Lemon Tree, Very Pretty
Monday, August 12, 2002

Hey, look, Mike's back again. Okay, you can stop 'boo'ing now.


Oh fine. You people are impossible to please. Anyway, like it or not, I'm doing today's already-late update, since Liz had more important things to do (Alicia Keys concert) and asked me at about 1 something AM to do this. Good thing I didn't want to get to bed or anything! In case you haven't connected the dots yet, the title more or less stems from the taste you get biting into a lemon. You know, starts with a 'b', rhymes with 'litter'? Yeah, that's me. Moving on...

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Only one emoticon fits this letter: O_O;

'Here's The Mail, It Never Fails, It Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail, When It Comes, I Wanna Wail, "MAAAAAAAAAAAIL!"'

-Steve, Blues Clues.

Liz, This runs us into our first topic, "Is there a video game based on an anime that I like". Not only is there an anime-based game that I like, there's TWO!! First, Record of Lodoss War for the DC. It's Diablo. With Lodoss War stuff. :P Second, all of the Blues Clues games. It could have just been that I've been exposed to them far too much, but it could be that Humongous is really good with kids software. This provides contrast into our next topic, "Why the hell are you up at 3:30 in the morning?" I don't know. I'd also like to mention this shameless plug for Age of the Ancients, telnet://mud.ancients.org:5000 . So, yeah. Go there. D00dz.

Mike: I'm going to out on a limb and guess this is famed preview editor John whatshisname. The MUD plug just gives me a feeling. Anyway, Lodoss War. Seen it, watched it. Then when I woke up, I decided it wasn't my thing. I suppose it looks fun for Diablo fans and fans of the anime, but... otherwise, I'm not sure.

Blue's Clues, I refuse to comment on. At least you're not playing Barney's Hide & Seek on the Genny like my brother was a few months ago... now THAT is scary. Interesting factoid: If you leave the controller alone for a few moments, Barney will actually complete the level FOR YOU. I fail to see the point of even doing anything. Just plug it in and watch...

Maybe I should have kept playing FE.

Why in the poop is FF12 gonna be for Gamecube and NOT PS2?! Why did they move back to ninendo???


Liz: You do know that it's easy to make fake covers/box art for games, right?

Mike: Foregoing all 'Just how stupid are you?' questions (though I am curious), looking at one obviously faked box of FFXII (notice the lack of a Squaresoft logo, jagged curve on the top, no image behind the FF text, which is a series tradition) does not prove a single thing. I could make a better-looking fake box in less than 20 minutes, and actually intended to do so to prove my point, but I won't. Go check out the news and release dates once in awhile. Final Fantasy XII is listed as a PS2 release for a reason.

Something? We got your something right here.

Hi, I've been checking out your site daily for some time now and can't seem to find and news on the RPG I am most looking forward to: The sequel to Final Fantasy X. I can't seem to find out whether Square is still working on it or whether they're planning to bring it to the US. I have a bad feeling we're going to get left behind on this one. I was hoping you knew SOMETHING about the game. I'm beginning to bite my nails down to the quick.
Mike: We know there's going to be a Rikku version and a Yuna version... Seeing as it IS a sequel to a game in the most popular RPG series anywhere (though DQ might be higher in Japan...but what do they know?), I have no doubt it will come out here. It's supposedly even due out in Japan before the year is out (way to milk consumers, eh? Three FFX releases over there in a year and a half), so maybe we'll see it next summer.

Unfortunately, that's all Square has revealed. Whoopie.

TITLE ME@@@@@@@

First,I want to know if theres a possibility that Final Fantasy 1 and 2 remakes will be coming to the United States. If so, do you know what year or approximate month it will be released? Or simply the date for that matter...Also, is there a possibility that games.....like oh say....Secret of Mana being remade for the playstation and Mario RPG being remade for the GBA? I think that those games should be remade, considering that their difficult to find now for the SNES. Thanx for ur time and answers......

*Bye, have a good day............

P.S. Do game companies always respond to major requests for games? If so, then why haven't more popular classic games such as Secret of Mana been remade yet? I'd really like that game to be remade. Yeah, i know Chrono Trigger and three Final Fantasies have been remade, but you know...just can't get enuff of some games....

Liz: Now, why the heck would SoM be ported to the PSOne, and Super Mario RPG be ported to the GBA? That makes no sense. If anything, they'd both be on the GBA.

Mike: ...pretty much. The PSX is definitely not needed for a game like SoM, and with Square's past ports, I'm not sure I'd WANT to see it happen. There's no word on a US release of FF I & II, but you never know. On one hand, the PSOne is pretty ancient news here, but Square may do it simply for the lack of anything else to release here. Maybe with a reduced price point, they just might sell.

I think companies will listen to requests, but not always respond, unless there's proof of actual demand. Square has said they intend on doing some sequels to popular games/series, but won't confirm what, so we could see anything from Chrono Break (still waiting), Vagrant Story 2, Parasite Eve 3... who knows. Also, to be technical, CT and the FFs weren't remade, but ported, with a few enhancements. Said enhancements probably being put into place to make up for the sometimes crappy music and horrid load times. I'd love to see a true remake of CT myself...ramble ramble.

Suiko love.

First off i would like to thank you for telling me to pick up suikoden 2 a while back when i asked what r some good rpgs. Took me a while to find a copy but then i went to a video rental place and they had only 1 copy left to buy so i bought it and beat it in a week. Last thing i want to say is I can't wait for those nintendo rpgs to come out but which ones are for the gba and which are for game cube and any word on a american release?


Liz: Geez, no one checks the release dates section, do they? It does show Japan/US/Europe releases for every system, so I'd advise you people to look there BEFORE asking me about upcoming RPGs and release dates.

But then again, I'd be getting approximately 80% less e-mail if everyone did. =P

Closing Thoughts

Liz still has no topic, and I'm in no place to put one up...so deal with it! Ha!

~ Mike, embittered for various reasons (letters@rpgfan.com)


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