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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

It's been a week, I've been absent, and probably to hell and back. Quite literally, too. As I started working again, I end up getting more than a fair share of shifts - of course, covering shifts for two people at once would do that. Surprisingly (or maybe not), I've hardly forgotten anything, making my return to work fairly easy. On top of this, we've had various family and relatives stopping by and staying over at our house, including my sister and her kids... those two factors alone have kept me busy around here. Finally, that oh so cool iMac showed up at my house today, so I've been moving all my files onto it, such as my many, many MP3s. So, as you can imagine, I've been anything but bored lately, not to mention hardly having any time to play any games. Ah well.

On the other hand, I'm also next to broke. I'm feeling the pain...

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I get told the same things in real life. From the same person. =P

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that I have all sorts of PSOne and GBA RPGs - all English, mind you - yet here I am, playing a strategy RPG in Japanese text?

Ironic? Perhaps. Weird? Definitely. You could be off playing Castlevania: SotN (sucking at the game is no reason to not play - level up!) or Final Fantasy Tactics or something. :P

On another note, if you want orchestrated Fire Emblem music, there is some on that Orchestral Game Concert CD thing. Not that I'd have a blue where to get it, but I have a few tracks from it. Granted, they aren't from FE: The Sealed Sword, but it's the FE series nonetheless.

For no reason whatsoever, look at this: http://www.applele.com/himac_r9a.html If you thought the new iMac looks weird, you'll love it after seeing this thing. :P

Anyway, I'm out of pointless stuff to ramble on about, luckily for you. Maybe next time I'll have something interesting.


Bah, I'm too lazy to unpack that box just yet. Plus FE's pretty engrossing, and I have every intent to finish the game without killing 3 units per chapter. What a hard way to learn strategy RPGs, huh? But yeah, I'll get to FFT and SotN.... just give me time. NO SMARTASS COMMENTS FROM YOU! *cough* Anyway...

The more I play FE, the more I like its music... for the most part. Heck, I want to hear some orchestrated Sealed Sword music more than ever. I noticed some while ago on Nintendo's official Sealed Sword site that there's a soundtrack... though with me and my crappy Japanese knowledge, I dunno if it's simply a soundtrack or orchestrated stuff...

I like the new iMac. I like it more after having used it for 4 and a half months. I also like the iMac I'm currently on. No more Windows ME aches and pains...

I love scaring people. I really do.

Okay, I've got two things to talk about.

Let's start with those two fanfics that were so prominently featured in Lord God Xeria's letter in the last column. More specifically, the second one entitled Stranded. One thought comes to mind: WTF? Samus and Fox?! My God! People have way too much time on their hands these days. I hope I don't visit the letters section one day and see a link to one of those "Fun on the Farm" beastiality sites! :p

Secondly, I'd like to talk about children...and why I hate them. I visited the local EB yesterday and beheld a Mario Sunshine playable demo up and running. So, I went over and started up a game. At the exact same time I touched the control, a gaggle of kids comes up and crowds around me. They start shouting stuff like, "Hey, can I play?" and "Ooh, what game is that?" That's fine if there's only one or two kids, but this time there was about twenty of them. These kids were shouting and pointing at the screen in awe, and it was really throwing me off.

In short, I died...quickly. Dead at the hand of a giant Pirahna Plant. Total playing time: between 15-20 seconds.

As if that weren't embarassing enough, about twenty shrill voices start to laugh uncontrollably. Then one of the little brats said, "That didn't take very long!" Everyone in that store within earshot began to laugh. Even the manager, who hasn't even smiled in the five years I've been going to that store, nearly busted a gut from laughter.

Parents, please remember to muzzle your children when you take them out in public. Thank you.

The Darkrider

...doesn't Fox count as bestiality? Granted, he and Samus never actually DID anything in those fics, but still. That fanfiction site can be a scary place, I tell you. Most notably, someone showed me a ...self-insertion hentai fic starring the writer and Sephiroth. It was DISGUSTING. However, I also read a parody written by someone who goes by the name Bloiffy, and this parody was so hilarious I laughed for... oh, about a half hour or so. Stomach started hurting, ran short of breath.... yeah, it was pretty damn funny.

Eek, kids... that's the one thing I hate about game stores... there are too many of them. Kids aren't my favorite species, I can tolerate a few, depending on the annoying rate, and as you can guess.... I don't plan on having any of my own.

Mmm, TV thingies.


I picked up the import for Lunar Legend at a store called Starland, and it's amazing. I also bought some TV-GBA thing (for 90 bucks) and while that thing works wonders, it's NOT as perfect as I thought it would be. It makes all my games look fine when the screen is at 70%, but at full...no, but with Lunar Legend, it makes all their shadows flicker, and that is SO annoying. Oh my GOD, it's annoying. Bleh. Well, me being the Lunar freak I am, I beat it before I picked up my GBA-TV thingy. Anyhow, besides that, and Breath of Fire/II looking just downright horrible, I think it's way worth it, I mean it's so much better than playing in the dark. I also didn't know that you could take it off! I thought it was a permanant thing, but it's not! That made me happy. Bleh, when I become some sort of God on the board, and can make topics, I'll take pictures of it in action. It's 1337, and totally 5w337.

Jimbob Ferdinand Antwain the Ninja

That sounds like it'd be interesting to see, though no way in hell am I going to shell out that much cash. I went the cheap route and got this TrapLight thing a few months ago... which I don't even use now, because it doesn't match my lovely platinum GBA.

Anyway, one Japanese GBA game (Fire Emblem) is enough for me... I think I'll wait for the localization of Lunar: Legend...

I want more FFX goodness.

I'm sure you must get this a lot but what's taking Squaresoft song long on those Yuna and Rikku versions of FF X: Side Story. Has there been any news since they announced them or are they just concentrating on Kingdom Hearts and FF XI right now.

RPG Kowboy

Saying nothing about a game != taking forever on it. Aside from the fact that Square must want fans to focus their attention on Kingdom Hearts and FFXI (and rightfully so), screens or info might prove to be a bit spoilerific, especially because FFX is still fairly new and yes, there are still people out here who haven't played or beaten it. Trust me, if there was news, we'd have reported it.

why dont you give release dates for england and why dont you give more infomation on grandia xtreme an star ocean 3:till end of time(i love your site).
Okay, you see that section for 'European' release dates near the bottom of the RD page? Last I recall, England was in Europe, and English release dates would be the same as those, them being European release dates and all. As far as reports on games are concerned, we usually report on as much info as there is to know as possible... so really, it's not our fault if said info is a bit, well, lacking. Though I should mention that readers should expect previews of these two games soon.
damnit! every time i hear the six feet under theme tune i wanna play simcity 3000

Matt D

...Good for you.
Closing Thoughts

Wearing contact lenses for the first time in three years is pretty weird. Then again, so does having two computers in your room... ah well. And wow, I'm really not used to being so tired at 2 AM... I guess those many late nights of Fire Emblem finally caught up to me. Yeah okay, so my topic change is long overdue. I'm sure I can think of something good when I'm NOT this tired, however.

~ Liz, all blurry-eyed from her contact lenses. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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