Friday, August 23, 2002

Don't ask where the number comes from. All I'll say that the amount wasn't intentional, and that I was, and still am, oddly amused by it.

Anyway, as I've been alluding to in past columns, the past couple of weeks have been one heck of a ride. I've had lots of visitors lately, and been doing a heck of a lot o visiting myself. I think I saw more relatives in the past two weeks than I had all year. I don't think I've sat at home for more than a couple of hours for a couple of weeks. I really need a break here. I miss playing games, you know?

Speaking of games, I've had this major compelling urge to continue studying Japanese sometime soon. I'm not sure what it is, other than the fact that I do read, play, and listen to a lot of things that involve Japanese, so why the heck not? And I'm really not interested in learning 'fanboy Japanese' - I'd like to know how to speak the language correctly. Of course, I've taken two Japanese courses already, so I'm already ahead of that. Not only that, but knowing Japanese would help a lot when I go to Japan... uh... sometime in the future.

Yay for typoes, backspacing and letters.

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YOU again.

Hi. Hey. Yo.

First off, missy, a response to your response to the first letter you responded to in the latest column: You listed Chrono Trigger as one of your top 3 games in the past 5 years? I know you're a big CT fangirl and all, but CT misses the 5 year limit by 2 years, as of like... this Thursday. Of course, if you NEED some excuse for it to count, there is the PSX version, but that's still not fair. :P

It's a pity you'll be out playing Smash Bros. Melee while drunk during the night the next update is meant to go up. Does that mean I might end up replying to my own letter like I almost did before? That would be nice and pointless... I guess I should think of something to ask myself then.

So um... how about that topic? You really should change that. As a change of pace from 'what's your favorite game/RPG/kind of cheese', why not something like 'what's your LEAST favorite game/RPG/kind of cheese/hair color on women'. The last one there would only really apply to males and lesbians I suppose, so maybe 'least favorite RPG and/or game' would be blonde. Erm, better.

I'm off to see just how many hours I can possibly fit of Chrono Cross playing into a single day. And get Glenn back in my party. I miss that guy.


Oops, did he say five years? Silly me. But I can still cheat and use FF Chronicles, right? Right? I'll say yes.

Don't worry, I'll never make you have to reply to yourself. Cuz that's just weird and you couldn't even pull it off last time. So, there. And yes Mother, I'll change the topic, don't worry. :P You really have this thing for cheese lately. What's YOUR favorite kind? Mine's Gouda (Dutch). Or maybe it's Swiss. I had a dream that my mom bought the same kind of swiss cheese (brand, package and all) that your mom buys. Pff, like we have anything that good in Canada. Except for Pocky. Mmm, Pocky.

And I thought I was an import whore...

*Drools on pants, slightly arousing himself* Mmm, yeah, if there's anything about Hack Sign that makes me wanna run out and get the game, it's definately the music. In some ways it's sort of out of place in such an anime, being so good and dramaticalistic, but sometimes a soundtrack can be so good yah just don't care whichever way and have a nice listen, right-o?

Ahem, anyway... Old news and all (but hey, if people can bring up FF games repeatedly I can do the freaking same with something else!), but what did you really think of Castlevania: White Night Concerto? I tried to write up a reader review for you guys, but half way through I noticed I was running out of witty comments and smart vocabulary that made me sound... smart, so I gave up. Well, after I had finished up with the game as much as I really felt was needed/possible, although it had kept my attention through everything that could be done and entertained me more than most other games out at the time, it still... Um... Ended up not being for very long. People keep bringing up how Konami promised a game "twice as large as Symphony of the Night" or something along those lines and say to everyone that it's sooo true, but I find it to be the half the size, if THAT. The game is short even after clearing everything there is to clear out, and doesn't come near the replay value of SotN. Now, to be honest SotN didn't have really that much built-in replay value either, but the game is just good enough where one is usually willing to run through it 10 or 15 times just cuz it's damn fun. White Night.... Just doesn't have that same impact. The lack of original equipment, the un-thoughtout dungeon layouts and areas, the cool but underdeveloped spell system... It left with little to play through the game again for. Atleast in SotN you could kill off the monster that gives you the chakra really early twice and run around tossing disks at everyone for fun, or test your skills with your fists for a while for the fun of it, or just play with the various original ideas never thought of before (that I know of), but White Night just has... A whip, the old (and practically useless) 'heart' weapons, and various attack(only) spells. This isn't to say the game is bad, it's definately worth a play just for the overall appeal, pretty GBA graphics, somewhat-challenging areas, and the hardcore oldschool Castlevania gamers will most likely get alot more kick out of it more than anyone else, but with a game that gave so many promises to live up to Symphony of the Night or even moreso than that, it came out a big disappointment... Atleast I find the most enjoyment out of it when I force myself not to compare it to SotN while playing, so alot of my feelings towards it are definately fueled by the disappointment and not necessarily by a bad game or anything.

