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Monday, October 28, 2002

There's no better way to start off a week than to read a Mailbag chock full of FFX-2 opinions and ramblings, isn't there? Yeah, that's right. Oh, and you also might see some other random subjects come up as well... maybe.

Well, I decided to stick around here for much too long before starting on this little column, and I'm kind of kicking myself in the ass for it. Sadly, all I've been playing lately is a leaked ROM of... er, you'll find out what game soon enough, when you go read the letters. My gaming time has really dwindled overall. Oh well, at least I'll be able to pay off my bills...

Ona side note, can anyone tell me what the hell is so fascinating about pairing Marth and Roy (or Marth and some other guy in general) in fanart/fanfiction? I think it's disgusting. Geez, I never considered Marth THAT feminine...

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FF: The love/hate relationship.

I'm around 35-40 hours in to the game and I've only had it less than a week. :P Just thought I'd mock you and your apparent lack of free time. ;P

But as for everything else you said, messing with the AI on your side characters helps but it doesn't make them very much more intelligent other than keeping them from blowing their MP and items right away, the Halloween area for me was fun to watch but alot more trying, as you put it, than Atlantica, and, uh, well, you don't seem to know much else so that takes all the fun away from it. :p But besides that, with more extras, the main storyline picking up, and the game suddenly getting alot harder (believe it or not, I've actually found it really easy until now), I'm gaining much more respect for it. The battle system seems to be one of the most well put together systems that gives to everyone's wishes other than bad controls and camera angles. It's fast paced, it has alot of timing and strategy involved, isn't simply button smashing, and has combos for the Street Fighter fanatics. If it weren't for the idiotic control scheme (... an active menu during an action RPG!?!?) and horrid camera (locking on = worthless; walls = evil), it would be just about perfect other than for the people with no reflexes. So I'll give them that much.

As a simple side note, my brother found the Metroid Fusion ROM. :P I dunno how he's finding this stuff, first Castlevania: White Night Concerto, now this. Well, I didn't watch much of it and it wasn't running too well on the emulator, but Samus atleast looked really nice and everything looked perty enough. What scares me though is all the yelling coming from his room, but then again he yells at a coke can if it makes the wrong kind of ding when he slams it on his desk.


Bah, I already know I'm short of free time. And to think that when we had to set our clocks back, instead of getting that extra hour of sleep, I ended up staying up an hour late. Baka me...

Hmm, messing with the AI doesn't help at all? Heh, they should have done to KH what they did to Secret of Mana... make it optionally multi-player. That was how I enjoyed SoM the most, so I bet I'd enjoy KH plenty that way. Of course, it wouldn't work as smoothly as SoM, since it was, well, easy in 2D. Hallowe'en Town looked really cool, but the final boss there seemed kind of difficult... I'm a Nightmare before Christmas fan. =P I'm glad you're liking it more now, because I've noticed that everyone who beats the game suddenly loves it to death. Plus it gives me something to look forward to. The battle system really is fun though, especially for those who aren't huge turn-based fans. I've really heard different things about the camera, though. One is the group of people constantly complaining about it, and the others saying that it's really not that bad at all, and those kinds of camera issues are normal (not that I'd know) and so forth.

Metroid Fusion... I got my little hands on that ROM, believe me. I'd feel guilt, if not for the fact that I'm buying the real deal in three weeks, and I can't finish the ROM anyway because platformers + keyboard = teh difficulty, especially after certain points. It's quite a sampling of half of what I get in three weeks (the other half being Prime) and I must say, I'm all crazy for that Super Metroid feel. Plus climbing some walls and grabbing onto ledges sure doesn't hurt gameplay either. God, is this game ever drool worthy. Okay, I'll shut up now.

FFXI? Yay...?


You might remember me from that one person that was a lil enthusiastic about finding a site for FFXI.. but.. ive given up on that one XD

Welp here is another opinion to the FFX sequil to add to your growing collection. I dunno about most people, but i really enjoyed FFX. I dunno why i just did. It, to me, was really fun and intriuging. I've been looking forward to a sequil to show what would happen and guess what? Heh here it is.. well soon anyway.

