Is any of this for real...?
Monday, September 16, 2002

Squaresoft and Disney's love child is soon to be upon us within a matter of days. As if you weren't scared yet, the official Brady Games Kingdom Hearts guide is already on EB shelves... but you shouldn't be scared of KH. You should be anxious for the game, or I'll never print your letters again! ...Okay, maybe not, but I'm getting pretty damn excited. Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, my soundtrack should arrive around the same day as the game is released (as will the Fire Emblem OST, but that's BESIDES the point...)... too much KH goodness than I can handle? No! Yes!

My research on strategy RPGs has been quite extensive, I must say. As for actual gameplay experience in this genre, it's still limited to Fire Emblem... though this time, three, yes THREE Fire Emblem games! ...Not that any of them are any easier - in fact, on the contrary, they're a bit harder than the GBA FE. I'm slowly learning what's common, uncommon, possible and not possible among strategy RPGs, so that my knowledge of them isn't quite so limited to Fire Emblem. And Gods, after what I've been through in FE, some of them sound incredibly easy. Ah well. GameFAQs can be a very handy thing at times like these.

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It's a wonderful life... if you're rich.

I find it very surprising that the letters section of RPGFan doesn't get much mail. I would figure it would get flooded every day.

I suppose I could discover this if I looked around the web but I'm too lazy. I wanted to know which system is getting more and/or better RPGs (in North America) within the next 6-12 months? I bought my PS2 because it was said it was going to be the RPG console. But it seems that Microsoft is making an effort to round out their XBOX lineup and Nintendo seems to be courting RPG developers too.....

Did I make the wrong choice? Should I go get a cube or an XBOX to play the really good RPGs?

I am so looking forward to Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Well, the letters inbox tends to fluctuate. Sometimes I'll get more mail than I know what to do with. Or, incoming mail will be really slow and I'll miss an update for that reason. It's kind of odd, but I haven't any control over it, heh.

As for the best system to go with, for an RPG fan, I'd say the PS2 was a fine choice on your part. The GameCube and XBox certainly won't be lacking in that department, in your timespan of 6-12 months, but it looks as if the PS2 is going to see the majority of RPG titles within the next year: Kingdom Hearts, Suikoden III, Wild ARMS 3, Star Ocean: Til The End of Time, the four volumes of .hack, Xenosaga, and several others that I can't quite think of right now. I personally, am looking forward to pretty much all of these titles - once I can afford them all, anyway.

Again, it's not to say that the GC or XBox wouldn't be a decent choice for RPG playing - with Square developing for Nintendo again, there's already Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle to be paying close attention to, as well as the GBA titles and whatever else the company may have in store. Another bonus for the GameCube is Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, quite obviously, if you're looking forward to it...

Mmm, PSO goodness.

Well, you wanted a letter... so here I am, taking a stab on the matter... this is my first time, so be gentle... I'll become violent.

I eagerly await Phantasy Star Online for the Cube. I put hidious amounts of time into the DC versions not so long back. I got the game when it came out, and started playing online days later (I only waited because I wanted to have a foothold on how to play first).

I went through those many levels on many difficulties. I made a few friends who I played with regularly (who I've unfortunately lost track of). I remember enterting a new level for the first time and wondering what awaited me. I remember reaching Dark Force for the first time... and having our entire team promptly butchered.

I have memories with that game... and the fact is, despite putting hundreds of hours in, I'd still play it. Not too many games can pull such a feat off with me, especially with such few levels.

PSO on the Cube makes me giddy for that reason alone. The promise of many new places to explore just rocks my world.

Of course, the best part by far, I'll be playing the game on a system that isn't prone to crashing. I lost so much work onĘthat game, even a whole character once, because my DreamCast is the bitchy machine from hell. DreamCasts I should say. I bought a second one later on... it too fell to chaos soon after.

New levels, new characters, new weapons... and all the old stuff too! Honestly... few games actually manage to get me more excited the more I hear of them. I was considering buying this game even if it were just a straight port. Now the US release can't come soon enough.

That was my letter. Actually, it looks more like a preview/nostalgia trip.

Hmm... how to make it more letter-like... eh, I'm too lazy.

Guardian Poe, who wants his PSO fix... um... very, very badly.

Man. Phantasy Star Onlne... I really wish I had the cash to buy my own copy next month, since I miss my PSO days... which didn't last long since I couldn't afford a real dialup account. I would have leveled up more if not for that and my little motion sickness problem... blargh. And if you were a fan of the DC version... which you were, and have been following all the bits of information on the GC version... which it seems you've been doing, I don't blame you one bit for being anxious. Living with two other PSO fanatics for a few months, every video and bit of information was dissected as it showed up.

Now I'm getting rather remniscent of PSO, thanks to you, and getting irritated that I won't be on PSO this fall, thanks to you. So stop it already! :P ...But seriously, I'm glad to see some other big fans out there.

But next year, when I have access to the game, just you wait. Sure, I'll be levels behind, but I'll be around nonetheless...

Looh-nar Too.


Since Lunar Legends for GBA has finally coming to the US is there any news of a GBA version of Lunar 2:Eternal Blue? Oh, oh TGS I'm really excited about any news about Final Fantasy XII/12 (hmmm which one looks better?) since the only picture I've seen of it was of a girl, so hopefully it'll be a female lead again since we haven't had one of those in a while. And FFCC for Gamecube and all other Square games for Nintendo consoles and just Square games in general and Eternal Arcadia Legend since I never got to play SOA on the Dreamcast and .hack 2 and Tales of Destiny 2 and Star Ocean 3. Oh, oh and Unlimited Saga and all the other RPG and non-RPG games i can't remember the names right now because I got all worked up. Also why don't you get someone else to join you at the mailbag again like when you and Mike did it, it's was much better with two folk not that it's not good now with just you though *_*. Anyway that's enough putting my foot in it. Byeeeeeeeee!!

sarah x

Well, there's no plans that I or many people know of for a Lunar 2 GBA remix or port of any kind. Though if one is ever announced, you can be sure Ubi Soft would be picking that up for localization here, as well. I'm going to have to go with XII over 12, since a) The FF series traditionally goes with Roman numerals anyway, and b) I'm so much more used to typing it out that way rather than the actual number. I guess it's a journalist's habit to be as close to the proper name as possible. And wow, was that ever a run-on sentence in your letter. Not to nitpick or anything, I was moreso trying to be random. As for Mailbag cohosting, well... it's just kind of harder (and takes more work) to do that at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future, when it's easier...
Uh, yeah.

Just a quick question for the staff of RPGFan, you guys said that the comic was going to be continued...that was like 3 months ago.

I just wanted to know what was going on with it.

~thanks for your time

The comic? What co--- oh, THAT one. Its fate is still not decided completely, and for various reasons I won't get into here. Whatever should happen to it, should happen fairly soon here...
Couple of quickies... eh.


I was wondering what, if any, information is going to be released about the new Shining Force game by Sea at the TGS. And what system to you think it will be released for?


People really need to pay attention to past columns. Because if they had, they'd know that there's no info on the game for a reason: Announcements are made at game shows, not before.
actually it ['Internet End Guy'] was Al gore as it goes

Matt D

I guess that would make sense... wait no, of course it doesn't! Al Gore invented the Internet, remember?!
Closing Thoughts

I know my updates seem more sporadic than anything, but you guys can help make them LESS sporadic by sending me letters. So do it. Now. NOW.

What are you doing still reading this? Go write me something. Anything.

~ Liz - "When the dark nights seem endless, please remember me..." (letters@rpgfan.com)


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