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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Yes, I'm still alive, this is still my section and I'm... still playing Fire Emblem. It's true. No Kingdom Hearts for me. I was supposed to snag somebody's copy, but alas, that didn't work. Still, besides FE, I've now got Super Mario Sunshine in my possession, and so far it's proved to be an insanely fun game. Eek. Be afraid.

For those of you who like really bizarre anime, do yourself a favor and watch Excel Saga. You'll feel like you're on a sugar rush without even eating anything containing sugar, I swear. It also makes fun of... let's see. Every anime ever. I can't wait until the third DVD comes out now. Gah. In other anime related news, I've noticed that even regular video rental stores my my area rent out one good selection of anime... and the more you rent, the better deal you get. Too bad I won't get to watch very much a week with my schedule the way it is now. Plus I've got a Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 box set sitting here just begging to be watched.

And it always feels good to be able to play SSBM against another person who's actually a challenge again. Whoo. Now go read some letters so I can watch some random anime.

Addendum: Oh, right. I was supposed to make a late reply to a query about Simple and Clean/Hikari's lyrics, and other stuff. Music-wise, the refrain of the song ('Donna tokidatte...' in Hikari, and 'When you walk away...' in SaC) are different musically, The melody's changed around except for the last couple of bars, in that section - all the other parts are the same. Lyrically, I find the English ones a tad awkward. Not in how comprehensible the English is, because the English is great, but moreso how things are worded. The lyrics in Hikari flow better and contradict themselves a bit less, and I personally like the meaning of them better. Not to mention that the part about meeting the family in Hikari, has a more positive meaning it it. More like, 'I'm sure you'll get along well' as opposed to 'do I have to meet your father?'. I dunno, I just see Hikari as having a more positive mood to its lyrics overall. And maybe a bit more depth.

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There's something disturbing about a guy with 'sailor scout' in his e-mail address.

Hey Liz,

I recently heard a rumor from EGM that Square might just skip FFXI and go straight to FFXII. My opinion is that this rumor sounds GREAT and I hope it comes true. I don't think it would be much of a success here in the U.S. Just look at Japan's sales already! What are your thoughts on this topic??


To be honest, I think Final Fantasy XI WOULD sell well here - if they release the PC version over here. Though it's not announced, I think they really should do it, because the PS2 version requires a hard drive and other purchases. Meanwhile, the hard drive isn't even ANNOUNCED to come out in North America by Sony. FFXI didn't exactly turn me on at E3 no, but it's an FF title and if all fans had to purchase was the game (ie PC version), they'd probably eat it up. It wouldn't surpass or even come NEAR FFX in sales, but if Sony doesn't release the HD, it may even be Square's only option.

On another note, I've heard all sorts of things out of EGM's rumor section lately - without even reading the damn magazine itself. There've been plenty of people talking about things printed in that rumor column lately, such as Mother 3's revival and FFXI US being the FFX sequel(s). The one thing that bugs me is people believing these rumors, despite them being specifically labelled as such...

*nods in agreement*... again.

Do my eyes deceive me? Could it be that we now have a new topic? It happens to be a topic that I've been thinking about for the past few days.

The games I am looking forward to:

Wild ARMs 3: Even though I know next to nothing about this game, it's on my list. The pictures I've seen look great. Besides, it's a Wild ARMs game! How could it possibly be bad?

Phantasy Star Online Ep. I and II: My lack of a Dreamcast caused me to miss out on this the first time around. It seems that everyone who plays this game falls madly in love with it. I'm looking forward to experiencing this crack-like addiction myself.

Suikoden III: It's Suikoden. I shouldn't even have to explain.

And finally, my most coveted game of the year:

Metroid Prime: Everything I see on this game makes me want it more. I predict that it will dominate every single game that has been or will be released this year. It looks that damn good. Too bad the game probably won't get a tenth of the sales that GTA: Vice City gets.

There it is. Peace.

The Darkrider

Metroid? I love you, man.

Heh. That should be obvious. =P Great choices overall, really. The Suikoden statement is so true.. I've only played a little of II, but I'd really like to get back to it... it sounds like a series I'd really love if I ever got to finishing II and playing I. I played III at E3 though, and it was pretty enthralling. Plus the music is simply awesome, as it is in the first two.

Though, hmmm... I doubt Metroid Prime will do that poorly in sales. Nintendo plans to up the ante in their advertising towards the end of the year, and you can bet Metroid will get plenty of focus and benefit from all that. Samus hasn't been around for eight years in her own game, and there's plenty of anxious fans.

Only 12-14 games?

Hello mailbag,

Though I'm involved with a lot of real life stuff that keeps me away from RPGfan and gaming, I did find a moment to read the site, see the updated release dates and send you my response to the mailbag topic.

So what late-2002 RPGs am I looking forward to? The ones I'm most looking forward to are Zelda: Link to the Past, Lunar: Legend, and Car Battler Joe on Game Boy Advance. I missed Zelda during the 16-bit days (I was a Sega Genesis boy) but I did play some of it on my friend's SNES and the game is incredibly fun. Plus, if I can snag some other GBA owning folks together, the multiplayer Zelda: 4 Swords seems really cool.

