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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yeah, I guess letters columns need to come with introductions, don't they? I tend to randomly write the intro, first, last, or halfway done answering letters, whenever the inspiration strikes me. Now, since I'm writing it last tonight, I guess the inspiration took too long to strike me.

Other than the fact that I finally got my hands on Kingdom Hearts tonight. Of course, I can't play it until I'm done all this, so blah. Now, if I'd played any of it, you'd see me babbling on and on about the game - so expect that next update. And the one after that. And after that. And until I finish the damn game. Don't worry, I'll keep it spoiler free.

Oh yeah, and I need to get up really early tomorrow morning. Almost forgot about that.

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Random tidbits and other things.

Anyway, I own a Dreamcast, and I own PSO, PSOv2, and Record of Lodoss War. I also have some pseudo RPG/adventure games like Gauntlet Legends (Which is inexplicably actually Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, but I digress). Now I'm looking for some more games. I was wondering about your opinions of other Dreamcast RPGs, i.e. are there any you would recommend. The ones that I'm leaning towards buying are games like Grandia and Skies of Arcadia. I also have a N64 now, and have blissfully acquired Ogre Battle 64(Which combines Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle elements and combines it with more fluid gameplay). I also have Zelda: Ocarina of Time as well (Not my style of game, I really dislike the play control and jumping system of this game). I was wondering if you have any suggestions of good RPGs for the 64, but considering even the Dreamcast had more RPGs, I'm not holding my breath on this one.

I was also wondering about the seeming lack of activity in other sections besides FanArt. Logfile hasn't been updated in a while. And then there is FanFiction and Editorials which haven't been updated in a while either. We all know why RPGFan Illustrated has been MIA(The result of a loss of some key members doing the comic). I was wondering if anyone is still manning these sections at all, as I could probably submit some fanfics I've been imagining up (Based on some Dragon Warrior stuff) and maybe an editorial on the lasting effects of emulation on the gaming industry and its consequences. I'd hate to write in an not get posted though. And yeah, I'm helping you out with a letter too.

-Steven "The Old School" Gamer

Well, I'd definitely go for Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia since you're looking to expand your ever so small selection of Dreamcast RPGs. I haven't exactly played Skies no, but I've heard from all over it's a great game - and am just going to wait for the GameCube version. There's a small handful of DC RPGs that... weren't exactly always popular or well liked, including a launch title. Of course, there are always import DC RPGs, such as Sakura Taisen, but if playing in Japanese is not an option or not your thing, then I don't know what to tell you other than to browse through our reviews (and I guess pictures wouldn't be a bad idea) of DC RPGs, since I wasn't too big on the DC RPG scene... and was pretty much the last person on Earth to get a DC anyway.

Now, as for Nintendo 64 RPGs... I could probably count them on my two hands. I'd mention Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but since you didn't like Ocarina of Time, you'd probably like it less - it's more difficult, partially for the reason that you only have a certain amount of time to finish the game. Well, there is Paper Mario, which is actually supposed to be quite good, and after seeing a lot of it in action (I mean hours), it doesn't seem bad in the least. Then there's Harvest Moon 64, if HM is your type of series... not to mention Quest 6--- uh... no. Forget I said anything.

Glad you understand the comic's current status. As for fanfiction, getting the section up and running is somewhat underway, and trust me, I personally miss reading fanfiction for a couple of reasons, one being amusement in some cases, another reason being odd curiosity, as a writer. Editorials isn't MIA, per se, Parn just... lacks content to put up. So send the poor guy some editorials. You too. And you, in the back. Yeah, you. But anyway, what you send in to either section (and to this one, of course), will be posted. Don't you worry.

Raaanting. It's my liiiiiife.

Eh, Hi.

Hmm, don't know how to start this message, oh well... Anyways, concerning Level-5 and their choice to make an Online game for XBOX, have you seen their BBS? It's full of fanboys: "tahnk j00 s0 much, lvlF!\/3!!", and "U sck, lvl5!!! Playstation 2 is teh Bestest EVAR!!!", I wish people would get over it, it annoys the hell out of me..

And about this "Final Fantasy X" sequel, what the HELL is the point of it? And the fact that they would make a sequel for such a horrible game as Final Fantasy X is beyond me... Another thing; What is up with Kingdom Hearts voice cast? If I ever play that game, I know I'm putting the TV on Mute.

