style. Someone else (in #fret, no less) pointed this out to me earlier this week, and going back to machall.com today... I couldn't find it. Luckily, Typhus had saved and uploaded it. Hope he doesn't mind me linking to it.

Hi, Lizbian!

I ruv you. Marry me.


P.S. Er... ah... They should make a Metroid RPG. Yep, yep.

But I've married you hundreds of times and never got a honeymoon out of it. :P

The Metroid RPG has been talked about countless times in IRC, thanks to me. One version incorporated FFX's Sphere Grid, another kind of took after Parasite Eve... alas, it'll never be, either way.

Yes, I'm a truly bored person sometimes.

Closing Thoughts

That's all, folks. Come again Monday for a less odd column... though they did give me quite a few real topics to respond to. So yeah, thanks again, people. Feel free to write me again, I could always use the amusement. I'll also be changing the topic this weekend, I hope, so keep checking for that if you can't think of what to write about.

Though I'm probably better off posting this on our board, I'm wondering as to whether any of you (other than Woo, who reviewed it) have played the latest Fire Emblem. I'm all curious now.

~ Liz, aka your friendly neighborhood 'SamusAran' if you #fret. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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