Mid-summer Blues
Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Missed an update. I'm aware. Many reasons. Okay, let's move on shall we?

The last few days has been nothing but packing and playing SSBM. Now, here I am, listening to rap music in the background thanks to Sonic Adventure 2. And currently being ridiculously silly in IRC, but that's a story for another day. In two days I have to head back home, to a uh, very different life. Again. Whoo.

By the way, I won't be around Thursday, so the Graphic Designer Fomerly Known As Chronologist will take my place. I'm going to be in the air somewhere between Arizona and Canada, but I'll be back here Monday. Lucky you. Enjoy the letters, people.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.


Do you think babies are extra special? I do...I also have a rant. Ok, why aren't mentally handicapped people, homosexuals, child molestors, and bestialitist featured in RPG's? That's discrimination, and I'm offended. What is your take on this situation? I, for one, am disgusted that people don't feature these kinds of people in RPG's...There may be the occasion in one or two Japanese games, but do we get them in America? No! Wait, I take that back, we have had one, Quina of FFIX, but that's it. Love,

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

Eh, babies are cute sometimes? Special? Sure.

Didn't we have a few homosexuals in RPGs? We have a transvestite - Birdo, in Super Mario RPG - that beats out all the molesters. =P Of course, I personally can do without these kinds of people in my RPGs... if I wanted them, I'd turn on the TV or read the paper. I guess Japan is just more open about that kind of thing...

Defiled. Meh.

Roy is horrid.

ICE CLIMBERS FOREVER! You know it's true Liz. 150%+ damage in 8 seconds is something you will fear in your dreams! :)

Andrew Alfonso, Senior Editor http://www.the-nextlevel.com

...Roy owns you. With Flare Blade. Nyah nyah. The Ice Climbers may have their good points, but I'll stick to who I'm used to until or unless I can pull off crazy tricks with the Ice Climbers myself. =P But okay, I'll go and fear the Ice Climbers when I sleep if you really want me to...

But can you REALLY claim that the Ice Climbers are badass?

My secret lover is a DOT. Cool.

Tell me the truth about Dodongo! I know you know! Now tell me now!

But if Dodongo isnt your flavor.

Why did god invent Hikaus?


Your secert lover.


Dodongo is behind all haikus. That is his secret and the secret of haikus.
Xenogears goodness.

Hi Liz,

You know that ending song from Xenogears? Just exactly what does the title "Small Two of Pieces" mean anyway? I've been pondering this mystery for quite a while now. Inquiring minds want to know! Unfortunately, the song lyrics don't help matters. I'm thinking that the title is supposed to have some significance to the game.

If it were titled "Smaller of Two Pieces" or "Two Small Pieces", I would understand that. However, even that would beg the question, what does that have to do with the game? I would also ask what two pieces? And why is it small?

You would think that Joanne Hogg would have been able to correct the stellar Jenglish title. But then again, she probably didn't know what the hell Mitsuda and company meant anyways. Maybe she didn't even know it was for a game. "Uh, what did you say this song was for again?"

Just wondering.


Joanne Hogg never wrote 'Small Two of Pieces'. Mitsuda wrote the music, and someone else wrote the lyrics. I have no idea what it means, and it doesn't fit into the song in any way, but I still like it a lot, personally. I'm sure she knew what the song was for, but ultimately the song title and such is up to the writers, not her. I wish I could come up with some really creative explanation of my own for the title, but the closest relation I could make is the two angels with one wing each, in Nisan's cathedral, and something in the game about how they're supposed to be one in some way... I'm guessing it's one of those soul mate or destiny explanation type dealies. I so need to play Xenogears again.
Akira letters: The Sequel.

Anyone remember Akira!? THE greatest anime of ALL time?? Vell, I've heard that Bandai has got the rights to make a game of that fabolous movie now, and guess which kind of game they re going to make of their license? Oh, yeah, that's right: A PINBALL game!!!!!!! I ve waited for soooo many years for this, and what they do is make a pinball game out of it!? I have to say, and I think many people agrees with me on this, that what they should have made was an RPG, Final Fantasy style!! Just think: Walking around in Neo Tokyo in the year 2049, following the great storyline, fighting some bad military guys (and by modifying it a little bit) evil people with the same psychic abilities as Tetsuo!!?? I think it could have been a GREAT game, but no: Bandai had to make a Pinball game out of it..... Nice done people......

I'll be back

I've STILL never seen the Akira movie. I'd like to, eventually, even though I'm constantly hearing mixed opinions about it. The pinball game does sound kind of lame. Not that I mind pinball games (in the arcade anyway), but a company could do so much better with an Akira license than that, and make so much more money, not to mention gain a little more respect from Akira fans. Who knows, maybe Bandai has more tricks up their sleeve involving the Akira license... one can only hope.
I love Xenogears and all, but...

Dear RPGFAN Staff, I'm writing to announce that the Petition for a Xenogears Remake and/or Sequel is open and can be be found at this link:
I hope I can have your support in spreading the word.


Square can't do a Xenogears sequel or remake... at least, not well. Why? The Xenogears staff mostly belongs to developer Monolith Soft now, who's doing the Xenosaga series. Xenosaga Episode 5 may or may not be a remake of Xenogears, as according to the Perfect Works timeline, Xenogears is, in fact, Episode 5. The Xenosaga series is going to loosely follow the Perfect Works timeline with a few changes. I'm not sure how many similarities Xenosaga Episode 5 is going to have to Xenogears, but I'm pretty sure it won't be a direct remake - they may integrate some story events but probably not much more. I don't think Square would like it if Namco practically re-made Xenogears.

Secondly, companies are not going to pay any mind to petitions to localize games here, so a petition for a complete remake would be even more of a stretch. I hate to dash hopes, but I just don't see it happening.

Marth vs Roy. And Liz screws up again.

Curse you, my villainous rival! That upstart Samus Aran destroyed a goodly portion of my fearsome abode in her attempt to escape my clutches! Do you have ANY idea what the repair costs are like?! Pfah!

Of course, I have no choice but to send my elite squadron, led by none other than Prince Marth himself, to completely annihilate you and your paltry forces. No one could possibly compete against his godlike prowess in battle. Prepare to meet your doom!

-Lord God Xeria

Looks like Marth and his clan are going to be clashing with Roy and his clan. Things could get interesting. That is, if I don't screw up the letters again. Sigh. Who is all in these clans, anyhow? SSBM characters? Fire Emblem characters? Both? Ooh ooh, a true melee. *sits back and watches*

Erk, WHAT?! Samus never sent you that Suikoden III soundtrack? I'm going to have to smack her around or something. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Closing Thoughts

Death and Rebirth is calling me. Ph33r the $17.99 Best Buy price tag! Mwahahahahaahahahaha! Ahem *hack* *cough* Oh. and just as a reminder, Mike will be here Thursday. be good to him, kids. Ta-ta!

~ Liz, the sexually confused. Maybe. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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