Friday, October 25, 2002

Alright, it's time to tear yourselves away from Suikoden III/Wild Arms 3/what have you, and to read and discuss the controversial topic that is Final Fantasy X-2. ...Well, if you're reading this, I guess you've already done so, so just... nevermind me.

Ah, yes, the every so eagerly anticipated Suikoden III hit stores about 48 or so hours ago as you read this, and the already-established Suikoden fans I happen to be associated with certainly act as if they've died and gone to heaven. (Isn't that right, xeria?) As some of you may know I've been getting these urges to go buy it, but other than having two games to play, I also haven't beaten the first two Suiko games. Though I think I'd enjoy Suiko3 anyway, I just get the impression I'd like it a whole lot more if I'd finished the other two. Alas, I have... not, not by a long shot. Also, you can also load Suiko2 save data into Suiko3. Yep, yep.

So, yay for winter sneaking up on us, and if I recall correctly, this weekend is the weekend of setting your clocks back one hour and gaining an hour of sleep. Sounds like a sweet deal to me! Seriously though, it seems as if everywhere in North America, sans my area and.. well, the rest of the West Coast, has already gotten snowfalls. I laugh at thee! Well, not really. I kinda like snow.

So get your damn hands off that Hallowe'en candy (those are for trick or treaters! Shame on you!) and read some letters.

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FF: The love/hate relationship.

Heya Liz-aroni. It's the Mr. Koolaid again. Second week in a row. Watch out, this could become a weekly indulgence of mine if I'm not careful. And I don't want to subject you to too much of my writing... lest you decide to kill me someday. Which would be verra verra bad. On to the topic of FFX2.

Hmm. You know, I still haven't played FF X. Final Fantasy really just bugs the heck out of me at this point. I can't really explain why though. If I were to say "FF suxors on ps 1 and 2 har har har j00 n00bs ar3 teh l0se" then no one would take me seriously (and I'd kill my own self). I mean, obviously, there are plenty of fans who would say otherwise. Even about FF 7. That most vile and putrid Final Fantasy game created for the playstation. I'll harp on that in a bit though. I've got a semi point to make first.

Now, I'd like us all to stop and think with me for a second here. This game, FF X2, is looking to be a Brave Fencer Musashi/ PE/whatever mix; definately leaning away from traditional RPGs. So what? I personally don't care, simply because I don't really like FF all that much anymore. Maybe this next game might be really good. As I see it, I used to like, and I mean REALLY like the series for its character development. And I feel that more and more, the series concentrates so much on graphics, plot (NOT necessarily story) or innovative battle systems (scoffs) that they forget what made games like FF 4 and 6 so compelling; the characters.

Yep. The characters. Lunar may not have had the best or most original story, but darn it, the characters made me stick it through til the end (that darn Alex... ). Final Fantasy 6 had the good cast o characters, and most developed and built relationships (before the end of the world came and things all went to heck). FF 7 gave me Cloud. I'm still astounded that so many people love this guy. Here he is, a wussy punk kid with an identity crisis and a MASSIVE inability to speak with women (yes Liz, I DO remember that idiot's pathetic dialogue with Aerith on their date). And oh goodness. Aerith. All she did was die. That was all the good she did in the game. I was happy when she died. I thought Cloud would recognize his opportunity to get with the far more superier Tifa. Nope. He couldn't do that, the knucklehead. Then there was Barret. I'm going to let him slide, simply because the stereotype for his type of character i! s prolly all they have to go by. Other characters? Why mention them... not like they really had any special backstory to further the whole darn overall plot. Not to the point where the game wouldn't work with out them. The hippies. FF 7 was the Sephiroth show. And I'm even mad with HIM for not killing Cloud INSTEAD of Aerith. That way, he could cut down the chick next and end that cursed game.

Sorry. Told you a FF 7 rant was forthcoming ~_~. Anyway, I really don't see the point in speculating so much into this FF X2 thing. Maybe my lack of interest stems from not playing FF X.. which I WILL be doing next weekend. And if I beat the game in under 25 hrs, I'm going to share my disappointment with you :'(

Anyway, the game. It might be cool, just different. I just hope the combination of characters and story are good enough to make the experience memorable for me. As is, the only two memorable scenes for me from the PS FFs both involve Zidane. I liked Zidane a lot. He grabbed Garnett's booty. The guy had some serious issues (w00t). Also, I'd like to note that it's very dangerous to look at something like FF X2 when you have high expectations. Some people are going to need to chill out and except that what THEY wanted to see isn't going to happen. Which is why sequels aren't always something that's easy for anyone to swallow. You want more of the same, and the developers are concerned about being bashed for giving more of the same... which is what we generally ask for, and get pissed off when we don't get it. Or when we do. Damn, us RPG people are hard to satisfy as one gigantic group. Perhaps another reason I dun like FF too much anymore; in order to sell, ! the game has to reach across a wide spectrum of people. Bleh.

