Friday, September 27, 2002

Surprise surprise, it's Mike again. Liz suddenly got busy playing Kingdom Hearts with something really really important, so I'm again on letters duty. It's a pity to see such a nice-looking game as KH played on one of the worst TVs I've ever seen, but oh well. The darkness of the screen (despite being at maximum brightness) makes some of the less-then-ideally-lit areas hard to play as well.

Anyway, I'm here in lovely Canada now for the next week and a half or so, and it's about as nice as I remember it. The skies are BLUE, as opposed to the usual gray I'm used to in California, and it's a whole lot cooler up here (about 65-70 degrees, instead of 85-105). Since I've been here, I've had ample time to play Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance while Liz was... I dunno, doing something that required ignoring me. :P I'm at about 196%, and I figure the max is again around 200-something, if not 200% even. I defintely recommend it, and I might even like it more than Circle of the Moon. I just need to find someplace to level up quickly like with CotM and I'll be set. In short: Buy this game.

I suppose I'll answer some letters now, while Liz is busy falling off of platforms and stumbling around in the dark on Kingdom Hearts.

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Morrowind Muzac

Ya hi, do you have any Morrowind music on your site because i couldn't find any. If you dont could you please get some? E-mail me back if ya want.

- D.B.

I'm not sure if you're looking for mp3s or midis as far as music goes here... Quite obviously, due to legal reasons as well as bandwidth, we don't put mp3s up on the site. As for midis, that's up to fans to submit anyway, so there you go.
I need a fix, NOW!

Lately I noticed that some of the best 2d games are going 3d, Suikoden, Star Ocean, and Breath of fire, all I have to look forward to now is Growlanser and the next Tales (if it comes here)as far as my sprite fix goes.

ANyway, what i'm really writing about is Breath of Fire 5. One of the reasons I love this series so much, besides the great sprites, was that it had many races other than human, in all of the first four games there was only one human charecter and that was Karn from the first one. I liked this as it was different from the norm, but it looks like breath of fire 5 isn't going to have any wolf people or the like, and I was wondering if you could confirm this or not.

I love shining force for the same reason, and suikoden to some extent seems to still be keeping a good amount of non human chars. Well thanks for you times, I have to go finish kingdom hearts now.

- M.H.

I don't think anyone can confirm your BoFV question just yet. There have only been about 3 characters actually 'revealed', those being Ryu, Nina (of course) and some other girl. I'm sure Ryu will again 'secretly' be part of a Dragon Clan, so I'd hardly consider him human. Nina lacks wings this time around, so I'm not sure what they're doing with her. Although, if they did something new with her instead of the usual winged princess dealie, I suppose that's not a BAD thing.

I guess that doesn't help answer your question much though, does it? I wouldn't doubt there being some non-humans in your party, since that seems to be series tradition by now. I mean, we've only seen Ryu and Nina, and for the most part, they were more or less human in the other games too. Since we've only seen 2 playable characters (maybe 3) at this point, it's too early to assume anything I think.

Kingdom Hearts... bad? No no...

I've heard alot of bad things about Kingdom Hearts from some people so far. I haven't played it myself but I'm hoping you aren't as disappointed with it as some have been. ;) So far the complaints have been.... Bad voice acting on the Final Fantasy characters, slow progression after a certain point, repetative music and repetative battle system. I dunno though, from what it sounds like this is alot like Legend of Mana, and while Legend of Mana wasn't exactly put together the way it should have, some parts like the music and battle system I actually enjoyed. Oh well, I'm looking forward to your ranting and raving about the game. ;)


You need to be careful who you listen to sometimes. While I suppose tastes may differ, the Final Fantasy characters' acting (I've heard 7 of them thus far) is really good. I can see people saying they don't feel the voice fits them, or maybe they imaged a different voice, but none of the acting is BAD.

Repetitive music? Well...yeah, it IS a game, and music does loop in the background. I don't see how that's any different than any other game, and KH has good music anyway, so it's not bad having to hear it. Unless said people mean too much of the music sounds the same or something, but I don't hear it, so...

The only thing I can agree with is that yes, the battle system is a bit repetitive, to a point. It's a lot of hacking and slashing (well, assuming you can actually 'hack' with a big key), but I think it's fun. It is similar in a way to Legend of Mana. Mostly you just attack, attack, attack, with a magic spell thrown in on occasion. Sora has a combo attack thing when you hit an enemy multiple times in succession (which is sorta common I suppose), plus there's special attacks, jump attacks, and you have your two partners joining in as well. I think battling only really gets old if you let it. If you vary your techniques and don' just stand there hitting X over and over, it can be fun.

