Wednesday, November 20, 2002

No, I'm not dead. Close to it, but not dead. I'll probably be closer to dead by the time Christmas is over, but that's another story for another time.

Let's see. It started out with a lack of letters for the first scheduled update. It continued with coworkers as well as every other single person around me falling ill with flus and colds - literally, everyone but me. Guess who got to cover shifts. It continued to continue with a sudden departure of someone who had quite a few regular hours per week, so guess who's permanently picking up THOSE shifts. This continuity continued to continue when Metroid Prime came out. Granted, that was yesterday morning, but I had to spend a day indulging before doing anything else. And indulge I did.

This continuous continuity shall continue with the scariest Christmas schedule in the history of scary Christmas schedules, with the possibility of becoming... scarier. I curse the retail industry at times, I really do. And I curse until the fat paycheck comes my way, and I kindly shut the hell up and waltz over to the bank, a happy little camper. Er... retail worker.

So then, the cursing commences when I have to... *eerie sound*... Christmas shop. Grargh.

Okay, most of these letters are short ones, but bear with me here.

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Speaking of continuities...

Booyika! (New word for Hello, inspired by Selfies Diary in ff8) I never said that his opinion was worthless. This whole thing started with me trying to get him to play Kingdom Hearts. In told him that Ps Magazine had said that the game had Rpg moments and when he refused Well, everything is kinda history after that. And yes I should come up with a better name then gamebox. but then again I'm not the one Who came up with it Me Brother in law did. And one more thing sorry for bringing this whole issue with me and Joe up. We argue ALL the time. But I think it got out of hand when I'm E-mailing you this letter right now. Getting ya'all into our back and forth yapping. Wait if I don't e-mail this letter.....Ahh for get it.


Ps: Gibanza is me brother in laws new word for goodbye

In reply to what you said Do we ever get along? Well,

Me Thinks: Well, we get along but not all time.

He thinks: We do realy get in Arguements all the time like every time I come over.

Me thinks: No way! Not everytime you (As in Joe) come over. And even if we do your the one thats starts it all the time.

He thinks: Yes we do, and it's not always one sided. Besides, I'm never wrong.

Me thinks: In yer dreams! No way!

He thinks: Yes way!

Me thinks: no way!

Oh boy here we go again.........

All I can say is that whether one thinks KH has enough RPG elements or not... he should play it anyway. Great game, lots of fun, and addictive... if you don't have motion sickness. Kind of an interesting way to get into an argument about that, but oh well.

So I guess I should make fun of your brother in law for coming up with that lame name, right? Okay, here goes...


Okay, lemmie get back to you on that one.

Well, your arguments must start out kind of amusing... but seem to get annoying really fast. Ever get complaints from other relatives who might be hanging around? Might want to work on that 'getting along' thing... then again, I always got along fine with all 50 of my cousins, so I guess I'm just incredibly lucky.

Where the **** is... uh, the right greeting?

Dear RPGamer's Mailbag,

How can I put this lightly...

Where in the **** is Persona 2: Innocent Sin!?!?

Oh, ...sorry, but Atlus is being prettttty stupid right now (or at least Atlus USA). Actually, I want their voice on the subject, 'cause all I've heard was the fan's voice on it. I mean c'mon, how many times have I seen petitions on top of petitions, and angry letters on top of angry letters saying the same thing- WE WANT OUR PERSONA 2: INNOCENT SIN!!!!. I can't help but want it. I mean, Atlus brings all these stupidgames (together for a reason) to the US, like Cubivore, and keep IS to themselves, and also, what's keeping them from bringing other Megaten games other than Persona and Demon Slayer?

-Celtic Ire

Speaking of slaying, I should do that next time I get a letter with that beginning. No, really, I should. Because that's the last thing I want to be. Ahem. Anyway, before this gets controversial, let's move on to the subject at hand, shall we?...

Um. So. Anyway. I always heard that Innocent Sin was the better Persona 2, but I haven't even started with Eternal Punishment, despite really wanting to for... um, a long time now. I'm sure if Atlus was to bring it here, they would have done so, or at least announced it by now. And let it be a known fact that online petitions generally do not work. Not that I'm saying this would be the case of Atlus, but I personally think companies seem to be more impressed if they'll get snail mail. Why? Because it takes more effort than e-mail or signing petitions, and only those with more of a desire to see their request fulfilled will actually get off their asses and do it. That's just the impression I get, anyhow.


I have decided that Metroid Prime is the game of the year. I have preordered and have it fully paid for already.

I, however, do not own a GameCube. It is going to be THAT good. I will have orgasmic experiences just from reading the manual or holding the case close to my pleasure centers.

It's not just a game, it's an aphrodisiac. It's like... REAL LIFE, packaged into a disc. Like, goodness, and justice, and sweet, sweet frosting, all mixed together in solid form! My life has been wholly dedicated to having as much sex with Metroid Prime as time will permit before my life runs out. Metroid Prime is something I could only dream about while masturbating to other unworthy titles such as the Final Fantasy series and reruns of Matlock.

Sigh, I must pause for now, SHE is here, to cause me pain. I will write again someday, perhaps, if I ever come up for air.


Your Metroid Prime experience, sexual or not, could, you know, be enhanced by...well... purchasing the GameCube to see the game in its full glory. So um, what are you waiting for? :P I imagine playing the game is also a lot more fun than attempting to fit your pee-pee into the hole in the middle of the disc.... YOU have given me BAD BAD VISUALS. *cringes*

I dunno, but I picture sex with Samus to be... kinda difficult, unless you can manage to get her to take off the suit. Even then, I bet she's anything but an easy lay. Sorry pal. And good God, why am I talking about this? What is it with you dirty people and your dirty sex with inhuman things? *cries*

Anyway, go get a GameCube. NOW. Or demand one for Christmas, or something. So long as you play the game somehow, on the best TV you can.

