A Column For XX
Friday, August 16, 2002

Okay, Liz is officially the happiest girl in the world now that she's got everything set up on the little graphite iMac, including the four speakers plus subwoofer once hooked up to the PC. Not that it was hard, but eh.

The only thing that's been going on in my life is work, work, setting up the iMac, plus failing to possess an ability to fix the PC, not to mentioned getting requests from like three different employers. But I won't bore you with that. Oh wait, too late. Well, let's see. I have to start Fire Emblem over again and I'm not sure why or what happened. Oh well, I suppose it's a really good thing that I know the first four chapters really well, heh.

Random title inspiration of the day: Ayumi's album, 'A Song For XX', currently playing in iTunes. Wheee.

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Too sappy? Nah.

Dear Liz and Mike,

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude to the RPGFan staff and thank you all for doing such a great job with this site. A couple of years ago I came across RPGFan by accident and have been using it as a diversion for those long waiting times in lab ever since.

Unfortunately life sometimes has a way of reminding us that we can't stay young forever. The past few months have been extremely hectic and things aren't looking like they're going to lighten up anytime soon. With moving and starting Med School, I doubt I'll be around much, if at all.

Liz and Mike, I wish the two of you every happiness in life. Nicole and Parn, best of luck in the Air Force (you're far braver than I am). And to the rest of the staff and message board members, keep RPGFan the same fun and insightful place to visit it has been the past few years!

Anyway, enough rambling. Sorry if that was a bit sappy, but it's probably your last opportunity to give me a hard time about it. Take care and I wish all of you the best!


On the contrary, I'm pretty sure the staff would love hearing a letter like this every once in a while. So, as you see, I've decided to print it because it was so sincere and those were nice things to say. Several staff do read this column, so your letter won't go overlooked by them, but I'll be sure to point it out to the others as well.

Anyway, I understand that 'we can't stay young forever' thing all too well, myself. You and other #rpgfan visitors and staff know that I had to come back and stay in Vancouver for several reasons, so I haven't had the easiest time myself lately. However, that is a story for another day, and not really the main point here. =P In any case, I'll also wish you luck in the future and hope that you'll come around every once in a while... and/or write me. And finally, thanks again for all the kind words.

As everyone flocks to the 'Cube...

I'm back to haunt you! *Giggles* Er.

I think I remember a while back hearing something about a Rockman game of some kind coming to the Cube and thought to myself "What could that be?" and got struck with a big giggly smile of girlish laughter when I thought it could be a sequel to my beloved Megaman Legends games. Could my girly bliss be right? Could my dreams of more fun 3D Megaman action games come back to life? Could my perverted fantasies of Roll in her tight shorts be embraced ever so much more by a whole new, much higher quality 3D world? Let's hope so, cuz I'm runnin' out of doujin.


Scarily enough, I have in fact actually heard of Roll doujin... Mike's seen it. =P I blame IRC. Now, I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Rockman, but judging from the reactions of the big Rockman fanboys I know *cough* Mike *cough*, Roll doujinshi is deserving of an something along the lines of an 'O_O' type emoticon.

And in Mike's words, there's less info on the Rockman game than there than there is on Chrono Break. It seems like all there is to know, is that there's a Rockman game developed for the GC... and nothing more. You're not the only one hoping for a new Megaman Legends game...

Pff. Buy a GC.

Dear Liz:

Lately, I've been reading the news about Squaresoft releasing a Final Fantasy title on the Gamecube. I heard that the game will be link compatible with the GameBoy Advance.

I'm really angry towards SquareSoft. I don't understand why they would want to create any video game on Nintendo's Gamecube. I mean, especially after the President of Nintendo made those rude remarks towards Squaresoft's FFXI.

That's all I wanted to say. I hope Squaresoft comes to their senses and brings their full force on developing games for the PS2.

- Kenshin (kenshin@ffradio.net)

Now, I'm not totally sure how much bad blood there was, or would have been after the FFXI remarks, but it seems that Square and Nintendo were in negotiations before it even happened... plus, that president ended up retiring anyway, to my knowledge, and Nintendo has a new one as of a couple of months ago. Ah well.

In any case, Square and Nintendo have obviously kissed and made up, and these are Square's plans, like it or not. Now, their development for Nintendo system in fact has nothing to do with FFXI anyway, but maybe at this point Square realizes that FFXI isn't exactly going to be hugely profitable. (Of course, they'll push the game anyway.) Obviously Square has their reasons for going back to Nintendo, but it seems that right now, nothing's stopping them from developing for both Sony and Nintendo. Whether it be money, or they just feel the GC is a better platform for some of their games, I for one will be supporting them anyway. =P

Who cares? I want... uh, many other sequels.

