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Friday, July 26, 2002

current mood - frustrated
current music - Final Fantasy IV Prologue

[The above has been inspired by LiveJournal, and the fact that I've spent a lot of time writing and reading entries, and trying to come up with a layout. Now, moving on...]

Yeah, frustrated. I took it out on a pink Captain Falcon as Zelda, though I guess it would have been more satisfying if I was using a more intimidating and/or brutal character. Ah well, there is something really satisfying about being able to defeat a musclehead with a very prissy girl character. I always liked magic users, anyway...

I packed up all my gaming stuff today, especially those all important DDR pads. I can't wait to play DDR again, daily even. I can't wait to play my own copy of DDRMAX either, for that matter. Yeah I know, everyone I know hates DDRMAX, but if I find it fun, I really don't care who else enjoys it or not. besides, if I end up disliking it, I have about 6 other DDR games to play. Go me. And no, USA doesn't count...

On a side note, learning three languages as you grow up, and three MORE languages throughout your school life, gets pretty damn confusing sometimes. Too bad I'm not fluent in ANY.

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Old school memories - not always that good?

WELL YOUR DBZ OPINION SUCKS!! Just kidding. Would you believe my whole FFT, LSSC Suikoden2 order was put on hold for atleast 10 days? Damn you amazon to hell!!! If you have not seen any movies for Lost Kingdoms, you will be suprised. lot of my friends thought it was turnbased and you wouldn't see your character on screen. Well it shocked them all. Have you seen the trailer for the Lord of the Rings:Two towers Movie? As my Posh/English/Gay brother would say, 'Its simply Marvelous." For the past few months my friends and I have been trying to relive our multiplayer funfest days on the GameCube and the only Multiplayer title that do it is SSBM. There is nothing to replace Mario Party 1,2,3,Mario Tennis,Mario Golf, Mario Kart Goldeneye, Perfect Dark or No mercy. We sometimes have to bring back out the snes to play Bomberman, Top gear 3000, Punch out and some Rpgs. We even went too far by bringing out the NES and played Rad Racer 1,2 and River City Ransom. I am not sure but if! you have to go back past 2 gens to relive gaming fun, something has to be wrong with the games of this gen. Are is there something wrong with us??

Until next time

Guess I need to pay attention to game media more often. Oh well. Anyway, we have said trailer downloaded, and I've watched it three times. Too bad I didn't KNOW that a certain character came back. =P Oh well.

Hmm... you really should invest in Bomberman Generation, ya know. That's pretty fun and addicting, I say. And remember that the GameCube is very early in its lifespan, so don't expect Nintendo to stop here with the multiplayer games. Think PSO, Mario Party 4... and most likely others. Anyway, there may be nothing to replace those titles YET... but just wait and see. We also tried to bring out the NES not too long ago... failed miserably, I must say. Or maybe that's me, still bitter from a not-so-good Metroid session.

Those crazy Japanese.

Hey Liz,

I was just looking through some downloads on Kazaa and i happend to stumble across the TV commercial of FFIX. Now think of this, if Japan has TV commercials of Final Fantasy games like that and maybe even others.. that would make Japan an even better place to be (not to mention the Coke it was advertizing). Oh well i just writing this to try and amuse you.


Haven't seen that one yet. I did however, see the FFX commercial, and that was pretty good... even if a certain friend kept drooling over the guy. I also saw a ton of old Japanese game/console commercials, which range from slightly odd, to just plain goofy (Link To The Past), to downright hilarious (Sega Saturn). I need to see more of these. Seriously.
Long time, no... respond!

Liz, Mike-
Ok, these are a bit late, but I've been busy writing Origins and well, working.

>From 7-15-02,
So, Liz, kinda harsh to the girl asking hoping you'd care, weren't you?

>From 7-17-02, (Transform And Roll Out - Transformers, isn't it?) While dating a guy as arrogant as that (or a guy period) isn't anything I'm personally interested in, it would have added more diversity to the game I'd think. Considering you can 'date' Barret in Final Fantasy VII, despite it not being easy, you wonder why they don't allow such a thing in Azure Dreams. Especially in America, where, depending on where you go and who you know, anything is possible (ick), you wonder why something as harmless as this is cut out. But then, I suppose you could always import the Japanese version, though it might be hard to get through the dating process when you can't understand your date. I've been there. Sorta.

