Fire Emblem Pride
Wednesday, August 7, 2002

...maybe a little too much Fire Emblem pride. I say this because Fire Emblem's the reason why I completely forgot about the Mailbag until midnight my time. Grah.

I was suddenly able to get my hands on some form of The Sealed Sword, and I started it up, died IN THE TUTORIAL, skipped the tutorial the next time, died again. And when I say die, I mean Roy, the leader, dies. It actually took me a couple of HOURS to figure out most of the menu commands. Anyway, I've never played a strategy RPG before, let alone in Japanese. I expected it to take me longer to navigate the whole system, but I know I still have more to learn... I'm only on the third or fourth chapter so far, and I have a FAQ handy. This game is actually quite engrossing, despite not being able to fully understand the story.

Hmm. The music would sound really neat orchestrated.

Let's move on to my fairly short column, shall we?

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
Looh-nar? What's that?

I was just wondering, in your opinion, whether you like LUNAR 1 or 2 better?
Neither. I've never touched a Lunar game. Yes, I know I've sinned.

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that I have all sorts of PSOne and GBA RPGs - all English, mind you - yet here I am, playing a strategy RPG in Japanese text?

Deja vu of a deja vu.

hi i am interested in ordering the cloud on the bike, do you know any sites where i can order one or can i oder one from your site. please let me know. thanx!
...I really need to put something in the FAQ about this. *cough*
I was wondering if you knew a place where I could purchase the Final Fantasy Creature Collections, preferablly online? Or maybe a store in the area of New York? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
This is the part where I actually get around to answering to these. A very select few of the domestic version of the FFX figures can be found in some retail outlets of chains like EB, Gamestop, Suncoast, etc... though I can guarantee that the good ones tend to go pretty quickly. Of the ones I know, there are: Himeya, DigiCube, AnimeNation, and GameMusic and NCS also have a select few. Whew.
Maybe I should have kept playing FE.

Liz xiang yui,

I know a guy name Dong Wong, it has nothing to do with anything but it's funny. Anyways, last update you were teasing me by not telling me who plays the voice of Cloud Strife (Or as the french would say Leflongdeedong de strife croissant) in Kingdom hearts. Anyways I am going to guess it is my favorite voice actor ever. DAVID LUCAS, am I right!?? You know him, he plays the lead role in GTO, Cowboy bebop, Rurouni Kenshin (Shishio man! SHISHIO!!!), Vandread and he even plays the role of making dog sounds for Pandits charachter in the Arc the Lad anime (Which by the way is better than the game in my opinion). Yes, this man has a bright future in front of him, I don't know what he looks like but if you find out, send me a link because this is probably a GOOD LOOKING man.

Ok, I'm gonna go off topic for awhile so I can talk about my love for you Liz.You are like the pedals of a rose, so bright and colorful, you are my love in a bucket, the stain on my shirt from what I call "The nail polish incident" (Let me make this clear, a male putting pink nail polish on his nails proves nothing, other than he's a complete freak!) So stain like, unwashable, yet I still wear the shirt because the stain eases my mind and soul. My heart pounds for you, it's actually a light heart attack but it's all for you. The beauty I may never have but always yearn.

What I am trying to say is... Will you go to the movies with me? We can see "Like Mike", I will buy the pop-corn, you buy the hampsters! It'll be a hootinanny! By the way, Death and Rebirth is a good movie but Manga did not do the movie any Justice by bringing it out. I liked the movie better 2 years ago when I first bought the "Bootleg" or "Generic" fansub DVD collection brought out by "Anime Cartoon". I'm glad many of the key voice actors came back but it seemed so poorly directed. Didn't you notice that Hyuga, Makoto sounded like a Jamaican guy? I don't remember him sounding like that in the series, even though he never talked much, I can garuntee you he's not a Jamaican guy.

I give my credits to Amanda Winn Lee for being a babe, but that's where it'll have to end. Sorry, you should never direct another anime again. I can't wait till I see David Lucas, find his picture for me and I'll consider being your BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!


Yeah, sure, I know David Lucas I suppose... don't I feel special now. You, sir, know way too much about him.

