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Friday, October 11, 2002

Um... yeah. When I randomly thought up the title for today's column, I didn't realize it was from Jay and Silent Bob. I mean, the last thing I saw of theirs was like a year ago. But that just sounds so funny whenever I hear it.

Hmm. Anyway. My Japanese progress is... interesting, to say the least. Now that I'm starting to remember a little about conjugating verbs, I have a heck of a lot, if not all kana memorized. The things that happen, when you're bored at your job. Even just knowing kana (and some kanji) can make navigating Japanese sites a whole lot easier. Now, the fun part is MORE kanji and MORE sentence structure. Whee. Time for lots of online tutorials and self learning books.

Speaking of languages, I've got Fire Emblem IV in English (well, 85% of it, anyway...), so I may ditch FE6 for that. Maybe.

In other news, I'm tired of people asking me for money. Why can't people OFFER me money, damnit?!

I think that's a sign that we should move on to the letters, don't you think?

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Ah, SSBM. The fighter that never gets old.

My buddies and I love Super Smash Bros. Melee for The Gamecube. There's like twelve people over my house, sometimes more and we are playing the hell out of this game. The First Smash Bros. game was great as well. Now, how cool would it be to see a Final Fantasy Smash Bros. type of game? And since Nintende and Square are back together again (I'm not sure if that's permanent)it's possible that something like this could be done.

Since you guys know what's going around in the gaming world I was wondering if you knew how I could get in contact with Nintendo of America or Squaresoft of America, whether it be by letter mail or e-mail.

While we have contacts with companies, they're only for public relations and wouldn't be the best people to e-mail about game ideas. And actually, the Japanese companies are the ones who do the development in the cases of Nintendo and Square, so contacting the US offices would probably prove to be futile. If you really want to go ahead though, try looking around their US sites. Or, if anyone can read Japanese, try the Japanese based companies' sites.

I'm not sure if a FF SSBM would work, though. For the most part, the FF casts are all more serious characters, whereas Nintendo (or at least SSBM), has a lot of fun, cute, strange, and all sorts of other characters you just can't take seriously. Sure, thee are a few serious ones, such as Roy, Marth, Samus, and the Zelda cast, but they're rather outnumbered. An FF SSBM type would have a more serious tone to it methinks, whereas SSBM is probably the most lighthearted, fun, and sometimes silly fighter I've ever touched.

God bless Konami composers.


I just purchased Suikoden and Suikoden II from the lovely, outrageously expensive eBay. I started the first last night and was absolutely blown away by the soundtrack. Then I thought, well it's a Konami game , so I should have expected it. I was wondering if there was any chance of a Konami greatest hits cd or something like that. It would be so awesome.

Oh, and have you heard anything about the music of Suikoden III?

Rick D

I've never heard Suikoden, but Suikoden II has awesome music, though I've already had the soundtrack for quite some time. I love Suikoden II's music, the style and everything... and that one vocal song is purely addicting. Too bad I can't remember the name of it.

With all this Suikoden talk lately, I'm half tempted to ditch Super Mario Sunshine and Fire Emblem and play Suik II instead. And then Suik I. of course, I should probably start with Suik II.

Then there's the third Suikoden coming out in two weeks. Argh. Such is a tough life I lead. Speaking of, I haven't listened to any music from it yet, and what I heard at E3 is but a vague memory. However, I heard it's just as awesome as the past two soundtracks. In fact, a staffer reviewed the Suikoden III OST very recently, so you should check the soundtracks section, or the front page of the site for the most recent soundtrack review update, because I can't remember what the heck the address is. So sue me. Look at it this way: When you read the review, there are also some samples from each disc of the OST. Enjoy.

PSO. It never ends.

Hi Liz,

That last Phantasy Star Online update on your site has really gotten me psyched. I can't wait for the Gamecube version. I loved the Dreamcast version. I played it until I got my cable modem. Unfortunately, I kissed PSO goodbye along with my dial up connection. And no, I wasn't able to get one of the very limited Dreamcast broadband adapters.

I can't believe that the HUmar doesn't have Shifta and Deband anymore. Even Reverser has been taken away. Wow! Talk about bringing the man down! I guess I'll be playing the new FOmar. Uh…just one problem with that. Why does he wear a dress? Now, I'm not one to care about one's lifestyle. But dude! Put on some pants! Will ya? And lose the fruity hat! Geez, now all I need is for my section ID to be “Pinkal.” I guess my new guy is just not going to be as manly as I had hoped.

But seriously, I'm *very* worried about the keyboard situation on the Gamecube. If you go to Sega.com and look up PSO under the Gamecube section, they list the modem, broadband adapter (thank God), and Game Boy Advanced as peripherals. They don't mention a keyboard! Anyone who has played can tell you that this kick ass game pretty much sucks without a keyboard. The on screen keyboard is crap, just try to select the letters H E L P while some monster is wailin' on your ass. I actually want to be able to talk to people. Japan has that controller/keyboard combo thingy. I hope we get something. We'll all be royally screwed if we don't. You got any news on this?

Jumping back to my letter from the end of July, (sorry for the delay) about the meaning of “Small Two of Pieces” from Xenogears. I like your idea of the two angels from Nisan cathedral. I still believe that the lyrics of the song are about Elly and to a lesser degree Fei. The title just doesn't fit with the lyrics.