I always thought Yuna was really nice. Hehe it may be because she resembles my girlfriend :3 weee. Ah well.. Her original outfit was.. well it was Yuna. Anyone could see her and her personalitiy in that type of outfit. But now, I dunno this skimmpy outfit XD ah well heh its up to the creaters what they wanna and dont wanna do. Her new clothes might be a nice change of pace for her character because people change over the years. Not knowing but im assuming this sequil is happening a few years after the previous installment. And Yuna might have changed as well... uh.. well.. thats kinda obvious but thats besides the point. :P But still XD what about those new shorts she has? XD If u can even call them shorts more like a napkin if u ask me. Ah well i like it heh its a nice change of pace.

But still, what about the gun thing? Well yea i think anyone would try and look for an alternate weapon if they loose their main ability. All she would be left with would be a sitck XD wAhO! *imagines Yuna chasing around an enemy with a stick* weeee.. actually that would be amusing to see XD. Well my opinion with a girl and two guns.. i mean.. thats the best XD. Yuna weilding two guns heh yea thats pretty cool like i said before, it would also be a nice change of pace. Personally, I like playable characters wielding guns. Like for example Vincent, Irvine, and Laguna were all pretty cool characters and there hasnt been a FF playable character since them that has used a gun for a weapon.. o.o unless im mistaken XD (havent played FFIX).

Ah well.. im really looking forward to FFX-2 some of my friends think itll be kinda stupid but i dunno. Maybe its just my FF fans sake, but ill eventually get it no matter what :P hehe welp c ya till next time i feel like writing about sumthing XD

-Tidus who enjoys role playing as him :P

As everyone around here should know by now, I enjoyed FFX a lot, or I wouldn't have played it for 130 hours. There's no guarantee that I'll enjoy FFX-2 though, seeing as it's drastically different from X. So far, it seems to have a few more action elements, which is something I never mind, since I have a thing for interactive environments a la Kingdom Hearts, Xenogears and Super Mario RPG. I'm really curious about the battle system though, because I can't tell from those screens, for the life of me, how it'll work.

The sequel does take place about three years after FFX, though that doesn't explain the rat tail at all. The shorts...they look like men's briefs, in my opinion. The new design I agree, isn't such a bad change of pace, though it's odd to change Yuna so drastically. In the end though, I hope it all comes together in the game, and is actually plausible. But, we'll see.

I dunno, if I was a summoner and lost that ability... I'd want to use a sword, but that's just because of my personal tastes. (I mean, come on. Last weekend I spent about 45 minutes looking at swords at a store in the mall.) Looks like someone else already wields one though, and I doubt it's the Brotherhood like everyone's been saying. I'm not really a gun person, myself... I tend to stick by a saying I heard in a movie once, that guns are a coward's weapon. Plus you can make swords as cool looking as you want. Guns, yeah you can... but only to a point.

Stuffishness.. Hmm.

Heya, Liz!

Wellsa, after readin' so much about FFX-2 and Mr. Koolaid's stuffishness on chara development and things, couldn't help but throw my own lil' opinions into the mix.

FF4 and 6 were indeed the greatest RPGs I've played - 'cept for maybe Chrono Trigger, which was godlike also in it's development (even though Crono didn't speak a word). I also dislike FF7. I think it's one of the strangest pieces of dung that I've played. Not just because of the lack of character development, but I didn't understand the whole storyline at all. Which was strange, 'cause I normally get things like that. FF8 and 9 however, those I liked, and finished completely, and mourned that they were over for days after. Suppose that makes me have strange tastes, though, when compared to most FF fans, but...

But then we came to FFX - I liked it first off. Tidus was in Zanarkand, things were cool, then he got thrown... Well, backwards or forwards or whatever. And he met Rikku. Rikku was also cool. And then he got all washed up, and he met - *growls* heeeeeeeer...