You also made me positively diabetic by the time I finished reading your letter. The day I see Like Mike, is the day that I honestly say that Lil' Bow Wow has more acting talent than Leonardo DiCaprio, and both have better acting talent than a retarded monkey who has been fed with funky mushrooms rather than bananas. Sorry if I sounded harsh, but I refuse to endorse - or even lay my eyes on something that lame. You're paying for the popcorn AND the hamsters buddy, because they're gonna be your date.

Meanwhile, I'll be in some nice theater watching Signs with somewhat normal people.

Now, to defy you, I'm going to go watch Death and Rebirth. Again. Or not...

September will be RPG heaven.

Hey thought u guys would like 2 know that the kingdom hearts date has been changed from october 14 to sept 17! If u guys know then forget it....One Q tho.... Do u think its wise for all these games to come out in september? because If im right Grandia Xtreme and Wild arms comes out at the same time, and now kingdom hearts has been confirmed for the day after Xtreme and Arms... Please tell me what u think bout this. If theres a change on dates let me know too.. My budget on games will get crazy If they all come out at the same time...also games like tekken and shinobi too... damn.. Thanx alot... And please respond!
Actually, I've been hearing the September 17 date for months. I thought Square had confirmed it at E3 or something, but I guess I heard wrong... oh well. It really bums me out that I don't have a PS2. As for all these games coming out so close to one another, well... I don't think it'd be a huge loss for any of these companies, as gamers on a budget, would most likely pick up the one they want the most, then pick up the others as money and time would let them. Unforunately for me, I'm going to miss out on all three.
My rival returns.

Are you trembling with absolute terror yet, my one true rival? Well, you should be! My ultimate weapon is nearing completion, and it is only a matter of time before I use it to rain down fiery DEATH on you all at RPGFan! Just to get you in the mood, though, for painful torture and mutilation...


Muahaha! TWO piece of fanfiction in which Samus, that fiend and tool of the devil, fancies the one and only Fox McCloud! Yes, feast your eyes, silly mortal, on this array of wonderful pain that only horrible writers could possibly bring you! Just a few more days until your imminent death!

Cheerfully hating your very loathsome existence, Lord God Xeria

Unfortunately, I'm already extremely jaded when it comes to FanFiciton.net, and--- OH GOOD GOD, IS THIS EVERY WRONG. First off, Roy's 16. Secondly, Fox is a... a fox! And that second story is really, really fruity, I'm sorry.

On top of all that, Roy feels really defiled. Look what you've done to him. Did you forget what his temper's like? =P

Great, I'm now even MORE jaded than I was before, in the world of FanFiction.net... there are so few good stories on there.

Sexy Sephy.


Moving on... I have nothing interesting to say regarding the anime topic thing (plus it's outdated :P) for one. Instead, I'll ask a generic question, like... Which RPG coming out are you looking most forward to? Xenosaga (I) in English? Xenosaga Episode II in Japanese? :P I admit, it's not interesting, and nowhere near original. Honestly, the main reason I sent this was for that first part. The rest I'm just making up as I go along. Anyway, I'm sure I'll talk to you later, sometime.

Rawk on,

Mike (RPGFan's graphic guy, for those reading who don't know me)

You think Sephy's that hot, eh? Well, you might wanna look into purchasing Kingdom Hearts next month, as Square decided to blurt out a few things. earlier today. I wonder how cool he looks...

You unoriginal bastard, can't you ask me something more interes- oh, nevermind. I'd LOVE to say Kingdom Hearts, but since I won't be near a PS2 (thanks to my bloody taxes), I'll go for both Zeldas, and of course, Xenosaga Episode II. Screw the English Episode I... unless, of course, I opt to review it for our lovely site.

Everyone, worship this guy. Not only for designing our lovely site (as well as Anime Dream, our affiliate), but for also being the reason I'll no longer be on Windows in a week. Oh. and many other things he does too. Go him.

Closing Thoughts

Whoops, forgot about the topic. Better get that changed soon. Anyway, tomorrow I start working again (yay!), so I need to get my arse to bed. Not only that, but also to get away from these crazy schmucks who keep talking about yaoi on IRC. My head is spinning...

~ Liz, who wonders how many months it'll take for her to get through Fire Emblem. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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