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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

My Kingdom Hearts Theme Week continues. Fear. Or run, one of the two. I've been calling rental places since earlier today, trying to find out who will have it when. Looks like I'll be hitting Microplay after work tomorrow, whoo.

KH aside, I really haven't had much of a life lately outside of work and this darn site. But with two weddings to go to, and with certain people visiting you, who can complain? I mean, really. For those reasons, I haven't gotten anywhere game-wise lately. In fact, I took a step backwards in Fire Emblem and erased my save on purpose - because mine was a really bad game so far (well, as far as my leveling up and remaining units were concerned) and it'd forced me to start over.

Ever had periods where you were disgusted by the human race? I'm sick of having them.

Short update today. Enjoy while you can.

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Tale of the Sony products.

You said send you anything, so here ya go.

I have a console question. I've heard that PS2 are more likely and more easily broken compared to the other systems (GC and X-box). People also says it's due to the poor design of the PS2. (Ex - something about that fan being to powerful and carrying in to much dust). I was just wondering if you heard anything about this being true, or is it just due to something else, like more PS2 being sold.


I've heard the same thing too, many times. At first though, it would seem like that's just the case since the PS2 has sold the most, out of the three next generation consoles. But when you think about it, the XBox and GameCube have been around for a long time now, and would have had plenty of time to gotten a lot of backlash as far as hardware concerns. Mind you, the XBox has already raised a bunch of these concerns - enough for many Japanese retailers to pull them off their shelves. Also, people have pointed out to me how often Sony products have needed replacing, and I've experienced this myself - PSX, Walkman, Discman... you get the point. Of course, it could be due to natural wear and tear, but the PSX is the only system I've ever had to replace. And there's always going to be people who complain that Sony's products break down that soon that fast on purpose so they could sell more.
What, no Roy comments? Bah...

Dearest Liz.. I'll start off by mentioning that I too highly anticipate Kingdom Hearts as well. I'd do so even more if I actually had a PS2, hee. ^^; (Too bad we probably won't see Cloud wear a dress in this one. *Sniff*)

This brings me to the point of my letter. Since I'll be getting a better job soon enough, I might be able to finally get a PS2 soon. Naturally, I have most of the games I want to get already planned out. BUT, as this will be my first system with modem capabilites, (My computer is just too poor to handle any multiplayer gaming beyond.. What, Diablo I?) I think I may want to try my skillful little hands at some online playing..

..But of course, I know nothing about the world of online gaming. Not a thing. Yeah, I hear about PSO all the time, but I don't even know what it stands for. ..Alright, I'm kidding, put down the chair.

Basically I could use some suggestions on some online titles we'll seen in the near future for PS2 that might be fun.. I'm open to just about anything, but it ought to have a simple system and be non-aggravating. I guess anything military-based or maybe some sort of strategy game would be nice, but like I said, I'm in the dark about most games we may be seeing of that sort. Any idea at all?

Your dear, sweet Fujin ^.~

You better have heard of PSO, woman! Oh, whew...

Personally, I'm not big on the online gaming scene, outside of PSO. But, you know, watching gaming news as much as I do, I can give you a list of upcoming online PS2 titles .. let's see here: Tribes: Aerial Assault, Auto Modellista, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Final Fantasy XI, Madden NFL 2003, an online Gran Turismo title, and Resident Evil Online. Looking at the list, I'm sure most of it would sound unappealing to you... though if you're interested in military based, SOCOM fits the description, and I guess Tribes isn't too far behind that, though the latter's more like a team shooter. I know nothing of any of these games' controls or gameplay, save for Final Fantasy XI, which might also interest you if you could afford it. Eh, FFXI is the only one I've had a hands-on impression of though, and it didn't exactly look simple. I'll admit though, RE Online has me at least remotely curious...

The ever loved: PSO.

Hi, you wanted letters, here's one. I'm a Phantasy Star Online fan. I played PSO version 1 from the day it came out here in the USA until PSO version 2 was released in January and transfered my characters to V.2. I am still playing it and the enjoyment of this beautiful game never ends. I sincerely hope that the new Game Cube versions soon to be released will have more new areas to explore and adventure in, I understand there will be I think 3 more characters types to play, as well as new locals to see. I am excited as well as kinda disapointed at the same time in that I was hoping for totally new characters, and areas. Yes I love PSO1,2. But ok I still have these games and still play them. If I must buy the Game Cube and a new version of PSO I would like a totally new gaming experience. It sounds like what we will be getting is a rehashing of the same game with a few touch-ups here and there. What I'm trying to say is although the new PSO will have some new things in it from what i have seen of the pictures it looks just like the Dreamcast versions. Perhaps I'm not well informed? But then again I'm hooked on this game. One big reason is this: the online gameplay is great. I have played PC RPGs online but talk about Lag, disconnects, and stilted gameplay mechanics! PSO was the first game I played online with smooth game control and gameplay. I also love the third person perspective instead of that 3/4 isometric view other online games use. I am also awaiting Final Fantasy XI online for the Playstation and True Fantasy I think for the PXS2 also. One thing I am glad about is that there are no cheat devices for the Game Cube yet, anyways. Something that has made the Dreamcast PSO1/2 a negative experience at times is the Player Killers that just PK people for the fun of it or Nol them. This forces many players to play in locked games only. The Game Cube version will be like starting the adventure legit again and joining losts of other gamers around the world in the adventure. Yeah eventually after my characters got PKed and Nolled enough I got a cheat device and have equiped my characters with the best Items in the game but I never PK others, just help players level-up and give them better items. But even with all this PSO has been one true online adventure that I'm glad I have experienced and hope for more. Just outta curiousity I'd like to ask other readers their opinions on one aspect of RPGs, I tend to like RPGs even off line that allow you to have a large party of characters on-screen 6 or more. I guess I like plenty company on my quests. I like it when you control your character and let the AI control the other characters specially while fighting. It adds realisume to the fun. I have played a PC game titled Dungeon Siege that allowed you to have up to a party of 8 characters both off and online. This was awesome! My question to you and your readers is this: when playing an RPG offline would you rather have a large party of characters or a small party of characters with you or would you rather adventure by yourself?

