Better Late Than Never
Friday, August 2, 2002

Sure, the title isn't original by a long shot, but it's fitting of today's late update. I apologize for being late, but it's still Friday, so it's okay, right? Right.

My day was mostly uneventful. Waking up at 3 PM really cuts down on the amount of time you have available to you in the day. But hey, I got my PayPal account 'verified', and was able to install some software that I thought I was unable to install without a reformat, so that's good. I also might have a solution for a rather stupid computer-related problem that cropped up recently. Thanks to the wonderful tech service at CompUSA (who had my computer to install RAM back in April), the screws on the bottom of my iMac were stripped, preventing me from opening it and installing more RAM myself. Living up to their reputation, the person I talked to at the store basically told me there's nothing they can do about it, despite the fact that they caused the problem to begin with. Luckily, there's another place around that should be able to order and/or install a new set of screws for me, for no charge, who I'll be calling tomorrow. Oh, and for the record, yes, I said 'install' screws. They're not typical screws, and by the looks of them, might require special hardware to take out and put in, but we'll see.

I'm sure nobody really cares about all that, but if you're still reading now, I commend you. Let's get on to the whopping four letters that have been sent in in the past few days. Sadly, some can hardly be considered 'letters'. Bah.

~ Mike

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OMG A SQUARE SEQUAL...or so this one hopes.

Vagrant Story 2

Can you tell me if there will be a sequel to the best rpg ever made.

There were too many loose ends at the end of the original and surely with the power of ps2 they could at least use voice overs instead of speach bubbles to correct one of very very few faults with the game?

No actually, I can't tell you if there's going to be a Vagrant Story 2. Or II. With the main man behind VS (and FF Tactics) now working hard on Final Fantasy XII, you'd probably have to wait for that game to come out before you hear about what he may work on next. Of course, Square could always, technically, do one without him most likely, but don't count on that happening.
My self esteem plummets.

You are not squall or rinoa you gay ass fagot bitchs
We're not? Well shit. You've deeply hurt my feelings with your vicious comment, and I will forever be in therapy for trying to be Squall or Rinoa.

So anyway, what the hell are you talking about? Go play tee ball or something with your friends. At least that's not a total waste of time like writing in completely and totally pointless letters like this to our webmaster account.

Soundtrack query

Hey there guys!! Okay, let's start with the basics. U dudes have a very cool site and I want to help in any way I can. Well, here's the thing. I want to buy from GameMusic.com a bunch of soundtracks. I've read before that if I followed a link from ur website I'd be helping u. Well, I can't find that link. All I can find r links to Animenation.com which I don't want to buy from. Can u help me plz?? Thanks for taking the time to read this and for the great site. Seeya :)
As of now, we only offer one place to buy from, for any given soundtrack. Usually, one of the stores (either AnimeNation or GMO) will either have a certain item in stock when the other does not, or has a better price. We may look into offering both options in the future, but that's how it works for now. I'm not completely sure of this, but I believe at GameMusic, you don't need to click the link for a specific soundtrack for us to be counted as a referral. If you can find a GMO link in the soundtracks section, click that to get to the site, and then just order what you wish. Actually, I'll just give you a link here, for Legaia: Duel Saga's OST, which seems to be an interesting mix of Mitsuda and Sakimoto music...that's new.

i come here looking for pics for my skies of arcadia rpg and then i read this and ur all talkbg about gays and ice climbers shit hat the fuck is this place i mean damn and by the way i dont need homosexuals's in my rpgs either if i wanted to see them i would watch comedy central or mad tv or something

- DarthKeltor

Maybe you should just go watch MadTV now and not waste my time. :P
Closing Thoughts

Well, that was short. Hopefully everyone out there will write in more letters over the weekend, for Liz to use in Monday's update. Yes, I said Liz. I'm only here this one time, luckily for you. As for me, I'm off to... Well, I haven't figured out yet what I'm doing next. I guess I'm off to figure out what I'm doing then. Whoo.

~ Mike (letters@rpgfan.com)


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