And what the hell?! Dark Cloud 2 is delayed?!! Dammit, it was one of the only games I was looking forward to this year, and now I have to wait until next year?! Friggin' Insane.

And I am really getting tired of hearing people moan about how they hate the graphics for the Gamecube Zelda, damn, get the hell over it; If they were true fans, they wouldn't care about the graphics; The same goes for Dark Cloud 2's graphics, I find both of the games graphics to be good looking.

Anyways, I really want to play Animal Crossing, but I do not have a Game Cube... Maybe I should get a shotgun, and raid the Toys R' Us...

Anyways, Bye... This message is getting too big.

I honestly don't venture out to message boards of games I don't play or systems I don't own, but that's just me. Above all that, even if I did own an XBox, I've heard the attitudes of the XBox fanboys and that's something I don't wanna be around or I'd get caught in flame wars. As for True Fantasy Life Online, it sounds like a cross ripoff between Final Fantasy XI and PSO. Not that I'll ever play it anyway...

What else... FFX. Well, hey, FFX was hugely successful and generally much more liked than FF games of recent. Horrible? Well, you don't have to play the sequel. No one's forcing you to. And KH's voice cast (for the most part) has turned out decent, but ah well. Closed minded people will be closed minded people.

If only more people saw Zelda in action, they'd realize how much the cel shaded look fits the game and quit their moaning. Oh well. I guess I'm just used to it, though I'd never heard of people complaining about DC2's graphics... guess they're just too busy bitching about Zelda's.

Bottom line: Be nice or I'll pick apart your letter.

More Xenosaga! More!

Hello Liz

I was wondering, since we all know that you imported and completed the jap version of Xenosaga, if it has got anything to do with the whole Xenogears timeline? I know that Xenogears is part five of the whole story and that Xenosaga is meant to be part one, so then is it all about the creation of Deus and him being put on the Eldridge (the ship that crashes at the start of Xenogears in case anyone hasn't played it yet.) like it says in the Perfect Works timeline? Or is it a completely different story? I'd also like to ask you what you thought of the game, wither you thought it was a good game in it's own right and most importantly if it was actually fun like Xenogears was? Oh, and was it the limited edition boxset version you got with the little action figure? Sorry for all the questions but I thought I might aswell ask someone who actually played the game right through. ^_^

Sarah x

P.S With everyone talking about wanting a new Shining Force game I take it that Shining Soul for the GBA aint coming out in the West soon if at all?

Well... Xenosaga Episode 1 takes place about 15,000 years before the fifth episode, and while Monolith Soft is using the Perect Works timeline, they're changing some things to it - one main focus is Zohar, and Episode 1 has a lot to do with the Zohar Modifier. Deus isn't quite in the first episode, and I imagine that the Eldridge incident took place less than 15,000 years before Xenogears. I don't know if anything else I'd share would be spoilerific, so I'll be quiet now. Anyway, yes, Xenosaga was a great game on its own... a lot shorter than Xenogears, but it has a great story and gameplay.. well, the gameplay isn't perfect, but heck, neither was Xenogears. Xenosaga's overall tone was generally darker and more serious, but doesn't mean that it doesn't have its share of light hearted moments. And yes, I got that KOS-MOS figure in the box set, which, I must say, was well done and very detailed. It's one of my favorite figures. Heee.

Is not getting Shining Soul here really that big of a surprise? Wow, and I thought fans of other certain GBA RPGs were shocked not to see a North American release...

Ah, the many sides of Square.

Hello, to whomever recieves this e-mail,

Anywho, I have some questions, and a comment or two, to get out of my system. I was just wondering, is anyone else as confused as I am about the wonderful actions of SquareSoft? First, they say they're remaking FFVII-FFIX, then they get rid of that idea. Then they say they're releasing FFIV-VI on GBA, and shoot that in the head. Oh yeah, then there's that rumor that stated that they confirmed they would bring Chrono Trigger to PS2. Then what do they do? Yep, they give that the thumbs down. I just wanted you to see how confused I am about all this. Also, if you could tell me if they have any plans for FFIV or Chrono Trigger, I would be happy, as to how I never got to play those, and all signs of FFChronicles around my area are gone.

Oh, here's something to bake your noodle (Not really): What do you think of a game made by SquareSoft that featured all the previous FF, Chrono, SaGa, or even Threads of Fate characters in one big game? That's pretty much every fanfic crossover authors dream. Well, I know I said I would have a few more comments or questions, but I don't want to make this overly long. Later.