Kingdom Hearts character spoilers within

Hey Liz.

I was getting a little bored with the current RPGs I have for PSX and PS2 (Xenogears, FFAnthology, FFVII, VII, X, DWVII you get the idea), so I decided to go back and play some of the few RPGs I could find for my N64 at a rental video store (Don't worry, it wasn't Evil Blockbuster). Heh heh, oh Ocarina of Time, great game. Then there was Quest 64. No...no...and Hell no. I don't think I've ever played an RPG that's worse than that, although it does make Gauntlet Legends come to mind (I'm sorry, I despise that game). Quest 64. Tsk tsk tsk. I feel sorry for anyone who went through many hours just to complete it. I just put it down after an hour. By the way, am I the only one who never got a Super Nintendo? I can just think of the great games Imissed on that console. Lucky for me I was able to make one of those missed games up by getting FFAnthology.

Also, are you excited (forgive me if you've already answered this) about the upcoming release of Lunar Legend? I mainly am. I played both Lunar 1 & 2 on PSX. I can only hope they do the same thing with Lunar 2, although I do hope they ease up on the DIFFICULTY on Lunar. That game was difficult, so naturally I used Gameshark. Heh heh. Down to my last comment. It's about the game Kingdom hearts which I just got. I don't see how that game could be meant for younger kids, concerning how hard it is. Jeez. Right now I'm fighting Cerberus, and he is HARD. Hope you have better luck than I am against him. I also hope that the cameo appearing FF characters appear more than just that one time at the beginning on the Island and Traverse Town (Exception for Cloud and Sephiroth here). Well g2g. I'll e-mail again sometime.
~ Just call me "E"

Quest 64... it is to laugh. That game is one of the worst I've seen on that system. My brother managed to like the magic system enough to finish the game, though it would take a lot more than that for me to put myself through that.

Lunar Legend... hm. It does look cool and all, but I can only get so excited about ANOTHER remake of the first game. They need to just make Lunar 3 or something (or rather, work on it more to make a decent product), instead of constantly re-doing the first two games like this. The lack of voices is one thing I'm not thrilled about though. Not that I expect them on the GBA, but giving characters voices definitely helps to show emotion more than simple text can. For that reason, I'll be sticking with the PlayStation version.

Oh, and Kingdom Hearts IS hard, I agree. I died once before I finished Cerberus, and came close on the boss before him. It definitely takes some SKILLZ to get through, but I rather like that.


Hi, I'm a little confused.
It goes like this. First I read about Final Fantasy X: Another Story, what is it a sequel that only was released in Japan.
Then I read about Final Fantasy X:Yuna's Story and Rikku's story.
Then yesterday I saw a picture from Final Fantasy X: Another Lord with Yuna holding two guns, and she's dressed like Lara Croft and behind her stands two shadows looking like Tidus and Rikku.
Can you please explain it all to me?
There can't possibly be 4 sequels to FFX.

- A.E.

Okay, to put this simply...
Final Fantasy X: Another Story wasn't even a GAME, actually. FFX was re-released in Japan in January as FFX International, which had some new bosses, English voice acting, and a revised sphere grid. It also came with a second DVD with Square trailers, some other stuff, and a video called FFX: Another Story. While technically an epilogue, the video featured most of the cast of FFX (with an obvious exception or two), and what they've been doing since the events of FFX. Square posted a page on their Japanese site hinting that this wasn't actually an epilogue, but rather a prologue, of something to come. That something, we've learned, is the sequel, or continuation or whatever, of FFX.

Said sequel, while nothing is known about it, is going to come in two 'versions', those being the Yuna and Rikku versions.

FFX: Another Lord is a name I only heard on one or two sites, and I personally don't believe it's the actual title for the sequels. If it WAS, Square would have announced it as such. As it stands, this is just what some people are calling the Yuna and Rikku 'sequels'.

So, in short: Another Story was a non-interactive video meant to set up the plot of the sequel, and the untitled sequel will come in Yuna and Rikku versions. So yes, just one sequel is being made, in 2 versions, not 4.


Closing Thoughts

Ah, another update done.

... alright, bye. Write Liz letters.

~ Mike (letters@rpgfan.com)


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