Anyways, that's enough from me, I'd much rather hear what you have to say about it, have been meaning to ask but kept forgetting cuz I'm a dummy. :x That or I have asked and that makes me even more of a dummy for forgetting. :P

Eh, I didn't get to play White Night Concerto for very long at E3, really. About five minutes, and after that I ended up spending half an hour playing Suikoden III. I know I'd mentioned in my preview that Konami promised WNC to be that big of a game, but you'd think if companies are going to advertise that fact, they'd live up to it. Oh well, I was quite looking forward to the game too. Mind you, I still am, but I've been looking forward to a ton of games due out this fall and winter anyway. Reading over your mini-review, however, I might just stick to SotN (which I still have not beaten) and borrow HoD from a friend instead. Er, nevermind... that was the plan anyway, with my lack of funds...

I am curious though, if you played Circle of the Moon, and what the comparison between those two is like.

When it comes to anime though, I don't know if it's just my taste for somewhat dramatic music, but I love music like .hack//SIGN, and several anime soundtracks, for that matter... namely, Yoko Kanno music and the Kenshin scores. It's not often in anime that I actually enjoy, that something seems out of place... unless it's some of the several Kenshin vocal songs. Or maybe I'm just a music whore.



So -- what exactly IS bubble tea? I'm not up on my Japanese snacky foods, and that's the first I've heard of it.

I have nothing witty to say about your drinking habits, dating habits, or RPGs right now. I'm in the throes of a new caffeine/vitamin drink I tried for the first time, called Venom. Well, it's their own fault for selling it here at work!

Oh, wait, here's a thought. FFX gaidens are nice, but what about from some of the other FF games? Lots of diehard FFVII fans have been bitching about having a follow-up for years. (That was also discussed in a FFX interview in EGM.) And I would be all in favor of a Zell Dincht FFVIII sidestory, where we learn if the poor guy ever gets his cafeteria hotdogs after all that effort saving the world!


Let's see. Bubble tea is a usually-flavored cold tea drink (green or black Japanese tea, I usually go with green), and the flavors can be coffee flavors, fruit, chocolate, shake flavors...whatever. So where does the 'bubble' part come in, you ask? These little tapioca pearls are put in the cup... they're small, black and soft... yes I know, it sounds really gross, but I like it. The places that sell this stuff give you extra thick straws to suck the little pearls up in, too. Or, you can just buy the stuff without the bubbles. I could live off of the stuff.

As we all know, it's been Square's... way of doing things, for a long time, to never have an FF game actually directly related to another. I'm not sure if the decision to make the FFX sequels came before or after fans started to really want one, but oh well. Now, I haven't exactly beaten every FF there is, but I've not seen an ending that open ended. And honestly, how many Square games got an epilogue disc which was even MORE open ended? Either the FFs I liked had good closure, or I just didn't care for the other FFs enough to want a sequel. Again, they better be as good as X was. I want more of that X goodness.

I have more than one 'rival' it seems...


I am just writing to be writing.But, would I honestly write, just to write? Well, not actually. I have some questions for thou.

Is there any more websites that give info on .hack other than Bandai, and its official website..that's not similar? I am so just.....hackalicious? XD Ha, put me in public and let me look like a dummy! But no, really. The soundtrack is ....it just...I want.... .hack more now..! Please read between the lines. Ahhh, .hack.