John, 14 year old gamer

Random Quote: And so when God created vegetables and healthy meat, Satan retaliated right back with McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr., Taco Bell, and the Anna Nicole Smith Show.

Ahh, Square... okay, time for me to go about explaining those remakes for the 347857283th time. See, Square never confirmed it. It was always a rumor. Square never had plans for the remakes. So they never really got rid of any idea, plus their current projects would have been much more profitable anyway. I don't recall the FFIV-VI on GBA news OR rumors, and when the heck was Chrono Trigger going to be on the PS2? You can already play it on your PS2 - it's called Final Fantasy Chronicles. You're probably confused because you're getting some rather false info from somewhere. There's no plans for the games yet, so I'd go hunt down a copy of FF Chronicles - in an area other than your own.

Eh, I'd not want to see it personally. They'd have to make it some big Square fighting/multiplayer game like SSBM, in which they wouldn't have to cross over all the storylines, because trying to create an RPG and crossing over all those storylines simply won't work. Nor has any company, to my knowledge, attempted it thankfully. As for fanfics, well... I'm not going to go there. Crossover fanfiction is scary.

Me? Awake? Whassat?

Hey Liz!

Still awake?

I noticed how information on FFXI continues to trickle in. Since they're releasing the PC version in November (and I've heard the PS2 version works in theU.S.if you're willing to pay in good ‘ol yen), do you know if it's possible to play it from here in the U.S.? And whatever happened to a chocobo song? I'm mad that I shelled out money, three months worth of a FFXI subscription, in Japan for a special edition of the FFXI soundtrack and DIDN'T get a chocobo song! I can't complain about the opening theme, though.

By the way, I fully agree with you on Simple and Clean. The lyrics sound really forced, but then again, The Opera House's translation of Hikari (and Nora, by the way, does very good translations) doesn't fit with the music either. Square would have been better off leaving Kingdom Hearts with a Japanese theme song like FFX than doing a crappy English version, so now I'll have to hunt for the mute button on my remote...


Robert James Funches

Eh, I like Hikari's lyrics at least. The translation I've seen, whose translator I can't remember at the moment, was actually very good, made sense and would have flowed great with the music, had Ms. Utada used those lyrics in the English version rather than the sometimes awkward sounding lyrics you hear in Simple and Clean.

Do I know if it's possible to play the PC version of FFXI in the US, two months before it's out? That's like asking if it's possible to beat the first boss with a certain weapon or element when the game's not out yet. :P I guess you'll have to wait and see... in the meanwhile, if you want a Chocobo theme so bad, go listen to it on one of the older FF soundtracks. God knows there's enough different versions of the Chocobo theme...

More silly Metroid goodness.

Except my story doesn't all take place on either of the planets from the Metroid games, which is why I asked :) I had forgotten that the Chozo are mentioned in the player guides, thanks for reminding me! Makes my like quite a lot easier. Have to hunt that silly book down now...

Good, because I happen to like Kingdom Hearts. It's so much less... Disney than I thought it would be. It's possibly my fave Square game for the PS2.


Eh, the player's guides always have quite the healthy dose of background information. As does the Metroid Database, for that matter. Speaking of player's guides, that's another thing I'm looking forward to buying on November 18... well, two of them, anyway, one for Fusion and one for Prime. Ooh, what an expensive day that's gonna be.
That damn booze is talking to me again.

Liz, you should let me borrow your GCN and SSBM while you and Mike play Kingdom Hearts. Wouldn't want you to get distracted and such, after all.

Also, go buy some d&d books so we can get you integrated into the system, ho ho!


Hmm... you never know, I may have an SSBM craving after hours and hours of KH... plus Mike and I haven't fought each other in SSBM in ages. Then there's the kicking of Rob's ass that we must do... but there can only be one Marth! Who will it be, Rob or Mike? :P

D&D books eh? You sure you want me roleplaying? It might be too scary of a sight, ya know.

Closing Thoughts

Someone give me a good topic ideas, as the wheels in my head aren't turning at the moment. Oh, and write me letters too. Yes, that's right, put down your damn copy of Kingdom Hearts/Animal Crossing/StarFox Adventures/et. al and write me a damn e-mail.

~ Liz, who's off to play Kingdom Hearts now. Booya. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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