Of course, you can also end up on a date with ANY character available at that time. Even Red XIII, what's that saying to you? Personally, I always, no matter how hard I try not to, end up with Yuffie. Know fear and tremble. Best 3D FF game.

...Hold on a sec, you can date Red XIII? Details! How the heck do you do that?
>From 7-19-02,
This is just my opinion on, oh, three or four minor things spread throughout the day.
The Breath Of Fire spoiler guy was the pits. Having only played BoF2, I was rather annoyed with him. Luckily, I just skipped, as he was kind enough to place a warning at the top. Anyone's opinion can be a fact. Being in opinion does not instantly eliminate the factuality of a statement, it simply means the person saying it may or may not actually know whether it is a fact or not. Were I to live underground for 1000 years, and then proceeded to tell someone else who lived there that the sky was still blue, that would be an opinion, but there is also a good chance that it would be a fact. Although there is no way I could know that it was a fact or not, as I had been underground for 1000 years.

I don't think that Mario Sunshine has much to fear from Ratchet and Crank, personally. Blinx looks kinda cool though. (Wait, which is the Xbox one, Blinx, right?) Not that it matters, Metroid Prime is all I really care about at the moment. Got an Xbox and Halo to tide me over. Halo is fun. And Morrowind looks decent. S-Type controllers aren't too bad (borrowed one from a friend). Still have issues, but MUCH better than ...yeah, cut off the rant now man. [smacks self]

Looking at Mario Sunshine's sales, that game has nothing to fear from anyone, it seems. I'm almost afraid to know how many copies it has sold up to this moment, and of course, I'm happy for Nintendo it's been so successful. You know Metroid Prime will blow Halo out of the freaking water, right?
I think maybe the obsessive-compulsive community might want you as a spokes person Liz, if you receive as many emails from them as you say. Could be a money-making opportunity. Liz, you really like the crack cracks, don't you?
Hey! I'm not THAT obsessive compulsive! I only check my e-mail very 15 minutes! I swear!
>From 7-22-02

Say you were hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road. All of a sudden, there shines a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road. And he says, "Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your soul." (soul)

What do you do?

-Bob Me now, I look up at it and laugh my *** off because I gave my soul away in 9th grade. Damn pretty eyes, always get me... Smile helped too. But anyway, that's a cool song, for anyone who may not know: It's called ‘Tribute' And it is by a very-inappropriate-for-youngsters band called Tenacious D (Jack Black and um... Someone heh...)

So, bob... Is that ‘Born On Board'? (Marathon Reference, forgive me.)

