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Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Pffff, Kingdom Hearts is damn important, I'll tell you that! Well... Mike offered to do the Mailbag anyway, so don't listen to him.

So... it's October already. Well, tra la la. You know, it's really weird watching Mike play the Hallowe'en Town area of Kingdom Hearts... it's too early to be thinking about Hallowe'en darnit! Bleh, but everyone's already selling costumes and candies and pumpkins... well, for the latter, Thanksgiving IS coming up in a couple of weeks.

It's an RPG like KH or Phantasy Star Online that gets me addicted. I prefer fighting battles in real time, especially after how many turn based RPGs I've gone through. Now I'm wondering if I ever considered any turn based battle 'fun'... well, as fun as a real time battle, anyway. Too bad the camera just kills me after a while... ugh, stupid motion sickness.

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Action RPGs = teh own.

Heheh, okay, I'm definitely trying out Kingdom Hearts sooner or later from what you've said then as alot of what he said you did a good job of counteracting. And I don't have a problem with alot of hacking and mixing it up in battles--hundreds of hours in Dynasty Warriors 3 pretty much cover my ability of changing the way I fight to amuse myself further. :P

But anyways, I'm really here to ask you if you got a chance to see the TGS video of Star Ocean 3, as it's absolutely GORGEOUS. The battles look awesome so far, but what I don't understand is why I keep hearing things about it being turn-based when it looks very much so action, or atleast for the most part. I saw a short scene of a character being moved around it seemed by the player, and the way you attack and watch a single character instead of all at once like you would in a Grandia-style game gives the idea of it being more action based... Plus I heard some very early news on SO3 talking about the special attack and combo system and such, just seems unlikely that it would be turn-based like it's said in the preview here at RPGfan. Well, someone help me out here. :P


You know, this game looks better the more videos I watch of it. That Japanese release date sure is tempting... the date for a North American release is still not announced (even though it's a sure thing we'll get the game, at least), and I have a rather lonely Japanese PS2 here. Of course, it's only lonely because I've been neglecting the thing for Kingdom Hearts.

...Uh, so yeah, I have seen that TGS footage you mentioned... other than the game looking as good as ever (see those lighting effects? Pretty... ), those battles really look action and real-time based. And fun. I don't see any turn based elements to them, unless I'm seriously missing something here. They partially remind me of Kingdom Hearts, actually.

Sigh. Curse that game for calling my name.

Oh yeah... one of those bazillion other RPGs due out soon.

Hey Liz (or Mike),

What's your take on Wild Arms 3? I'm personaly looking forward to it, and I think the new look is cool. I don't know if you played WA 1&2, but I think the new one will be better than them both. Hopefully I'll have finished Kingdom Hearts by the time it is released, but that would be easier if I didn't keep DYING! Freakin bosses have to rape my party before I know what the hell's going on. Anyone who says Disney villians are stupid have never gotten their butts handed to them by a boss and should play the game first and see how nice it is to be stomped on by one of the bosses in the game. Okay, now that my rant is done, I'll finish up by asking of there is any new info on Chrono Break. Thanks.


I'm actually glad Kingdom Hearts is no walk in the park. Action RPGs are probably the last type of RPG that should be made easy. Disney has awesome villains... and characters..and worlds.. and music, and I'll stop now. I'm just hoping I finish the game before Metroid comes out... both of them! Yeah, I probably will, and hopefully have time to make a little bit of progress in Fire Emblem.

Wild ARMS 3... looks and plays pretty awesome. It's very very Western, which feels a bit odd, but I really like the cel shaded look and the music from what I experienced back at E3... and fighting on horseback is pretty cool too. Of course, if you wanted more informative, detailed impressions, I did write the most recent preview of the game...

Of course, it's a Breath of Fire game...

While browsing through one of the letters of September 27th edition of the Letter Section, I came across a letter expressing thoughts on the new addition of Capcom's Breath of Fire series, Breath of Fire V. The first thing I noticed was the mention of not having any other races besides the Dragon Clan (which Ryu is apart of). I would like to, not really clarify, but ask you to glance at the screens of the newly announced character Lun/Rin. In the screenshots and in the tralier(s) you can see that she has both ears, and a tail...which are, as we know, characteristics of the Woren clan (though, it also fits the description of Ursula's clan, the Fox clan). Second, I saw the mention of Nina not having wings, which is untrue (according to the screens and trailer so far). If you notice, she has a pair of red wings, which seem to be broken and not usable.

I am in no way am trying to sound egotistical or all-knowing, I would just like to make sure that the reader (and anyone else) received the information. Personally, I'm highly anticipating Breath of Fire V, it being apart of probably my favorite videogame series ever. Keep up the great work with the mailbag, and have fun with Kingdom Hearts you guys (I know I am)!

~ DeSarr

Well... not only have I never followed the BoF series closely, but I also missed that letter and that whole update that day. I wouldn't say you're egotistical and all knowing... just a big BoF fan who, like me with, say, a Metroid game, notices all the little details. Or somehow, that reader had not seen the same media that you did. Oh well, whatever the case, thanks for clearing that up.
Yay for KH ending spoilers. (That's a warning, by the way.)

Dang. Well, I finall was able to get Kingdom hearts about a week ago. I've been playing the diddly snot out of it, and beat it! YAHOO! That game is so freakin' hard! I didn't beat the game 100% (i.e. get every dalmation, weapon etc.) but you get the idea. Let me just say that I finally got to the match in the battle arena in which you can face Sephiroth. To put it clear of how hard that battle is, let me put it this way: It's about as hard as the fight with Emerald Weapon in FFVII, if not harder. One more thing to mention.

(Spoiler Alert):

In the game Cloud mentions that he's here looking for someone (I wonder who that could be, derr). Well, in the ending credits, it shows him finally meeting that person, which I thought was cool. Anywho, I just wanted to fill everyone in with some pointless information, and I did. Later.

How nice. Gee, I wish I'd beaten the game before I saw this letter. Oh well. Wow, a boss harder than Emerald... well, I look forward to spending days just trying to beat him. Or leveling up. Or something...
Just one quickie this time.

Hey Liz,

I was wondering what are your thoughts on Sony developing kits to turn the Playstation 2 into a personal television recorder/Tivo. Good idea, bad?

RpgFan Fan

Sorry, but thats all I have

All I can say is: Good Lord. Sony's never going to stop trying to make the PS2 an all purpose entertainment system, will they? Let's see how profitable this idea turns out to be. Chances are not very, as the kits will probably end up rather expensive. Ah well, this isn't too surprising of Sony to at least give something like that a try.
Closing Thoughts

So I'm back in another movie watching spree, and -- oh wait, this is the closing, isn't it? Oh well, you guys will hear from me plenty after I go see One Hour Photo on Thursday. Write me in the meantime, damnit!

~ Liz, who has so many things to do she can never keep track anymore. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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