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Friday, September 20, 2002

My my. It's Mike again. No, don't get up and walk away. I'll be good, I promise. As you might have expected, Liz wasn't able to make it tonight. Well, she COULD have, technically, but after working like 12 hours, she didn't think she'd be up for this tonight, so here I am.

The letter flow seems to have ever so slightly picked up, but not so much so that Liz doesn't still need your letters. if you need something to write about, give the dear girl an idea for a new topic, since she hasn't updated the thing lately.

Let's get to some letters now, shall we?

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PSO talk again

hi i had a dream cast at the end and loved pso going on line playing with others it was great when your stuck in the dorms and have bad social skills you would be surprised at how nice it is to just sit around killing monster and talking with people i now have to go buy a game cube so i can once again take a step on pioneer one and i suiggest that you do to it is a great game thx for reading my two cents bye
Punctuation is a marvelous thing really. It's amazing how a few strategically-placed periods and commas can actually make what you're writing COHERENT. I really despise having to read stuff like this slowly to understand what's being said. Moving on, I've already pre-ordered PSO Episode I & II, so I'm just playing the waiting game at this point.

Oh, and Dreamcast and GameCube are one word...

Game Boy... More Advanced?


I have a question for the great Liz!

I was thinking if Golden sun's graphics are the best GBA has to offer? I would really like to know the limits the GBA has.

You look at DOA2/Grandia II for the PS2. They both really had bad graphics compared to the DC because they developers were not familiar with the PS2'S maximum capabilities. But now since developers are getting used to the PS2 software newer games look 10 times better. Correct me if I am wrong!

I was wondering if this could be the case for the GBA also?

It's really the case for all systems. Compare a late-generation PSX game like Chrono Cross to an early one like Beyond the Beyond, or if you're familiar with it, Jumping Flash!. There's a gigantic difference in the visuals as just about any system's life goes on. Well, to a point at least. Some developers will still churn out low-grade stuff, but that can't be helped.

As for the GBA in specific, you never know how far the right developers can take it. There's a company... actually, two now, I think, working on some 3D engine for it now. It's not the prettiest thing, but from a technical standpoint, it's impressive to see a 3D polygon game on a handheld. Of course, 2D will still be dominant on the system, and I don't doubt it can get better. Playing Megaman Zero and Castlevania: HoD have impressed me quite a bit, most recently.

Too many games on September 17...

You should download the song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips. It's a great song. Anyway, what do you think of Animal Crossing? I was gonna get it, but I got Kingdom Hearts instead.


What a week for games. Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance all released within 2 days. Craz-ay. Anywho, despite the seriously cheesy look and E3 trailer for Animal Crossing, the gameplay and concept are really unique. I don't think I'll be getting it, since I have so many other things to play between now and Christmas, though I might pick up the rumored online version if it hits next year. I have more friends online than in real life, let alone ones that would play such a game, so I'd be able to get more out of trading and the whole 'communication' thing.

Like you though, I went for Kingdom Hearts. I'm about 8 hours in, and liking it a lot. There's some minor gripes I have with the camera, and jumping is sort of floaty for my tastes, but the presentation and... well, just about everything, is so great, I can overlook those. Good stuff. I also don't care what anyone says about the Gummi ship building and shooting sequences. They're FUN.

Shining Hearts? Kingdom Force? Eh...

Hey Liz,

This is my first letter. Man I feel so cool. I am not sure if this will be before TGs or not, but I am freaking out over the news of a possible shining force 4. I would be happy if ANYTHING shining force came out. Be it a redone version of 3 with ALL the parts coming stateside or a remake of the first one with new graphics. This is one of the best SRPG series ever,and it would be a shame if they didnt do anything with it.

Also, in response to Kingdom Hearts. I myself was dissapointed with the whole Square/Disney combo. I have read in a few game mags that the ame looks like Disney,but FEELS like a square game. I think thats the important part right? Who cares if it is the Muppet Babies RPG? I have faith in Square that the game will be good. I may have not been way impressed with all there games, but no game square has ever made sucks really bad. Long live Kingdon Hearts.

Till my next letter and spelling lesson,
Mike Desjean

I'm really surprised we've never seen a Shining Force IV by this point. Shining Soul just came out this past March in Japan, so the 'Shining' series, or name at least, isn't forgotten at Sega. I'm quite sure they know fans would like it too. Who knows, maybe we'll see it one day. I know I wouldn't mind.

As for Kingdom Hearts, it's really not a kiddie game at all. There's a cartoon feel, and it has its humorous moments, but it's far less light-hearted then one might expect. The mix of the fun stuff and darkness is an interesting one, and so far it's made for an enjoyable experience. I'd recommend it easily.

Hook me up yo

do you know if there will be or are KH codes? I got into some trouble in the game and I need health codes. would you know of any?


// Gemini \\ Morbid Dreamer

It's funny you ask this, because I JUST found the ultimate KH code earlier tonight. Pay attention now.

On the title screen, you need to press (on the directional pad) up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, X, circle, and start. This will give you 30 lives and every power-up. Plus you're invincible while holding the L2 button, which sorta makes the 30 lives pointless, but I didn't make the code up or anything.

Wait, yes I did. Anyway, if you mean GameShark codes, try the official website to see if they have any yet. They seem to be pretty good at getting new releases up in a timely manner, so you never know.

On the other hand, being more or less an RPG, you can also just go somewhere and fight a bunch to level up as well as hone your skills. It works, really.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there ended up being a lot more mentioning of Kingdom Hearts than I had planned. Liz would be proud. Or will be. I think. In any case, I hope you enjoyed this update, or something. Write Liz. Do it now.

Are you still here? No really, right now. Click the link below to open your e-mail client of choice and send her something interesting, or funny, or just plain weird. Just please use punctuation if at all possible.

~ Mike (letters@rpgfan.com)


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