Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Before you ask, yes, I've been overly inspired by SSBM character taunts as of late. Yeah, okay, I can't stand Peach, but out of all the vocal ones, hers is kind of amusing, and well... there's not many vocal ones, and I used Marth's in my last update. Okay? Okay.

I've been a lot more bored lately, since I haven't been able to go outside and use a pool anymore. Which means I have to find stuff to do in here... seeing as I have an extra 5-6 hours a day now, I have as many things to do, just more time to do them. This explains my overdose of SSBM lately - as satisfying as it is to smack Captain Falcon around like a little bitch when you're Roy. Did I mention that I hate Captain Falcon? He's too fruity. And he has metal nipples! What the heck?! How many guys do you run into, wearing a tight outfit and metal nipples like that? And with an optional PINK scheme?! Scary stuff, I tell you.

I also got the sudden inspiration to randomly start a game of Suikoden II the other night, and I have no idea why. Nevertheless, it's pretty neat so far, with the battle system proving to be anything but difficult... though from early impressions I gather the game will be rather story based... and I love the music! Heh heh heh...

Letters time. Happy Wednesday.

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Like I ever need spell check... (kidding, of course)

Uh, well um.."wrighting", is writing with your right hand...while using the right side of the brain, you see. Now normally, the left side of your brain controls everything on the right side of the body so, uh, this rare phenomenon is known as "wrighting"....yeah....(kicks self for not using spell check).

So......sorry you asked?


Phenomenon? Hmm... if you say so. The whole concept sounds pretty funky... do you need the right drugs for this to happen?
There's something wrong with everything.

I know that Grease is 20-30 years old, but people younger than me and you my not know that. I mean look at him, it's hard to see a dancer/singer in him. Anyway, after readung your letter, I ordered Suikoden II, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Lunar: SSSC, because you said so. FFT isn't in stock so the order will probably land in my country in about 12-18 days. What is your problem with Dragon Ball Z? There is nothing wrong with it. I like it. Since you seem to be an Anime Ho, tell me what were your first 5 japanimation you ever watch. Mines were Samauri Showdown, Fist of the North Star, Street Fighter, Ninja Scrolls and Fatal Fury. Have you played Lost Kingdoms yet? I have it and I think it's awesome but for soem reason some people, Mags(Gamepro) and Sites(IGN) don't like it. Please give me your opinion on it. When I ask "Why do all Rpgfan Staff CLAIM they are broke?" I didn't mean it in a bad way. I should have express myself better. I thought you guys had steady jobs, outside the site. If money is so tight for you guys, wouldn't it be easier to give up the site than to be broke all the time? I hope you guys work it out the best way can and don't do anything illegal like rob a bank or something.
Well, I've seen Grease so many times, so I guess it's easy for me to imagine John Travolta like that. What's hard for me to imagine is John Travolta with long hair and looking greasy, a la his current look. Anyway, I hope you end up liking my recommendations.

I have many problems with DBZ. I really don't feel the need to list them, as my response here would be much longer than necessary. Let's just leave it at this: I watched DBZ for about two months, pretty much daily, to see what all the fuss was about. By Christmas, it had failed to impress me, and I found Pokemon ten times more entertaining. So, with my parents as my witness, I have given DBZ a very fair chance, watching about 40-some-odd episodes. I don't like it, and for anyone who sees this as a problem, may I politely remind you all that we're all entitled to our own opinions? Thanks and g'day.

Anyway, again, only Mike and I claimed to be broke - which yes, we actually are, for the moment. Not that this constitutes as the entire staff, but okay. As for the rest of them, the vast majority have jobs, much to my envy. And on a side note, being broke is NOT an indication of 'being broke all the time', more like 'being broke at the moment'. Of course, having a job doesn't mean you have no time for the site, it just means you have a lot more limited time, unlike my current situation. Lucky for me, I'll be back to work in two weeks. Yay.

First five animes... let's see, there was Ghost in the Shell, FuriKuri (more commonly referred to as FLCL), Slayers (first season), EVA, and... actually I don't keep track of this kind of thing very well, so I'll say Sailor Moon. =P The latter's Japanese counterpart is supposed to be really good, especially compared to what we got... but oh well. I'm actually interested in seeing Ninja Scroll, kind of... even though some claim it's way overrated, but as shown in my DBZ experience, I like to give things a chance.

Lastly, a copy of Lost Kingdoms is on its way to us, actually, so I can't say anything about the game. Interesting concept... I'm not too sure about the idea of fighting with cards, but who knows, it might be fun.

Long time, no... respond!

Hiya Liz,

Long time no... write. :P

Anyway, I thought I'd write in and have a whinge about something that's really been irritating me these past few months. Something that all European and Australian gamers can relate to: The absence of a 60Hz option!

I remember when Diddy Kong Racing first came out on the N64, touting the fact that it came with a 60Hz option for those of us who had suitably compatible TVs. From then on, most N64 games were released with this option. This trend continued through the Dreamcast age, but when the PS2 was released, we seemed to take a step backwards.

With exception of a few big budget games (Metal Gear Solid 2 comes to mind), no games on the PS2 have a 60Hz option. This means that unless we import consoles and games, us poor ol' PAL users have to play titles that are heavily letterboxed and run at a slower speed.

I guess what really brought this letter into being was the fact that Final Fantasy X - probably the most anticipated game for me - is one of the worst offenders. The game is letterboxed more than a widescreen film played on a standard TV. And boy, is it SLOW.

When nearly all PAL TVs less than ten years old include a 60Hz option, this sort of misjudgement (especially on the part of big budget houses like Square) really confounds me. I can understand the company's intent to save a bit of money, but I don't accept it.