Dear my ex lover Liz and my current lover Mike,

I love Orphen for the ps2, actually I only love it because I love the anime so much, and since I'm waiting so eagerly for season 2 to come out in the states I am also curious if there will be a second Orphen game, please tell me!!! OH PLEASE!


No, there isn't. And some of us hope it stays that way. Now, moving on...
Yay for the UK.

Hi liz

i havnt wrote for a while (but i read every time)so i thought i'd write in.For the main reason to thank all the kind publishers for announcing release dates in england for suiko3 xenosaga and wild arms3 which is amazing as we never got xenogears and suiko1+2 and wildarms1+2 are only available in second hand shops(if i'm lucky) where i live.All we need now is star ocean 3 and square to release all the chrono games then ill be even hapier.

And to say to the person in the last collumn who wanted more release stuff for england to go to the game website(game.uk.com)and look on those release dates as they have them before rpgfan.


Wow, maybe more companies are finally realizing they have some kind of market in Europe for their games. Maybe at this rate you guys WILL get Star Ocean 3, who knows. Oh, and since I'm not sure exactly where our European release date info comes from, I'll mention that URL to someone.
...Konnichi wa!


What fluent French I speak, eh? A-anyways, am I the only one? I mean...am I...the only one? Whenever I go to this Funcoland I live near by, to pay on games I have reserve..this guy keeps asking me what .hack is..... -. - Goodness..I told him sites to go on to look at it (and yes, I added ya'll folks) but he keeps saying he doesn't find anything on it. NOW, I KNOW..right smack dab on the front page of RPGFan, in big, bold letter, says : .HACK MEDIA UPDATE... or if not what I just typed...something similar. He says his friends don't know about it either! THEY ARE ALL dumb f*cks! Makes me want to slap him like he's my b*tch... >=( Am I the only one, hyped up for .hack?? *sigh*

Oh, and anyways..I heard about the release of Seiken Densetsu on some unannounced system...is there a chance it will be on GBA or PS2?? Have a superb day, and have super, great, neat-o fun with that iMac of yours. You go girl. =P


Well, this proves even further how uninformed game store employees can be. I mean really, if you're going to work in a game store, why not keep up at least a little on gaming news? At least find out on your release date calendars what genre and platform the games are for, that are being talked about in your store. I think they should at least make an effort not to look like bumbling idiots.

I'd be more looking forward to .hack if I had a US PS2... alas, I don't. Not only did I also really want to see the anime, but I wanted to play other games, like Kingdom Hearts, WA3, Suikoden III, etc, this fall. Oh well, I've got some Gamecube games to tide me over until I have access to a domestic PS2 again.

Oh, and to answer your last question, the Seiken Densetu game is destined for the GBA, as we reported on it, as well as three other Square GBA titles, earlier this week. When I read the article on Famitsu, who we sourced, all I read was simply 'Seiken Densetsu'. So, who knows.

No, no. Roy > Marth.

Well, I gave you a week-long breather from my reign of terror, but I have returned, and with a new unspeakable horror at my side! Unfortunately, I am thoroughly embroiled in a wonderful new animated series, quaintly titled Witch Hunter Robin, so I am unable as of yet to unveal this monstrosity. Rest assured, however, that the next time you deign to grace the paths of RPGFan with your witless column, I will be lying in fearsome ambush, waiting to destroy my hated rival once and for all!

Thoughtfully sharpening an axe with which to lop off your head,
Lord God Xeria

P.S. Marth > Roy

Awwww, I'm unloved. *sniffle* Ah well, I guess there's a good reason for that, seeing as my Roy and his men took down your Marth and his men, after all... so tell me, dear rival, what makes this Witch Hunter Robin so special? Or would you even be willing to divulge such information to your detested enemy?!

Anyway, I eagerly look forward to this engine that will apparently be the fall of me. Don't ask me why - either I'm just bored, or truly masochistic.

Closing Thoughts

You know, it's truly amazing how fast I can write up my update when I'm not paying attention to IRC. I really need more willpower when it comes to IRC... heh. This actually frees up more time for me... Anyway, here's to a bright sunny weekend at the beach and hopefully tanning. See you Monday, folks.

~ Liz, overdosing on white cheddar mac and cheese. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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