I Lost My Heart To a Starship Trooper
Monday, October 14, 2002

I hate skipping mp3s, I really do. Feels like I'm listening to a scratched up CD. Oh well.

I keep hearing entirely contradicting crap on these bloody FF VII-IX remakes. First, no one I knew had even heard about any remakes even being done, and I'd personally never seen anything more than a rumor, and Square quoted as saying they would LIKE to do said remakes. Now, certain people can tell you that I visit gaming news sites, rather regularly and I'd remember most RPG news... at least, ones involving companies like Square and games like Fire Emblem Final Fantasy. And especially these days, I can't help but know everything RPG related seeing as I'm the one who posts all the news stories. So first it started off as acquaintances never even knowing about the remakes. Then like, TWO people remembered Square 'announcing' them, then couldn't give me a source. (Or they give me a site who doesn't have a source.) Now all this contradictory crap is getting slightly annoying, and to top it all off, they're supposedly put on hold (according to like, three people) indefinitely.

Hopefully indefinitely means never.

Honestly, I didn't like any three of those games. I'm not an FF whore and never really was, though I do have my favorites. I think it's a bloody waste of time if Square plans to actually do these remakes, because so many more of their projects are much more profitable... especially if they ever get around to announcing Chrono Break. I know a lot of you would probably want those remakes but... why remake a game that's not even two years old? I personally want a new game... or ten. Oh well, whatever. One day I'll stop getting e-mails about this.

Yup, when I'm dead and buried. And I'll never understand how such big news, if they did announce it, was missed by, oh, every major gaming site I go to.

Which makes me wonder about those FFX sequels. It's impossible to follow Square anymore.

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Ah, SSBM. The fighter that never gets old.

Just writing in again about the various state of the many departments at RPGFan. First of all, I noticed the LogFile and RPGFan Illustrated being taken off the departments on the right tool bar. I understand RPGFan Illustrated, but what happened to Tortolia's section? Not enough online games? Not enough e-mails in support? Obviously, me favorite article was the first, the Pancake Rabbit one. Oh yes, after helping on bugging Parn, the editorials section was updated! Check that section out and bug Parn too! And I am currently working on my FanFiction, I think anybody who has played a Dragon Warrior is going to like it. I didn't realize that it was going to have so much content though. I am currently up to Chapter 5, with most Chapters being a page to two pages long. I will have all the sections updated in October!

As for gaming, I have been concentrating on my pen, paper, and dice EarthDawn campaigns this week. I was wondering why there isn't any sections on RPGFan for the old school P&P gaming? Like system reviews and such.

As for my console gaming, I've been mostly playing shooters. Yes, the bizarre, freakish break in RPGing that occurs once in a while for me. I wasn't aware that the Genesis had so many interesting shooters. I am of course aware of the staple series of that system, Thunder Force (2 being ugh with its wacky overhead view, 3 being good, and TF 4 aka Lightning Force being exceptionally great in graphics and music.) PSX's Thunder Force V is unbelievably difficult though. I picked up a little Genesis gem called Gaiares this week. Basically, what you have is a R-type style ship with a floating bit called TOZ. What sets Gaiares apart from the normal shooter is the TOZ system's steal and capture mode allows you to steal enemy weapon systems and use them yourself. Better, is the wide variety of weapons from multiple laser systems (At least 4!), Missile systems, Plasma weapons, Rotating energy waves reminiscent of Space MegaForce's Power Shot. And there is just the overall graphical and musical quality to the game. And the anime cutscenes are pretty good too. Granada, is another cool one, where you play as a little tank with a lot of power on multiple overhead stages. The biggest problem is difficulty, as you have no continues! It's too bad I plumed the depth's of SNES. Sgea CD, and TG16 and CD shooting already. The old SNES had some good ones in Space MegaForce, Axelay, Strike Gunner(Come on, who doesn't want Atomic Bombs in their inventory!), Super Nova(Darius Twin sequel), Super R-Type 3, etc. Oh yeah, know of any cool shooters for Dreamcast or Playstation? I don't really have any shooters for DC except Armada(ugh.) and for the PSX, I have RayStorm (Difficult but good), the aforementioned Thunder Force V, and the whole Colony Wars series.