Anyway, just something I thought I'd get off my chest.

Comments? Opinions? I await with baited breath.


Well well, if it isn't an old, familiar fa... er, nickname. I was wondering what happened to you, why I never heard from you, if you'd ever write again, staying up late at night, wondering.... okay, okay. Anyway, nice to have you around again.

Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with the 60 mhz option, being in North America and all. Though going over your letter, it is kinda weird that current-gen systems, or at least the PS2, have seem to forgotten about that option for you people on that side of the Atlantic. It's even more surprising that a company like Squaresoft, who's very big on presentation, would also overlook this. If it's really as bad as you've made it sound, this would really inhibit an otherwise awesome game that is Final Fantasy X. Not seeing that game in all its glory may lose effect on certain scenes, though I don't know this for sure. I also don't buy the excuse that Square would be trying to save money this way; their games, to my knowledge, sell more copies in the US or Japan than in Europe, for one. As well, despite their bad fiscal year last year, Square is doing rather financially well now, largely due in part to Final Fantasy X.

It's also not surprising that Metal Gear Solid 2 has that option. If companies truly want to impress with their games, in every category, and have the money to spare, I think more of them should slap on this option. Sounds like that'd make a lot of European and Aussie gamers more happy.

Join the club.


I have a quick question. Why does most American versions of box art suck? I was looking at the pictures section and was looking at american and japanese box arts and noticed the the japanese games have more appealing box than the american ones. Expecially grandia xtreme. That has got to be the worst american box art ive seen. Also, I like how square has kept things simple on their japanese final fantasy's box. I think 8 and 9(american) art sucked and 7 and 10 was alright, but i would of perferred it like the ones in japan. well thats my opinion. later

You and tons of other gamers share the same sentiment. Me too, for that matter. I always end up liking the Japanese box art better - I guess I have a thing for game cases with white backgrounds, lots of character art and a colorful palette. Obviously, as you've said, this isn't the case of Squaresoft boxes, and personally when it comes to theirs, I don't so much mind their American covers, like FFVIII, but IX's cover was much too crowded. And X? I would have been so happy just to see a white background and the beautiful FFX logo - because it's so huge and gaudy, it doesn't make the cover looks as plain as say, the FFIX Japanese cover. Of course, if FFX's English cover was up to me, I'd have designed it as described, and somehow integrate the symbol represented on Tidus' necklace as well. Whatever it's called...

Anyway, importing habits are on the horizon for me, and lately I've been visiting NCS (the best online importer there is, no question) a lot lately, and really liking some Japanese box art... Suikoden III, Castlevania: White Night Concerto... well, I AM a huge fan of the Castlevania series' artwork, so this comes as no surprise. The Star Ocean: Til The End of Time box art is surprisingly plain for Japan though, but the logo is already rather nice, so anything else on the cover might make it look too crowded. Addendum to that, maybe for once we'll get the nicer box art... have I mentioned I really want that game?

I guess this means no yuricons.

So, my arch-nemesis, WE MEET AGAIN! You may have valiantly tackled my previous devious question of avoiding spoilers, but I have discovered a topic SO SHOCKING that you cannot but fall before its true might. The topic, you ask? Well...

Video games! But not just ANY video games topic, mind you. I mean video games and yaoi/yuri! My question for you, dear dear letterchick, is why there is SUCH an abundance of yaoi featuring video game characters(particularly where Final Fantasy and Suikoden are concerned) but very little yuri. It dismays me to think that the vast populace of fans of these intriguing games would find solace in the idea of their favorite male characters getting together, while either ignoring or shredding any of the female characters.

So, the challenge is issued. The gauntlet dropped. The face slapped by the glove of everpresent rpg turmoil. Answer, and face your destiny, young Liz. It is your true path.


Okay, quick Japanese language lesson for the sheltered: Yaoi = male - male. Yuri = female - female. You guys get the drift? Good. Okay, let's move on and answer Xeria, shall we?

I've actually seen quite the opposite lately while browsing eBay. No no, I'm not looking for doujinshi, it happens to come up in my general searches. Honest! Case in point: Xenosaga. While searching for a file folder that seems to not be turning up anymore, every Xenosaga doujinshi seems to be... you guessed it, yuri. And 9 out of every 10 times, it'll be Shion x KOS-MOS. And every time they throw M.O.M.O. into the mix, I think about how just plain WRONG that is. Of course, Shion x KOS-MOS is wrong to begin with, since KOS-MOS is, well, an android. Geez people, the male Xenosaga characters aren't THAT bad looking...

Anyway, I had noticed before this, that yaoi seems to be the homosexual pairing of choice among artists and fic writers. It remains a mystery, especially since... a lot of said artists and fic writers seem to be female. Granted, there's still a fair amount of males among these groups, but still... maybe Western culture is so different from Asia, but I'm used to seeing guys drool over lesbians, and not vice versa.

The recent influx (unless it's my imagination) of yuri's also making me wonder if the fanbase is just getting bored of seeing that hot bishounen-on-bishounen action, especially with that (ugh) Gundam yaoi we just couldn't avoid for a period of time, or so it seemed. (Naturally, I got bored of Gundam Wing anyway, but that's besides the point.) Besides, one would think girls are so much more interesting in action, and oh boy, I've said way too much.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, short but interesting column comes to a close for the day. I'm aware I still haven't come up with a topic, but woe is me and I'll come up with one. Promise. In the meantime, entertain me as much as you can, for I no longer have a pool to spend 5 hours a day at. Which means I'm much more bored than usual. Thanks for pitying me in advance.

~ Liz, seeking donations for a, uhm, GameCube of her own. Oh, and controllers, SSBM and a memory card. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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