One More Try
Monday, September 2, 2002

Yes, most exhausting weekend. ever... again. I didn't do very much sitting at home, thankfully - instead I did so little I only slept 3 hours last night. That, however, is catching up to me, after hours of random yelling, getting lost downtown, strange, impulsive purchases, playgrounds, and eating greasy foods. And talking to people with usernames like Belch. (No offense, Justin. :P)

Yes, work free weekends are nice. How coincidental that it had to be a Labor Day weekend, when my parents decide to head out of town, friends decide to come into town, and oh yeah, school starts on Tuesday. Not for me, thankfully. I guess this will be my fifth year since high school ended, and the very thought just makes me feel old. Still, I have friends my age buying unnecessary amounts of paper simply because it's on sale. No, they do not go to college or anything. Maybe they can donate it to me so I can practice large amounts of Japanese writing.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm depressing a few of you, so quit reading this and go read some letters.

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E-mail Daniel, unless you're a scammer from Nigeria.
Own a Nintendo what?

I can't wait for that tokyo game show thing to happen. So we can all read info about are new games from square (hopefully). For myself i want to hear about final fantasy crystal the most because i own a nintendo and a gameboy advanced but I dont have many rpgs(but i got mario sunshine.)I just wish there was a FF as good as the snes ones only for gba. Well keep up the site i check it everyday and read everything.
I can guarantee you there will be a lot of information streaming out of Square's booth regarding the FFX sidestories, FFXII, the Gamecube and GBA games, among several others. I'm really hoping to see media and impressions on the first two mentioned, and I think it goes without mention that I at least hope to hear even just a breath about Chrono Break. Square hadn't had too many releases as of late, and this ever growing lineup is proof why, but here's hoping they make good on this lineup. Perhaps your dream FF game can be found in the GBA FF Crystal Chronicle, or even the GBA FF Tactics, which doesn't look too shabby so far. Only time will tell. Only money will tell if I'll be able to afford all these games.
So everyone will know Japanese in 5 years, I take it?


I did it. I just followed my heart. It forced me to give up everything: my house, my jobeven my friends! But I'm gonna do it. And I can, at least I hope so ~_~

I'm going to study Japanese, yeah!

Not just study, noooo, it'll be my major for the coming five years or so!_! And while Istill don't really know whether I've made the right choice in doing so (I did convince my parents), I amgreatly looking forward to it (studiesstart in two weeksover here, aftermore than three months ofvacation._.)!

Anyway,Napple Tale. Having completely fallen in love with it's soundtracks on first listen(which isn't a strange thing since that happens to almost all Kannosoundtracks I listen to), my curiosity about this game has been on the rise ever since (not in the least because there should be tons of unreleased music in the game). Problem is, I can't find any goodinfo on it(not that strange consideringit's extremely poor sales in Japan: less than ten thousand in it's first week if I remember well...). So, have you, as holy mother of all RPGfans, have anyexperiences with itthat couldget me to buy the game (and Dreamcast >_<).I would have done so alreadyshould I be bathing in money (which is, due to thecurrentclimatein the stock market, sadly not the case). I thank you greatly in advance, and will let you know when I lay my hands on it (which I will probablydo eventually).



ps.are you listening to Hikaru Utada or is 'Tokyo Nights'some kind of saying?

Eh, I've made little, if any, effort to locate a copy of Napple Tale, or even read up on the game. There's no doubt that the talent of Yoko Kanno is sure to make the soundtrack a gem, since I happen to have Folly Fall, one of those unreleased tracks, and it's got to be one of my absolute favorites. Now, it's not turning up at any online stores, save for NCS, and even there it's apparently out of stock, though temporarily it seems. Anyway, if you want to wait on them to restock and are willing to spend $60 US someday, there you go.

I love Hikaru.. don't you? Japanese is really intriguing when it practically surrounds you, and involves a lot of things you do. I'll probably end up doing something similar when I acquire the funds, study Japanese for several years, hopefully in California... for no particular reason, really! Since I can't go to college due to lack of time, having two jobs and all, I'm going to stick to practicing writing and vocabulary, and hopefully I'll at least get somewhere with that. Funny thing about parents... my mom even keeps saying that I should be visiting Japan someday. I wish. I refuse to go, even if I had the available funds, until I have a pretty decent command of the language.

You con artist!

Hello oh-high-and-mighty-Liz!

Now, after my untimely... er... departure from RPGFan, I've been seeking a chance to reenter the fray. Maybe a time travel spell, or hold the world ransom, whatever. And then, I noticed that you people need a new fanfiction head. Hmm...

Anyways, all of that aside, let's move on to other things. First off, fanfiction.net is evil. Mike tried to murder me with that Hulk Hogan fanfiction! I swear! Good thing the site was down at the time. :P

Secondly, to answer your topic, Chrono Break. If Square doesn't announce it, I'll personally kill all of them. Er, that's not a promise, so don't bother me about it if I don't.

Thirdly, I have a real easy way to cure motion sickness. Remember in jackie Chan Adventures when they had that one big guy that was seasick? And then that kid cured him by giving him a magic..al... talisman... okay, so I don't have a cure... sorry.

Fourthly, Link is now owning Sephiroth's ass.

And no, I must bid you adieu, before I start going into a drunken rage and say stuff I might regret. And, now, I leave you with this quote.

"Buy Your Very Own Ashton Action Figure! And it's only... $0.01??? What a rip off!!!"


