Monday, October 7, 2002

Well, it's Mike again. Liz is in the midst of one of her 'work 10 hours then get dragged to visit relatives for a few hours after' days, so since she literally has no time now to work on this, here I be.

You'd really think after 53 or so hours and about 3 weeks of owning it, I'd have finished Kingdom Hearts by now, but nooo. I sat down with it during lunch today and ended up spending about 2 hours building gummi ships. Walking home from getting lunch, I was struck with inspiration for a design, and couldn't help but build it. Werid, to be sure, but it's original at least. Then I made the mistake of looking at another of my designs and revamping it as well. So for the second time in a row, my 'quick' game of Kingdom Hearts involved two hours of ship-building. I really can't express how much I love this game.

Moving on though, before I run out of time myself, let's get to some letters. With luck, Liz will be able to get to some more (as she actually has a fair amount for once!) late tomorrow for an on-time Wednesday update. Much like myself, you'll notice others are really into Kingdom Hearts as well.

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It's like listening to One Winged Angel on the GBA.

I Love your site. I dont know if you can do this. but if anybody from your site says they do have kingdom Hearts PS2, ask them if they could somehow make a MIDI version of the theme song. You may have heard it, if you watch the TV commercial for Kingdom Hearts, there is a song they playand I really like it,and I really want the game,so if you know anyone who can make a really cool midi of the Kingdom Heart Theme song, please tell me, or if U can, that would be even better. thank you for your time,

See You Later, Space CowBoy!

(Just for those curious, yes, that was at the end of the letter in large text. It was actually blue too, but I care about your eyesight enough to not color the text as well.)

Why on Earth would you want a MIDI of that song? You'd lose so much going to MIDI, especially if it's of the vocal version of the song. My recommendation? Visit our Soundtracks section, go to Kingdom Hearts, and use one of the links there to buy the soundtrack. The rest of the music in the game is wonderful as well, plus you can't beat CD quality. Here, I'll even link you to the page. How's that for convenience?

*nods in agreement*

Kingdom Hearts may very well be the greatest thing since sliced... you know, that substance that's made out of dough, and... eh, you know.

It's funny. The game is a far cry from perfect... I've heard many adequate claims to its flaws and I agree with most of them. The camera does generally suck (though 95% of the time it was pretty tolerable) the gummiship system is kinda poor... though it's not the mini game that bothers me, but rather that it feels tacked on... I'd rather have one cohesive world than a bunch of little ones. There's almost no NPCs to talk to outside of Traverse Town. The voice acting is great but isn't used enough (and I'll bet anything there's plenty of space left on that DVD for more)...

But I love this game.

Cause when the story gets really good, it does get REALLY good... the boss battles are epic in ways I wish most RPGs could manage. And the combat system, though it could use some refining and detailing is pretty damned fun. The whole final confrontation is probably one of Square's best, ever.

I actually even love having Donald and Goofy as my allies... it's like the kind of stuff I imagined as a kid, going with my favorite cartoon heroes to save the world. What can I say, I was an odd kid... but hell, this was like a dream come true at the end of the game.

Knowing Square seems to have plans for a sequel fills me a with a small bit of joy... hopefully they'll expand it with an even more epic story and create more intricate dungeons... most of them were a bit too small more than anything. Thankfully Hollow Bastion showed up later on to rock my world.

No other game has made me feel like a little kid and the man-child-thing I am now at the same time...

Incidently, I got a good kick out of Simple and Clean... pretty catchy, methinks... but you've heard the original bit, right Liz? How different is it... lyrics and sound and all that?

May all be groovy with you...

Guardian Poe, who actually does think Donald and Goofy kick ass

I suppose I'll respond to the 'complaints' part first here...

The camera, I agree, isn't the greatest. It's probably one of the more annoying cameras in recent memory, even, as it gets stuck behind walls and keeps you from seeing what you're doing sometimes. Yet, as you said, it's not always like that, but when it is, it proves annoying. The gummi ship thing I can't agree on. As you can tell from my intro, I can sit there for hours upon hours building those things and flying them, so I really enjoy that aspect.

