I Got a Good Feeling!
Friday, September 6, 2002

You know, lately, I've ended up writing my intros last. I guess it's because I hope to have more inspiration for a rant after I answer the letters, because otherwise, my rants will just be about my every day life. It's kind of funny talking about TGS, because I'm really looking forward to news coming out of the show... I guess at this time last year I was just too busy with other things to be watching the console RPG scene. Obviously, I look forward to E3 more, since I actually get to go, so in a way it's almost kind of odd to be talking about a game show you won't be at. I guess I'm just spoiled.

For some reason, I always thought I might dislike strategy RPGs. I don't know why, I guess it's because I sometimes tend to be lazy when it comes to video games. Then again, this is the person who played FFX for 130 hours. Anyway, as you can see, I drew my inspiration for both the title and the upcoming rant from the genre of strategy RPGs, instead of just FE. Now, if more SRPGs are somewhat like FE, I'm going to love this genre. Addicting... sometimes tedious, but addicting... good thing I have FF Tactics lying around here somewhere. However, I still question my reasoning for choosing a Japanese GBA game as my first strategy RPG. Guess I'm a masochist. Man, I can't wait to get around to FFT now.

Speaking of strategy RPGs...

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Bah, card battling RPGs.

From your website:

RPGFan: The Software Store
"No, we don't have RPGfan: The Flamethrower yet but we're workin' on it."

Did you comb the desert for that one? Well, it sure ain't from the Temple Beth Israel! Must have come from hanging around Yogurt the powerful... Yogurt the wise... oh no, that's just plain Yogurt. Stop, we've gone plaid!

Now that we've mangled the Spaceballs references, I suppose I should tie into the topic. Hmmm, TGS.

Well, I'm all over Venus & Braves. Heck, I thought about using the Seven re-release as an excuse to import a PS2, and start my PS import career. Ah, lovely lovely Ocean Blue PS2! However, I've recently bought a Saturn and about every classic game including Twinkle Star Sprites but not Radiant Silvergun... yet. So my budget is tight right now. Unless you can recommend any quirky/cult/classic Saturn imports?

I'm already waiting for Star Ocean 3, which is at the top of my RPG list along with .hack. As soon as I finish this letter, I'm going to devour your updated SO3 preview.

Rune II? Not sure yet. I enjoyed the first one, but I don't know if I'd want to play the sequel. (Besides, I can try Aracana Strikes on the Saturn for only $15!)

And my big disapointment: FFT on GBA. Why oh why couldn't Square bring FFT^2 to a big console, that I could play without squinting and without cramped hands?! I'm not impressed by the current story rumors and tidbits (or screenshots) either. Bad on you, Square! Well, at least they have FFX gaiden and Unlimited SaGa to show off.


You know you love the Spaceballs references. You KNOW you do. I hadn't ever seen Rick Moranis in anything else but Honey I Shrunk The Kids...

Import a PS2, eh? Hmm, you might want to go take a look at National Console Support and see if they've got any of those cool limited edition ones left. If not, the regular ones go for about $250 or so. Though at the moment, I'm not sure if their current import PS2s are Japanese or the Asian ones, but I guess it's no huge difference. I've really been getting into import games lately...

In my experience, and a few close to me, as far as Saturn games, Snatcher was undoubtedly amusing. There's also NiGHTS, Magic Knight Rayearth, Burning Rangers... among others. I've never really owned a Saturn, but some friends have, and I lived in a house for awhile with two of them, so I know a little.

Gah, SO3... I've been vaguely thinking of importing it, but I know I'll end up not doing it. .hack, even the English version, is also going to have to wait. And Square already has several projects in the works for the big consoles, so they've got to set something aside for the GBA. I personally think FFT looks neat, and this time around, I'm at least more interested in strategy RPGs thanks to Fire Emblem.

Pff, no Shining Force 3? Sinner.

My favorite games of all time were Shining Force and Shining Force 2 for the sega gensis. They were sorta like a strategy rpg, except inbetween the battles you could walk around and interact with people in towns, and the characters that you got to fight with you were actually part of the story, and not just some random character you bought at the recruitment place like most new strategy rpgs. I was wondering if anybody knew if there is going to be anymore games in this series, or anything close to it..for the playstation 2 or any other system really. Thanks alot.

andrew schoen

You're just in time. Sega is due to make some announcement regarding a Shining Force game at Tokyo Game Show this month, according to Japanese sources. However, that's all there is to know about that... so sit tight.

Whew, the genre of the strategy RPG is going to forever haunt me... curse you, Roy.

Shining Force whores, all of you!

So, my first time writing to you. Aren't you excited? ok maybe not...oh well...

I just thought I'd write in and let your audience know just how stupid and lame ALLRPG is :) Ok, so, not only do they bombard you with pop ups but now they take games like Way of the Samurai and have the audacity to call it an RPG, review it with RPG written repeatedly and calling it a "Hot Review". I mean, I had little respect for these poeple to begin with, but now taking what is obviously an Action game and turning it into an RPG to simply fill up space during our RPG draught is going a bit TOO far.

But now that everyone knows that...back to the topic at hand...I'm looking forward to anything and everything that has to do with REAL RPGs. And with FFTAdvance *drools* more SRPG goodness. To continue with Square, I'm interested to see more info on Unlimited Saga. I've enjoyed the first two in the SaGa series, so lets hope this one takes the series one step further.