Well, if you say so.

Alas...you are right, Liz..I cant slow down but I can tell ya..that XIII is in the works for Final Fantasy..cant tell you my sources but uhm..it is quite in the works. Honestly I dont know how far they've gotten on it but I know they are doing it. Also, I thought I made it clear, perhaps I worded it wrong but I was disapointed at what they did making XI, I mean online? then no honest play value if you wanted to just play a game without it being online. There are people out there that cant afford to pay for a little extra online support for that game. I'm just thinking of others, my friend said that its a good game, sure I beleive him but I just dont really think it should have gone that route..the route of Online gaming. It may be a big idea right now but..just doesnt appeal to me. Nough said!


Hey, I understood very well what you said about XI. And that comment of slowing down was meant to be about Square, since we're waiting on FFXI and FFX-2, and they're making XIII already... (I guess right now they already KNOW they want to at least to up until... FFXV. *chokes*) Now, I've said my piece on online gaming and FFXI. Me = no like. End of story.
Random PS2 stuffishness.


I couldn't figure out who else to ask, so I'm asking you. I heard that standing the PS2 vertically screws up the laser, have you heard anything about his? Plus has there been a strategy released for Suikoden III yet or if not, will there be?


From what I heard, it doesn't hurt the laser itself as much as the discs. I've seen people complain about scratched CDs, but none about damaged lasers. In either case, this is why I lay my PS2 flat. :P

As for a Suikoden III guide... whoo, this is a bit of a story. Brady Games originally planned one, before Konami pushed up the release date of SuikoIII by two weeks. Obviously, it pushes the release dates of the game and the guide further apart, so retailers told Brady they wouldn't sell the guide if they couldn't send it to stores within two weeks of the game's release. So, seeing as they knew it couldn't be done, Brady canned the guide. I still think it should have been sold online through their or Konami's site or something... oh well.

hi liz,

i have a few questions about xenosaga. i read about an in game CCG, what's it like? and will it be in the us release?


Assuming that you mean Collectible Card Game, yes. I kind of neglected it (and the casino) ENTIRELY, so I'm not totally sure what it's like... so you should read our import review for a better description than what I can give. I don't see Namco taking that or the other mini-games out of the US version either, so no worries.
Let's see...I was seen the PS2 pics and I saw one that caught my attention Black/Matrix 2....what is this? Don't answer that...Well I wonder if this game looking so kewl and all with the devil and angel thing if it's going to come out on our PS2 here in America? I'm also a newbie to this site. well thankx for taking your time reading my nonsence.
Yeah, that game doesn't look too bad does it? Well, since you're a newbie, if you're ever curious about what games are coming to the US or not, check out the release dates page for... well... all your release dates needs. Or something. Basically, if there's an N/A, it's not coming. Sadly, there are many interesting games that never make it over to North America, and Black/Matrix 2 is going to be one of them.
I got scared and just wanted my question to be confirmed,you said that Kingdom Hearts:Final Mix is not coming to the states.Is this true?Is KH going to have a sequel?I'm going to cry!


Well, seeing as Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is, for the most part, the same thing as the US version of KH, it'd be kind of pointless to bring out over here. Sure, they've added story bits and the Japanese version of Hikari to it, but I doubt they added enough story bits to really make it worth buying a second time. Think of it as the KH version of FFX International. That never came out here either, however the Japanese version had enough extras that I would personally love to snag a copy.

I did hear mumblings of a KH sequel, but I guess we'll have to wait and see... I wouldn't put it past Square, though.

Random randomness.


i heard recently that the new chrono games,chrono trigger 2 was going to be on game cube and chrono break was going to be on game boy advanced is that really true cuase i dont have a game cube and that would sadden me.

_-embassador of cheese-_

Well then, you'd just have to go buy a GC wouldn't you? Come on, they're not that cheap. :P

Seriously though, there's absolutely no news or rumors that I heard of that say anything close to that. I'd personally love to see Chrono Break on the GameCube, but that's just me. Mind you, Nintendo IS expecting big third party announcements, supposedly, next month...


I can you send me the Metroid Fusion Rom????? I will play it too and I canęt find it everywere.

Thank you

Bye Tanja

How about you just go buy the game? It just came out this week, and it should be about $30 US... and since when do I hand out ROMs anyway? Sorry, but I don't endorse handing out illegal copies of games, especially ones you can head out to EB and pick up. Nor does uh, the rest of the site.
is Final Fantasy CC a rpg game or adventure game? Cause with the 4 player action I really don't know?
I dunno, what FF games have there been that are not RPGs? And RPGs can definitely be multiplayer as well, you know... look at Secret of Mana, which allowed three players at a time. (And lots and lots of popcorn while playing.) Of course, if you're not going to be happy with the fact that I'd say it's an RPG, you can always call it both... games are never restricted to one genre.
Hey I just saw what Rikku look's like in ffx-2 and I have to say that she looks worse than Yuna. I mean Yuna yeah I wasn't fond of her outfit, but Rikku, my goodness! She wearing a bikini and a short short short mini skirt! From behind, well, you get the picture. I hope this game is good becasue so far I'm worried.
Yeah, Rikku's wearing so little I though I was looking at screenshots of a beach scene or something. Apparently the outfits have something to do with job classes, but... what the hell kind of jobs would those be? Bartenders a la Coyote Ugly? Still, I doubt the outfits would hurt a decent story too much, if at all.
Closing Thoughts

Okay. Very delayed topic change, and uh... something else. I forgot. Oh well. I must float off back to the land of Metroid Prime in the meanwhile. So write me some worthy letters. Please.

~ Liz, who hopes to make it through the next month alive. (letters@rpgfan.com)


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