I dun talked too much. I would go back and edit this thing... but... eh. I just got back from a Wind Ensemble concert, and the following 3 hr dinner/hang out/ act stupid session. Hope you like this little letter too Liz ^_^ Like it or I'll forward you all my junk mail

While I'm most likely considered a FFVI whore when it comes to the FF series... I really don't care. I'm with you on the well developed characters and relationships, and damn do I ever want to play it again. Even with games that don't have the most original plot ever, if the character development is way up there, I'll still be pleased. Case in point? Fire Emblem. The games often involve countries at war, with not as many plot twists and turns and bizarre, complex histories as, say, Xenogears. However, with all the characters the games have (let alone 26 CLASSES), the development from what I've seen is rather good, and seems to have caused many of its Japanese cult following to obsess over certain characters and couples on their fansites. Many, many fansites. Too bad the Chad/Lugh ones are disturbing...

Before I digress, I'll admit that the praise I tend to give FFX is a lot, coming from me. I wasn't exactly a huge fan of VII-IX myself, to the point where I never even finished or got far in VIII or IX. While X for the most part turned out to be a walk in the park, I still loved the battle system and, especially, the Sphere Grid. It's really sad how addicting that thing can become. I'd say give X a shot, because I see it as far superior to its three predecessors, but hey, it's up to you.

I'd imagine that that's why Square has never attempted a direct FF sequel before, other than the fact that it's just not natural in the series. Whether they do things differently (which they are) or keep them the same, somehow Square's going to get criticism no matter which path they choose. Of course, that's the way it goes, and all I can hope for is that the game will be at least somewhat satisfying.

...I really miss Hot Pockets.


I'm just eating hot pockets (I live off them!!) and I decided to write you my opinion on FFX-2! I think it's pretty cool that square is making it. Well thats about it!!.....

Joking! I love the new look so far, expecially how hot Yuna is(hotter than her in her wedding dress) The reason I think Yuna looks that way is because thats how the Al-Bhed girls look like and since shes part Al-Bhed and machina play a big role in the game (well as far as I know it does) she has a new outfit. I'm sure she has the same personality though. As long as the game has a true Final Fantasy story with it, then the game will rock. I only have 1 concern though. Will there be new characters joing your party or will it be just the three gals? I'm not trying to be sexist or anything but it needs a few male characters too and since 2 are gone from FFX, who will replace them. I hope Yuna finds Tidus though. I felt sorry for her at the end. Ahh, so sad...... well gonna stop now!

p.s maybe square will include a trailer for XII!

You know, it's extremely hard to imagine Yuna's meek personality and that outfit. I doubt she's getting a major personality overhaul either, but I imagine there's going to be a bit of a believable change, if only a demeanor, there. Of course, someone reminded me that Rikku advised Yuna to disguise herself at the end of the epilogue in the Japanese version of FFX International. Not that Yuna's unrecognizable, since her face is kind of obvious, but it IS, after all, hard to believe that that's Yuna's new outfit. Currently, there is one known unknown female character alongside Yuna and Rikku (yes, it's true.. that third female isn't Lulu... isn't she pregnant anyway?). I don't think it's sexist at all to say there's a need for at least one male playable character... in fact, I had the same thought a couple of days ago. Auron's obviously not feasible, so I'd like to see Wakka return...

Speaking of trailers, there IS one of FFX-2 that will come with Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix in December. Hmmm... too bad I'm already playing KH.

A story about another story.


Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm looking forward to FFX-2. What will the characters do without summoning, and what REALLY happened to Tidus? In a small movie added on to the International version, Yuna sees an image of Tidus trapped in a cage, jailed for some reason. Rikku tells Yuna (who's now pretty famous) that she has to wear different clothes if she goes on a journey looking for Tidus so she won't be recognized. She also just happened to have something already picked out for her. Oh, and I don't think Lulu's one of the characters in the title because she's pregnant (also from the "Another Story" add-on). Actually, i'm not entirely sure that the other's Rikku, but definitely a possibility.

It's possible that the sequel is just a shorter game Square's sending out along with FFXI so the non-MMORPG fanbase still has a game to look forward to before FFXII is released. I'd just like the sequel to be available for PC!