I see Shining Force on the Sega list...ANYTHING Shining Force would be praised in my books seeing how the first Shining Force got me into SRPGs in the first place.

Hmm...those are the major ones anyway...oh and before I forget...I have a few Dean Cain Pics I think Mike would love to get his hands on...if you want to use them to get anything from him..I'd be willing to send them to you. I think he's dying for the skin tight superman outfit one the most...might get a handsome sum.

Kiem aka Tim aka guy who's about to get beat by Mike...

AllRPG... Hahhahaa.... oh, I'm so not going to go there. All I'll say is that I ended up at their message board for months. No, seriously, if I started ranting now, you wouldn't see the end of this column.

Now, we shall move on to happier things. You guys are all giving me the same answers. :P Of course, the list wasn't exactly long RPG wise, nonetheless, there's still lots of great titles to get all anxious about. At least someone liked the SaGa series... I didn't, but maybe this one will warm up to me more than the first two did. Heh.

I wonder if Mike'll actually kill you for that comment or not. Who knows, maybe he'll just openly admit his lust for Dean and not care. :P Besides, I think Clark's current actor on Smallville is much better looking anyway.

The emblem is on fire.

Does anybody know a release date for the gba version of fire emblem for the U.S?

I have been searching everywhere, not even eb games has one? Do you know?

PS. If you dont respond, i might go insane......

Okay, since its announcement, there's been no date for Fire Emblem, never has been. Which is a shame really, because I'm sure that FE would do so well here. I know tons of strategy RPG fans who would just eat FE up. And it's immensely popular in Japan for a reason...
Hello RPG fan people. I'm just curious, but is mamoru dekimono no tame ni... makerarenai! actually what Roy from SSB Melee says?
Yep, it is. One of his four (yes, four) victory poses. I got bored enough one day to research all of his and Marth's phrases, which I found translated on GameFAQs. I'm not gonna go through them all, but that phrase of Roy's that I have up there translates to "For those I protect... I will not lose!" Pretty honorable for a 15 year old kid. :P
I know I'm going to get flamed for this.

Hey Liz

I must say that I'm very dissapointed in you and I'm doubting that you actually played FFX as much as you say you have. Why? The other day someone asked you that if you replace stribute spheres of strength +2 for spheres of strength +4, will your stats stay the same and you answered that in fact they will. Wrong. I have all my stats at level 255 without the use of abilities like magic + 10% among others. My HP is at 99,999 with HP + 10,20, and 30%. When I first finished replacing everythin for the best spheres, Tidus was maxed out while all my other characters were as weak as when I got them at the beginning of the game. Also, it is not possible to clear ability spheres. So, in conclusion, shame on you Liz.

Hugo Perez, who wants to play Xenogears but can't because his GameDoctor &#@%ed it up

Are you illiterate or something? I just read over my answer and I believe I stated clearly that clearing stat nodes DOES NOT affect characters who've activated those nodes. Read carefully before you start spouting off. (I never actually tried clearing ability spheres either. :P) And BTW, why would I lie about spending 130 hours on that game? I'm not exactly proud of the fact no, as I've never spent so damn much time on a game in my life, but I don't see the point in lying about that. So no, in conclusion, shame on you for not paying closer attention in reading classes at school.
More ranting from me.

.... You.... actually had.... trouble with the omega dungeon? ..... I actually found it to be an extremelly disappointing and easy dungeon that I whisped through in a matter of 20 minutes. The biggest disapointment was mr. Omega himself who would have been dead in one turn if not for my obsession with hasting... so 2 turns it was. I think you probably just didn't take advantage of all the easy ways of powering up there are in the game, which make it so ungodily simple that it makes me cry to think back on it, although I did go to the Omega dungeon rather early once I got my airship. Now I'll admit that the Malboros did get to me every now and again, but as long as I kept on stuff that kept Tidus from going insane and killing off my party single handedly, I was fine. .... Heheheh, I still can't believe you had trouble there. Hehhehehehehehe.


P.S. I'm laughing WITH you, not at you! Really!!

I wouldn't say I had trouble with the overall dungeon really, but if you spend massive amounts of time leveling up in there like I did, it's not exactly a walk in the park. Powering up was my PURPOSE of being there. My main problem was being unprepared for an ambush from the Great Malboros, and I eventually got around to solving that (with Hyper Yuna, no less). Now shut up and die, or something.

Kidding of course. Really. Eheheh...

Obligatory, non-FE related quickies.

i beat the internet, the end guy was hard
Was the end guy Bill Gates?

i was wondeing if there is release date set for the PAL release of Kingdom Hearts?


Well, rumors tell me November, though I've heard nothing of a really solid or confirmed date. Man, you guys would be lucky to get the game that soon...

First off, my Chrono Trigger OST just came in today, and it rocks.

That is all.


You'd better have bought the three disc set, or I'm going to assimilate you right here and now.
Closing Thoughts

Well, I'm off for another 10 hour work day tomorrow. I have another idea for a topic, but I'm going to wait until I hear a few more of your TGS related desires. So, yeah. See you Monday, folks. Have a peachy weekend. =P

~ Liz, somehow morphed into a major FE fangirl overnight. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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