I gave my soul away in first grade. To an Apple IIe. BEAT THAT.
>From 7-24-02
Topic Reply: Cowboy Bebop, RPG/Hacking Sim/Flight Sim – Play as any of the four main characters, Jet, Edward, Spike, Faye. Different game, same storyline based on who you play as. 4-way multiplayer. Ein sidekicks for the crew off and on.
Sounds kinda cool. Did you know about the CB shooter that came out for the PSX a few years ago? I heard it kind of sucks... well, okay, I lied. I heard it REALLY sucks, though it might be a similar idea.. but it's all about how well said ideas are executed, right? Heh, I do like the part about Ein though... that'd be fun.
No more pool? That um... Blows. Why not?
It was the neighbor's pool and they let us use it during their month-long vacation. Guess who got the most use out of it? Me. They came back last week though. Man, now I really want a pool...
Yaoi... Shudder. Not that I have anything against homosexuality (real or art) SPECIFICALLY, but I will NEVER understand why ANYONE finds males attractive. No offence to anyone, just baffles me. Women are just so much... Less annoying. More confusing, interesting, and frightening, as well. Eh, that's just me.
If no one found males attractive, humans wouldn't have reproduced. Obviously half the world's population finds males attractive, and if you don't, fine by me. I find it pretty normal that guys don't find guys attractive... unless you're in or near San Francisco, but anyway...
New stuff:
So, the Metroid story I mentioned before, that was finished? It's not anymore. I was bored at work (happens a lot on graveyard) and added a bunch to the middle. I'm thinking of segmenting it once I get the new beginning fleshed out. And I have to decide on either first-person, second-person, third-person or Narrator style, and then convert the parts that aren't the one I chose. Or maybe, similar to the way Metroid Prime works, it could be mostly first person, with some third person... I just don't know. Leaning tward a Narrative, lets em keep MOSt of the writing in the context it is in now.
Sounds like you've got quite the work cut out for you. Still, I'm looking forward to reading it, so whenever it's finally complete, feel free to upload it and send me a link, and I'll post it here, ya?
Ok, so, aside from Breath of Fire remakes, Golden Sun, which everyone living here, except me, hates, and Tactics Ogre, are there any RPGs out right now for the GBA? And is Tactics Ogre any good? I love Final Fantasy Tactics, but am not sure about Tactics Ogre.
Tactics Ogre is supposed to be really good, unfortunately, all I've played on the GBA is Golden Sun (sorta) and Breath of Fire II (sorta). There's also Megaman Battle Network 1 and 2, which seem hard but also seem to be a 'must' for Megaman fans. And last but not least, Japan got Fire Emblem: The Sealed Sword a few months ago, if you're into strategy RPGs (Yeah okay, so I like Marth and Roy too much. So sue me!) Anyway, check out RPGFan for screenshots and previews of upcoming games for the GBA as well.
EverQuest for the Mac... So what? I told everyone it was going to be coming eventually, just like I said Fallout 2 was. No one ever listens. I can't wait til I predict the end of the world. Such fun! (yes yes, I know. But I DID say that EQ and Fallout 2 would come to the Mac.) Speaking of the Mac: How are you liking the iMac? I've been meaning to look into one of those, just haven't had the time. Stupid car needing to be PAYED for. Sheesh.

Sorry for the long email. Heh.


The iMac is wonderful, thanks for asking. Of course, I am slightly jealous that Apple announced a 17' version, but I think I can deal for now. I certainly don't miss Windows ME one bit, I'll tell you that much. They're great deals, I'd say, so yeah, you should definitely look into one sometime.
I love Dezo's letters. I really do.

Salutations Ms. Schala,

It seems with the weekly topic thing on the mailbag, I've become more verbose than ever. I'd say something like "you've created a monster" but it is really I myself who has. But I digress.

Anyway, onto the topic of anime-based games. It goes without saying that licensed games based on anime or feature films often tend to use fertile source material (the licenses) rather poorly. But there are some I remember quite fondly as being rather good. (NOTE: I'm using the term anime to refer to all animated material- not just animated stuff from Japan).

I remember buying the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES, mainly because I was a Turtle fan. I also bought Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan for the old Game Boy. You know what? Those games were really good. They were fun to play and were quite true to the license. And I need not mention the arcade 'Turtles game (which was a near-perfect port on the NES as TMNT 2). That game rocked. Yes, the few Ninja Turtles games I've played have been good, though Fall of the Foot Clan was easy to beat.

Another RPG that I enjoyed a lot before my old computer went kaput was a ROM of Sailor Moon: Another Story, an RPG for the Super Famicom (Yes, I know some of you are against ROMs, but this game was only released in Japan). I never got to finish it, but I did manage to get partway through Chapter 3 (about 15-18 hours I think).

Graphically, the game captured the perfect essence of the Sailor Moon world. The girls' home town was accurately represented. Also, the game was fun to play and had a surprisingly deep storyline (from what portion I played). It was an original storyline not in the series, but it was very good. I liked the Opposito Senshi villains who were named after Mesopotamian gods/godesses of the Sailor Senshis' planets (i.e. Sailor Mercury's Opposito Senshi was named Nabu after the patron god of writing and wisdom whose planet is Mercury).

Sure SM:AS suffered the bane of excessive level-building requirements (which were a serious killjoy in some parts of the game) and a high random battle rate, but the storyline more than made up for it. Also, the boss battles tended to be quite challenging. Sure some were cheaply difficult, but that's common in a lot of RPGs.

I never quite understood why so many licensed games turn out like garbage. I mean, the license material is rich, fertile, and often has all the makings of a great game, but the results are often subpar. And I think it sucks that series fans will buy a subpar game just because it has the name of their beloved series on it- though there are gems, they're few and far between. I'm just glad that in my preteen years, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games I bought were good and were faithful to one of my favorite cartoons back then.

