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Monday, July 22, 2002

I'm really not someone who knows anything about scripting - the developing kind. Especially when it comes to CGI-type stuff, I just tend to look at it and go... 'uh yeah, this is completely Greek to me'. Now, this normally wouldn't be a problem. See, I need to learn this kind of thing for a reason. I need to learn BML in order to customize something for myself, and quite frankly, I hate it. Meh. There's so muh to do, too. Well, give me a few days of looking at it and harassing some BML-savvy friends, I just might get somewhere. Or, maybe not. In which case, I'll force someone to hold my hand and walk me through it all. Blargh.

The point of this? Absolutely nothing. Now, someone go buy me the Final Fantasy X sheet music. Please.

Blah. Go read letters. Some very short ones.

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I'm so loved...

Hi Liz, It's nice to see you back writing the Mailbag updates. Anyway, you guys had a question about an English translation for Chrono Cross' OST liner notes. Try looking at the link below (hopefully it's what you had in mind): http://students.washington.edu/llin/ccnotes.html Well, take care and keep up the good work!

Regards, Vi

Heh, neat. That looks to be exactly what that reader was looking for. It's also been an interesting read for myself too, being a Mitsuda whore and all, and a big music fan in general. So thanks a bunch, twice over.
Mmmm, PSO.

I want Phatasy Star Online Episode 1&2 Now!! I can't wait any longer. I miss those days of chatting with friends and killing bosses at the same time. PSO is so damn cool. I Just want to be be able to experience PSO on the GC, and I'm sure I would fall in love all over again. I never played Breath of Fire 4, but if it's like 3 I don't want to. LIke chrono cross, it lost its appealed after awhile. Goemon on the 64 was wierd but cool none the less. Ever played the snes version?

Some qs for you.

If you had a big party(Bashment), which system would you carry and why? PS2,GC or Xbox.

Which system, in your opinion, caters mostly to Co-operative and/or Multiplayer fun?

Why do all Rpgfan Staff CLAIM they are broke?

Did you know that John Travolta had a Chart topping hit song for Grease 1?

I am buying three Rpg for my Ps1 which three should I pick? Tales of Destiny, Suikoden 2, Legends of mana, Front Mission, Final Fantasy Tactics, Luna:Silver Story Complete.

Until next time.


Seems to me like BoF III and IV are pretty different, though I don't know how much... I've heard so many differing opinions lately on IV especially, but people aren't hating it like, say, Legend of Legaia, so I wouldn't be too afraid to try it if I were you.

I'd carry both a PS2 and GameCube, since I currently own both here. I'd probably play the GC just because of its oozing multiplayer goodness - Bomberman Generation and SSBM! Who need anything else?! And everytime we introduce one or the other to a friend, they end up really liking it. And losing to me... well, in SSBM, anyhow.

Grease? Old news. Old, old, 20-30 year old news. Yeah, and I have that soundtrack...

Yes, I'm broke. Look at all these games and art books and CD's Ive bought. Not that all the staffers are broke, just myself and the self-proclaimed graphics whipping boy are. I'm sure there's a few others, too...

And finally, I'd recommend Suikoden II, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Lunar: SSSC. Because I said so.

Anyone care to tell me what wrighting is?


I was thinking of wrighting about the topic for this week/last week/week before that, but, well I can't really think of anything that hasn't already been said. So...here's some rambling..*eruhahem* random comments.

What Japanese game intro uses subtitles? Well, Mystical Ninja: Staring Goemon is one. BOFIV's opening is done with actual speech by the way,(not a song if that's what you were thinking) so I'd also have to say no subtitles are a little bit annoying. ...My god I actually found and ordered a Xenogears Guide from Barns&Noble.com. Now, if I could just find the game I'll be Golden. Hey, how the heck is Goemon pronounced anyway? I've heard people say Goh-mahn or Goh-ee-mahn. Seems like it should be pronounced Goh-ay-mohn to me. ...I noticed FFXI's full title is Final Fantasy XI: Online. I wonder they're planing make an FFXI: Offline..hmmm, curious. By the by, after watching an AOL TV advertertisment for the 9 billionth time, I noticed the words Final Fantasy 9 and a picture of Eiko on one the computer monitors. Funny...

Well, I don't know were the heck I'm going with this so, I guess I'll stop (wouldn't wanna sound like I was rambling now). K'bye.

For the record, I wasn't actually talking about Japanese games and subtitles. I'm talking about English releases, with a song in Japanese (or perhaps another language), with English subtitles. So yes, I was talking about songs. =P

Go-eh-mon, by the way. Or at least that's how we've been pronouncing it... if not, then I guess we've been wrong all this time. Oh well. But we're close! Or maybe we're just plain right in the first place...

AOL sucks. Final Fantasy XI offline will never come into existence, I guarantee you. Why? Everything is saved server side, and Square has made the game online-only. It sucks, I know, but I wasn't interested anyway. Heck, maybe it was a gimmick to make people pay them server fees. I wonder if it'd be possible to have offline and online saves...

Mmm, soultakers.


Say you were hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road. All of a sudden, there shines a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road. And he says, "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul." (soul)

What do you do?


Uuuh... I'd pull out Zelda's Ocarina and play... the FFVII overworld theme! That'd put him to sleep so I can get by... did I mention that I have no soul anyway? Ah well. I have my magic anyway. And my summon monsters. You know, like Jigglypuff. If my sleepy songs don't work, at least I have that weird pink puffball and his sleep attack.

What does whatnot mean? I need a precise definition, please!
I recently visited the fan art section of your site. There was lots of great pics but I am looking for a pic of Edge from Final Fantasy IV. Was there one there and I missed it? Or can you tell me where I can find one? Thanks.
No, we don't have fanart of every single RPG character. Why? The section is only months old... so basically, you won't find one here unless someone submits one to us. Heck, why not you?
Is there any possibility that either Seven or Venus Braves will be localized in the US by Namco?
It all depends on if Namco think it will be worth the investment of time and money, and how much interest they believe is in these games, on our side of the pond. I'd think Seven would have been announced by now, but Venus and Braves might have a chance, but not a very, very good one.
Closing Thoughts

Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Okay, so I haven't changed the topic yet, but I'm getting to it. Promise. Just write me intelligent letters next time. Or I'll make you watch reruns of Dragon Ball Z. Over... and over... and over.

~ Liz, still amazed at how many different versions any given Two-Mix song can have. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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