Finally, I was playing a game called Dragonview, an oddball adventure/action game with a world map like Drakkhen. Supposedly it's the sequel to Drakkhen. But that's not possible, as the original Drakkhen was a tough as nails RPG with one really cool feature, the first video game I ever played where I could finally steal the armor and weapons displayed on castle walls. Come on RPG players, you know you always wanted to do this! I just don't see the connection, between these two games, maybe you could elucidate it for me. The only real similarity between the games is the world map, that's it.

-Steven "The Old School" Gamer

Well, as for Logfile, the editor in charge left the site for a few reasons, such as having a busy schedule. I loved the pancake rabbit one too.. who didn't? Unfortunately, I'm not a PC gamer and didn't always keep up with the column. If you haven't noticed yet, the Logfile and comic are both archived in the Featured section of the site.

Hmm, pen and paper RPing? Probably the closest thing to any traditional roleplay is the one section on our message boards, The CrossRoads. I'd have participated myself, if I'd not disliked my writing so much and wasn't so busy. Alas...

Anyway, I wouldn't call any breaks in RPGing 'bizarre', it's a natural cycle we all go through. My last break was... wait, I'm still on it. It's called Super Mario Sunshine. While I'm normally not into shooters, or anything that strays too far away from action/adventures, platformers, puzzles, fighting - aw heck, anything that's not a damn sports game, I cycle all those quite regularly with RPGs. Just because it's always good to have some sort of variety, right?

I love these choices.

I'll stick to the topic, because I can and because it is my heart.


All three of mine have to be PS2s...because...that's the only (current) system I have. I'm debating on getting a GameCube in the future; spurred on by the fact that Square's working with Nintendo again.

So here's my little countdown. (Wild Arms 3 just barely got edged out for #3. But that's out in less than a week anyhow.)

3. Suikoden III. I love the Suikoden series. I found out about it only a couple years ago, picked the first two up at the same time and was immediately won over. The idea of having a bunch of separate paths to go through is interesting enough; though it does sound a bit SaGa Frontier-ish, which I suppose is good or bad depending on your point of view. Or good and bad alternately depending on your mood, like in my case.

2. .hack Volume 1: The very notion of a fake MMORPG intrigues me to the point of slight hallucination. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't have to pay a monthly fee for it. I read the preview by...well...you, I think, and I await this one with great piles of anticipation. Curious though: how are the other three volumes linked? Volume, to me, implies a direct sequel, maybe even a story that isn't completely resolved until the end of the 4th part. Like a serial novel in game form.

1. Xenosaga: I love me some Xenogears. I am of the belief that it was the best RPG released on PSX. Also of the belief that it was one of the best RPGs released ever. I am a bit wary as to whether Xenosaga can/will be as excellent as Xenogears; but ultimately that doesn't matter. Any game that promises even slight Xenogears similarity seems immediately worth my attention.

-TV's Adam

You know, I never thought of the path thing in Suikoden as reminding me of SaGa Frontier. I played the first SF, and lost interest pretty quickly. For Suikoden though, I find that it really works... I guess it depends on the story and how you're attempting to tie them all together.

Yep, that preview was by me. What can I say, I was impressed by .hack at E3 and decided to research the game/series and put my knowledge to good use. I haven't researched the sequels yet though, but I know enough that the second volume will be a direct sequel, as it has three or so of the main characters from the first. I wouldn't doubt all the .hack volumes being directly related... requiring us to buy all four volumes. Pff. Too bad the Japanese will have all four before we can even get our hands on the first.

Hmmm. As will be explained in my uh, upcoming preview of Xenosaga, it's not too much related to Xenogears and can't really be compared as such. I'll save more of that rambling for the preview itself though, since it's more in detail there. Oh, and I've played Xenosaga, so I know this from experience. Just to let you know.

The Nintendo whore speaks. Bow down. (:P)

Hey, hi, hello.