The worlds, well... some of them are a bit too small, yeah. Really nice scenery and all, but having seen all the movies they're from, I can think of a few ways to expand some of them (especially Neverland. And Agrabah. Um. And the 'Hercules' world. And...yeah). I don't mind multiple worlds so much, as it was the main idea behind the story. I just wish they could have been a little more expansive.

It's also sort of a pity that Traverse Town ended up being the -only- town as you said. There's not many NPCs even there, but it's also the only place with shops. Logical I suppose, but I could have seen shops in other areas, such as Agrabah's marketplace. (it being a marketplace and all :P)

Anyway, despite little complaints here and there, I still feel this is the best game I've played all year, and if not for the forthcoming of the mighty Metroid Prime & Fusion next month, it would almost be my game of the year.

Oh, and as for comparing Simple and Clean to Hikari, I think I like both equally. They sound the same, technically. There's a normal and remix version for both the English and Japanese ones (so, 4 in all). The two originals have mostly the same sound, as do the two remixes. The thing with the remixes is (unless I'm mistaken) that they're shorter than the original versions. I think there's some differences in the lyrics, but Liz would know that better. I'll make sure she answers in her next column in the intro or something.

.hack the anime! .hack the game! .hack the breakfast cereal!


I'm not sure how into .hack any of you are, but I have been watching the anime series on my computer via Kazaa. Great series by the way, but I was curious as to wether any of the characters from the show will make it onto the game. I noticed that the black rose resembles mimuiri, and elk resembles tesukusa...

As the anime starts a boy named tesukusa goes comatose, and is stuck in the game. He starts to feel and literly live to every aspect that the game had. While he is stuck he gains a guardian in a sense and everyone else starts to wonder if he knows about an item called the twilight key. An item that would evolve "the world". This all sounds similar to the game preveiw you guys have, but doesn't quite relate.
If you have any information regarding please give. It'd be appreciated.

Any how... How about those indians?


As I understand it, the anime for .hack is meant to complement the game, not simply re-tell the story. I know that some of the characters in it show up Volume 2 (and possibly later installments) of the game, so there's bound to be some crossing over there.

To all ye who talk shmack about Kingdom Hearts: Screw you. All of you. I'm sick of hearing about people commenting that "Square's sold out" and "it's too kiddie", etc. Square was brilliant enough to realize that if you mixed the timeless sensibility of Disney with the epic adventure of Square, you get a fresh, different game.

I think you guys (Mike and Liz) are with me on this - KH rocks, and that's that. I know of friends of mine that vowed to the end of their days that they'd NEVER play KH cuz it was too kiddie - now, one by one, they're slowing creeping to video stores and taking a peek. And you know what? They all tell me, "Yeah, dude, you're right, it IS pretty cool."

Of course it is! What kid, heck, adult, even, hasn't wanted to smack around Jafar, Ursula, and Hook? We all have, and we get the chance to do so in KH. On top of that, meeting and interacting with the likes of Cloud and Squall, along with awesome Zelda-on-steroids gameplay; there's nothing left to say. I'm 17 years old, but I wasn't ABOUT to let my macho pride stand in the way of another great Squaresoft game. And great it is.

~Brandon B.

Nice opening, there. It's the kind of thing I only wish I could say at times, but really can't do so from a professional standpoint. So thanks for that.

As for being kiddie, personally, I really don't think it is. There's a real dark premise behind Kingdom Hearts, and honestly, there is in Disney movies too, whether people notice it or not. Sure, Disney movies are mostly lighthearted, and have songs for seemingly no reason on occasion. At the same time, there's still really evil villains. People (or animals) do DIE. Much like Disney films themselves, KH may seem childish, but looks can be deceiving. KH takes it a step farther though and is more often serious than not, which again, is not what you'd expect with Donald, Goofy, etc.

It really is a great game, and if anyone lets the Disney influence keep them from trying it, you're really missing out. It's far beyond what you think it is.

Closing Thoughts

Wow, I just barely finished in time. I have to run and get ready to leave now. Maybe I'll get to finish KH soon, if I can stop these 2 hour gummi ship building sessions.

One final note: I updated the 'weekly' topic, so if you don't write in because you don't know what to talk about, you finally have no excuse! Whoo.

~ Mike, who is...um...here. But not anymore. Write Liz! (letters@rpgfan.com)


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