I have never despised a FF heroine before, but YUNA... I don't know whether it's her whole mentality (I dislike reeeally-religious people, and Yuna reminded me of one or two religious people I don't like; and besides, what's with this whole 'doing-your-duty' thing? Screw duty! Make yer own path!), or the fact that her VA sounds like she took inspiration from Captain Kirk, but...

Needless to say, nearly 10 months after getting the game, I haven't gotten past Bikanel Desert yet, mostly because I've been loathe to pick it up because of her (and the other times I've been playing Kingdom Hearts). The Sphere Grid and battle system also don't really tickle my pickle either, but at least they're livable.

But FFX-2 - this is interesting. Yuna hath changed. And, I think, perhaps for the better. Forget the weak, stereotypical female mage-like figure - heck, why can'tcha be a mage and be a kick-butt fighter, too? Rena from Star Ocean 2, she was a good example of such, if ya gave her the right stuff. Yuna, unless ya max out the Sphere thing, nope.

Anyways, the girl seems to have changed drastically in appearance - I like. Perhaps also in demeanor. I would certainly welcome that. So do I mind the changes? Nope, I look forward to them. Change is good. Especially when we're talking about Yuna, here. And I can't wait to see Rikku back in action. Woulda been really good had Lulu not been off on pregnancy leave, but we'll just see about this mysterious figure, ne? I also like the seemingly all-female cast so far - it's been a loooong while since a girl has been the primary character of a FF game - what, FF6 and Terra? - and though I agree a male character would be a good addition, I like how it's looking out to be.

But I s'pose we'll just really have to wait and see how things conspire to be in the end. For all we know, things could turn upside down from what they are at this point, right-o?

Until then, I'll kick back, try and force myself to finish the first one, and maybe create a few original gummi ships in the meantime.

~The Great High Sorceress Dragonfire

The religious bit bothered me to some extent, also due to uh, actual experiences, but I didn't find Yuna that bad, myself. A bit on the meek and timid side, and equipped with a bad voice actress, I still prefer her over the likes of Rinoa and Aeris... though come to think of it, I do prefer the likes of Celes, Terra, Rydia and Rosa. Speaking of, it will be neat to see a game with a female lead again, because we all know it's not THAT often that it happens. As for stopping playing games (is that even correct English?), I've never stopped just because of one person, usually because of the game overall. Though I guess in some cases, single characters can be so bad they could ruin the whole experience for you... but how many games have you played with awesome characters and terribly written ones, all in the same game?

Yeah, my Yuna was maxed out and one hell of a fighter later on in my game. Of course, I imagine it to be just a smidgeon out of character to see Yuna taking off the most damage from an ARMORED enemy. It'll be neat to see Yuna start off with stronger physical stats, and I know that's only an assumption, but look at her! Had Lulu not been on a pregnancy leave though, I wonder what she would have looked like, and which weapon she would have used (would she have upgraded to jumbo plushies, like the ones you win at the fair?)... instead, we just have to wait and see what her and Wakka's kid looks like.

Eh well, I guess a character can't have it all - strong magic stats AND physical power. Still, the weak mage thing is becoming all too common. I'd like to see something out of the norm, at least once...

But I thought Square had many bastard children.

Greetings Liz

Ahhh. FFX-2. Sequel to what a friend of mine unaffectionately refers to as "Square's bastard child." While I'm not quite as cynical as he is, I do share his view that FFX, contrary to popular belief, isn't the greatest game ever made. I know a lot of people are probably going to crucify me for this (provided they're willing to brave the perils of the typical Alaskan winter to get to me), but as much as I tried to like FFX, I just couldn't do it. The entire game seemed to me to be little more than an attempt by Square to show off the graphical abilities of the PS2. I couldn't find enough depth in the storyline to remain interested, I didn't care enough about the characters (which is a big deal, to me...even if you have the greatest plot ever conceived, if your characters suck, what's the point?), and I hate blitzball and the sphere grid system with a passion. Playing through that game gave me the same feeling of disappointment I got when I saw Attack of the Clones: it was great to look at, but that's about it. From what I've seen of FFX-2, it seems to be more of the same, except Yuna's the main character instead of Tidus, which isn't enough to engage my interest.