Also I heard of the remake of FF3 on GBA.... True? Alas, FF3..GBA...FF3, alas! Ah, I feel so....so.....so........brand new. I just finished reading A Tell Tale Heart my 42nd time. Yes, I did count. Quietly..... One of my friends told me about Enix working on a Valkyrie Profile 2, or some sequel. True? Man, that would be so cool. But, would the main character still be Lenneth? .......actually killing Lezard and not recruiting him before the Iseria Queen? Not much of a storyline, but would it even be called Valkyrie Profile?

A-a-lso, another .hack question. I was reading the preview, and etc., and it said that the battle system was similar to Secret of Mana .. ?? Does that mean you'd be leveling up weapons, and acquiring new spells, without AP, SP, or whatever you want to call it? Ahhh...the battle system of Mana....yummy. Tankies. I am off now.


Hmmm, which soundtrack are you listening to? Because the one that everyone seems to be listening to these days is the .hack//SIGN one for the anime, though I'm sure the .hack game music is just as good, or at least I hope it is. Anyway, short of hands-on impressions, what there is to know about .hack is official stuff from Bandai... I suppose you could say the gameplay portion of my preview was based on my impressions from E3. And as for the preview, I guess that it means that the .hack battle system is action RPG, as Secret of Mana was... I don't know if they're THAT similar, as I don't know any full details on the .hack battle engine. Damn the E3 demo for not letting me actually fight.

I have heard absolutely nothing about Valkyrie Profile 2.... where exactly did your friend get this information? I agree that would be nice, but how would that work...?

Real life is the only life I've had lately...

Now, am I the only who feels tears coming to his eyes when he thinks about how cool autumn and winter will be for rpg players? I cant remember any decent rpg since FFX in past january, so the past 2 seasons really did suck. And please, dont tell me that Neverwinter nights came out, I dont care about this dungeon and dragons stuff. i'm talking REAL rpgs here, aka Final fantasy series, grandia, phantasy star, etc. With the remake of PS 1-2-3 on GBA, Grandia Xtreme, my personnal favourite series coming back with Wild Arms 3 and-most important of all maybe- Xenosaga just at our doors, i'm just about to kiss real life goodbye for some time. Hum except for work, those games gotta be paid you know...


Actually... I don't care about Neverwinter Nights either, so no worries. I don't know if I cry when i think of all the upcoming console RPGs, but I do know that the first thought that comes to mind is: "Why don't I have a PS2?" followed by "I wouldn't have time to play all of them anyway". You can bet there's a bunch of us console RPG freaks anxious for this fall to come... I'm personally waiting for next year. Eh...
Hmmm... if only I was this ambitious.

I just need to know a couple of things how do I become an rpg producer as well as other styles of gaming and what does it take to be a designer like where would I start at a technical collage or what please write back because I'm not having any luck.
First, you have to actually choose your desires field of work, instead of two or three. Studying for two or three at a time would be really hard. Once you've chosen a specific field, then you can get back to me and I can ramble on about that's far from my field of expertise, as well as pretty much everyone I know.
*insert EXTREMELY long 'song' lyrics, which could extend about halfway around the world if printed out, and contains about 8374823465746 Mailbag-inappropriate words, such as 'Bill Gates'*
[Me, upon finding this in my Inbox and scrolling and scrolling through it]: How do these crack addicts stumble off the street, into cyber cafes and find and submit weird crap to ME? WHY? WHY? ;__________;
Ever wonder why Diao Chan fights against the Allies at the Hu Lao Gate...

It keeps me up at night sometimes

-El out

Ever wonder why I never make comments in your LiveJournal? Because you leave me totally speechless. Take this letter, for example.

This column keeps me up at night sometimes, such is the case tonight.

Closing Thoughts

Getting two computers set up on cable internet make sme very, very happy. So does my big, spacy new room. *dances*

Guess I'll take Mike's advice and change the topic. See you Monday, folks.

~ Liz, who really should be in bed, for she has to wake up in five hours. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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