I hate to treat this like a message board, but I MUST reply to one of the letters in the recent Mailbag (October 11), as it would pain me to let this go unspoken. And with that, I quote:

My contention: Nintendo sucks!!! No arguing, aside from Zelda and a select few games (RE, SF) there is nothing great or special about them. They were good up till 64 when they started to die. They don't offer half the amount of games PS does, and that doesn't mean that they focus on making good ones, i.e. Quest, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Racing, Rush (Fun, but only six races), That one boxing game, Superman, Shit does Nintendo have any others? Not to say PS hasn't had its share of flops, i.e. Superman, Rappa da Rapper, Barbie Adventurer (No I didn't play that one) Conkurs Bad Fur day (So I can't spell.) However PS has produced ten times the ammount Nintendo has, offer a larger audience, and have easier interface, still can't get that Nintendo controller to fit in my hands.

If you're going to insult Nintendo, I suggest only insulting Nintendo-made games. Quest and Superman were done by THQ; The two Kong games were by Rare; SF Rush was Midway (ugh). Not a single game there was made by Nintendo, so insulting them over third-party titles is pretty stupid.

As for the PS, only one of those games (Parappa the Rapper, which is the correct spelling) was made by Sony. Conker wasn't even ON the PSX, and was a Rare game on the N64, so I have no clue how that happened. If you're going to list bad PSX games though, you stopped way too early. The PSX of course had a larger library than the N64, but it goes without saying that with every new good game that's made, there's 5 bad ones to go alongside it. Sure, it had more games, but it also had more BAD games at the same time. There's more important things than quantity.

Lastly, if you want to compare ACTUAL first-party titles, go compare Nintendo-made and Sony-made games and see what's better. Sony of Japan has made some good stuff, but until recently, SCEA (and 989) games were some of the worst on the system. But then, they had more titles, so who cares, right?

To you: Your a girl??? JK, some of my favorite RPGer's are girls. Send a pic., I might be available next year (Too many good looking women at school; as if I could get them, lol.)

Yeah, who would have thought someone named 'Liz' would be a girl? lolol omg

Just so it's clear: Yes, I AM a Nintendo fan. However, the reason I'm a fan in the first place is because of well-made games. If they didn't constantly produce games that I adore, I wouldn't take offense to things like this. But then, my main complaint was misplaced anger. The above letter would be like hating Microsoft for all the bad third-party games on the Xbox. That's just ridiculous, especially considering there's so much more GOOD reasons to hate Microsoft. :P

Anyway, I don't have much else to say. I'm off to watch a movie, TV, play a game, or some combination of the three.


Um, does this letter need a response? I mean, really. Okay, bye. :P

That, is a more indepth, and knowledgeable version of my response, pretty much. See, if you're going to fling insults, get your facts straight first, because you'll end up looking pretty dumb in the end, and your argument is, well, already proven to be rather weak. And if you can't get a Nintendo controller to fit in your hands, how would you ever get a Microsoft one to?

Hm, movie sounds good about now. Specifically Beauty and the Beast...

I wish I knew to whom you speak.

Yo Liz,

So anyway, I have been thinking of late about the upcoming release of PSO and how the GC owners are being extremely slighted. First, the Xbox version comes with an extra playable character. I mean, come on, an extra character!? Being the PSO fan I am I feel totally ripped off. Second, the Xbox version will have voice chat, which would eliminate the need for the bulky Keyboard GC controller. Now, that has been getting me to thinking: Is the best version of PSO actually coming out for the Xbox and not the GC. While I currently own a GC and lack a PSO, I am wondering if these add features might actual warrant the borrowing and/or purchasing of an Xbox.

Doing it all for the PSO,

Danny Dormer

From what I've seen so far, the XBox version of PSO doesn't have enough for me to justify wanting an XBox or to feel disgruntled (as a GC PSO player). The voice chat to me isn't something to write home to Mom about if you can get yourself a keyboard. But, buying a $200 system just for those two features? The XBox version of PSO would have to impress me much, much, much more.