A daily reminder of how I won't be online with PSO at the end of the month. Le sigh. It's true that Nintendo has not announced anything about a first party keyboard, here or in Japan. The keyboard/controller hybrid that you speak of is also ASCII brand, and does the job just fine according to friends. However, US players would have to import the 'monstrosity', or deal with the on-screen keyboard, as no company seems to want to make a keyboard here in North America. Now, if I was to actually play PSO upon its release or anytime soon after that, I'd import the hybrid, as weird as it may be.

Yeah, I did forget to mention that, Fei and Elly are also what the song indirectly reminded me of. You see, the two angels in the cathedral also reminded me of Fei and Elly, and their existence/relationship later on in Xenogears. It's a bit hard to explain, it's kind of like the whole yin yang thing and other interesting metaphors...

Oh well. I'm pretty used to song titles that don't fit with lyrics anymore.

I wish I knew to whom you speak.

New Topic: I don't know.

Old business: Your very good, quite humourous reading you stuff. Did you quit though? I only found an update from before Kingdom Hearts release. Nothing wrong with SquareSoftWhores.

New business: I'm a RPGer from many places. I've played nearly every RPG mentioned in the July 3 post. (That was the one I read.) I've written online novels from cross-over RPG's, Fan-Fic, and entirely new. I'm a member of 7 MUD's. I have an Everquest character, and once I think I saw a book with a logo on it for Dungeons and Dragons. (Impressed? You should be.) Online stuff; fun, addictive, acidic...it eats holes in my pocket. It's great, but man it doesn't come at a cheap price. Although arguealby FF8 is the ultimate RPG ever and its $17 over E-bay.

My contention: Nintendo sucks!!! No arguing, aside from Zelda and a select few games (RE, SF) there is nothing great or special about them. They were good up till 64 when they started to die. They don't offer half the amount of games PS does, and that doesn't mean that they focus on making good ones, i.e. Quest, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Racing, Rush (Fun, but only six races), That one boxing game, Superman, Shit does Nintendo have any others? Not to say PS hasn't had its share of flops, i.e. Superman, Rappa da Rapper, Barbie Adventurer (No I didn't play that one) Conkurs Bad Fur day (So I can't spell.) However PS has produced ten times the ammount Nintendo has, offer a larger audience, and have easier interface, still can't get that Nintendo controller to fit in my hands.

To you: Your a girl??? JK, some of my favorite RPGer's are girls. Send a pic., I might be available next year (Too many good looking women at school; as if I could get them, lol.) Adios,

I'll do the best I can without you...

Grant Alexandre Glenn

Not everyone can get along by themselves

Yes, the N64 wasn't the best or most popular system. So what? I spent half of E3 in Nintendo's booth and it was great. If Nintendo had lost any fans during that dark era (ie, me), then they've either gained at least some back, and/or they'll gain even more back as they continue to release the big titles. Can we say Metroid? Obviously they have other titles other than Metroid, but Nintendo's had big plans for a while, and they have quite a few good investments. And since when was Conker's Bad Fur Day a PS flop? It was actually one of the more successful N64 titles. As was Parappa the Rappa, though for PSX, of course. Sony also doesn't produce all their own games... there are some that are published by Sony, yes. But probably 90% of the games or more are third party titles. More companies made their games for the PlayStation because at the time, the CDs had more capabilities than cartridges did. In that generation of consoles, Sony also got a head start with the PSX to be the first console released. (In said generation, that is.) Whether or not Nintendo focused on making good games back then, they sure seem to be doing that now.

I don't care if you're available... sorry, no offense. :P

In any case, even I can say I've never been that immersed with RPGs... I go as far as having played more than a fair amount, and have drawn art and written fiction. And uh, starting up a little Xenogears site. Heh. Maybe a little RPing too. As for your resume, I don't know if I'm impressed, so much as thinking that you don't have much of a life.

Okay, I'm kidding about that last part. Really. No, yes I am.

Quickies... in one letter.

Haalllo Liz. How ya doin'? I just have a few questions.

1) Why do sites give BoFIV a low rank? I mean... it's a great great game. Everything is... (Except the silent Ryu)

2) Will Suikoden III be released in europe? as I heard, Suikoden I and II were only released in North America.

3) About the FF(IX, VIII, VII) remakes... did Square really say that or is that just a rumour people made up?

That's all. ^_^ Thanks.

1) Up to opinion, really. I've heard plenty from people who both love and hate BoFIV, so it's really hard to say one way or another. Why do I get the feeling that BoFV will get the same kind of reception...?

2) There's no announcement for it yet, and it seems a tad unlikely, if Suikoden I and II didn't make it over there. But we'll just have to wait and see. It would seem unfair though, for Europe to get the third game and not the first and second...

3) It was always a rumor. I think I've said this many times. Square never said they were working on this. Nope. never.

Closing Thoughts

Oops, outta room. If you haven't heard, the topic's updated. If you have... write in about something else. Except about your cat. Please, anything but that.

~ Liz, who needs to eat a REAL meal one of these days... (letters@rpgfan.com)


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