I'm sure as many board members know, I'm one of the few people out there who dislikes the Lunar series. For some reason, I could never get into it. Part of it is my dislike of Working Designs' brand of toilet humor and pop-culture jokes. So when I heard Ubi Soft was localizing Lunar: Legend, my interest was piqued, since their localization of Grandia 2 had superbly written dialogue.

As for Car Battler Joe, how could I not be interested in an oddball title that combines car tweaking/racing with RPG? Racing is one of my favorite genres of game, and I could spend hours in the garage of Sega GT modding up cars. I know Final Lap Twin (Turbo GrafX 16) and Racing Lagoon (import PlayStation) did the racing/RPG thing before, but I never got to play either of those.

If I owned a Gamecube, I'd be incredibly excited about PSO Eps. I & II. I spent over 500 hours on PSO ver.1 during the Dreamcast days, and the highlight of that was playing with people from RPGfan. I'd like to come back to it, but money's tight by me and my current life status is unstable so dedicating myself to an online RPG would require some planning. But hopefully some of my old teammates will still be on it, if and when I return.

Either way, it's so many games, so little time for me. My backlog is still somewhere between 12-14 games deep so new ones would still be cast aside. And real life has that nasty habit of encroaching on game time. Still, one could look at it as storing up in case there's another RPG drought.


RPG drought? If you can afford all of the decent RPGs due out in the next six months, there won't be one, at least for you, anytime soon. I'd go and count all the RPGs due out up until March, but my brain is slowly going into shut down mode. Ahem.

Oh yes, the GBA Zelda is a must. I'm still going through Link's Awakening DX myself. The last couple of dungeons are great but difficult. Graaaah. I also never finished the original Link's Awakening (I believe I'd lost my save) on the SNES, so here's my chance. Four Swords is a lot of fun by the way, and I say this because you get to pick each other up and throw each other around. It's just hilarious seeing four Links stumble around in 2D goodness...

Ubi definitely does good localizations. I never got into Lunar either, but it wasn't lack of interest... I simply lever got around to it. Seeing/hearing Mike play Lunar 2: EBC though, really turned me off from that game, as the voice acting reached an appalling level and the from what I've heard, the difficulty in some parts isn't reasonable. While others have played two or three versions of Lunar, Lunar: Legend just might be my first time.

Man, PSO Ep 1/2 is the one thing I want but can't have... for now. Like Kingdom Hearts, which Mike still has, and I've played what, a measly three hours? I want more, damnit! Err, anyway, PSO. Yes, PSO. Talking daily to two people who are currently playing the Japanese version sure doesn't help much. Your reasons for not planning on purchasing the game are mine exactly; as much as I love the game, I'm just too busy, especially with the lovely busy retail season called Christmas shopping sneaking up on us.

GBA cartridge problems? Interesting.

Dear Liz:

Hello. I have been thinking about picking up Lord of the Rings for the GBA, but I hear that the game contains a fatal glitch that makes it unplayable after a certain point. I was wondering if you or anyone else at RPGFan knew anything about this glitch - is it in every copy of the game, or has it been fixed, or what? Thanks!

Chuck Bednar

After finally being able to look around the 'net and seeing if anyone else has had similar problems with the game, I came across this on GameFAQS, though it was actually posted off the official game's MB, in response to players' queries about the crashing problems:

Hi all,

I want to let all of you know that we have been investigating the Moria issue extensively. We have had some people able to play through and not get a crash, so we now know that it is not 100% repeatable. However, it appears, from the number of complaints, that it is a very, very high percentage (more than 90% from the looks of it). Our QA department is looking for the direct cause of the crash to find out exactly what causes it, and currently, it appears that it may be related to save games...where you save perhaps. If each of you who have experienced the crash could please tell me where you last saved when you experience the crash, this could be very helpful. In addition, if you could also let us know how often you were saving, this will help us even further.

I assure you that we did not intend to release a product with a fatal crash. When I read the message boards after the game's release, I was as surprised as you were. I don't know the procedure that VUGames has for problems like this, but once we have more information, it will help us to procede a little better.

How an issue like this could get through, I can't answer, but this issue never appeared in any bug reports that we received from our QA group, nor had anyone here experienced the crash before the game's release. But the fact that there is an issue is something that we take seriously...and the Tolkien group here at Black Label will do what we can to rectify the situation.

Thank you for your patience while we attempt to rectify the problem.

There you have it. Things like this don't exactly have a quick turnaround time, so patience will be a virtue here.

Those Suikoden zealots are out to get me again.


Ahem. So how's KH, miss Liz? Good? Great? Something less? Tell meeee since I won't play it until I have a job~ And you need to play Suikoden! >OOOOOOOO


You, with the job offers spilling in, don't have a job? How? :P And you Suiko fans are all insane. And... fanatical. Very fanatical.

So does this mean I'll become one of you when I finish Suikoden I and II and possibly purchase and play III? Oh, crap.

I only played KH for three hours.. and I obviously crave more. To fulfill my cravings I'd have to rent it though, and I'm a tad low on cash at the moment... don't remind me.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, so hopefully the Mailbag will be updated regularly again... with real life and other things happening all at the same time, it got a tad difficult to maintain it - alone at least - for a while. Of course, I won't be fully recovered until Thursday anyway, and I have a bit of a backlog of letters. So if you haven't seen yours yet - next update. I assure you. =P

~ Liz, now in recovery mode for two days. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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