Blademaster Dezo
-who is still waiting for a GOOD Transformers video game-

If you don't count Super Robot Taisen, then yeah, games based on anime do rather poorly. And more often than not, the US market never sees these games. There are the few exceptions of course, such as the Record of Lodoss War RPG for the Dreamcast, which are only localized when they know it would at least do moderately well, which, to my knowledge, RoLW did. I don't completely understand why so many licensed games flop so badly, though I have a few theories, which aren't exactly the best ones. I think some companies think the game would just sell on the name alone and don't put true effort into the game. My other theory is that so many licensed games end up being 'beat em up's and people lose interest in these games after seeing so many. Another guess is, that only hard core fans of the license will buy the game in some instances, for collector reasons, but casual fans often won't be interested.
GTA3: Akira style. Ooo.

Hi Liz,

I don't think I've really come across any game based on an anime that was great, to my mind. Normally games based on an anime (or a movie, for that matter) rely purely on the name brand for sales. This ultimately leads to rushed development and an unpolished or generic sort of game.

But really, do we need games based on popular anime? The influence of anime in video games can be seen simply by looking at titles like Zone of the Enders. The Virtual On series is one of my favourite franchises. The anime influence is also apparent in many RPGs. I'd prefer an original anime-styled game over a game based on a familiar anime.

That said, while I'm not too fond of a game based on a familiar anime, I would like to see games based on the universes created by certain japanese animations. A lot of the worlds designed by anime development houses are incredibly intriguing. A story based within a familiar universe, with totally different characters and a totally different plot, could expand and develop the intricacies of a certain world.

In that vein, the game I'd most like to see would be a GTA3esque title based within the corrupt, decaying Tokyo of Akira (before Tetsuo destroyed the whole thing, of course :P). New characters, new story, same fantastic universe.

Evapilot, who imported Neon Genesis Evangelion for the N64 only because it was a collectible. Honest! :P

Of course we don't need anime based games. But after talking about so many anime based games as of late, this kind of peaked my curiosity. There are some games that would make for great anime - Xenogears, anyone? There's no doubt about the influence of anime in games, not just in looks but also in story, characters and such - Xenosaaga for example seems like something out of a manga much of the time. Well, the Japanese version, anyway. Who knows how hacked the US version will be?

I myself would like to see more games like that - not based on an anime, per se, but a story that unravels like an anime... and would have that feel, and so forth. Basically, I want more Xenogears. And who would blame me? One game that seems like it wants to fulfill my wishes in a way is .hack, by a company that's usually on the more anime side of things (Bandai), designed by the EVA character designer, and written (in part?) by the Ghost in the Shell writer. I got a good feeling!


So, we meet again on this battlefield of words! I surely thought my stumper in our last duel would have brought me triumph, but alas, you have once again proven yourself to be eloquently slippery indeed.

Thus, I have no choice, dear rival, but to bring my full might to bear on your puny so-called "mailbag." I, your astute nemesis, have KIDNAPPED your most prized persona. Yes, the one and only SAMUS ARAN is being held within the confines of my castle, and will only be freed upon the purchase of Genso Suikoden III OST. Do not attempt a rescue, for it will prove futile against my highly trained forces.

Awaiting your submission,

Hmmmm, my Ayumi persona's rich. She'll have that Suikoden III OST to you in no time... if it's out, that is. Anyway, I'm pretty sure Samus can take care of herself - she does have one hell of a weapon arsenal, so don't be surprised if you see a few charred remains within said confines of your castle... but hey, if she gets out, it's not because I tried to rescue her or anything, she can be a metal-head sometimes. Er, not that I said that or anything. Anyway, if she does escape on her own, I'll make HER send you the Suikoden III OST as an apology. Deal?

On a side note, I sure hope III's music is as good as II. I looove II's music so far...

Closing Thoughts

Trying to multitask and write this column at the same time proved to be a very bad idea. Well, it's finally over, and my bed is calling... very loudly. So's my throat for a nice, cold drink... anyway, in short, it's time for me to end this. Bye and stuff.

~ Liz, who likes pie. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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