Ah, the topic of fan fiction really wants to linger in my column, doesn't it? I'm curiously interested in reading more fan fiction myself, not including Huk Hogan. IE, you weren't the only one who Mike broke with that little piece of... disturbing-ness. Good Gods. I will never see Transformers the same again. (Sorry Mike.) That site will haunt me forever, in my dreams.

Chrono Break? You and everyone else who grew up on Chrono Trigger. NEXT!

And finally, it looks as if Link took the whole thing at GameFAQs. Good, because Link rocks. Not as much as my beloved Samus, but I'd rather he won than many of the characters they had put into that battle. ...Serious Sam? WTF?

Too organized.


Part 1
Been awhile since I've written (or wrighten for that matter) in here hasn't it? Anywho, I have decided to break this letter into 3 parts (so it seems like I'm trying to be organized..or something ). Part 1,Intro. Part 2, Pissing and moaning. Part 3, Topics. Okay, on to part two.

Part 2
This is something that just irritates the crap out of me. When a game is released not one, not two, but three times in Japan, and still doesn't come out here! I am talking about Tales of Phantasia. Now, I here it's coming out on GBA, and still Namco hasn't said anything about a American release. C'mon! How many times do I have to beg you people for this game anyway!? Come to think of it, isn't FF1&FF2 also coming out for a third time there to? AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!......okay I'm better now, sorry 'bout that. Now for part three.

Part 3
Ah, TGS, wish I go some how. Oh well.. Well, one thing that I would actually like to see announced is a sequel to Astal(that wonderful little 2-D platformer released on Saturn back in '95).Aw, well probably won't happen. As for RPGs, definitely Chrono Break, some more on the FFX sequel(s),FFXI: Offline (hey I can dream cant I?), Oh, and of course more info on Zelda.

Well that about wraps it up. Until next time...Game Over!...or..something.


I wouldn't mind seeing an English version of Tales of Phantasia either, since I keep hearing about how good it is. In that case, it'd be yet another game to add to my huge and ever growing backlog. Sadly, I'm betting on FFI & II having a better chance at a US release than ToP. Of course, if ToP ever makes it across the Pacific, it better be worth the wait...

Playing Zelda was enough for me at E3. Seeing Link go absolutely ballistic still makes me laugh when his eyes bug out and he's hollering at the top of his lungs. Ah, puberty. The one thing I wish they'd show at TGS that nothing's been said about yet is Xenosaga Episode II. Maybe, just maybe there'll be a surprise or two in store for lil old me.

Can I do the bitch slapping?

WhenI first went to your siteI thought to myself "wow" finelyI found a site for just RPG's.I thought it was great, but thenI saw help save RPG fans. Well,I think you guy's aren't thinking,I mean you sell t-shirts and sound tracks but andI could not believe this. You don't sell RPG games. The way you write some of these previews,reviews and everything else inbetween.It's like you are right theretalking to me. Atleast you shouldsell the RPS you give good reviews on. But noI looked for a long time andI could not find RPGs for sale.So is there some real reason you don't sell RPG's or are you all just to stupid to see what is obvious to the rest of us???

signed:bull the graet 1

I suppose that it would be too much to ask that you should really see what the rest of us see, and that is that we DON'T sell soundtracks, all we DO sell, ourselves, are RPGFan products. For you and the rest of you who think you're so wise, you should be pleased with the fact that we are working on having affiliate links for games, the same way we currently do for game soundtracks. Take a good long look at that slogan at the top of the front page. We're more like an online magazine, not an online catalogue.
There are no fire nor emblems!

Been a while since I bugged you on here... Even though I saw you today. But that's beside the point. So, how about that SSBM tourney you were cleaning up in? Try on your shirt? Anyway, on topic. TGS, yes. I'm so happy, I'll finally get to hear SOMETHING on the FFX sequels I'm looking forward to so much! Star Ocean 3 and FFXII if it's on there also both interest me quite a bit. Hell, most of the things on the list I'm at least curious about. Now, let's just hope they don't make the Rikku and Yuna games slightly different monster catching games (ala Pokemon Red/Blue Gold/Silver, DW Monsters 2, Robopon, etc etc). Anyway, let's talk about Fire Emblem. It's neither an emblem, nor is it on fire! What's with that? I mean, a door?

-RydiaMist, hoping you record yourself singing "Du hast Ren" (no offense intended Ren, really.)

Even Mike commented on how it was the stupidest cover ever. However! I have found yet another ending song to like! Eh, I think those FFx sequels all have us excited, for once. I know how you are about your Rikku, so it comes as no surprise that you don't want the Rikku version to suck. I want neither to, just so I can have more of that FFX goodness. I haven't loved FF this much since VI. Oh, so long ago... uh...wait.. hold up. Monster catching games? As long as it's more like the FFX Battle Arena than Pokemon, then fine. Otherwise... well... you know. Pokemon and all. Yes, Fire Emblem. Wait, we already discussed that. Damn.
Oddness. This wouldn't be a column without it.

OMGggg!!!11 Hiiiizzz!!

Ok, truth nwo, if Megaman n'Samus were to knock bootz, wuld their kid also look like a dildo?!11


(...you -asked- for letters. ;) )

Well, since Samus hardly ever seems to take off her suit, and Megaman's.. well, not human, that'd sure be an odd kid, if they could produce one at all. One thing's for sure though, they'd have some awesome abilities... and thus, there would have to be a crossover Megaman/Metroid game! Oh, the possibilities...
Closing Thoughts

Hmmm. Wish me luck at my new (second) job. I sure hope to be alive in two days. For now though, catching up on sleep is a good idea.

~ Liz, "WHERE'S THE SAVE POINT?!" (letters@rpgfan.com)


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