I'm pretty sure it's Rikku on the left of the logo, since she looks just like one of the first screenshots, and that screenshot really makes her look like Rikku... who's also stripped down it seems. Yeah, I've seen the epilogue/translation, and again, I'd forgotten about the disguise bit. I don't feel like ranting about Yuna's outfit/personality again though, since I already did so in the last response... heh. I'd originally speculated the third person as Lulu (okay, so a few of us did in a long FFX-2 discussion), wondering what happened to her pregnancy. Though come to think of it, I wonder if that'll be in FFX-2's story at all. I sure hope so.

Even if FFX-2 turns out to be a shorter game, I really don't mind. I spent around a month or so on FFX...

Mm, smooching.

I really really really don't like what there gunna do to Yuna. She was such a sweet person. But I mean I can deal with it, if......Alls I really want is some thing to happen where she goes and gets Tidus. Thats all I want. the ending to ffX was great and all but I just really would love it if she would rescue Tidus. On the other hand to some people this might ruin ffx-1. I just hope that they don't mess everything up and make me think what a wast of time ffx was and stuff. I loved ffx and if they mess it up I don't know what I'll do. In the Japanize Version there was an extra ending (lucky bums) And the team gets back together to go and get Tidus. 'Cause he left some kind of sphere and sobs were heard in the backround and stuff like that. Some gye on the internet had written it all down and translated it and I was able to read it. I can't quite remember the website though. But anyway, I just hope that they get Tidus back and they have another long lasting smooch at the end!

-The Lizard

I think Nomura's design of Yuna rocks. But as far as who the character actually IS, it's just downright weird. While we all may think this totally contradicts Yuna's personality as we know it (and, well, it does), I'm really interested... again, as to what they do with her personality/demeanor in this sequel. As much as I liked Yuna, she could stand to gain a bit of an edge, which she certainly did physically, but I mean in her actions as well. Heh. However, I'm against a total revamp and making her some badass gun toting diva because it just doesn't feel right. If this is part of her so-called disguise though, and she has to change her attitude as part of that demeanor as well, then I guess she does what she has to. Still seems too bizarre though.

I definitely hope she finds Tidus though.. this better be what the sequel is about. If not, what the hell was that 'Another Story' epilogue for?

Roy-tastic. Hmmm.


I'm sure you know how I feel about FFX-2. I've also voiced many times how much I disliked FFX's ending, despite others' ravings about it. I really hope the sequel addresses those "WTF!?" moments after the credits and in the International ending. As for the change in characters? Yuna's outfit does seem like a bit of a departure, but you gotta remember just what happened to her. Maybe she's just trying to be stronger and more independent so she doesn't get hurt again, and in RPGs in general, less clothing = stronger! As for Rikku, well.... I'm sure you know of my fondness for her. Still, I think her outfit is a bit too skimpy. Should be interesting to see her in battle. And as for Lulu, isn't she supposed to be pregnant? I'm wondering if the 3rd playable character is actually her. Yuna and Rikku were confirmed, but Lulu never was. And if it is her, WHY does she have Tidus' sword? Who knows, maybe the Fayth that originally dreamed up Tidus had a gender identification problem and Tidus is actually female. Or just maybe there's a new character or two thrown into the mix. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, maybe I'll come over in March and camp your PS2 or something. So yeah. Cya in a few weeks!

Have a Roy-tastic day!

Less clothing = stronger? That must explain Tifa. :P Seriously though, it does kind of make sense that Yuna would want to be stronger and more independent after all she went through, however I doubt it would bring such a change like that as an outcome. I don't think Rikku's all that skimpier than she was before; Yuna's the bigger change and the more shocking one by far. I can't figure out what the hell kind of weapon it is that Rikku's wielding in the logo, though. Anyway, now that we have confirmed that the third character isn't Lulu, I'm back to being curious about the sword. It does look like the Brotherhood a bit, but I somehow doubt that it is. The concept of new characters is interesting though, I wonder how they'll interpret them into the story and battle and such, and how important they'll be overall.

I still want Wakka back though. Bah...

...I wouldn't be surprised if Tidus was a woman. Then again, there have been more feminine male characters before. Just look at Marth, for starters...

Closing Thoughts

Well, I'm going to edit that damn topic to include links to the news and pics of FFX-2 for you lazy people out there. I know there are more opinions on FFX-2 out there that have yet to be voiced here, so let me hear them. And now, I go to work my ass off for the weekend. Hmph.. some weekend.

~ Liz, the ever so spicy one. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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