As I almost expected, the surprisingly good first half of the year was only a lead in to this last quarter, where my wallet cries in painful agony. Looking through Best Buy today re-iterated the fact that too much good stuff has come out in too short of a period of time. 2 months ago there was only a handful of things that I still wanted to pick up on shelves. Since that time, I've been able to think of about 2 more things every f'n week that I want to buy. Invariably, there are a lot of good games coming out this year or that already came out that I won't be playing for, oh, a decade. Here's where I'll finally address the topic and name the three titles I'm most looking forward to:

Metroid Prime/Fusion: I'm putting these under one thing since I plan on snatching these up at the same time (their day of release). Simply put, It's been about 6 years since doing everything in the godly Super Metroid, so how could I not want these badly? Every time I see new screenshots or video, I practically lose control of my stools. Not really, but both of these look like they have that "Best Game Ever" potential.

Xenosaga: It may take a little longer than 6 months for this to get here, but as far as RPG's are concerned, this goes at the top of the list. It looks like real "space age" RPG, and that's such a rare thing for this genre, it's got me quite excited. Of course, I'm a sucker for giant robots, and that probably has a bit to do with it...

GTA Vice City: Watch TV for a bit. See the ad. Revel in the coolness...

There you have it, the 3 (ok, 4) games I'm looking forward to most. Of course it's not all I'm looking forward to (FFT Advance springs to mind...), but it's a start.


Ahhh, Best Buy is a lovely place, is it not? How I miss Best Buy... and wish one would open up in Vancouver. That, or I move to Riverside... such a dream that is right now. Ugh.

Yep, both Metroids and their official strategy guides will be in my possession the moment they hit EB. The fact that they come out in little over a month makes me giddy with glee. What makes me wonder, is just HOW Nintendo's going to make use of the GBA/GC link cable here. I'm not buying any games (or really, anything, other than a plane ticket to Vegas) until these babies are in store.

Well, if Xenosaga actually makes it to North America by February or March, I will be surprised. I certainly hope Namco promotes the hell out of the game, because it sure has potential, and I want to see it do well so that we'll get the future episodes as well. Speaking of, I've heard nothing on Episode II... I wonder when it comes out in Japan so I can get my little hands on it. Heh heh heh.

One day, I'll play a GTA game, I swear. I, too, want to beat up hookers! :P


Oooo, new topic, rare sight indeed.

Well, probably easy to guess but I'm most excited about Star Ocean 3, even if I don't have a japanese PS2 or a mod chip or whatnot. Atleast I'll get to see more pretty movies and screenshots until it comes to the states, or maybe find a way to mod my PS2. Which actually brings me to a question, do you know of any nice and safe, inexpensive ways of modding my PS2, maybe one that doesn't require a gameshark or something else? Cuz I'm an import whore and without imports.... I'm..... uh............ not a whore. :x

Sadly, most of my time has been spent on playing some Dreamcast games I have neglected to play lately, such as Sonic Adventure 2 and (you guessed it) PSO. I actually got so addicted to playing it offline that I went and got myself a dial-up connection to play it online! It's only version 1, but I'm happy. :p So I guess episode 1 + 2 are on my most wanted list as well, but no where near SO3. PSO is good, but I'm spoiled by other online RPGs, namely Diablo II which, while doesn't have as involving of battles, wins over with tons more replay value and reduction in repetitiveness. I'm not one for PC gaming, but I make an exception for Blizzard. :P

Okay, that's enough out of me.


I'm not one for PC gaming either, though I do make an exception for emulators. How else can I get my ass kicked left right and center in Fire Emblem? Hopefully PSO GC is less repetitive, and knowing the people I usually play with, chances are it won't be. :P

Star Ocean 3 is something I'm itching for, and importing was a huge temptation until the game got pushed back until March. Ah well. As far as modding a PS2 is concerned, from what I gather, there's a mod called Neo 2.5 or some such, but it requires soldering, and it's... I dunno what the price is but it's probably not too much. There's another, non-solder mod, but it might work only with specific models, like a 30XXX-R model (the model # is on the back of the PS2), and is supposedly around/under $30 US. Or, you can buy a PS2 that's already modded, not that I know where to find one. Better yet, you can be like me and just buy a Japanese model. Of course, that's the most expensive option of them all...

Closing Thoughts

I'm running out of things to say here. Um, write me. Or suffer the consequences, such as me singing bizarre freaky songs in Japanese. And scaring you off. And my rambling has gone on way too much. Bye now...

~ Liz, who's going to be stuffed with turkey sometime today. Whee. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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