A Sloshy Melee
Monday, August 19, 2002

You know, you can really have an overdose of Asia without ever going there, simply by living where I do. I'm starting to think English isn't even the majority language anymore - or that we don't even have one. Of course, it's always great to have really easy access to imported stuff, 87 flavors of Pocky and all sorts of other Japanese snack food, and not having to go more than half a mile before you run into some place that sells bubble tea. Yup, it's sure different from growing up in an average-white-Canadian city like Calgary. The point? None, really. I've spent two separate occasions in Asian shopping/markets/supermarkets as of very recent, and felt like rambling.

And listening to the .hack//SIGN anime soundtrack really makes me wish I could play the game of the same name (minus the //SIGN part) this fall. Yet another reason I'm cursing not having a domestic PS2. Okay, time for me to quit babbling and start on this not-so-long column. Whee.

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Sprinkle a tad of salt, and it's perfect.

Hey, I'm kinda new to the site, but I love reading the mailbag. Quick question: What's your three favorite RPGs of the past five years? Be honest. (You don't have to list three Square games if you don't want to!) My list: 1) Panzer Dragoon Saga, 2) Final Fantasy X, 3) Skies of Arcadia.


P.S.: Is there any more info on the FFX sequel? Man, that would be great.

I think I'll have to go with Final Fantasy X, Xenogears and Chrono Trigger off the top of my head, but I have too many RPGs I like a lot, and Fire Emblem for one is sure climbing that list fast. Heh heh heh. Anyway, I (and apparently millions of others) could only wish there was more information on the FFX sequels... there has been no word since they were announced. Oh well, hopefully Square makes the second serving just as tasty.
The Magical Vacation... is on vacation.


I had to write because i'm just sooo pissed off, where the hell is the GBA rpg Magical Vacation gone? It was definitely going to get a western release along with Fire Emblem and was meant to be at this years E3 but I never heard anymore about it. Where did it go because it looked excellent and I was dieing for it but its just disappeared. Please help me, cause i think i need it. o_o

Thanks alot

from sarah

Hmmm... it looks like Magical Vacation and Fire Emblem have fallen under the disappearance syndrome. I don't think either has been officially cancelled, nor have I heard any official word of delay... I guess the priorities are going to other games first, who knows. But unless there's an official cancellation, the game IS coming, eventually. As is Fire Emblem, which I personally want more... and for that matter, I kinda hope they don't call it Fire Emblem Advance...

Hello, Liz! Tis I, your one true love, Smirnoff Ice! Come to me and relish my alcohol-filled goodness! Buy six-packs of me, and then send some to your most treasured friend, Xeria! Together we can rule the known universe! I can improve your Smash Bros. playing ability! Imagine how fantastic you'll be with Roy after a few bottles of me! I hold inside me the true ultimate power! The power of...malt liquor...

Come to my world, Liz, and this power can be yours. Do not delay, or another such as you might steal the power from your grasp!

~Smirnoff Ice

On the contrary, I think I'd be a much worse Roy if I was oh so drunk on you... you're going to be the ruin of me! You're going to make me horrible at SSBM and damage my reputation! Noooo! The only true ultimate power you hold is the power to make me ridiculously silly! And now I think I've discovered the truth, that you're the weapon crafted by my arch nemesis Xeria... damnit!

...But I'll buy six packs anyway. God, I'm so weak...

I have more than one 'rival' it seems...


Epic, xerrific forces compel me to send this letter. As proxy for your rival, my expected position is to cast insults in your general direction, and also purport that the prowess of Marth is such that would dwarf any accomplishments Roy might make. However, as another column host, it would be somewhat undiplomatic of me to point out the failings that my client is so apt at revealing, and I have yet to play Fire Emblem, so cannot make any determinations about Roy and Marth other than what I have gleaned from my limited experience with SSBM.

...Zelda owns them.

High Pope Chimerasame, proxy to the Lord God Xeria

...maybe it was by pure luck that I was able to beat a good Mewtwo player with Zelda when I'd just started to use her. Of course, I later on realized how some of their moves were similar... but again, there aren't too many big magic users in the game. On the subject of Fire Emblem though, I don't know much more about Marth than you do... other than how oddly female he looks in the FE anime. Talk about yikes. Roy, on the other hand... well, I have to know plenty about my muse, do I not?
Sleep is for the wea---zzz.

Hey there!

I know you don't really like DBZ but maybe you or someone else can answer this. I've been watching some older episodes of DBZ lately on the "midnight run" and the ending song somewhat sounds like or has a tune of Otherworld in FFX. Is there a connection or just pure coincidence? Also, whats you opinion of Final Fantasy for Gamecube. I'm happy square is making games for nintendo too but to call it a final fantasy game?Unless nintendo paid some money for the FF name on it's new title, why not name it something new? It has nothing to do with the original titles(neither did the gameboy ones but those sucked). WHY? I'm sure sony is "happy" about this. Well gonna sleep now!

...actually, pretty much no one I know has watched very many episodes of DBZ, or even enough to remember that song... but chances are it's merely a coincidence. As for Final Fantasy... when has an FF game ever had anything to do with another FF game? Just because a little Roman numeral doesn't follow the FF name doesn't mean it's not an FF. Hell, by that logic, neither are FF Mystic Quest or FF Tactics. Aside from all that, no one even knows what FF Crystal Chronicle is about anyway, so it's too soon to claim it has 'nothing to do with the original titles', whatever that means. And obviously Nintendo's going to get money out of it, with the GameCube being their system and all. No matter how Sony feels about it, they just have to live with it...
Closing Thoughts

Not much to say here, except that writing when you're tired is a really bad idea. Not that I'm usually tired at one AM, so I guess that lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. One day, I swear I'll get back to playing Fire Emblem...

~ Liz, lost in the valley of sound. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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