Best regards, Tony

New areas? Of course. There are five of them that we know of, and they look awesome as ever, including the beach, which I got to explore while playing PSO this past E3. Truth is, there's a lot, and I mean a LOT, added to the GC version, from new character classes and levels, to lobby actions and awesome redesign of some weapons. Like many games, you'll have to see it to believe it. I agree, the gameplay is awesome, especially when your experience isn't ruined by PKers and when you get to play with some good friends. I hate playing with people I don't know, but if they're a friend of someone I'm already playing with, then I'll give them a chance of course. So there's your answer (a little bit early, I know), that I'd rather play with friends. Not just people, friends. Of course, the PKers and my dial-up account expiring were the only two reasons I stopped playing the DC version. And again, since I only liked playing with friends, I didn't mind playing in locked games... not at all. But man, if you do play in an open game... the things you can do to scare people off. *cackles*

Eh, I'm not much for Final Fantasy XI after it failed to wow me this past E3... sad, but true, I know. Even if I did like it, I can't afford everything that one would need to buy the game. True, I'd have to buy much of the same for PSO, sans hard drive, but I can't afford PSO either - instead, I'll have access to it in a few months. And again, I like PSO better anyway.

Random randomness.

What's up Liz?

Ya so anyways lets get down to the point shall we? The video game community has been at quite a fault lately with the fact that little to no good games came out or any games for that matter. Of course Mario Sunshine came out and that was great and everything but where did all the games go? If Squaresoft didn't try to make a Final Fantasy movie (Thanks for trying though!!), we would be getting about 1 game a month from our friends at Square. What ever happened to Earthbound?! That game was revolutionary!! Geez hey ya lets make a game then say we are going to make a sequel to it for N64 DD and never do that!! Ya sounds good!! And am I the only one getting impatient waiting for Final Fantasy 11?? HURRY UP!! Kingdom Hearts is coming out soon...today for us here in Illinois...what a great idea to combine the imagination of Disney and the video gaming skills of Square under one title!! Looking forward to another bout with Sephiroth.

With that last remark...people why are you whining about things like Ohhhh Disney they suck...why is Square turning to little kids games or Link looks fruity now that they changed his appearence. Umm ok 2 things Disney is a very imaginative company that deserves a lot of credit for making some very innovative movies and gee I think I am one of the few that realized...THAT IS WHAT LINK LOOKED LIKE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! before Nintendo brought the Legend of Zelda to its console, Link enjoyed his short career on the PC, yea fools, it was a computer games, 2 of them in fact!!! Next person I hear dissin' my boy Link gonna get beat down, ya? Anyways ya so ya, later Liz and keep an eye out for those insolent fools that cannot recognize simple facts!!!

PS. Take me to Tokyo please! Thanks!

Shashu Koikurasu

Let's face it, this summer was a rather slow one for console gamers. Then again, when you take a look at the next six (maybe more) months, you'll note how the games to be released in that time span make up for the past two-three months. Heck, you can look at this and last week for starters, with Mega Man Zero released last week, and this week, you have Kingdom Hearts and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance to name a few. Though as far as Square is concerned, they have a ton of games in development, which you'll be hearing a lot about once Tokyo Game Show rolls around. Yeah, I know, I was complaining about Square until all the announcements surfaced... then, what's left of the Square fangirl in me, started cheering again.

Though I still want to hear about Chrono Break. Sigh...

Yeah, looking at Earthbound, and all the Earthbound-related things in SSBM makes me wish there was a Mother 3 after all. Sure, there's been vague rumors, but rumors are never enough.

Thing about Square and Disney is, I think, most of the creative control was in Square's hands. There's plenty of use of Disney characters, themes, and places, sure, and yeah, Disney deserves a whole bunch of credit, but Square's an expert in the RPG field, so naturally the gameplay aspects would be mostly left up to them. (As would those awesome graphics, all the while staying true to original Disney animation style...) And what a game it turns out to be - in fact, from what EB employees tell me, people no younger than 15 have been asking about it. And that it's highly anticipated, which it should be.

Closing Thoughts

I told you it was short. Have a problem with this? Then write me. Chances are I still won't have touched Kingdom Hearts by the time my next update rolls around. But soon. Soon, I'll have KH... Oh yeah, and I guess I had better return some favors (as in, borrowing a PS2), and get rested for my 23 hours-of-work-in-2-days hell. I kid you not. Guess I'll change my topic as well.

~ Liz, who expects to be half alive by the time Thursday is over. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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