That being said, I sincerely do hope that Squaresoft proves that opinion wrong, because the amount of disappointments from them in recent years to me is quite staggering coming from the company that used to put out most of the best RPGs ever made. However, I will say that despite my previous reservations about Kingdom Hearts, if that's any indicator of things to come, then perhaps there's a chance that my faith in Square may yet be restored. Meanwhile, I have Legaia: Duelsaga, Grandia XTreme, and Suikoden 3 to keep me occupied for a while.

Till next mailbag, take it easy.

FFX. Awesome? Yes. Greatest? No. If it doesn't enthrall me the way Xenogears did, there's no chance it'll be the greatest game in my book. Granted, the graphics were way beyond impressive, especially when the game switched into FMV mode. Trust me, you're hardly the first to bitch about Blitzball... I think you're about the millionth or so, and I doubt that's any real exaggeration of the truth, as the game DID sell what, 2, 3 million copies? Honestly, I think the reason people hated Blitzball so much is because generally RPG fans tend to ...not be avid sports games fans. If we wanted sports games, we'd go buy one, not expect one inside an RPG of all things. I'll give it one thing though, it's at least complex and actually requires some thinking.

If you've noticed, a lot of things are revamped, such as a whole new battle system being put into place and the Sphere grid being scrapped. As Wakka might stay home with his er, pregnant Lulu, I doubt Blitzball will be making too prolific of a return, but we'll see. Despite all the games I've hated from Square, they still manage to produce at least something I end up enjoying rather immensely. I guess it's because of the fact that they put out so many titles now, there's bound to be something you'll love, and something you'll hate, bad sports games not counting.

Now that sounds interesting.

I don't personally care for Yuna and FF10-**grumbles**-I wanna see a game with a contemplation of all of the major "bad guys" in FF History,or a remake from their point of view where you get to be them over the "good guys",especially Sephiroth,an action/RPG with him would be unreal,a remake of FF7 or a continuned SL would be so cool heheh.....Especially from Sephiroth's point of view.I don't know if it is just my friends and me,but we all think Sephiroth is one of the most notorious FF Villains of all time,and would love to have him as a leading role in some form or fashion in an FF game!
While playing as Sephiroth wouldn't exactly be my cup of tea, I'm sure he has enough fanboys out there who'd go insane over that idea. Myself, I'd like to play as the likes of Krelian and Miang from Xenogears, especially since they have histories that are ANYTHING but simple. Seeing things from -some- villains' point of view would certainly prove interesting, if not twist and corrupt your mind as you play the game. Though Xenogears did a good enough of a job with that already.
More Gummi Ship goodness.

This letter is actually to Mike. He wrote about his gummi ships that he had made in kingdom hearts. Well i saw the picture of the one he said he revamped and i must say it is an awsome design. I was wondering if he could either email me how to make it or maybe send me more pictures. I would really like to make this ship and i could use some help. thanks for the insparation either way : )
You're in luck. Mike was nice enough to draw up a sketch, and a bit of an explanation below:

I didn't think anyone would look at this ship and think anything but 'was this guy on drugs?', but here you are. The picture here should explain the basics, because it would be tough to really get detailed about it.

A few maybe not-so-obvious things... The blue windows on the house aren't armor blocks, but rather the square Aero-G wings. I started running out of plain blocks and had to improvise. The trim on the roof is also done with some rotated wings, as is the walkway.

The inside doesn't matter much, as you can do it however you want, but I detailed most of what I had in there. Once I discovered that weapons work just fine, even with blocks in front of them, I was in a whole new world of creative freedom. I just made a plain house, and stuffed all the weapons and engines inside it. It's totally functional, but nobody can tell from the outside.

Anyway, hope this helps. :P

Closing Thoughts

Now that I've physically exhausted myself for the day, I think it's time for me to go about my nightly tossing and turning from lack of heat in my bedroom as I attempt to actually sleep. Until next update... um... write me. Please.

~ Liz, who's starting to remind herself of... uh... nevermind. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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